05 Aug 2018
JewH307 Putin - understanding and managing Trump under different scenarios

President Vladimir Putin is winning trust, respect and authority in the world for standing up to the Establishment. This is something that we promised for political leaders who will get involved in the work … they will get “greatness and glory” when they are involved in this work. It has already begun for Putin. While on the other hand, Trump is still sucking up to the Establishment and he is getting ridiculed and hammered from almost every direction.

Putin’s Fantastic World Leadership
President Putin has been one of the fastest and most efficient leader in handling Establishment malice around the world. He has worked with incredible patience, understanding, intelligence and power. It has resulted in fantastic world leadership for Russia. Some of the prominent accomplishments and gain of authority for Putin are:

  • Defeated ISIS and stabilized the region. Something that America could not do in 16 years was done by Putin within a few months.
  • Bankers ran away with their gold. The Bankers were sitting with their gold in Israel for the past 70 years. The moment Putin entered the world stage, they ran away with their gold to South China Sea.
  • Stopped war in Syria twice. Putin successfully stops the Establishment’s push for a major war in Syria twice via chemical attacks.
  • Coordination for peace in North Korea. Putin is coordinating with Kim Jong Un and maintaining some pressure to ensure peace in the region. This is something that would have never happened if Putin was not involved.
  • Winning trust and friends from Europe. Putin has been proactive in blocking Trump’s disastrous moves in the world and ensured world stability. This unique world leadership of Putin is winning him many friends in Europe. The world is looking at Russia as a reliable and trustworthy leader who will do what is right. This is something that America has been failing in since the past few decades. Russia is filling this void in right and responsible leadership.
  • Bankers offering hundreds of billions in gold. This is something that has never happened in the history of the world that Central Bankers offer their gold to another country in the tune of hundreds of billions. Putin literally has the Establishment under his shoes. We already said that this would happen … take the lead and the Establishment will come to you on its knees. It’s already happening for Putin.
  • Authority over Trump in the Collusion Case. Owing to Putin’s fantastic world leadership … not only he is blessed with authority over the Central Bankers … but he has been given authority over the President of the United States as well. Trump keeps saying, “No Collusion, no Collusion, no Collusion”. But if Putin says … “excuse me, yes there was Collusion and I did it because Trump asked me to do it” … then the entire Trump Presidency gets rattled. The main reason why the Establishment is so keen on the Collusion case is because, they get to disqualify Trump’s election. Trump’s Presidency gets disqualified and either Hillary comes into the scene or there will be re-elections. Either ways, Trump gets removed from the White House. This is like a blessing for Putin and Putin should use this to manage Trump appropriately. Trump has been deviant in doing what is right for the people and there is a strong need in managing Trump. Putin could be a strong element that can be crucial in managing Trump in world affairs.
  • Supplying Russian Defense Systems around the world. Owing to Russia’s display of fantastic defense for Syria … it has resulted in worldwide marketing of Russian Defense Systems.
  • Countries are coming to Russia for defense and protection. Putin’s fantastic world leadership is bringing several countries to Russia for defense and protection.

The need to manage Trump
We wrote the Establishment’s plans for a world war and how they are planning to make China the sole SuperPower of the world. We busted their plans so that we can take appropriate moves to derail their plans and thwart their next moves. But after the Establishment, the second most crucial entity that needs to be managed in the world is President Donald J Trump. The good thing about Trump is that he is not the Establishment … but then that is the only good thing about him … rest everything else needs to be managed.

Till date, he has shown himself to be a major Establishment appeaser … he has jumped for wars three times already … blown up trillions of taxpayer money … given a free hand to the Establishment for whatever they want to do … reduced taxes for them, hiked interest rates for bankers … his favors for the Establishment are endless and know no boundaries. This makes Trump the second most crucial element that needs to be managed.

Scenario 01 – Politics – A Business Transaction
This is basically the current scenario. This is what you need to understand about Trump … politics for Trump is a business transaction. He invested $200 Million and he wants to use the Presidency to make tens of billions in return. It’s a fantastic business venture for him. This is one of the reasons why he puts up with all of humiliation and ridicule that the media throws at him. Because the humiliation does not impact his deals and cash flow. If the media is saying something bad about Trump then the media is bad … and then he continues to do what he does.

Trump’s Hotel Maintenance Techniques
Trump is used to running a hotel. He manages political issues just like he manages his hotel. If someone creates a problem for his hotel then he pays them off. He wants peace in his hotel and he does not want anything that affects his cash flow. This is one of the reasons why he does favors for the Establishment and blows up trillions on them … not because he is an Establishment puppet … but because, this is how he manages problems.

Trump keeps Trump First
If you see … throughout the tenure of his Presidency of 1.5 years or more … the only thing that Trump has done is kept Trump First.

  • Trump fights for Trump
  • Trump does cash deals for Trump
  • Trump makes enormous cash for Trump
  • Trump wants respect for Trump
  • Trump does not want lawsuits for Trump
  • Trump will throw others under the bus for Trump
  • Everything that Trump does is for Trump

This is his psyche. He has become the President of the United States and the leader of the free world … but he is using all of these powers just to benefit himself.

This is something that you saw very recently after the Helsinki Summit. While going to the Summit he was saying that “Russia should join G7” … but when the media gave him a tough time … he flipped and says that “he is going to be Russia’s worst enemy”. When the going gets tough, Trump throws others under the bus. Trump has no idea of how to handle pressure and one of his solution is … throwing others under the bus. SM Elements had to basically shift the topic to Mueller … only God knows how much more he would become anti-Russia otherwise.

Trump’s ideal scenario
This is basically Trump’s ideal political scenario:

  • Mueller goes away
  • All investigations are stopped
  • All lawsuits are dropped
  • All demonization and ridicule is stopped
  • The Establishment does not trouble him at all
  • Trump makes hundreds of billions via the Presidency
  • And then he walks away after 8 years

This is the ideal equilibrium that he is trying to reach … where everything is nice and lovely for him … he makes his money and walks away. Which is why he keeps paying off the Establishment and does major favors for them. He is trying to reach his ideal equilibrium.

Blindsiding the people with jobs, jobs, jobs
Trump is not all bad. He has made a few positive moves … like Tariffs and American Energy. And that’s it … he has done nothing else. The only thing he does is blindside the people with “jobs, jobs, jobs”. He keeps saying:

  • Look at the jobs! Jobs, jobs, jobs!
  • Highest employment ever
  • Highest employment for women
  • Highest employment for Blacks
  • Highest employment for Latinos
  • Look at the Stock Market
  • Look at the companies hiring

He keeps listing them as if they are “separate accomplishments”. When in reality, all of them are one and the same. Highest employment automatically also means highest employment for women, Blacks and Latinos. He mentions them separately as if he made individual efforts and created reforms so that women, Blacks and Latinos are hired more … as if he made individual efforts for the Stock Market and companies hiring. In reality …

  • It was Obama who faced the jobs crisis and he fixed the economy. Trump already got a booming economy.
  • Trump was so crazy for war and money that he made direct attempts to start major wars 3 times. It was Putin who stopped Trump’s moves. It is because of Putin we have peace in the world because of which there is enormous job growth.
  • Simultaneous high employment for women, Blacks and Latinos only means that racism towards these segments has reduced to a great extent and they are being given equal opportunity. It does not mean that Trump made some individual efforts for these communities … in fact, Trump has been racist towards all of them.
  • Trump’s contribution to job growth is only 10% where he only put some tariffs.
  • That too, he does not know how to handle tariffs. The moment Soy Beans and other agricultural products started piling up … he flipped against the tariffs and made it zero tariffs for Europe.

The guy basically does not know anything. He is in politics as a “business venture”. That’s all it is for him. He is a know-nothing-brag-all candidate.

What will happen to Russia?
Why I am telling you all of this is … what will happen to Russia … based upon Trump’s psyche and his efforts for the ideal equilibrium? Do you really think that Trump cares about the sanctions on Russia and what is happening to the Russian people? The guy is blowing up trillions of taxpayer money of his own country … of his own American citizens … in order to benefit himself. He is literally allowing a vicious and criminal Establishment to leech his people and his country by the trillions every year. Do you really think that Trump is bothered or concerned about what is happening to the Russian people on the other side of the Ocean?

To add to that … the moment the Establishment rattles him a little bit … then he flips against Russia. You are seeing it happen live in front of you since the past 1.5 years.

The Establishment is maintain Trump on a Nazi Track
What is even worse is this … the Establishment is maintaining Trump on a Nazi track. They are planning to throw at least 3 Trump Family members in jail … which is Donald Trump Jr., Jared Kushner and President Trump himself. Once they are in jail … the Establishment is planning to bankrupt almost all of his businesses. This is something that the Establishment does and Trump is being maintained on this track.

As per Trump’s psyche … he will only pester the Establishment even more so that it does not happen. But his pestering has not worked till date … nor will it work tomorrow.

If Trump goes to jail, what will happen to Russia?
This is a scenario that you need to predict and prepare for. We are relying a lot on Trump’s leadership for the world. But what if … Trump is tossed in jail? How will that reflect on Putin’s relationship with Trump on the world stage? Obviously, it will be a disaster for Trump but it will also impact all of his friends, his Administration and everyone who supported him and worked for him.

The guy was a fraud and landed up in jail. This will backfire on everyone that was associated with him … domestically within the United States as well as on the International stage.

We need to broaden our horizons a little bit … so that Russia’s world leadership is not impacted by whatever happens to Trump. Of course, we keep inviting Trump on the right track … but if he gets hit by the worst … then you have to prepare for that scenario.

Don’t rely only on Trump or his leadership
The best way to handle this scenario is that … don’t rely only on Trump or his leadership. Anything can happen to Trump. Anything can happen at any time. He is in highly contaminated waters and he is not fixing the contamination. How the contamination will consume him … no one knows for sure. If the patient is refusing treatment then he is putting himself at risk. But it does not mean that … all of us should go down with him.

This is something that is already being done in America. No one is relying on Trump. It is SM Elements, media, legal networks and intelligence agencies that have taken the lead in doing what is right in America. We are doing all of our best to derail his disastrous moves.

Russia’s interest is not only in Trump … but Russia’s key interest is in good relations with America and Europe. These countries and geographies are more important. Trump is only one of the means. Sticking only to one of the means is not a great idea. We have to activate several alternate strategies for great relations with each country via several other means. Let me show you some other options.

Scenario 02 – America and Russia Lead
This is the second Scenario … where America and Russia lead in changing the world. Trump supports our work and he coordinates in changing systems in America. This is something that we have been pushing for a long time. It’s not that Trump has not made any efforts in making this happen. We know that he has pulled some strings … but for some reason … it got stalled or delayed or whatever.

If Trump had activated this Scenario then the Establishment would already be at his feet. He has lacked severely in taking successful initiatives. Putin has shown fantastic leadership and the Establishment is throwing itself at Putin’s feet.

Observe realistic actions to understand the scenarios
Don’t rely on anyone’s words … especially the words of politicians from America and Europe … mainly because these countries are the victims of the Establishment. They need help. You have to observe realistic actions in order to understand where they are headed.

There might be a direct line between the White House and the Kremlin … but then just “talking nice” is not what we need. The guy is standing there blindsiding his own people, blowing up trillions and defending a criminal & malicious Establishment in his country … do you really trust what he says about Russia? That’s why I myself tell Trump that … getting my finance is not enough … you have to actually support and implement people-centric policies. I trust action … not just blatant talk and speeches.

If you observe that Trump is still stalling, delaying, making excuses or whatever … and not moving ahead with the work … then you should understand that he is sticking to Scenario 01 … where he pays off everyone to get rid of his problems … rips the country off trillions of dollars and walks away putting America in $30 Trillion debt. And for Russia it means that:

  • No removal of sanctions
  • Continuous anti-Russian rhetoric and agenda from the West
  • Being one step close to war

If Trump is not ready to take up the Establishment then this is exactly what it means … even if Trump avoids jail then it will be $30 Trillion debt for America at a minimum that is … and sanctions and attempts for a conflict against Russia.

Will there be actual war?
It is highly unlikely that there will be an actual war between America and Russia … because we will thwart it. We are actively watching all moves that the Establishment will make and will keep thwarting all war moves. The Establishment will attempt and will try to create scenarios for war … but there is a 99% chance that we will thwart it. This is one of the reasons, why we published their plans after World War III. So that people know what type of world these assholes want to create. Of course, it requires cooperation from Putin and Russia.

Scenario 03 – Russia Leads
Instead of just sitting there and waiting for Mr.Trump to lead … Russia can directly lead. Our work is not about revolutionizing America alone. Of course, we have fantastic systems that will revolutionize America … but they apply to almost every country in the world. We talk about America a lot because … we are close to the country and it is the biggest victim of Establishment malice as of now. But we don’t need to wait for the patient to agree for the treatment.

We can directly start revolutionizing countries from the East. These systems don’t only fix your current problems but it takes your country to fantastic and fabulous heights. Russia can become a stunning and fabulous leader in the East.

Establishment bribe to derail
The Establishment will come on their knees and try to derail your world leadership. They will try to give you $100 Billion every year. But what you should realize is that … that is just too tiny and petty. Take the gold but don’t stop the work. Russians are the world’s most beautiful, talented and hardworking people. Given the systems that we have, the Russian economy can flourish to enormous scales. You can easily target your GDP to become $5-10 Trillion.

Even if the Establishment pays you $100 Billion per year … for the next 100 years … then the total amount that you will get is $10 Trillion. But if we make your economy to even $5 Trillion then … over the next 100 years … your revenue will be $500 Trillion. Our work will help you aim for $500 Trillion in genuine and repeated economic growth.

Look at China … 50 years ago … its economy was a meagre $60 Billion and today it is $11.2 Trillion. It has expanded it’s economy by more than a 100 times. Even if we move the Russian economy from $1 Trillion to $5 Trillion … then it will be enormous growth for Russia and Russia can take a major share from the world market.

In this mode, we don’t even need to interfere in US affairs. We can directly start revolutionizing our countries. Several countries will join you in this scenario … like Turkey, Iran, Ex-Soviet countries and many East European countries. You will be pitching Russia in competition with Europe. You will be seeing phenomenal development and progress in several spheres including:

  • Infrastructure and City Development
  • Industries, technology and manufacturing
  • Media, healthcare and education

You will be competing with Europe in every sphere … in fact, in several spheres you can go beyond Europe. You are already seeing that standing up to Establishment’s malice is getting you a lot of positive response and you are winning the trust and confidence of European nations. Our primary market is Europe and Trump doesn’t know anything. You can start leading Europe with phenomenal changes in your country … Europe will eagerly start following you. You can be the prime world leader.

Right now, it is only you on the world stage. Trump is getting minced and he has no idea what to do. Why should we allow the guy who doesn’t know anything and who is himself a victim of the Establishment to hold us back? There is no reason to wait for Trump’s leadership.

Scenario 04 – Trump Compromises
Once Russia starts taking the lead … Europe follows and seeing Europe follow … Trump will follow. It has already happened. Putin took the lead in stopping wars … Putin discouraged the Jerusalem move … Putin stood up to the Establishment … Europe was impressed and Europe came knocking on your door. It has already happened.

We can make this happen at a much more larger scale. Russia can be the key world leader and Europe will start following Russia in key policies and reforms. It will create an incredibly strong bond between Russia and Europe … which is exactly what we need. Russia is not doing any business with America … why wait for Trump and America? It doesn’t make sense.

But when the world starts following Putin and Russia … there will be huge news about this in America. Trump will now try to compromise and try to get the policies for America as well.

We don’t need to wait for Trump or his leadership or intervene in America. Everything can directly be done via Russian leadership.

Scenario 05 – Democrats and Russia Lead
Even when Europe is following and Trump does not follow then he will face a massive backlash. It will lead to the rise of the Democrats. What Trump basically thinks is that … this is Collusion. This is the problem with him … he knows nothing and he is afraid of everything.

We will not be “colluding” with the Democrats … we will do everything openly and loudly. We are a Human Rights group and a News Agency. We will hire hundreds of Americans and seek direct protection for all of our activities and staff via the FBI, CIA, Intelligence Agencies and the Police Department. All of the work will be completely open and it will be protected by the intelligence community. No Intelligence Agency in America will suppress Human Rights works. Everything will be done in coordination with legal and intelligence networks.

Cooperation with Democrats can be in the early phase or later phases. When Democrats lead … Trump will end up being the guy who knows nothing and who keeps blowing up trillions and puts the country in trillions in debt. He will be looking at a knockout game or maintaining his country in ignorance and trillions in additional debt.

The Major Misconception
The major misconception about work is that … it is about revolutionizing America and changing the government in America. No, that is not the only aim of our work. Our work has to be carried out in all countries around the world. America needs help only because it is the biggest victim. But it is a waste of time waiting for a patient who is not ready to take the cure.

Russia can easily change the game for the world.