27 Jul 2018
JewH303 Managing the bribe from the Devil - Tips for Putin

Maintain them under your shoe
First and foremost … Team Trump might have already contacted you about the Establishment channeling hundreds of billions to Russia. First tip … don’t listen to Trump about the Establishment. He does not know how to deal with the Establishment. He has been following hotel politics of appeasing and favoring the Establishment. It has resulted in no good for his family or for his Presidency. The Establishment is continuously aggressive and abusive towards him. Trump needs to change his style and strategy of handling the Establishment.

On the other hand, you are doing a fantastic job in handling the Establishment. They are literally under your shoe. What you should keep in mind is that … these guys are a bunch of criminals. They fear the government and in the government, the most terrorizing person for them is the President. Because he is the most powerful guy that can come after their malicious systems. Your tactics and approach with the Establishment are simply perfect because of which you have them under your shoe. Trump could have the same authority over the Establishment … but he has a lot to learn. How can you expect a person to do something that he does not know?

Dealing with the Devil
We need to be aware of all moves that the Establishment can play. These guys are Devilish and Satanic. They don’t follow the normal course of thinking or action. They will use every possible gimmick, lie, crime and heinous thing that is possible … in order to facilitate things as per their plan. They have done everything possible to start a war against Russia:

  • Sanctions and isolation
  • Demonization and scrutiny
  • Massive military buildup and drills in Eastern Europe
  • Chemical Attacks in Syria
  • A track for a nuclear war in North Korea
  • Immense Trump-Putin Demonization
  • Threats against Iran

They have tried every possible gimmick from their war-book. And they have failed. We have maintained an upper hand in failing all of their gimmicks because we know exactly who these guys are and how they operate.

Doomsday is near
Their strategy was … just create a world war and use that as a cover-up for the malicious debt based systems that are creating the debt crisis in the West. The countries would be destroyed and these countries would be busy re-building their cities for the next 20 years. This was the Establishment’s way out of the malicious systems that they have created. Their exit strategy has failed and they are seeing that the doomsday is near. The days are very near that all of their malicious systems will be exposed and they have to answer for all of the shit that they have done.

This means rooting out of malicious Establishment systems from dozens of countries around the world and a huge exposure of Establishment malice and ideology. At this stage, what they do is … they enter “bribe mode”. If the Establishment is presenting hundreds of billions to Russia as bribe … that is good news. It only shows how the Establishment has failed in all of their other malicious gimmicks … it is at a desperate low … and it is shelling out hundreds of billions for security and protection. This is the Establishment at its extreme defense.

Not a bribe but a historical accomplishment
Firstly, what you should note is that … this is not a bribe … but it is a historical accomplishment … owing to President Putin’s unshaken powerful world leadership. If you see the entire history of the Central Bankers of the past 100 years … they have always leeched out resources from the country. The politicians would blow up trillions and billions of taxpayer money on Establishment activities of wars, bailouts and mass spending on defense and on their corporations. It was always a one way traffic. Out of the billions of this taxpayer expenditure, the politicians would take a slice of that cake. Not once the Jewish Central Bankers ever spent money from their reserves on any country in the world.

Two major fantastic things have happened owing to Putin’s world leadership when it comes to the Federal Reserve:

  • Ran away with the gold. The moment Putin signaled that he knows about the gold reserves in Israel … the Bankers immediately packed up and ran to South China Sea. These guys run the Federal Reserve System of the world … they print money for more than 190 countries in the world. They literally own 90% of the media and all major corporations of the world. But the moment … we know about their crime … they run like chicken. They packed up and fled like chicken.
  • Paying Russia by hundreds of billions. Not only they have fled with the gold … but now they are shelling out hundreds of billions to Russia for security and cooperation. If you look at Israel’s relation with America … they keep saying “security of Israel is important … security of Israel is important”. Well, if your security is important then shouldn’t you pay up? All other countries pay America by the billions to buy our defense equipment … but for Israel … we give them hundreds of billions in contracts and then we also give them free defense supplies. Why doesn’t Israel pay for what it gets? This is how they fool America. But when it comes to Russia … the same Jewish Establishment is presenting hundreds of billions at Putin’s feet for security and cooperation. This is historical … my dear friend … this is record breaking.

$100 Billion is too less – Russia should aim for $100 Trillion
When we are taking something … let’s take it right. $100 Billion is actually just too less … its peanuts … Russia should aim for at least $100 Trillion. The Establishment will cry saying that … “no, no, no … we don’t have that kind of money”. All of that is bullshit. They have minimum gold reserves of about $500 Trillion. Let me give you “verifiable” connecting links for this information.

  • $4-6 Trillion per year – Unaccounted Cash. Every year in America, the Federal Reserve will print about $4-6 Trillion of unaccounted cash. There are no accounts for this cash. Nobody knows where it is, to whom it was given or how to get it back. As per the Federal Reserve Act, the Congress or even the President cannot ask them for these accounts. If you ask them … then they will say “yes, we gave it to hundreds of banks and borrowers around the world. We have the accounting in our books but we are not allowed to show it to you.” This is being done every year and there is no way to stop this open loot of public money. On an average if you take $5 Trillion per year … this has been going on since the past 100 years (Federal Reserve was formed in 1913) … then it is $500 Trillion from America alone. These guys have branches in 190 countries in the world. From America alone they have taken $500 Trillion … only God knows how much more they have taken from the rest of the world. The minimum gold reserves that they have is of $500 Trillion and it can be far more than that.
  • Israel’s Jewelry Export Industry. Did you know that Israel is the only country in the world that has no gold or diamond reserves … but it exports gold and diamond jewelry worth tens of billions every year? Jewelry exports is one of the key export industries of Israel. How do you setup an export industry for a product that does not exist in your country? This jewelry business is nothing but a cover-up operation for these bankers to buy large quantities of gold from the world. If there was no jewelry business then it would be a big question mark … as to why is Israel buying so much gold? Where does it have the money from and why is it buying so much gold? They have setup an entire jewelry industry to facilitate buying of large quantities of gold, diamonds and precious stones from the world. It’s nothing but a cover-up operation.
  • Israel’s Massive High End Military Buildup. Why was Israel so crazily and frantically building up its military? Why is Israel maintaining such a modern and high tech military? Palestinians are simple villagers … you don’t need such a high tech military to defend yourself from Palestinians. This entire military buildup is not for Palestinians or Israelis … it is for the banker reserves. They were not preparing for a fight against Palestinians but they were preparing to defend themselves just in case European countries or America figures out what is stored in Israel. They were preparing to fight America and Europe to defend their gold. And guess what … who are they taking this defense supplies and funding from? From America.
  • Establishment industries located in China. You know that all major manufacturing industries are owned by the Jewish Establishment right? So, why don’t they setup their industries in Israel? Why choose China? Because all of these other Jewish Establishment guys know very well that Israel can be a death trap. If the Bankers are busted and Israel is attacked then everyone loses their industries. That’s why every major manufacturer stays away from Israel and prefers China. Because in China there is no banker malice and it has a larger military when defense is needed.
  • Massive military building in South China Sea. Since Putin knows about the gold reserves in Israel … they immediately fled to South China Sea. There is a frantic and freakish military setup being carried out in South China Sea. Why? Because that’s where the Banker Gold reserves are right now.
  • Petro Yuan backed by gold. China launches Petro Yuan backed by gold “after” the Banker Gold reserves move to South China Sea. Guess where is China getting all of this gold backup from? Yes, it’s the banker gold. They stole from America for a hundred years and now they are challenging the American Dollar in the world market with Petro Yuan. Talking about the “feeding the snake” President Trump … here is your living example. They are kicking your country in the nuts using your own money.
  • Xi gets to be President for life. Why do you think that President Xi has been made President for life? It is mainly because of these gold reserves. Because every time the President changes … it would impact the military protection for the gold reserves. These guys have to shell out cash and pay a new guy every time the President changes. So, they have paid one guy and made him President for life. The bankers are just securing their gold by making him President for life.

All of the above are “verifiable” facts of the Jewish Establishment stealing, hoarding and frantically protecting their loot stolen from the world. And this loot is a minimum of $500 Trillion. President Putin should not buy excuses like … “no, no, no … we don’t have resources of that level” … all of that is bullshit. They have stolen reserves of more than $500 Trillion.

Not a bribe but it is your right
The second thing that President Putin should keep in mind is that … this is not a bribe. This is your right. If a thief is giving back the money that he stole from you then it is not a bribe … he is simply giving you what already belongs to you. So, don’t even consider it as a bribe. It is rightfully yours … mainly because … look at the atrocities that the Jewish Establishment has committed against your country:

  • 70 years of torturous Communism
  • They created laws so that people were forced to give up the gold that they owned to the government. They literally by law and by force took away the gold resources of your country and people.
  • Tens of millions of Russians were killed by Communist leaders and their Execution Squads
  • Churches were destroyed and millions of Clergymen and Priests were killed
  • Your entire country and people were looted for 70 years
  • And when your country became totally barren … they just packed up and left … since there was no more to steal

What the Jewish Establishment is giving you is …

  • It is paying for its sins against your country and people
  • It is paying you back what is rightfully yours

There should be absolutely no hesitation is taking your share from this $500 Trillion cake.

Division of $500 Trillion Banker Gold Reserves
What you should realize is that … these guys are nothing but a bunch of criminals and all of these gold reserves of $500 Trillion belong to the world. The question is … how will you distribute it back to the world? So, I thought why not give it back in the same proportion to the abuse inflicted by the Jewish Establishment on each country.

  • Communism Victims. In this abuse scale … Ex-Communist countries come at the top. They have faced massive levels of abuse and atrocities committed by the Jewish Establishment … financially, socially, morally and religiously. In every sphere of life these people have been abused. Since Russia is the largest ex-Communist country … Russia deserves the largest portion in this section. Russia should easily target a slice of $100 Trillion from this cake.
  • World War Victims. World wars were again banker designed. Countries were repeatedly destroyed in World War I and II. These countries faced a lot of destruction, lost a lot of territories and faced enormous rebuilding costs. Countries like Germany, Japan, Italy and Turkey come in this section. These countries deserve at least $10 Trillion each.
  • Debt Crisis Victims. The third major crisis inflicted on the world by the Jewish Establishment is the debt crisis. America is the number one victim of this malice with $70 Trillion in total country’s debt. The balance slices of the cake should be distributed based upon the debt that these bankers have created in each country.

Technically, it is great news that the top most country in the victim’s list is already getting its share of the cake.

China is the Establishment’s Last Stop
This distribution of the gold reserves was supposed to happen in the last phases of the work … when America and Europe are revolutionized … Establishment monopoly and control is removed from these countries … and these countries form a united front to dismantle the Communism in China. The moment Communism falls in China … the game will be over for the bankers. No more safe haven for their malice or malicious systems. Which is why … they have done massive military buildup works in China and pulled the world’s resources in building China. This is their last stop. Communism has been rooted out from all around the world and this is their last stop.

They can’t even manage Israel … Israel will be instantly revolutionized the moment we move into Europe. China is all what they have got.

Gold Reserve Status – No authority or jurisdiction
What you should know is that … the bankers have absolutely no authority or jurisdiction over these gold reserves. The whole thing is “stolen goods” … it is plain theft … this gold belongs to the world. If anyone can provide a proof that … “hey, there is $500 Trillion worth stolen gold stored in South China Sea and this gold was stolen from the world by the bankers” … then the world will go ballistic. This is the main reason why they have so much security in these islands at South China Sea.

This is the attention that the bankers would get in Israel … if they started setting up an advanced military base in the middle of the desert. Everyone would question … why is there so much military activity in Israel? This is why the bankers promoted and marketed the concept that “Jews should return to their Holy Land”. It was all about forming a country with a proper population in order to justify the military buildup. This is the disadvantage that they are facing in South China Sea. No population and a lot of military activity.

A bribe from the devil
Getting a share of the gold is actually good news … but these guys are Satanic assholes. You should also understand the devil in the game.

  • $100 Billion is too less. It is only 0.02 percent of $500 Trillion. Even if they are giving you $100 Billion worth of gold every year … even then it is just too less. It is not even 0.1 percent.
  • Buys time for malice. While they are channeling a tiny fraction of 0.02 percent of what they have … this tiny amount helps them buy time. They are viciously hammering Trump to root him out from the White House. Trump doesn’t understand the game and he doesn’t stand a chance without us.
  • Preparing for malice. These guys don’t follow the routine thinking pattern. If you are paying $100 Billion to a country every year … then you generally expect great relations and friendship. But these guys are not like that … they are vicious and Satanic. If they have paid you $100 Billion for good relations then why the anti-Russian hysteria? Why demonize Putin and Russia in the West?
  • Resist action being taken against them. What they are basically trying to do is … resist further action being taken against them. They have repeatedly lost in all of their malicious attempts. The moment you or Trump start working with us … then their doomsday begins. This is what they are desperately defending themselves from. They know that we will totally and utterly crush them.

How to handle the bribe from the devil?

Things to do

  • Hike it up. I will not say … don’t take the bribe. That’s bullshit. Take it. Not only take it … but hike it up … as much as possible. This is not a bribe … these are stolen goods coming back to your country. You rightfully deserve every cent of it. You should actually pressurize them to find ways of hiking it from $100 Billion to $1 Trillion every year. Tell them to figure it out and take the maximum possible.
  • Defend the person not the malice. Agree to defend the person.
    • Israel. Agree to defend the country.
    • Common Jews. Agree to defend the Common Jews … they need our help.
    • Bankers. Don’t kill the bankers … defend them … we need them alive … until the world gets its $500 Trillion back. This is the phase where we protect them and take what belongs to us. Once we get everything … then probably, we will let them live. Because it is a great thing for the world that they gave back $500 Trillion. This $500 Trillion can do beautiful things for the world. If they cooperate then we should definitely give them immunity and help them.

Things not to do
These are the things that you should never agree to:

  • But in no way, we will allow their malicious systems to ruin our country
  • We will not put up with the exploitation of our people and country
  • We will not allow them to run exploitation systems in our country or any other country
  • They have to terminate all of their malicious practices and systems
  • They will not block the economic, industrial and technological growth of Russia
  • They will not block the modernization of Russia and the world
  • We will not put up with this NATO vs Russia hate games that they are playing
  • We will not put up with any anti-Russia hysteria being designed in America and Europe
  • We will not put up with any war games being designed around Russia
  • We will not put up with Establishment Monopoly that runs all of the above

What they are basically thinking is that:

  • Hey, I put some cash in your wallet
  • Now, turn a blind eye to all of my malice in your country and the world
  • Let me run my exploitation systems and run by destructive plans
  • Since I am paying you, you have to cooperate and listen to me

They are just trying to buy out Russia’s world leadership. They have seen that Putin has become a major power figure in the world and they are trying to twist your world leadership via cash & gold. They tried all of the aggressive moves … they didn’t work. Now, they are trying to pester using gold.

I am not trying to say that Putin has taken a bribe from the Establishment or anything like that. These are the gimmicks that they play. Tomorrow if not today … they will play this card. And when they play this card … then you know exactly how to deal with them.