01 Jul 2018
JewH302 Managing the 3 B-Modes of the Trump Presidency

America is in a fantastic transition phase. We are moving from war to sanctions … from fear & insecurity to peace & progress. This is not the time to be completely anti-Trump nor should we follow Trump blindly. We need to follow a tactical strategy of what to support and what to control under the Trump Presidency. Taking a look at the 3 B-Modes will give an overview of the Trump Presidency.

A Major Transition Phase in Process
Currently, we are having a major and fantastic transition under the Trump Presidency … which many people might not have expected … not even Trump himself actually. Let’s take a look at the transition:

  • Outsider in the game. We have an outsider in the White House … who is not an Establishment puppet … namely Donald J Trump.
  • No more routine boring bullshit politics. We don’t have a “textbook politician” in the White House. A Trump Presidency is everything but boring.
  • Interactive Modern Day Leadership. Many of Trump’s opposition leaders say that “Trump should stop tweeting”. That’s bullshit … a Trump Presidency is a thousand times more interactive than any Presidency before. He is in constant touch with the people … on a daily and even an hourly basis with the people with every policy and decision that he is making. This is allowing the media and the people to respond to his actions and policies. Trump does not realize it … but he is creating an “interactive” form of leadership.
  • Facilitating “Collective Action”. When the media, people, celebrities and other world leaders are getting involved … it is facilitating collective action. It is creating a collective force in contributing, analyzing and creating a push to do what is right.
  • Network Based Support. This collective action is resulting in formation of a “network based support” to do what is right.
  • Surpassing the Establishment. Since the Establishment mainly functions on “network based” activities … we are easily able to surpass the Establishment. When the entire country is getting involved … the Establishment is ending up being a tiny minority with no power or influence.
  • Empowering the President against the Establishment. And this “collective action” is helping us empower the President against the malicious Establishment. An entity that is supposed to be super-powerful is turning out to be powerless and helpless when collective action is coming into force.

This is something that nobody expected that it will happen under the Trump Presidency … not the people … not the Establishment … not even Trump himself. The two major factors that are enabling this transition are:

  • The outsider in the game … Trump … we have to give him his due credit as he is the one who makes the final call.
  • Collective Action. The most important is … collective action … of everyone stepping in to do what is right.

Trump is already surpassing the Establishment … and he does not even know it

Trade Tariffs. Trump’s trade tariffs are actually a kick in the nuts for the Establishment. All of these “free trade” and global trade policies are designed to leech out jobs, technology and industries from Western countries and move them to China. Which is exactly what has happened since the past few decades … China is the world’s largest beneficiary of free trade. And every time Trump is placing a tariff … he is kicking the Establishment in the nuts.

And interestingly, the Establishment is not able to do anything about it … they cannot do anything to Trump … nor can they do anything to stop him. They are just sitting there and whining “trade war … trade war”. And they are trying to respond with counter tariffs. What they don’t realize is that … America is not one country … it is the United States … it is a collection of 50 countries in one … having 330 million people who are one of the most talented & learned people in the world. We can ruthlessly crush any country in a trade war.

Trump’s trade tariffs are just step one. Trump still does not know what he has to do next. Just wait till he gets the full strategy … it will blow your mind. Forget about opposing Trump, EU will revise its strategies and start following him … seeing the fantastic growth and progress that America is making.

Nobel Prize for North Korea
This is another kick in the nuts for the Establishment. The Establishment was expecting major fireworks and a possible war with Russia via North Korea. But thanks to the collective action of the Intervention Forces … Trump makes a U-turn … and moves from war to sanctions. It results in a peaceful cooperation which is leading Trump to a Nobel Prize.

Trump is surpassing the Establishment on the global stage and they are not able to do anything to him. He is standing tall and remains untouchable. In fact, doing the opposite of what the Establishment wants … it is getting him a lot of love, support and positive publicity. Trump’s approval ratings have never been better.

Tactical Strategy
However, this is a transition phase. America is changing not just because of Trump … but it is mainly because of the Collective Action that is giving him the support to make the change. We need to be tactical of where to support Trump and where not to follow him blindly.

The 3 B-Modes of the Trump Presidency
These B-Modes will give you an overview of what’s happening in the Trump Presidency.

The Blow Mode

  • $1 Trillion in defense spending
  • $1 Trillion in tax cuts
  • Hundreds of billions in interest rate hikes
  • Ongoing debt of $1 Trillion per year
  • Total possible debt: $3 Trillion per year

Not only Trump has spent $1 Trillion in defense and given $1 Trillion in tax cuts … but he has also allowed the Federal Reserve to increase interest rates. This hike in interest rates will cost the American people in hundreds of billions over the next few years. This has been done to add to the ongoing debt crisis of more than $1 Trillion per year. If the spending continues on this track … we are looking at a total possible debt of $3 Trillion per year under the Trump Presidency.

The Brag Mode
Now, let’s see how much money we are making. We are about to go in debt by $3 Trillion per year … and how much are we making?

  • Jobs and Economy. We are continuously bragging about jobs and economy. But the truth is that … despite having a record breaking job growth … the National Debt still increased by $1.5 Trillion. Obama handed over the economy with $19.5 Trillion debt and now under Trump, the debt increased to $21 Trillion. In Obama’s America, we were going down in debt by more than $1 Trillion and today in Trump’s America … we are still going down in debt by more than $1 Trillion. Having a record breaking job growth is good … but “jobs doesn’t solve the debt crisis”.
  • North Korea. For peace, North Korea is a good accomplishment but it adds zero dollars to the economy. Yes, it might have saved trillions that would have been spent … but still it does not help us with the debt crisis.
  • Trade Tariffs. This is something good and it should be fully supported. But we should also analyze … how much are we making off these tariffs? $10 Billion? $50 Billion? How much has actually been collected from these tariffs? For now … let’s assume the collection to be $100 Billion per year.
  • American Energy. This is also a nice initiative from Trump which he rarely talks about. Trump should use this as a marketing point for his Presidency. It just started off … it will take time to get the full output from this. However, let us assume we make $200 Billion per year from this.
  • Total Collection. Our total collection from tariffs and energy comes out to $300 Billion per year. We are getting a debt of $3000 Billion per year and our collection is $300 Billion per year.

Trump markets and promotes his Presidency … but that’s his “defense mechanism”. We cannot blame Trump for bragging about his Presidency. He had done nothing wrong but he was facing immense media demonization designed by the Establishment … and he responded by promoting himself mainly to defend himself. That’s why he keeps talking about jobs and economy … that is his defense mechanism.

But the major issue that America faces is the “debt crisis” and jobs are a totally different thing … and the debt crisis is a totally different animal. Just because we have more jobs … it does not mean we are coming out of the debt. It just happened this year itself … if America is already “great” under Trump … then why is this “great America” still going more in debt? Why did the debt increase by $1.5 Trillion?

With this rate of increment … we are headed directly towards a minimum debt of $30 Trillion by the end of Trump’s second term. That will be the minimum debt that America will have. We still don’t know what this debt means because it has not yet touched our lives. The debt crisis can be a major catastrophe for the country … all you need to do is look at Greece. They have the exact same Establishment monopoly issue … the country is deep in debt … and people don’t want to lend money to Greece anymore. The moment you cannot borrow more money then the entire debt falls on the people. Today it is more than $200,000 debt for every US citizen.   

When the government cannot borrow … government operations shut down … since the government cannot manage the country … crime and chaos ensues … to add to that there will be a financial catastrophe … it ruins the entire country. This is already happening in Greece. Right now, bragging about jobs and doing nothing about the debt crisis is like … partying in a Limo that is headed straight off the cliff.

The Bomb Mode
And here is where we come to the Bomb Mode. This is Establishment malice and they know very well where America is headed. They know how their debt based systems will destroy the country. It already happened in Germany in WWII. The whole thing leads to anti-Bankers, anti-Semitism, expulsion of Jews and a catastrophe for the Establishment. So, their solution for this debt crisis is to “wipe out the crime scene itself”. Within the last year itself, they have made 4 different types of attempts to start war against Russia. They need Russia to wipe out America and Europe for them.

  • Chemical attacks in Syria. These attacks were designed by the Establishment to facilitate a war between America and Russia. Not once but they designed these attacks two times already.
  • Aggression against North Korea. North Korea was pulled into aggression against the US only to start a war on Russian borders. They could easily spiral the war via an attack from Eastern Europe on Russia.
  • London Chemical Attack. A chemical attack in London on Russia spies was blamed on Russia. More than a hundred Russian diplomats were expelled from America and European countries because of this attack.
  • Israel keeps bombing Syria. Our lovely Netanyahu keeps bombing Syria and they are also threatening to attack Russian defense systems in Syria … only to invite a war against Russia. Netanyahu has clearly shown, who is the one that wants a war against Russia.

Our politicians don’t have the balls to talk about the debt crisis nor do they know what to do about it. But the Establishment knows and understands this crisis very well. They know that a country cannot survive by moving from 0 to $10 Trillion in debt … from $10 Trillion to $20 Trillion … and now the country is headed towards $30 Trillion debt. There is no country that can survive this kind of debt.

As long as the debt crisis remains … the Establishment will be looking for ways to start a war. This is why Netanyahu keeps bombing Syria again and again.

It’s time for Multi-Trillion Dollar Games, Mr.President!
Here’s how Trump can be the hero and fix everything under his Presidency. He can be America’s actual and true savior. And interestingly, this track will also save him from all lawsuits and criminal charges as well.

You cannot solve a multi-trillion dollar crisis via billion dollar games. You are playing too low and very minor games. You have to ramp up and move to a higher level. It’s time for multi-trillion dollar games, Mr.President! You need to be able to save by trillions and make by the trillions in order to win by the trillions. You have to move to a different level of games.

  • Surpassing the Establishment. You are already doing this. The Establishment is helpless and powerless … they are not able to do anything to you.
  • SM Elements. The Silent Majority is actively rooting out anti-Trumpers from legal and political circles as we speak. They are clearing the way for you.
  • Media Revolution. The key to victory against the Establishment is “collective action”. The most important element in creating collective action is the media. You need a media revolution to pull the country on your side.
  • People-Centric Policies. Only a media revolution is not sufficient … but you need to have stunning policies that will offer great things for the people. The people should have a reason to fight for you. People-centric policies will enable that.
  • A Modern America. Show a fantastic track of a great and modern America under your leadership.
  • Supreme Court. Once you do the above, you can knock out all of your lawsuits and criminal charges with one simple stick and that stick is … “Establishment Aggression”. All you need to show the country is that … all of these lawsuits and criminal charges are from the Establishment. They are Establishment Aggression. With one sweep, you can wipe out everything against you.

You have the people by your side … you have the media by your side … you have the Supreme Court by your side … you have the entire country by your side … you can kick the Establishment’s ass. This can be a fantastic turning point in your Presidency.

Alternatively, if you try to directly use the Supreme Court … then it will work once or twice. But repeated use will create a No Confidence Motion … among the public as well as the Congress. You cannot blame the Establishment for the lawsuits because … as of now, you have enormous favors for the Establishment and you are technically seen as an Establishment supporter.

Your winning track will be to come on the people’s side … then doesn’t matter how many lawsuits or how many criminal charges the Establishment tries to put on you … you can keep hammering them out as Establishment Aggression. You will have the public’s support and the full confidence of the country. And this is the truth … most of your lawsuits are designed by the Establishment … it is, in fact, Establishment Aggression.

This is a fantastic turning point … where the entire country can support you … where you can save yourself as well as your country from a major crisis. It will result in greatness for you as well as your country. You don’t need to fear jail or the Establishment … you can kick their ass.