03 Aug 2018
JewH306 The Establishment creating and capitalizing on the persecution of Common Jews

When you hear the term “Jewish Establishment” then you get a perception that all Jews are bad and that they are scheming against the common people. In reality, that is not true … it is only a section of Jewish population that coordinates with the Establishment. Otherwise, huge segments of the Jewish population have been the victims of their own Establishment. Now, this Establishment is planning to create a massive massacre of Jews that breaks all records in history.

The Kazarian Background
If you want to understand why the Jewish Establishment functions like this … then you have to understand who these guys actually are. You have seen routinely that Netanyahu has been promoting war against one country after another … first, it was Iraq then Libya then Syria and now Iran … and keeps on moving on and on. Why are they like this?

This is because … this is exactly what they used to do in their original country of Kazaria. It was a huge country near the Caspian Sea … it was an agricultural country that was extremely poor and backward. If crops failed then they had to starve. The survival mode that they adhered to was “plundering” neighboring countries. They would plunder others and protect themselves … plunder others and protect themselves. This was a routine operation that was carried out not for 1 year or 10 years or 20 years … it was carried out for hundreds of years.

As long as the country existed, this is what they did … “plunder others and protect themselves”. Neighboring countries were extremely annoyed at this repeated and non-stop problem from Kazaria. So fine day, Russia fixed this issue for good … it simply took over Kazaria. Kazaria came under Russian territory and this issue was resolved for good.

Persecution of Jews in Kazaria
Kazaria had converted to Judaism … it was only a namesake conversion. But these Kazarian Jews faced a lot of persecution by their own King. The King was getting huge amount of resources by waging these guerilla wars against neighboring countries. He would force tens of thousands of farmers to leave their lands and join the army. He would maintain tens of thousands of battalions for these plundering activities. To the extent that he would also outsource these armies if any country needed them.

Tens of thousands of Jews in Kazaria would lose their lands and thousands of them would die in these wars waged by the King. Routinely thousands of Jews would be killed for the benefit of the King because their King would not fix the problems in the country and he would simply rely on plundering activities. Here is where the use of the Common Jew for the benefit of the Establishment comes from.

Central Bankers are Kazarian Jews
Rothschild is a Kazarian Jew. He setup Israel and formulated all activities as per his origins of Kazaria. Once Israel was formed … he had the Federal Reserve with him … which means an unlimited supply of cash. He used these resources to pull in all of the books, literature, ideology and practices from all around the world related to Kazarian systems … and formally started training and preaching them in Israel. Rothschild became the new Kazarian King. The only difference in him was that … he was very shrewd and playing the game at a worldwide level.

Communist Revolutions in the East
The Jewish Establishment’s activities have nothing to do with the Torah or Moses or God. It is all about the Satanic practices of a devil worshiping kingdom called Kazaria. This is one of the main reasons why this country of Kazaria, its history, practices and ideology are totally censored from world history. Hardly anyone knows about this country called Kazaria. They censored it because if we know where these Bankers come from then we understand their malice in the world. Wars, drugs, decadence and hate towards religion … all of it comes from Kazaria.

When Russia took over Kazaria, it solved the problem for a thousand years. The same problem appeared again in the world with the Communist Revolutions in the East. The entire concept of Communism was designed to loot and plunder resources from the country. Develop a massive military to protect yourself while you loot from the people and the country … this is what every Communist country does. The same thing is happening in North Korea and Venezuela. Massive militaries and terrible conditions of the people.

Wars since a 100 years
These wars that have begun via America are nothing new. Two decades of war via America is nothing new for them. They have been waging wars and revolutions in the Communist East since a hundred years … since the 1900s. The Soviet Union sponsored wars and revolutions in country after country for several decades.

What you might be thinking is that … war with Iraq was the last war … war against Libya was the last war … war in Syria is the last war … now, they are promoting war against Iran … this will be the last war. No my dear friend … as per their plan … there is no stopping for war. “War is business” for them. War is how they loot and plunder and make money. The Jewish Establishment has been the largest beneficiary of wars since the past 100 years. Every country involved in the war has been suffering … but the Jewish Establishment has been prospering and flourishing with every war. Take a look for yourself.

  • World War I – It was used to create Israel. The guy was a money lender … then became a banker … then he got a country of his own. Rothschild signs the Balfour Agreement with the British during World War I to create Israel. Now, see how this “King” of the Establishment has used wars to use and persecute the Common Jews and benefit himself.
  • World War II – Massive levels of anti-Semitism were promoted all across Europe during World War II … only so that the Common Jews should be expelled from Europe and they would have to move to Israel … which will give Rothschild a population to form a country. He literally got hundreds of thousands of Jews expelled from their homes from Paris, Milan, Berlin and moved them to a desert country called Israel. Hundreds of thousands of Jews were killed in this war because of the anti-Semitism that he systematically promoted and millions of them were expelled from their homes.
  • Israel. When these Jews came to Israel … they are thinking that they got a country for themselves … but in reality they are nothing but an army to protect the reserves of the bankers. He maintains the Jewish population in a hateful environment where is he again bombing his neighbors continuously and occupying their territory.

When they had a Communist country … they were busy supporting one Communist revolution after another in each country. Now, they have Israel … they will not make peace but continuously keep bombing their neighbors and occupy their territory. They have monopoly in America now … using that they are waging one war after another against more and more countries. Wherever they go … this is how they function … plunder others and protect yourself … plunder others and protect yourself.

If you are thinking that these wars are from America then you are wrong. America is a beautiful country and Americans are one of the most beautiful people in the world. They have nothing to do with these shitty wars. All of these wars are Establishment based. Take a look at what they are planning next … in their non-stop sequence of wars and plundering.

Make Israel and China World SuperPowers
Their ideal plan was make America fight against Russia and destroy America, Europe and Russia in the process. The resultant SuperPower will be China … Israel will join hands with China and both of them will occupy massive territories and become World SuperPowers.

This was the ideal plan. But unfortunately, their plan got busted and Putin came to know of the Banker gold reserves in Israel. The Bankers panicked and immediately fled with their gold to South China Sea.

Using Israel has bait to start World War III
Since their plans are busted, they should stop, right? No, our lovely Bankers are using Israel as bait to start a world war. Netanyahu is repeated attacking Syria and also threatening Russia in the process. Why? All of their routes to start a world war have been thwarted and this is one route that is available for them.

Persecution and expulsion of Jews during World War III
Since the very root of this ideology in Kazaria … Common Jews are being used as bait and as sacrificial material for the King and the Establishment.

  • Tens of thousands of Jews lost their lives in the wars
  • World War II. Hundreds of thousands of Jews lost their lives and millions were expelled from their homes … all of this was for the benefit of Israel and the bankers.
  • World War III
    • Israel as bait. Which means that Israel will be one of the first countries that will be attacked by Russia. Which means a total nuclear holocaust of 7 million Jews.
    • Deaths in America and Europe. Millions of Jews will be killed in America and Europe during the war. It’s not that Jews are immune to nuclear bombs. And the fact that Russia knows that this is Jewish Banker malice then it will literally focus on areas of Jewish populations in America and Europe.
    • Anti-Semitism in America and Europe. The Bankers will again promote widespread anti-Semitism just like they did in WWII … because they need Jews in China now … their base is moving to China. Several empty cities have already been set up to welcome these Jews. The bankers need these Jews to run their agendas in the new world as these Jews provide them with a “mentally ready” army to work for them. You are looking at the expulsion of 8 million Jews from America and Europe.

The choices that the Jewish Establishment is providing to the Common Jews are:

  • Die in the war
  • Get partially eaten by radioactive nuclear material … die later or live with defects
  • Get killed via the resultant anti-Semitic mobs in America and Europe or
  • Leave moderns cities of New York, London and Paris … and move to China … and live under the Communist rule of China

China’s current Jewish population is about 3000 people only. Shows how much Jews like China. As per the Establishment’s future plans … more than half of the world’s 15 million Jewish population will die in the war and the remaining who live and want to live … have to move to China. How you do like your Banker Kazarian King now?

Deaths for Hundreds of Millions of People
While that is the scenario for 15 million Jews of the world … this is what will happen to hundreds of millions of Christian population of America, Europe and Russia.

  • Die in the war
  • Live with radioactive burns or defects
  • Be subject to China’s military expansion activities
  • Get killed via China’s military actions
  • Live under China’s suppression and monopoly over the world

America, Europe and Russia will be declared as “terrorist nations”
In the new world led by China and its puppet nations … America, Europe and Russia will be declared as terrorist nations … as there will be uprisings against China from these countries. Since the Establishment itself will promote anti-Semitism in the West in order to flush out Jews and pull them towards China. The West will see that … “hey, it was China that was the main culprit in this war. It is standing tall and strong while all of us are destroyed and it is hosting all of the Jews.”

Groups will be formed against China and China will take military action across America, Europe and Russia to suppress these revolts. This will be done under the banner of “world peace and security” … and to do this … America, Europe and Russia will be branded as terrorist nations and zones.

Look around, they are already doing this. They did this in their Communist Rule in the East. They suppressed all revolts and uprisings using military action. They are deeming several Muslim countries as terrorist countries. They were demonizing Islam itself. These guys don’t care if you are a Christian, Muslim or Hindu. After WWIII, it will be in their best interests to term America, Europe and Russia as terrorist zones.

Climbing on the deaths of Common Jews
Look at the Establishment’s successive rise in power:

  • First they were money lenders
  • Then they became bankers
  • Then they got a country for themselves
  • They ruled over half of the world via Communism
  • Now, they are planning total world domination via elimination of America, Europe and Russia

They are getting this by sacrificing more than half of the world’s Jewish population. Talking about human sacrifice … heh.

Crime is a surprise for the common man but it is a planned activity for the criminal
Don’t be surprised that all of this will happen. What you should keep in mind is that … “crime is a surprise for the common man but it is a planned activity for the criminal”. Your car got stolen or your house got burgled … it is a surprise for you but it was a planned activity for the criminal.

In the same manner … do you think Saddam really believed that America will attack? Do you think that Gaddafi believed that his country will be taken down via rebellious military mobs funded by foreign countries? Do you think that Assad planned for a civil war 10 years ago? Do you think that Russians expected Churches to be destroyed and millions of them would be executed by a new government? All of these were lovely peaceful countries minding their own business … but surprise! Then came the criminals.

World War III is not the end of it
And guess what … World War III is not going to be end of wars. They are going to continue more military activities, more wars, more plundering and more looting even after WWIII. Our choice is … are we going to stop this criminal Establishment now? Or are we going to get crushed by them repeatedly after we become zombie nations after WWIII?