04 Nov 2018
JewH311 Differentiating between Malice and Rights in Anti-Trumpism

While the Establishment is running its agenda of “political terror” against President Trump, SM Elements are busy knocking out anti-Trumpers. This is creating an outrage in many sections of the society and people are saying that “it is our basic Democratic right to hold an opinion … why are we being rattled if we hold a different opinion?” It is very important to understand the “Malice and Rights” in anti-Trumpism … so that the actual malicious elements are knocked out … while keeping the innocent ones safe.

Why are SM Elements knocking out anti-Trumpers?
The first question is … why the hell are Silent Majority Elements knocking out anti-Trumpers?

  • Guiding Trumps. It is mainly because we are continuously guiding Trumps … showing them Establishment malice and continuously pulling them towards great things for the country.
  • Trump is evolving. If you see the Candidate Trump and the current President Trump … he has evolved on many issues and has also taken some people-centric measures like Tariffs and American Energy. And if Trump follows our complete policies then he can be a phenomenal President that can change the world.
  • SM forms the Matrix and the country. The direct beneficiaries of people-centric policies will be the people. And SM forms a huge segment of the people that is keen on ending Establishment malice. Knocking out malicious criminal Establishment elements from key positions will help in making the country better.
  • Anti-Trump and Anti-Russia are Establishment Agendas. We have repeatedly quoted that anti-Trump and anti-Russia are Establishment agendas. Based upon this information, SM Elements are busy knocking out anti-Trumpers, as they may be linked to the malicious Establishment.

The outrage in knocking out anti-Trumpers
There are many media agencies and politicians that are concerned at this movement of knocking out anti-Trumpers. Their side of the argument is:

  • Basic Right. Being anti-Trump is not against the law. It is a basic Democratic right guaranteed by the Constitution. They have the right to support Trump or not to support him.
  • Hypocrisy. Trump can get aggressive against us and when we talk about Trump then we are accused of supporting a criminal and Satanic agenda? How is this fair? What Trump can do, we cannot do?
  • God and Kings. Even God and Kings allow logical reasoning … they allow us to discuss and promote what is good for the people. Silencing us and maintaining us in fear so that we don’t say anything against Trump is plain tyranny. America does not belong only to Trump … it belongs to all of us.
  • No leadership or initiatives. To add to that … Trump is not making any major changes and he is not showing any leadership. He took just two moves and he is busy praising himself. Half of his Presidential term is already over … his Presidency could be over in the next two years. Why are we being maintained in this terror and suppression for a guy who is not doing anything and who might be out of office in the next two years? This is not Democracy.

The main reasons for anti-Trumpism
Before we move into the management of anti-Trumpism … first let us understand, why is there anti-Trumpism … what are the root causes?

  • America in crisis. The country is in a crisis and people want change. This is why they overwhelmingly voted for Obama in 2008 and since then the people are locked in a crisis in several directions … including high cost of living, expensive healthcare and education, crumbling infrastructure, crime, drugs, violence, mass shootings and forest fires. An average American works 2-3 jobs and relies on 3 credit cards to survive the everyday life. The people are in a crisis and they want change. People were tired of the stagnation under Obama ... that's why they moved towards Trump.
  • Establishment does not like Trump. We have a massive instability at the people’s level and the Establishment is capitalizing on that and showing Trump as the bad guy. When there is a problem, someone must be blamed for it and the Establishment has been actively promoting Trump as the bad guy.
  • Inaction from Trump. Trump is mainly on the defense trying to save himself from one problem or the other that the Establishment is creating. And he is not working on any major policy change that makes the lives of the people better. When Trump is not doing anything good, he is falling in the trap of “being the bad guy” by the Establishment.

The combination of all of the above 3 factors is resulting into widespread anti-Trumpism. Trump is not fixing the crisis nor is he addressing the Establishment Monopoly issue … and he is ending up being the bad guy in front of the people.

Identifying Rights and Malice
This page is especially important for the Trump Presidency as well as SM Elements. We are in a major transition phase of a “People-Based Era”. It is very important to respect everyone’s rights and correctly identify the malice. So that we don’t go around hammering innocent people and we can correctly eliminate the malicious ones.

The Anti-Trump Agenda
On our website, when we talk about an “Anti-Trump” agenda … we are referring to a malicious agenda designed by a criminal and Satanic Establishment. We are not referring to people holding an opinion, media companies analyzing political moves, celebrities having an opinion or the opposition party doing their job.

If we look at the word “anti-Trump” then anything and everything against Trump will fall in this definition. It might be helping Trump when he is making the wrong moves or correcting Trump when he is moving towards a disaster. Because you spoke against Trump, you became anti-Trump. It might be the Democrats doing their job of screening the Trump’s policies … then all Democrats became anti-Trump. It might be the American people … more than 65 million people voted against Trump. Are we going to treat 65 million Americans as anti-Trumpers? Are we going to knock out 65 Million Americans or half of the Congress that is run by Democrats? Are we going to knock out hundreds of politicians all across the country? This doesn’t make sense.

Establishment Monopoly and Anti-Trumpism
It is very very important to understand what are Rights and what is Malice in this general idea of being anti-Trump. The Establishment has support points in almost all spheres of life … among politicians, legal networks, media, celebrities and people. All of these elements form our country. If we start hammering anti-Trumpers then we end up hammering half of our country.

If you see American politics … the country is always divided into two … half Democrats and half Republicans. Trump needs to get over the thought that anti-Trumpism will vanish. Half of the country will always be against you … it is your job to bring them on your side using great people centric policies. This is how the two party system works in America. And you don’t need 100% of the country to agree to you. If you have more than 50% who agree with you then it is sufficient to maintain you in power. It doesn’t matter if less than half are anti-Trump.

Solution - Identifying Rights
The solution here is to identify the “Rights” of the person. He might be saying something against Trump … it is not important that the point is anti-Trump … but it is more important “if it is right”. Doesn’t matter if it is pro-Trump or anti-Trump … the main question is … is he saying what is right?

How do you define what is right? A simple way to identify what is right is …

  • Does his point correspond with Christian values?
  • Is he saying something that follows American principles?
  • Is he supporting the common people and helping in making a great country?
  • Is he correcting Trump’s mistakes and helping him become better?
  • Is the person offering better solutions, better ideas and making a helpful contribution?
  • Is the person stopping a disaster or catastrophe that Trump is headed to?
  • Is the person supporting another leader?

This information might come from any person … he might be a commoner, a celebrity, a politician or a media agency. If he is saying something that is right then he must be fully supported and protected. There is no reason to hurt someone or be against someone when he is saying what is right and it is helping the country … doesn’t matter if his point is pro-Trump or anti-Trump.

Collective action is the essence of Democracy
Democracy is by the people and for the people. Collective action is the essence of Democracy. How can Democracy exist when we are stomping on common people and terrorizing them for a simple thing as holding an opinion and saying what is right?

We are in a People-Based Era. Involvement of the people must be embraced and encouraged. Just like we must appreciate and encourage Trump’s positive moves … similarly, we must appreciate and encourage positive participation from the people. It is mainly because of this People-Based Era that Trump was put in the White House. It is not logical to accept what is pro-Trump and demonize what is anti-Trump.

Identifying Malice
While we respect the rights and freedom of free expression in a Democratic country … we must also contain the widespread Establishment malice in the country. This is how you identify the malicious criminal and Satanic Establishment agendas. All of the moves and strategies will be to protect this criminal Establishment’s systems and policies. Below are some of their systems and policies … identify politicians, media agencies and corporations that support the below.

  • Anti-Russia. Russia is not doing anything against America or Americans. The anti-Russia propaganda is designed by the Establishment and it is mainly run by their puppets. Identify politicians, media agencies and corporations that finance anti-Russian agendas … these are your Establishment puppets.
  • Wars and bombing countries. Wars is an Establishment agenda. No country is attacking America … America is not under threat by anyone. But we blew up trillions and destroyed half a dozen countries via this malicious agenda run by the Establishment … run via Establishment puppets.
  • Global Trade and Free Trade. This is again an Establishment agenda designed to drain the world’s manufacturing and jobs to China. Trump is doing a good job addressing this issue.
  • Federal Reserve. A private Establishment entity that charges people interest for printing the Nation’s money. This is the largest and the biggest criminal system set up by the Establishment that sponsors all of their secondary activities.
  • NSA Spying. Spying on American and European citizens to protect their malicious systems in the West is an Establishment agenda.
  • NRA – Gun Violence. Widespread supply of guns is business for the NRA but also results in the death of 30,000 Americans every year due to gun violence.
  • Legalizing Drugs – Marijuana. About 60,000 Americans die every year due to drug overdose but the Establishment’s agenda is to increase this drug addiction in America and legalize & easily provide more drugs in the market.
  • Blind support for Israel. Turning a blind eye to Israel’s atrocities, bombing and land occupation while pouring unreasonable military, technology and financial support is an Establishment agenda.
  • Massive Defense Spending. All of it goes to private defense companies in the name of supporting our military.
  • Silence on the debt crisis. America and Americans are going down by the trillions but there is an unusual silence about it.
  • LGBTQ. Promotion of LGBTQ is an Establishment agenda to move the West away from Christianity.

If you observe … all of the above systems and policies only destroy the country and its people. There is absolutely no good for the people or the country via any of these systems or policies. And all of these policies are designed by the same Establishment. As per their ideology … they rely more on benefiting by leeching and exploiting others … rather than benefiting by doing good for others. This is the Jewish Establishment problem. They exist as “parasites on others”. They drain the country’s and people’s wealth … and do no good for them.

If you want to actually identify the main malicious supporters and puppets of this criminal Establishment that facilitate its agendas … then you are looking for people, groups, media agencies and politicians … who support the above systems and policies. Being pro-Trump or anti-Trump is just too vague. That is no way to identify a good guy or a bad guy.

Focus on the policies
Your main focus should be on the policies. What type of policies is the person encouraging? Doesn’t matter under what banner he is trying to run the policies … see exactly the end result of the policies for the people. If you are seeing that the guy is promoting and supporting all malicious and criminal policies of the Establishment then you have your Establishment puppet in front of you.

Marketing bad apples with good apples
The Establishment is not that stupid to give a long list of bad policies to one person. They generally mix bad policies along with the good ones. For example … Democrats will promote LGBTQ and Republicans will be high on defense spending. Both of them are Establishment agendas but distributed in two parties. The Establishment gets to run its agenda alternately with each party.

AIPAC & Establishment Association
You need to further analyze the association of the politician with Establishment elements in order to determine the level of their puppetry.

  • AIPAC. See how much they are kissing the feet of the Establishment at AIPAC meetings.
  • Israel. See how much blind support they give to Israel.
  • Establishment Association. See how many Jewish Establishment elements are closely linked to their policy formation, campaign finance and business circle.

Apart from identifying the Establishment puppets via policies … this is your physical verification of the level of puppetry.

Go after the malice not the people
Don’t just look at the words of the people … whether it is pro-Trump or anti-Trump. Identify the malice … look at which policy they are talking about and look at their actual association. Then you will get the actual malicious ones.