02 Nov 2018
JewH310 The Establishment’s Political Terror Campaign or get Impeached!

President Trump is probably the only President of the United States to campaign constantly for 3 years. One year to become President and another two years to remain President. Thanks to the constant political terror maintained by the Establishment on the Trump Presidency. For 16 years the Establishment was terrorizing the people, now they are terrorizing the President.

Trump in extreme defense
This ridiculous anti-Trump and anti-Russian agendas of the Establishment … coupled with lawsuits and investigations to put Trumps into jail … have put Trump in extreme defense. He is in a constant campaign mode since he became President. He has probably been to hundreds of rallies, campaigns and interviews since the past two years “after” becoming President. Trump has already won the Presidency … instead of making reforms, doing great things for the people that elected him … he is busy campaigning for himself again and again even though his seat is not up for election.

Take a look at the Trump Presidency

  • 2016 – Election Year. Trump campaigned for himself the entire year. It was understandable … it was election year. No new laws or regulations were created … both Republicans and Democrats were busy campaigning for each other and against each other.
  • 2017 – Trump & Russia are bad. The Establishment unleashed a massive anti-Trump and anti-Russia campaign when Trump won the election. Using its monopoly the Establishment media constantly trashes Trump … owing to which Trump took to campaign rallies to ward off this Establishment demonization. He got elected as President … instead of reforming the country, he is busy campaigning for himself … even though he just won the election.
  • 2018 – Midterm Elections. Even in this year, Trump is not up for re-election. But since the Establishment may try to impeach him with a Democrat majority in the Congress … he is again busy campaigning for himself and his party … busy trying to defend himself.
  • 2019 – Trump & Russia are bad. Now, based upon this Establishment flow … 2019 will again be an year where Trump & Russia are bad. Trump will be busy campaigning on rallies to clear his name.
  • 2020 – Election Year Again. In 2020, we are back to the main election year … where Trump will be campaigning on full swing again … with no time to make any major reforms or changes for the country … because he has to win the election again.

At this pace and with this flow … take a look at Trump’s Second Term:

  • 2021 – Trump & Russia are bad. If Trump wins again then we are looking at another Trump trashing year in 2021.
  • 2022 – Midterm Elections. In 2022, Trump will be busy again saving himself from impeachment and stopping Democrats from winning the Congress.
  • 2023 – Trump & Russia are bad. Since the Establishment will lose its chance to impeach Trump via the Democrats then this is another anti-Trump year.
  • 2024 – Election Year. We are back to another main election year where Democrats and Republicans will be busy fighting with each other to take the Presidency.

Eventually what did we get done?
Eventually … if you see … what did we get done for the people? Absolutely nothing … because the President was busy defending himself from impeachment. No major changes … no major reforms … because the Trump Presidency is maintained under “constant political terror” by the Establishment.

  • Either he is busy fighting off demonization
  • Or he is busy fighting off a lawsuit
  • Or he is busy preventing his family members from going to jail
  • Or he is busy protecting himself from impeachment

President Trump was the candidate who said … before the election that:

  • Everything is a disaster in America
  • Everything needs to be changed
  • We are living in a third world country!
  • Our healthcare, infrastructure, education … everything is going down the drain
  • Our country needs to be saved!

But once he became President … since his first year he is saying that:

  • Everything is great
  • Everything is phenomenal
  • Our country has never been greater
  • Look at the jobs, look at the economy!
  • America is great!
  • Our country is thriving!

What the hell did just happen? Were there absolutely no job growth before Trump? Did we have a terrible economy before Trump? And Trump waved a magic wand and everything became great instantly? And now nothing needs to be changed? Let’s take a look at some facts … to understand what is going on.

Trump’s current factors of success
Here are some of the factors owing to which Trump claims that America is great and successful … and owing to this we should vote Republican.

  1. Jobs and economy.
    Firstly, there was already massive job growth under Obama and Trump got this economy from Obama. Secondly, the crisis of the country is not the number of jobs. America is facing a crisis of “massive wealth drain” to the corporations. Both the people and the government are being ripped off and the Establishment is making a killing. Both the people and the government are trillions in debt. This is the truth and a fact that exists today. Take a look at the below pic.

The Top 20% of the rich class owns 93% of the country’s wealth. The poor and the middle class that forms 80% of the country own only 7% of the country’s wealth. Doesn’t matter how many jobs are created … even if you get a 100% employment rate … even then we will be living in a “massive wealth drain” crisis.

This is something that Trump does not understand or talk about. Because his main purpose of being on the campaign rally is “defending himself”. So, if he can pick up any itsy bitsy positive stuff that is happening in the country … he is using that to praise and promote himself. Unfortunately, he is ending up promoting the “wealth drain” by the corporations as the “success of the people” … when in reality the American people are in a massive debt crisis.

  1. Low Taxes
    Another thing that Trump regularly praises is the “tax cuts”. He demonizes the Democrats that “they will raise your taxes”. Unfortunately, this is another mistake. Take a look at the pic below.

Quarterly corporate profits under Obama were about $1550 Billion … this was raised to about $2000 Billion immediately under Trump’s first two years. Corporations got a whoopping increase of about 30% in profits. The major beneficiaries of Trump’s tax cuts are the corporations. Trump is again showing that tax cuts as good for the people when in reality the Middle Class got only a marginal benefit … the major beneficiaries are the corporations. Trump is ending up promoting what is good for the Establishment as if it is good for the people.

  1. Border Wall and Crime
    Trump again touts Democrats as a party that wants “open borders”. One of the reasons why Trump is interested in the Border Wall is because it is a massive construction project and Trump is into construction business. The price for the wall went up from $5 Billion to its current price of $30 Billion over the course of his campaign. Secondly, illegal immigration is an issue but illegal immigrants are the weakest of the weak in American society. They are not draining our wealth and they have not caused $2.5 Trillion of debt in Trump’s first two years. 60,000 Americans are dying every year owing to drug overdose … these drugs are not provided by illegal immigrants. 30,000 Americans are dying every year owing to gun violence … these guns are not provided by illegal immigrants.

330 Million Americans are living on a mountain with an active volcano that can destroy the country in a massive crisis and we are worried about a few outsiders trying to climb onto our mountain. Trump’s priorities are wrong in this case. Stomping on weak people is nothing great … Trump should try to solve the issue with some heart.

  1. Tariffs
    Tariffs is a good move but touting tariffs as the greatest thing … is again misleading the people. Because in reality your collections via tariffs are hardly in a few billion when the country is going in debt by the trillions. We are going in “hundreds of times” more debt than we are making.
  2. Military
    In the name of supporting our “military” Trump has spent $700 Billion on defense contracts. Well, these defense companies are NOT our military … they are private Establishment companies. And Trump is ripping off nuclear deals only so that he can spend hundreds of billions more on making more nukes. All of this doesn’t benefit our soldiers in any way … it only pours tax payer money into the Establishment’s hands … which is already draining our country by the trillions. In the name of “supporting our military” Trump is pouring money into the Establishment … which is again misleading.

These are Trump’s most popular factors of success that he mentions routinely on Twitter. “More jobs, low taxes, border wall, support military” … this actually translates into … “wealth drain, more corporation profits, construction project, more money for defense companies”.

Trump is ending up defining this as a “great America” … where:

  • Wealth is continuously drained from the American people and American government
  • Corporation profits sky rocket while people work on 2-3 jobs and use 3 credit cards to survive
  • Immigrants are portrayed as violent gang criminals only to get funding for a construction project
  • Hundreds of billions are poured to private defense companies in the name of supporting military

Eventually, Trump is calling America great where he is either helping corporations or himself. The main question is … why is Trump locked into this flow?

  • Trump in defense. America is not great at all … it is in a massive crisis and so is the American President. He has massive lawsuits, investigations and the Establishment is bent on impeaching him or sending him to jail. His family members are facing the same. Trump’s strategy of defense is to praise anything good or positive that he can pick. So whatever itsy bitsy stuff he can gather … he is portraying that as a “great America and a great accomplishment” … only to show that he is a good President and he should not be impeached. America is not great … it is just a Trump campaign to defend himself and stop his impeachment.
  • Establishment Terror. Till date, the Establishment was only terrorizing the American and European people via terror events. These terror events are not working anymore … and now the Establishment is targeting political leaders. Trump and Merkel are the two top world leaders being targeted by the Establishment. Trump is not the lone victim … Merkel is also being targeted by them. All of these lawsuits, investigations and demonization of Trump are nothing but “political terror” unleashed by the Establishment against Trump.
  • Pleasing Mode. Since the Establishment is terrorizing Trump … Trump is in a pleasing mode where he is not taking any action against Establishment Monopoly. And he is ending up being a repeat victim of the Establishment. Trump is stuck in a cycle of “pleasing and getting abuse” from the Establishment.

Trump does not realize that these Establishment elements are malicious Satanic criminals and they are repeatedly back stabbing Trump again and again, every time they get a chance.

The blame on Democrats
While the Establishment maintains the political offensive … they very cleverly slide the blame on Democrats. Practically, if you see … Democrats are the opposition party … their job is to screen, oppose and make the leading parties moves & policies better. This is their job. And they are doing their job in the weakest form possible.

The massive aggressive terror towards the Trump Presidency is coming from the Establishment. How can you blame the Democrats for the faults in the country when you are the ruling party and it is your job to take the lead, reform the country and save the people. Till date not a single major reform or policy has been introduced to address the debt crisis, healthcare, education or infrastructure or anything major.

Stuck on a volcano fighting with each other
The Democrats and Republicans are maintained busy fighting with each other … while the country is shuttling at full speed towards a massive debt crisis. Its like two people fighting with each other while standing on an active volcano. The ultimate result of this chemistry is that we will get:

  • Massive wealth drain
  • Massive spending
  • Massive debt
  • And no change in any systems

If the Trump Presidency survives two terms then we are looking at minimum debt of $30 Trillion with no change in any wealth drain system at all.

Quit playing only defense
Trump needs to quit playing only defense. He is himself one of the victims of the active volcano. The volcano keeps throwing fire balls at him and he is saying that everything is great and everything is fine. Trump Presidency is itself the victim of Establishment monopoly and malice. Trump needs to stand up and end this Establishment terror for good. Trump needs to show “real leadership with real change”.