31 Jul 2018
JewH305 A Preview of the World after WWIII under China’s SuperPower Leadership

Anti-Russian hysteria is at a peak in the West. Congress members are grilling Trump over meeting with Putin. Let’s show the world what will happen in the next phases. Yes, WWIII and its related death and destruction will be there. But that’s just phase one of the problem. Here is a preview of the world after WWIII … take a look at phase two of the problem.

China’s SuperPower Status

  • UN Security Council – Destroyed. USA, UK, France and Russia … the key countries that form the Security Council will be destroyed … except China.
  • G8 Countries – Destroyed. USA, Canada, Germany, Italy, France, Japan, UK and Russia … all of the key countries that maintain the balance in the world and regulate world policies will be destroyed.
  • China becomes SuperPower. China is a country designed and run by Establishment elements to the core. You will get unchecked, uncontrolled and unstoppable rule of the Establishment over the world. The world will witness tyranny at monstrous levels.

Who will control what China can do and cannot do?
The key countries that run the world, that manage the world and that maintain balance in the world will be destroyed. China will be free to do whatever it wants … unchecked, uncontrolled and unstoppable. What you should keep in mind is that … China is not the devil here … it is the Jewish Establishment that is the devil. All of this anti-Russian and anti-Trump propaganda is not from China … it is from the Establishment. This massive scrutiny of Trump for meeting with Putin is not from China … it is from Establishment puppets.

What will the Establishment gain from WWIII?
Everybody knows that WWIII will be utterly disastrous for the world. There should never be a war between America and Russia. But even then the Establishment is continuously pushing and promoting an anti-Russian propaganda. Why?

  • Cover-up for the debt crisis. Firstly, it helps them to use this war as a “cover-up” for the debt crisis that the exploitation systems of the Establishment are creating in the West. If these countries are destroyed then nobody cares about the debt. The countries will be busy rebuilding for the next 20 years.
  • Establishment’s New World Order. WWIII will create a new world where Israel and China will be the major powers of the world. Yes, it will not be America or Russia that will lead the world … it will be Israel and China that will rule over the world.

The Establishment Mantra – Plunder Others and Protect Yourself
This is the basic Establishment mantra … plunder others and protect yourself. This is what both of these countries … Israel and China have been doing since the past several decades. They get this mantra from their ideology … that gives Jews the upper hand in looting, stealing and killing non-Jews. When they come into action based upon this ideology … this is what they end up doing … plunder others and protect yourself.

  • Israel - Plunder. Israel is supposed to be America’s closest ally. Ally means friend … friendship goes both ways. If it is one way then it is called a parasitic relationship and not a friendship. So, what does Israel do for America that America should consider Israel to be its “closest ally”? Israel takes hundreds of billions in contracts, defense supplies, technology support, political support and financial support. Does Israel respond to America with the same amount of benefits for Americans? No … nothing whatsoever. Israel’s contribution to America or Americans is nearly zero. Everything that we are doing for Israel is a one way traffic. Not only that … Israel is actually the base for the Federal Reserve Bankers. These Central Bankers are looting American funds by $4-6 Trillion every year. This is apart from all of the support that Israel is taking as a country. This is open plunder of American resources by Israel and its associated bankers.
  • Israel – Protect. As per their mantra … since they are actually thieves … their protection is of the highest priority for them. Which is why you will also see that the “security of Israel” is of number one priority in American politics. The country does absolutely nothing for us and its security should be our number one priority? To the extent that … “protecting Israel is protecting America … keeping Israel safe is keeping America safe” … this is the propaganda run in the American Congress. Does our Constitution say this … protecting Israel is protecting America? Does the Bible say this … protecting Israel is protecting America? No, our Constitution does not say this nor does our Bible. So where the hell did this concept come from? This mantra came from Establishment ideology which is promoted in the Congress via “campaign finance” via Establishment owned corporations. It is the Establishment teaching you this … it is not our Constitution or the Bible.
  • China – Plunder. Since the past several decades … the Establishment has moved jobs, technology and manufacturing industries to China. They have setup concepts of Free Trade and Global Trade to facilitate this movement at a worldwide scale. This movement has resulted in enormous growth for China but at the same time it is creating a massive debt crisis in the West … as all wealth drains away from the country. This is organized and systematic plunder of the world by the Establishment.
  • China – Protect. Interestingly, if you see … both of these countries … Israel and China … they are very keen on maintaining a high-end massive military. They will carry out massive military buildup activities. This is again to “protect” themselves … just in case the West figures out what is going on and to protect itself from the West.

Both of the countries are functioning on the same concept of “plunder & protect” and seeing enormous success for themselves at the expense of others. If you understand their ideology then you will understand how they will function after WWIII.

A Realistic Check
I will show their pre-planned activities … what they will do … and you can verify and get a guarantee of their behavior based upon:

  • Have these guys done it before?
  • Are they already doing it now?

The use of Establishment’s overwhelming control over America
Today, the Establishment has overwhelming control over America. It has massive monopoly in media, politics, banking and corporations. Using its monopoly, it has kept America occupied in war since the past two decades. Once America is gone after WWIII … they will have China as the only SuperPower of the world. The entire country of China is designed and run by Establishment elements. Do you think that they will just sit there and do nothing … when they have so much power in their hands?

  • Resources. After WWIII, China will be the country that will have the world’s gold, oil, manufacturing, technology, military, nukes, corporations and manpower of 1.3 Billion people.
  • Backlash. The major issue that China will face is the backlash from America, Europe, Russia and the world. If anyone figures out that … “hey, this entire war was designed by the Establishment … everyone got destroyed … except Israel and China”. Don’t you think there will be enmity towards China and that countries will try to form a coalition against China?

That’s what our normal mindset thinks … but these guys are far beyond that. They already know that several countries will come after them. Which is why … they are not going to just sit there and wait for the onslaught to happen. They will take the initiatives even before you can organize a group against them … they will start suppressing any uprisings and start seizing control over the world. These are some of the activities that they will carry out after WWIII.

The New World that will be Unleashed by Israel & China after World War III

01. Unchecked Territorial Expansions
The only thing that Israel and China will do during WWIII is “protect themselves”. Why do you think that Israel has developed the Iron Dome Program? Israel doesn’t need an Iron Dome to protect itself from Palestinians. It is designed mainly to protect Israel when missiles will be flying all over the country in the case of a world war. They have been preparing for this since decades. Both Israel and China are going to fiercely protect themselves … while America, Europe and Russia with mutually destroy each other.

Once these countries are destroyed and become zombie nations … the dawn of a new world begins for the devil. Israel and China will begin unchecked territorial expansions. Who is going to stop them? Australia? Chile? Mexico? There will be no power left in the world that will stand up and say … “hey, you cannot occupy other people’s territories.” No one will dare to stop a massive nuclear power like China.

China – Iran, Russia, Alaska, South East Asia
Both of these countries will aim for oil and territory. China will make moves to take huge portions of Russia in the North … Iran in the West … and they will engulf all of the smaller countries in the South till Australia. None of these smaller countries have the military or manpower to stand up to China. Iran would be destroyed in WWIII itself … the entire war will begin with Iran … taking Iran will be a piece of cake. And since Russia has a lot of oil … China will make moves towards the oil rich areas of Russia.

Reality Check: Will this happen? Guess who got the oil from Iraq? We spent trillions on bombing Iraq but China got the majority of the oil contracts from Iraq. The Establishment channeled all of the oil from Iraq to China. And China already has territorial disputes with almost every country in the South. These countries are too feeble and they will easily fall.

Israel – Syria, Iraq, GCC Countries
Israel will move for Syria, Iraq and GCC countries. The major protector of GCC countries was America … with America not being in the picture anymore … Israel will bring China in the game and take over massive territories in the Middle East.

Reality Check – will Israel do this? Take a look at what it is already doing now. It is continuously bombing Palestine and taking over their territory illegally. You think they will sit back and be nice … when they have the opportunity to take over the entire Middle East? Yes, Arabs will revolt against Israel’s rule … but you think that Russians did not revolt during the Communist Rule? “You remain silent and follow or you die” … that’s how these guys rule over others. They allowed the massacre of hundreds of millions of people in WWIII … you think that they will care about a few more million? Their psyche is a little bit different.

They killed a 100 Million Christians in the Communist world in order to establish their tyrannical rule over those territories. They really don’t care if you are Arab or a Christian or a Hindu … for them you are just sheep and cattle … that should either bow to them or be executed.

02. Oil will be owned by Israel and China
With massive unchecked expansions in oil rich territories of Russia, America and the Middle East … Israel and China will become huge colossal powers … not only in terms of territory but they will literally own the world’s oil. And guess what … both of these countries are “nuclear powers”. Having the most modern military with nuclear capability, owning the world’s oil, gold, manufacturing, technology and manpower by the billions. They can do anything in the world. It will be total dominance of Israel and China.

03. Installation of Puppet Governments
Oil and territorial expansion is about “plundering others”. Now, as per their mantra … they have to make sure that they are protected as well. One of the key things that they will focus is on … eliminating aggressive governments and installing puppet governments … governments that are loyal to Israel and China. After 20 years or 30 years … these countries will develop somehow. They cannot afford to have aggression towards the new major powers of Israel and China. Their key priorities will be to knock out aggressive governments and install puppet governments. Having reserves of $500 Trillion and being the only massive military power in the world … it will be incredibly easy to change the government of any country for them … via money or via military coups.

Reality Check – will they do this? Well, look at the American Congress today. Isn’t it the puppet for Israel for no reason at all? When Israel does nothing for us … then why are we the puppets of Israel? When Israel takes everything from us, then isn’t Israel supposed to be America’s puppet? Why is this equation reversed? Exactly … this is one of the key activities of the Establishment … to puppet and control governments so that no one stands against them.

This activity is being carried out mainly in America and European countries … but after WWIII, installation of puppet governments will have to be done in several countries across the world. They will make massive territorial expansions and the remaining world of South America, Asia and Australia … that were not affected during the war … they will speak against Israel’s and China’s expansion. Israel and China will simply respond by changing governments.

04. Complete ownership of media and manufacturing
Ownership of the media by the Establishment is not about just the money … it is more about controlling the people … controlling what people know and molding the minds of the people. This is why the Establishment makes enormous efforts in buying out media companies and it current owns 90% of America’s media. Today, China already has most of the world’s manufacturing … this will only be consolidated after WWIII.

Reality check – will they do this? 100 Million Christians were killed in Communist countries in the East … we never know about it because it was never mentioned in the media. While they were executing millions of Christians in the East … they were promoting the Judeo-Christian faith in the West … promoting that Israel is America’s closest ally … the best friend that America can have. This is media management. This is a part of the Establishment’s mantra of “protecting themselves”.

The last thing that they want is the rest of the world uniting against Israel and China. The most effective way of managing the masses is … install puppet governments and own the media. Your politicians don’t say anything and nothing about them is covered in the media. This is America’s current state, by the way … hardly anyone stands up to the Establishment or Israel. After WWIII, this is will be installed at tyrannical levels around the world.

05. Targeted Military Actions
Israel and China will carry out targeted military actions to suppress any uprisings against them. This will be done under the banner of “world peace and security”. This will be promoted as something good for the world and all of those guys that were rising against Israel and China were “terrorists” that had to be neutralized.

Reality Check – will they do this? Look at Israel’s current activities against Lebanon, Palestine, Iraq and Syria. They carry out repeated bombings in the name of “protecting themselves” … saying that they were neutralizing threats. China executes about 4000 citizens every year for speaking against the government. China uses the military to deal with the people.

Right now, all of this is limited to Israel’s neighbors and within China … but after WWIII … these targeted military actions will cover America, Europe, Russia and other parts of the world … where any unit is being formed against Israel or China. Yes, Israel will bomb America in order to control Americans. This is something that is planned to happen in the next few years, if WWIII happens.

All of this will be done in the name of “world security” … when in reality they are just protecting themselves.

06. Death for Anti-Semitism
Under the territories controlled by Israel and China … a death sentence will be given for anti-Semitism. This is again under the umbrella of “protecting themselves”. There will be a lot of anger and hate towards Jews and this is how it will be managed.

Reality check – will they do this? This was already done in the Soviet Union. People received the death sentence for anti-Semitism. The interesting thing that you should observe is that … why did the Soviet Union have this law? If Jews had nothing to do with Communism then why this law? It was mainly because … 90% of the key leaders of the Soviet Union were Jews and owing to the atrocities of the Communist government … there would be uprisings against the government and anti-Semitism would be ripe. The Soviet leaders would not only crush the uprisings but also formally declared a death sentence for anti-Semitism.

07. Destruction of Churches and suppression of religion
In territories controlled by China and Israel … Churches and Mosques would be destroyed and religion would be suppressed.

Reality check – will they do this? They did this in most of the Communist countries. Religion is still suppressed in China and North Korea. This is again an Establishment tactic of “protecting themselves” because religion preaches about freedom, a higher power and it speaks against bad treatment of human beings. Communist systems are the opposite of religion. The leaders are supposed to be treated like gods and people should work like slaves. Religion becomes a natural enemy for Communist systems … which is why … generally Churches are destroyed and religion is suppressed by them.

08. Extremely high cost of living
“High cost of living” is one way of the Establishment keeping the people busy. The people are busy doing 2 or 3 or 4 jobs in order to meet expenses … no one has the time to question the government. The people don’t save anything and bankers get more business via loans. Since Israel and China will own the world’s wealth and products … they can easily maintain an extremely high cost of living for the world.

Reality check – will they do this? They are already doing this in America and Europe.

09. Israel and China will define world order and rules
When Israel and China become the world’s oil rich nuclear SuperPowers with massive territories … and they have installed puppet governments in several countries … then the world order will be defined by Israel and China. What will happen and how things will be done … it will be dictated by Israel and China.

10. Total Rule of Israel and China over the world
In short, what you are looking at is a tyrannical world run by Israel and China:

  • Unchecked Territorial Expansions
  • Oil will be owned by Israel and China
  • Installation of Puppet Governments
  • Complete Establishment ownership of media and corporations
  • Targeted Military Actions
  • Extremely High Cost of Living
  • Death for anti-Semitism
  • Destruction of Churches and Ban of Religion
  • Israel and China will define world order and rules

This is the type of world that we are headed towards when we are “anti-Russia”. When we are demonizing the Trump-Putin relationship … this is exactly where we are headed to. This is the Establishment’s game plan. “So what if countries are destroyed in a world war? So what if it will be a nuclear war? Look at the new world … where Israel and China will be the SuperPowers. Where we will run the world and everyone will bow to us.” This is the future that the Establishment is aiming for. Total worldwide tyranny.

This is not a new plan
This plan is in the making since several decades. The only major change in the plan is that … they had to move the gold to South China Sea and they are so desperate that they are using Israel as bait to start the war. How much Israel will directly lead is under doubt as per this change. But as per their plan, they are in the last stages of accomplishments. All they need is a war between America and Russia … and they will rule the world for the next 100 years. Still want to be anti-Russia and facilitate a tyrannical rule over yourself?