29 Jul 2018
JewH304 A war between America & Russia will make China the World SuperPower

The best way of dealing with Establishment malice is … predict all of their next moves and tactically analyze how they will impact our country and the world … and then make the right choices. The Establishment has failed in starting a war against Iran via all means possible. The only remaining track that they have is by bribing and pestering Putin. Let’s see how that will fall into place.

The Establishment’s repeated failure
Here is the list of techniques that the Establishment has used to start a war against Iran and they have been repeatedly failed.

  • Security Council – failed. Hillary went repeatedly to the Security Council in order to get a license to bomb Syria and eliminate Assad’s forces … because Syria would be the stepping stone for a war against Iran. All of her attempts were failed. Russia and China repeatedly vetoed her moves.
  • War & Fear Mongering – failed. Since a decade Netanyahu has been trying to market war and fear against Iran concerning its nuclear program. Not only it has failed but the world actually knows now, who are the main culprits behind these wars. The whole thing is a banker propaganda promoted by Israel.
  • Direct Strikes – failed. Trump carried out direct strikes on Syria based upon Chemical Attacks. These strikes were again shot down and managed by Russia. An attempt to create a major war was again thwarted.
  • Trump-Putin Demonization - failed. Trump has understood the Establishment’s malice in America and the world. Trump uses commonsense and he does not see a war against Russia to be of any good for anyone. All attempts to break the Trump-Putin cooperation have failed.

The main criminals stepped forward
Till date, the war propaganda was carried out by Bush or Hillary. But when Obama refused to promote war and fear … and he kicks out Hillary as Secretary of State … these main criminals got restless and came forward to run their own agendas.

  • Israel continuously striking Syria and other neighbors … shows that Israel is desperate for wars.
  • Netanyahu going around the world and trying to initiate one war after another has brought forward another main criminal behind this malice.
  • The Establishment within America trying to demonize the Trump-Putin relationship again shows where the key banker control points are … that are desperate for war and destruction.

When these main criminals came forward … the fantastic thing that happened was … it brought the world together and helped us make wiser decisions. Instead of going for a war against Iran … America, EU and Russia formed the Iran Nuclear Deal in order to eliminate any chances of a major war. Russia does not want a war against Iran … EU does not want war against Iran … America does not want a war against Iran … it is only the Banker Establishment that wants this war. Why?

A war against Iran is actually a war against Russia
It will be a major war. Iran has tens of thousands of missiles pointed in all directions. Iran will attack Europe and all other American allies in the region. It will not go down silently. Several countries will eventually be involved in this war … the Establishment can easily spread it to Russia … they can very easily convert it into a World War. All they need to do is start the bombing on Iran.

Bribing and pestering Putin
The Establishment is desperate for a world war. It needs this war to use it as a cover-up for its malicious debt based systems that are destroying several countries in the West. Their basic idea is:

  • Bribe and Pester Putin. Channelize hundreds of billions to Russia in cash or gold.
  • Get a license to bomb Iran. Somehow convince Russia to back off and get a license to start the war on Iran.
  • Spread the war to Russia. Once the bombing begins … they become the king in the game. These guys are masters of war design. They will create several events to easily spread the war to Russia.
  • Destroy America & Russia. Once a bomb falls on Russian territory … Russian media will go ballistic and demand a response. These guys are war designers … these design events in such high tension and chaotic situations. They will easily push for a conflict between America and Russia. Iran is not going to sit there and take the bombing. Iran will attack all American allies in the region which means Europe as well. That means the entire NATO force will be involved. And when Russia is attacked via any malice from Eastern Europe or Ukraine or wherever … why will Russia sit back and take the bombing? Obviously, it will get involved. Here is where the complete destruction of America, Europe and Russia takes place.
  • China becomes World SuperPower. Once America and Russia become radioactive wastelands … guess who becomes the World SuperPower? Exactly, China will eventually become the World SuperPower.

Why make China the World SuperPower?
What is the Establishment’s interest in making China the World SuperPower?

  • Communist Country. Firstly, it is a Communist country. Communism is a concept created by the Jewish Establishment where the government has all powers and rules over the people like they are its slaves. This is a Satanic Jewish concept of managing the Common People. It is a Military State with total authority.
  • Industries and technology. The Establishment has already moved all of the world’s industries and technology to China.
  • Banker Reserves. The Banker Gold Reserves have already moved to South China Sea.
  • Empty Cities. Several empty cities have been set up in China in order to take in the Jewish population of America and Europe by the millions.

China is an Establishment country that has everything that they need from the world … industries, technology, gold and their own Jewish people. China will play “full defense” in the third World War … mainly because it has to protect the Establishment’s interest set up in the country. If the rest of the world gets destroyed … it is totally fine for them.

  • Self-Centered Assholes. Their ideology makes them self-centered assholes and it does not give them the perspective to care for everyone. They just think for their own superiority, benefits and protection. They treat other common people like enemies … mostly because they have been stealing from them. So, if you are destroyed … it is good for them. The more you are destroyed, lesser the enemies for them.
  • Step in loans and support. Once America, Europe and Russia become radioactive wastelands … China will step in … with loans and support. We already have $21 Trillion in debt … they will step in more debt for our country … to help us rebuild. They will take trillions in contracts for the rebuilding of the world.
  • In debt to China for the next 100 years. Since the past two decades, the debt has been rising by $1 Trillion every year in America and we have no way to stop it. With the additional trillions that we will borrow from China for rebuilding … we will live in debt to China for the next 100 years.
  • Zombie Nations. Even if you understand that this whole malice was created by the bankers and these asshole bankers are headquartered in China … even then you will have no capacity to fight China. China will be a modern nuclear SuperPower while America, Europe and Russia will become zombie nations after a nuclear world war. You will never have the capacity to fight against China after we are destroyed. Our choices will be to live in debt or face more massacre by China.

This is the track that the Establishment is working on very desperately.

  • This is what suits them
  • This is what will keep them safe and secure
  • This is what will ensure the safety of their industries and gold
  • This is what will give them an upper hand over America, Europe and Russia
  • This is what will make them the kings of the world for the next 100 years
  • This is what will render their victims totally helpless and powerless

These guys are self-centered criminals and this is exactly what they are working on. This progam has been active since several decades. As per their plan, they are in the last stages of the program.

Living proof that they want a conflict between America and Russia
Netanyahu will go to Putin and pester him for a war against Iran … saying … what a big threat Iran is … how everything will be very surgical and it is only about its nuclear program … there will not be any conflict between America and Russia and bla bla bla. But this is what you need to see in real time action … if these guys genuinely don’t want a conflict between America and Russia then:

  • Why the anti-Russian propaganda?
  • Why hammer Trump on meeting with Putin?
  • Why are they against good relations between America and Russia?
  • Why ridicule Putin and Russia in the West?

The same Establishment that will come with a bribe and promise great love, affection and loyalty to Russia … this same Establishment is viciously campaigning against Russia and Putin in America and Europe. I know Trump will never directly attack Russia … nor will Putin do the same. The Establishment is vicious and they have several control points across Eastern Europe and Ukraine. An attack on Russia can be facilitated from any point. The moment Russia responds to any neighboring country … then the Establishment media in America will go ballistic that “Russia has joined the war … Russia is bombing Europe and NATO allies … we have to respond to Russia”. These war games … once they begin … it is very very difficult to control or manage.

These guys have designed “chemical attacks” in Syria many times to start this war. They will do everything possible to utilize this opportunity and create whatever events are required. They have already planned the whole thing down.

Don’t trust the devil
I will give you a living example of Netanyahu’s lies and misleading. Here is a video … listen to it yourself:

Netanyahu visited the American Congress and he is teaching them that … attacking Iraq and taking out Saddam Hussein … “will stabilize the region … it have enormous positive reverberations … it will be great for the region”. This was his approach on justifying a war against Iraq. And what happened when we took out Saddam Hussein? He said that the whole issue was a “one person” problem and that Saddam was developing WMD. But once they started the war:

  • It turned into an 8 year long war
  • It turned from being an issue of one person named Saddam Hussein to an issue of Radical Islam of more than 1 billion people
  • It cost trillions to American taxpayers
  • It led to the spread of the war in several countries
  • It did not stabilize the region but it created terrorist training grounds in the entire region
  • And the whole thing extended to another 8 years of war against terrorists.

This is “stability” as per Netanyahu’s standards. The guy is an open liar and misleader. They will lie and mislead with their hand on the Torah. Do not trust the devil. And the entire propaganda that Bush ran for 8 long years about “Saddam having WMD” … it was banker designed and promoted by Netanyahu. Here is a video for that as well:

The truth was that … there were “no WMD in Iraq”. The whole pretext of attacking Iraq was a lie and made up by the Bankers. This propaganda was sold by Netanyahu in the American Congress. This whole thing about Israel being under threat and all of its neighbors are terrorist countries … it is bullshit propaganda. If all neighboring countries are terrorist countries then:

  • Why didn’t Iraq bomb Israel?
  • Why didn’t Libya bomb Israel?
  • Why isn’t Syria bombing Israel?
  • Why isn’t Iran bombing Israel?

If all neighbors are bad then why aren’t they doing bad things to Israel? It is actually the opposite.

  • Israel goes around bombing Syria again and again
  • Israel goes around marketing for the destruction of its neighbors
  • First it was Iraq then Libya and now it is Iran

Now, tell me what is Iran doing anything against Israel? Is Iran bombing Israel? No one wants to bomb Israel and mess with the devil. Every country is busy handling their own problems. The bankers are only creating genocide against innocent people. And this time, they are hardcore against Russia … and they are bent on bringing widespread destruction.

Keep war off the table
These are very critical and sensitive times. Whatever happens … keep war off the table. If the Bankers want to gift you a hundred billion in gold … then it is more than welcome. Take it and also hike it up … push for $1 Trillion. But whatever you do … do not allow them to start a new war.

If a new war begins … it will turn into a world war and then you will lose your authority over the bankers. Right now, they are a bunch of criminals hiding their gold in China. America and Russia are the world SuperPowers. This status quo should not be changed. We have to maintain our superiority over them. They are a bunch of criminals and it is our money that they have looted. We have every right to demand and take our rightful share. If we maintain the peace in the world:

  • Establishment plans keep failing
  • We remain the SuperPowers
  • We can keep pressurizing them to release our shares
  • We have the upper hand
  • We can easily activate moves to dismantle their structures and systems

The moment our countries are destroyed then we lose this advantage. We can no longer demand anything from them. We will be living at their mercy. We should never enter that state. It will be terribly humiliating 100 years of life for several countries around the world. Don’t buy the “words of the devil”. Check all facts. Their facts and actions indicate otherwise. Whatever you do … don’t except war for anyone … not for you and not for any other country.

Russia is playing a fantastic world leadership role … like it has never played before. It has become a key world leader that is winning the trust of EU and the entire world. This rise in status of Russia is mainly because … it is understanding Establishment malice and it is successfully making the right choices. Russia should maintain its fantastic world leadership … play its key role in maintaining peace in the world and God willing … Russia will be a key player in leading the world into a fantastic and modern era.