27 Jan 2019
JewH312 Trumpty Dumpty is gonna have a great fall

An interesting nursery rhyme going around in the Matrix about Trump and his shutdown.

Trumpty Dumpty is stuck on his wall
Trumpty Dumpty is gonna have a great fall
Trumpty Dumpty is stuck on his wall
Trumpty Dumpty is gonna have a great fall

Trumpty Dumpty has shutdown us all
Trumpty Dumpty doesn't pay us at all
Trumpty Dumpty stomps on us all
Trumpty Dumpty is gonna have a great fall

Trumpty Dumpty cares only for his wall
Trumpty Dumpty doesn't care about us at all
Trumpty Dumpty is gonna have a great fall

Trumpty Dumpty cares only for his wall
Trumpty Dumpty doesn't care about us at all
Trumpty Dumpty is gonna have a great fall

Trumpty Dumpty is stuck on his wall
Trumpty Dumpty is gonna have a great fall
Trumpty Dumpty is stuck on his wall
Trumpty Dumpty is gonna have a great fall

Who, why and how is important in the Border Wall
Why such a nursery rhyme? This is what Trump does not understand about the Border Wall. It is not about whether a wall is required or not. It is not about whether a wall will help or not. But it is more about who, why and how about the Border Wall.

The who … who wants the wall?
President Trump wants the wall. The request for the wall was not a bottom up request … the request did not come from the people. But it came from the President. What everyone sees is that … Trump is a construction guy and he is trying to promote a construction project. The price for the wall went up from $5 Billion to its current price of $30 Billion … that is a 6 times hike. It is very evident that Trump has “financial interest” in this project.

The why … why does Trump want the wall?
And this explains, why is Trump stuck on the wall. The information that is there in the Networks is that … Trump is stuck on this wall because:

  • He knows that he is going to lose in 2020
  • This is a major construction project from which he can make his money
  • He is just trying to grab a big bag of cash while he walks out of the White House
  • And to do this … he is complaining about the crime, drugs and illegal immigrants

In short, what they say is … Trump is just trying to benefit himself from tax payer money.

The how … how is Trump executing the Border Wall project?
Another major reason why there is growing resistance towards Trump’s Border Wall is “the how” … how is Trump actually executing this project? This is the info about it:

  • He uses racism against Mexicans, Latinos and the Mexican government to promote his wall
  • He blames all crime in the country on illegal immigrants which is not true
  • He threatens neighboring countries with sanctions
  • He uses his Presidential powers repeatedly to overhype the issue
  • He sends the US Military to the border
  • He even shuts down the US Government rendering about a million US citizens without a paycheck
  • He is literally stomping on his own people to get his funding
  • He is literally going crazy after his funding … using all of his Presidential powers and risking his entire Presidency for a stupid wall

The problem is not whether a wall is required or not. The problem is the scale to which you have overhyped this issue and pushed it to such a fearsome level that many groups are openly rejecting giving you a single penny for the wall. Everyone knows that a wall is required but they are rejecting you as the “right guy to do the project”. They claim that Trump is totally “hypocritic” in his concern for the security of the American people. He loves only his wall and he doesn’t care for anybody else … he is crazily going after his construction project.

The rejection of the funds for the wall is not because whether a wall will help or not. But it is mainly because of the who, why and how of the project. This is the main reason why everyone is investing in “Border Security” … in hiring more judges, using more technology and so on. They are prioritizing other elements of Border Security and pushing the wall aside … mainly because they see you as a guy trying to steal from the people. They don’t want to get played by a thief … who cries about the security of his people but then also stomps on them to get the funding.

A fantastic opportunity for the Democrats
And this whole scene that you are creating … this is creating a fantastic opportunity for the Dems. The more desperate you get, the more adverse measures you take … the more harm you will do to your own Presidency. Because all Networks are getting on a common page that “Trump is not the one” to build the wall. In all honesty, the wall may get built under the next Presidents. They are rejecting you because you are coming off as a thief and a hypocrite.

This is why we told you again and again … “this is a trap” get out of it. The more you remain stuck on the wall, the more damage you will get. You have to prioritize the needs of the people. You haven’t changed anything in education, healthcare, infrastructure, cost of living, gun violence or any major reform for the people. And among all problems that exist in America … you are shutting down the government just to get funding for a construction project. It is not worth destroying your Presidency.

This wall will make Trump fall
What you are saying is that … “Build the wall and crime will fall” … but what you don’t realize is that … “this wall will make Trump fall”. Mainly because of your bad tactics and the way you are hurting other countries, races and your own people. Everyone will hate you and your wall. About a million American families were losing their paychecks and had no idea what to do. They were cursing you every single day. You think that they will love the wall that was built by taking away the food from their table? Your tactics are “dead wrong”.

Quit stomping on your own people
Another bit of info that is going around in the Networks is that … Trump stomps on weak people that cannot protect themselves.

  • He drops a Mother of All Bombs in Afghanistan … because they are a weak war torn country that cannot do anything to Trump
  • He attacks Syria again and again … because they cannot defend themselves or do anything to Trump
  • He was ready for a Nuclear War in the Koreas … again because North Korea is a tiny country that cannot do anything to Trump
  • Now that all wars are blocked by Russia … Trump is stomping on his own people who cannot do anything to protect themselves

Being the “Leader of the Free World” means caring, loving and helping everyone that you can. With power comes responsibility … not the authority to stomp on weak people who cannot protect themselves. This has been the biggest drawback of the Trump Presidency. He shows action only where there are weak people involved and zero action or courage when it comes dealing with anyone with power. It might be the Banks or Oil Companies or Weapon Manufacturers or Defense Companies … Trump has shown “zero initiative”. But when it comes to simple American citizens who are dependent on their paycheck from the government … Trump is ready to stomp on their lives.

There is a lot of anger in the Networks against your actions and approach. You can build the wall anyhow … but no one is going to like you or your wall. Both of you will be hated. You may win in building your wall … but your Presidency will fall. What are you going to do? Just brag that “you built the wall” … when everyone will see you as “the guy who screwed up his Presidency for a stupid wall”. You need to seriously reconsider your approach and priorities.

Corruption Charges
Another major issue that might get in the near future is “corruption charges”. They may be in the form of bribes, fraud, emoluments or whatever. If a single contractor in this Border Wall project comes forward and says “yes, I paid Trump so and so to get this contract” … then my dear friend … it is straight to jail. It would be jail even if this project was not so overhyped. But everyone will “demand for jail” because you overhyped it so much. The arguments will be something like:

  • Trump shutdown the government so that he could steal from the public
  • Trump denied a million American families food on their table only so that he could steal from their taxpayer money
  • Trump ran a racist agenda against people and countries only to run his corrupt construction project
  • Trump held the entire country hostage only to steal from us
  • Jail for Trumps

This is how Trump can end up in jail and his is how the Establishment is planning for “bankruptcy” for Trumps. They find a single fault … a single exchange of cash that can be traced to Trumps in the entire project … then you are screwed. No Supreme Court can save you from this. The amount of bad publicity that you and your businesses will get … ow good lord, it will be awful. It will be difficult for you to step out of the house.

You have to keep all options open and see all of the moves that your opponents can make. Trust me, this wall is not worth going to jail and being bankrupt.