21 Oct 2018
JewH309 The Establishment is framing Trump as a “Know-Nothing-Brag-All” Candidate

Trump is on a non-stop victory lap when it comes to jobs. He is proudly bragging … look at the jobs, look at the Stock Market, look at the investments and look at the hiring! What he does not realize is that … all of these are signs of “corporate success” … success of the Establishment, Trump’s personal enemy. In reality, America and the American people are getting screwed. To add to that, the Establishment is planning to frame Trump as a “Know-Nothing-Brag-All” candidate in this coming crisis.

Complicated Times of a Massive Debt Crisis
We are living in a complicated time of a massive debt crisis. Generally, the signs of high employment rates and investments are good signs. But not necessarily in this particular time of crisis. I will show you how and why.

Its not a “Great America” … it is an “America in Crisis”
Firstly, it is not a great America that has broken all records that you have to be proud of. In reality, it is an America in crisis. America is in trouble. Thinking that … just because our people have jobs, our country is doing great … that is a mistake. That is a very very big mistake.

Trump can brag about jobs. For anything good happening under his Presidency … he has the right to take credit for it. In fact, we ourselves told Trump to take credit for the jobs. We recommended this only to fight back against Establishment demonization. Trump is facing enormous Establishment demonization … despite Trump being a good guy … who likes to do good things for the country. This was one way he could pull some public support that will help him retain his seat.

But then again … if the only thing you are doing is bragging about jobs … and you are not taking actions on policy reforms … then you are headed towards a massive catastrophe. And this entire catastrophe will be blamed on Trump. The Establishment will say … “the guy did not know anything … the only thing he was doing was bragging about himself … saying that America is in its greatest form … and nothing needs to be changed … when we were actually living in a major crisis.” The Establishment will frame Trump and point all of the blame on him for his inaction. When in reality the entire crisis is because of Establishment Monopoly.

High employment rates do not mean that we are in a new, modern and great America
The second thing that you should observe is that … record breaking employment rates do not mean that we are in a new modern and great America. In fact, we had already hit employment rates of more than 96% during Bill Clinton itself. That is … about 18 years ago. This record breaking employment rate was already accomplished 18 years ago. Take a look at the below pic.

This is in an interesting graph that will show you what each President delivered to his successor. If you look at Bill Clinton’s performance … he already gave a whooping 96% employment rate to George Bush. All George Bush had to do was shut up and do nothing and this employment rate would keep on increasing.

The major credit for jobs goes to the talent and hard work of the American people
Yes, politicians take credit for whatever happens during their Presidency or Administration. But the real credit for this fantastic performance actually goes to the talent and hard work of the American people. American people are one of the most highly qualified and talented work force in the world. All you need to do is give them peace … politicians need to behave themselves and not bomb other countries … and these employment rates will keep skyrocketing.

But what our wonderful George Bush does is … he takes a whooping employment rate higher than 96% and goes around the world saying … Saddam Hussein has WMD!

Russian Intervention during George Bush
Trust me, if Russia had taken a world leadership role and actively got involved in maintaining peace and stability in the world during George Bush itself … then there would never be a War on Terror. There would never be a war in Afghanistan or Iraq or Libya or Syria. There would never be an ISIS.

If we had held off George Bush’s wars … then Bush would have no option other than say … “look at the jobs, look at the economy, look at the investments and look at the hiring!” The world would love this version of George Bush than the version that we actually got.

Take a look at the pic again and see what George Bush delivered to Obama. He got an economy that was crossing 96% employment rates … and he delivered a crashed economy that fell to 90%. Unemployment was touching 10% during Obama’s early years. Obama did nothing wrong and hundreds of thousands of jobs were being lost every month. Now, you understand why Obama was “blaming Bush” for everything.

Obama had to build customer confidence and get rid of all hateful, racist and divisive politics of fear being run by George Bush. He ran a massive campaign of peace, unity and stability to bring back the economy in shape. And see what he delivered to Trump … Obama got an economy with an employment rate of 90% and he made that into 95% which still progresses and improves. Obama raised employment rate by 5%. Even Bill Clinton did not make that kind of progress. Bill Clinton got it around 92% and made it to 96% … that’s a 4 percent increment.

So, how much percent of improvement has Trump delivered yet? Just 1% … that too mostly because of the work done by Obama. And you are saying that you are the greatest President of all time. Lol. No, you don’t get to say that yet. You don’t get to say it at 97% … not at 98% … but yes after 99% … you get to say that … “yes, I have delivered a whooping 4% increment and I am one of the greatest Presidents”. You don’t get to brag with just one percent change. And don’t worry … we will show you how to move to 98% and 99% … it can happen. Reaching this percentage is not the problem … we have a bigger problem at hand.

The American Inaction and Plunge into Debt

Take a look at the above pic. Doesn’t matter if the employment rate was 90% or 95% or above 96% … take a look at the debt of our government. It has been on a non-stop constant increment since Bill Clinton. The increment was quite meagre during Bill Clinton … but after George Bush … we are getting a debt increment of more than $1 Trillion per year. And this debt keeps on increasing … doesn’t matter how many people get employed.

How is the business successful when the balance sheet is in the negative?
Bragging that this is a “great America” is like saying … “look at the number of people working in my hotel … we are hiring record number of people … our hotel is great.” When in reality your hotel is going down billions in losses. Does it sound logical for a simple business? If this is not logical for a simple business then how is this logical for an entire country?

How can we say that this is a “great America” when we are going trillions in debt every year? Just use some logic … for how long will a business survive when it is going in debt? One way or the other it has to clear its debt. That’s how borrowing and lending works. As now of how we have $21.5 Trillion as our National Debt … including the entire country’s debt it comes to about $70 Trillion … that is the debt at the State level, private and public sectors included.

So, do you have a plan of generating $21.5 Trillion? Forget about $70 Trillion … let’s try to do $21.5 Trillion first. Just like any business will crash and shutdown owing to its massive debt … the same thing can happen to a country. Our country is headed towards a massive debt catastrophe.

Understanding the debt crisis and the economy
Let me make it easy for you. There are 3 main elements in the country that define the economy.

  • The Government
  • The People and
  • The Corporations

And when you are saying:

  • Look at the jobs
  • Look at the Stock Market
  • Look at the investments
  • Look at the hiring

You are actually talking about “corporate success”. Yes, companies will hire more when their businesses are doing well. Stock Market will do well when companies make a lot of money. Companies will make investments when their profits are high. All of these are signs of “corporate success”. That is the success of the Establishment which has been your personal enemy since the past 2 years. You should also see what is happening to the government and the people in the country.

Marketing the success of corporations as the success of the people
When you are bragging about jobs, Stock Market and investments as the success of the country … then you are actually bragging the success of the corporations as the success of the people and government. When the people, government and corporations are totally different entities. Let me give you a preview of what is going on with the people and the government as we speak.

Success is profit and loss
A simple way to define success is via profit and loss … who is saving money and who is going in debt. Let’s take a look, shall we?

This is how our Government is doing … our government, as of now, is in $21.5 Trillion in debt … despite the job numbers.

Debt being accumulated by the people (http://usdebtclock.org)

  • The country’s total debt is about $71.35 Trillion … this including National, State Level, Business and Public debt.
  • Total Personal Debt is $19.26 Trillion
  • Mortgage Debt is $15.29 Trillion
  • Student Loan Debt is $1.55 Trillion
  • Credit Card Debt is $1.04 Trillion

This is the state of our government and people. A trillion dollars is not the GDP of many countries of the world … but we have trillions in debt in many segments of our lives. And this debt is continuously increasing. Does this look like a “great America” to you? This is not a great America … this is an America in a massive massive crisis.

The Establishment knows this very well. They are the ones who designed these debt based systems that are causing these debts in almost every sphere of life. This is the main reason why they started all of these wars, terrorism, anti-Trump and anti-Russia campaigns.

Take a look at the above pic again.

  • George Bush – War on Terror – 8 years. Bush spent 8 years on a bullshit agenda of War on Terror. Bush got a fantastic and healthy economy … Bush was the one who should have initiated the fixes in the economy. If Bush had made the fixes then we would never be in $70 Trillion in debt today.
  • Barack Obama – Terrorism and ISIS – 8 years. The issue of terrorism continued during Obama’s 8 years. We spent another 8 years on these wars and terrorism. In Obama’s second term, the only thing we did was stop ourselves from a catastrophic destruction against Russia. Why the Establishment wants America and Europe to be destroyed … you will know that very soon.
  • Donald Trump – anti-Russia & anti-Trump – 2 years. And since the destruction of America and Europe was averted … the Establishment is on a full swing against Trump and Russia … running massive demonization campaigns against Trump & Russia again and again.
  • Wasted 18 years. Collectively, we have wasted 18 years in solving this debt crisis. Our 18 years have been consumed with drastic and horrific deviations one after another.

Corporate Profits and Success
While our country is sinking trillions in debt … while our people are sinking trillions in debt … very interestingly this is not the case with corporations. The corporations are making hundreds of billions of dollars every quarter. Take a look.

Quarterly Corporate Profits were:

  • $600 Billion during Bill Clinton
  • $1100 Billion during George Bush
  • $1550 Billion during Barack Obama
  • And got a sharp increase to $2000 Billion during Donald Trump within 2 years

Yes, Corporations got about 30% increase in their profits during Trump’s first two years … mostly because of his tax cuts. Well, you might think that … if companies are making money then it’s a good thing, right? Well … not if you know this … take a look at the below pic.

This is a wealth distribution chart for America. The poor and middle class comprise of 80% of the country … and they own only 7% of the Nation’s wealth. The remaining 93% of the wealth goes to the Top 20% rich class of the country. And in this … the Top 1% own 40% of the Nation’s wealth.

Yes, this is the scenario of wealth distribution in America. Now, coming back to the jobs, Stock Market, investments and hiring. Who do you think owns all of these major companies? Yes, it is the freaking Establishment … to whom the majority of the Nation’s wealth is being drained to … from the government as well as the people … both of their wealth is being drained to the Establishment.

The Establishment is ripping off the government as well as the people. The wealth distribution chart is an open evidence of the same. And this ripping off the government and the people is what is creating this debt crisis for the government and the people.

We are living in an economy … in systems that drain wealth from the government and people … and pull the wealth into the hands of a few. These are the Establishment’s exploitation systems. The Establishment has designed all of these systems and they know very well how they function and how much crisis they will create. This is the main reason why all of these wars were started in the first place.

We spent 18 years in inaction and stagnation … being afraid of some guys in the sands on the other side of the Ocean … bombing countries that never hurt America … facilitating genocide and creating a mass migration of tens of millions of people. We are running programs of anti-Trump and anti-Russia … when the main problem is not “outside” the country. The main problem and the main miscreants are “inside” the country. Their malicious programs exist in America on American soil that exploit the American government and people. This is what needs to be fixed.

The coming debt based catastrophes
Now that we have averted all genocidal disasters and failed the Establishment’s agenda of war against Russia … we are headed towards debt based catastrophes … which may lead to:

  • A Recession
  • Fall of the Dollar in world market
  • Economic Collapse
  • Banking Chaos

And once any of these begin … the Establishment is planning to blame everything on Trump.

  • On Trump’s inaction
  • Trump knows nothing
  • Trump did nothing
  • He kept saying that “America is the greatest” and that he has accomplished more than any other President already
  • The country was in a massive crisis and he did nothing to save America. He knew nothing.
  • Trump is a “Know-Nothing-Brag-All” candidate

If there was a war between America and Russia … the plan was to blame Trump and Putin for this catastrophe. Now, since Russia has a strong and stable economy … and America is going to fail somehow. The entire blame is being planned to be put on Trump … on his inaction and lack of know how.

We warn of catastrophes before they happen. We warned about a possible war against Russia … it has been averted to a huge extent. We warned about Trump’s impeachment … this has also been averted to a huge extent. Now, the next coming catastrophe is the debt based catastrophe. And this will be added to the current anti-Trumpism, lawsuits, investigations and demonization.

The demonization has been controlled to some extent. This phase is ripe for policy reform. We have peace and stability … and cooperation from Russia. The chances of success are phenomenal. Trump should take the lead in saving America, Europe and the world from this debt crisis. This will take America to 98% and 99% employment rates … and create a fantastic and phenomenal America that Trump can really be proud of.