29 Jun 2018
JewH301 Media Power From Zero to an Executive Order within 6 Days

We have seen a fantastic use of Media Power last week in addressing the Child Separation issue of migrant families. This issue was not taken up by any politician or Governor or President … but it was taken up by the Media. Within 6 days of this issue hitting the headlines, we got an Executive Order to stop this practice of separating children. This was a simple demo of Active Democracy of how common citizens can get involved in shaping the laws and policies of the country.

The Child Separation Issue

  • 13th June. Awareness started to spread that children are being separated from their parents.
  • 14th June. It hits the headlines.
  • Top politicians denounce the practice … nationwide protests are carried out.
  • Rattles the leading political party … Republicans are scared that they will lose in midterms.
  • Even the Pope issues a statement condemning this practice.
  • Attempts are made to create legislation to fix this problem immediately.
  • 20th June. President Trump sweeps in with an Executive Order to fix the problem immediately.

It took only 6 days

  • To publicize the crisis
  • To unite the country
  • To involve top politicians from both parties
  • Politicians were scared of losing their seats owing to public outrage
  • The issue reached international levels all the way to the Pope
  • There was an immediate effort made to fix the crisis
  • And we got an Executive Order to stop the practice

Welcome to Media Power. This is basically a simple demo of how Active Democracy functions at the media level. This is just a partial version of it … where the people are not yet involved … it is the sheer use of the media. When the people get involved … the scale of the work will be of a different level. Right now, it's mainly media.

The Obama Era
The enlightenment on this “Establishment issue” was mainly in Administrative circles. Only a few media channels were active on this issue like CNN, RT and Haaretz. During Obama, the focus was more on stopping wars and moving away from a World War.

The Trump Era
While we were working on stopping wars in the Obama Era … the awareness of this issue started entering media and legal networks. Silent Majority networks understood how the Establishment functions … who is actually behind it, what they want … and how to stand up to them. And all of this required a “network-based” approach.

When Trump became President, the media and legal networks came in full swing action. In the initial months, it was just about being anti-Trump with no direction or strategy … the only objective was being anti-Trump … mainly because:

  • The Establishment is anti-Trump and they will overwhelmingly support anyone and anything that is anti-Trump. Anti-Trumpers are given immense media publicity in America by the Establishment.
  • It is the Establishment that basically owns the majority of these networks … and since it was about being anti-Trump … they allowed the media to come in full swing force.

Little did the Establishment realize that they were allowing a key parameter of “Active Democracy” to come into action … where the media plays a very important role in keeping a watch on the top politicians and control policy and decision making in favor of the people. SM networks had to basically enter these Establishment networks … root out a few anti-Trumpers … and redirect the media’s work to be more productive and address the issues in the country.

The entry of SM Elements into media and legal networks of America … is making the use of these networks a little bit more sensible and people-oriented. That’s the good part of it … the sad part of this is that … we are having to do this while opposing Trump.

Doing “what is right” under the Trump Presidency
Yes, the media has been mostly anti-Trump since the beginning but President Trump has not given them the reasons to be super pro-Trump either. In fact, President Trump has done so many things where it was required to stop him. Stopping Trump from those disasters helped in something nice happening for the people.

Till date, opposing Trump is resulting in positive work for the people:

  • We had to stop wars 3 times under Trump … 2 times with Syria and one with North Korea
  • We had to mold his several racist policies against Muslims, immigrants (still ongoing) and Blacks
  • We had to push him to stay firm on tariffs

The only good thing that Trump initiated himself was tariffs. But he was wavering with that also … after some criticism, he took a stronger stand on this.

Pulling Trump on the right track
So, the “formula” of doing what is right under the Presidency basically involves two steps.

Step One. Block Trump’s jump for the Establishment

  • Trump is not a puppet but he is trying very hard to be a puppet. He is on an Establishment appeasement track.
  • He tried his best to promote the concept of Radical Islam whenever he got a suitable event in his initial months.
  • He was repeatedly jumping for wars … Syria and North Korea
  • He is involved in massive multi-trillion dollar spending on the Establishment
  • He is making moves like Jerusalem Embassy and repealing Net Neutrality
  • He was also trying to stop our work
  • He was going ahead with anti-Russia moves

There is a lot of stuff that Trump is doing … where he is literally jumping in favor of the Establishment. The first step is to stop Trump’s jump for the Establishment. Everyone must be prepared to do this … all Intervention Forces … media networks, legal networks, Ivanka, Democrats, Republicans, Europe, Russia, Turkey and other world leaders. We must stand firm and resolute … in opposing and blocking Trump’s jump in favor of the Establishment.

We have to close all doors, all routes & paths that Trump can take to favor the Establishment. This will stop Trump from many many disasters ahead.

Step Two. Facilitate movement to what is right
Once we block Trump’s jump for the Establishment then we would have blocked many disasters ahead … they might be financial, genocidal, cultural or in principles & values … we would have successfully stopped disasters from happening. We would have curtailed the Establishment’s influence on the Trump White House to a great extent.

Once you close all doors of malice, mischief and disasters … keep only one door open … keep only one option open … and that option should be to “do what is right”. So that Trump will willingly or ultimately make the right decision as per American principles and Christian values. All Intervention Forces should get involved in pushing Trump to do what is right.

And trust me, Trump has a good soul in him. He is a nice guy. Once we pull him on this track … he will actually like what he is doing. Creating this kind of support will actually help him surpass the Establishment’s malicious influence and misleading … and it will help him to do what is right and be great. He will love his new self and the great work that he is doing.

This is exactly what is already happening right now
If you have not noticed … take a look around … this is exactly what is happening since the past 1.5 years under the Trump Presidency. We are continuously blocking Trump’s disastrous moves and pulling him towards what is right. And this is leading to fantastic results:

  • We are moving from war to sanctions.
  • We are not destroying countries anymore but we are promising them greatness and giving them plans of prosperity and nation building.
  • We are not living in fear and insecurity but we have peace and stability.
  • The economy is not in a free fall like during Bush … we have a growing economy.
  • We are moving from nuclear wars to Nobel Prizes.

How did all of this happen? It is not because of Trump’s great wisdom and leadership. It is because of active involvement of media & legal networks and other important Intervention Forces. Trump was scared that Mueller would open a war crimes trial for his nuclear war in North Korea. This legal pressure helped in turning Trump away from war. The media pressure was important in addressing each issue. This is collective “Active Democracy” at work that is taking America towards a new, better and a peaceful direction.

The end result of everyone coming into action was:

  • Trump stopped marketing Radical Islam
  • Trump stopped nuclear war threats against North Korea
  • Trump stood firm on tariffs
  • Trump stopped following the Establishment in being anti-Russia
  • War marketing has reduced from the White House at fantastic levels … and the guy is focused on Nobel Prizes

It’s a fantastic transition … intervention works.

How does this benefit Trump?
Everything that is being done … it is directly benefiting Trump and his Presidency.

  • He gets to keep bragging about the jobs and economy
  • He gets to take credit for the jobs and economy
  • He gets to take credit for North Korea’s denuclearization
  • He gets to win a Nobel Prize
  • He got the credit for shooting down the Child Separation issue via an Executive Order. Otherwise, more than a dozen States have filed lawsuits on this issue and they are passing rulings to unite families now. Since Trump took the initiative, these rulings don’t have such a huge negative impact.

Whatever is being done … it is ultimately helping Trump and his Presidency. He going out there and saying … “hey, look at my fantastic Presidency!” He is himself liking what is being done.

Sadly, he should have actually taken a lead in this. Instead of going for a blunder and then be re-directed to what is right … he himself should have launched people-centric policies and he would be seen as the main hero. Right now, the lead actors are the Intervention Forces.

However, Trump would probably still like to stop our work
Because this is what would favor the Establishment and because we are surpassing the US President in his own country … lol. One guy with one laptop sitting in another country on the other side of the Ocean is surpassing the US President … and he is having no choice but to follow us. This is probably one thing that the Establishment elements are trying to use … to push Trump away from us.

Firstly, it is not about what I say … it's about the people … it's not about me … it's about your country … it's for your good … the good of your Presidency, your people and your country. Secondly, I told you this before … politicians that will follow us … they will rise to glory. The credit will be yours … and since you will be the one who will sign all new laws and systems … you will be the one who will be loved and adored by your people for bringing such fantastic systems in your country.

We are a force for good. Hating and stopping good will not help you in any way … in fact, it will backfire. Look how things benefit your Presidency and work along those lines … that will help you.

What to block?
These are the list of things that we should be prepared to block from the Trump Presidency.

  • Trump's warmongering … has already been reduced to a great extent … he is in sanctions mode now
  • Trump's massive spending … weird cold silence on this front
  • Trump's anti-Russia moves … should not be encouraged … Trump is moving towards better relations already
  • Trump's moves to stop our work … he is trying to support the Est. and has been trying to stop our work
  • Trump's racist policies … takes tips from geniuses like Stephen Miller who are designing America into another Israel … must be resisted at all costs
  • Jerusalem and Net Neutrality … should have been blocked … should find ways to repeal
  • Attempts to revive Radical Islam
  • Establishment appeasement and blowing up of taxpayer money by the trillions to please them
  • His recent moves … interest rate hikes for the Federal Reserve and permission to bomb Syria for Israel. He is trying to please the central bankers so that he is not sent to jail. He has already spent trillions of taxpayer money on them … now his Est. favoritism will cost Americans by hundreds of billions in increased interest rates.

What to support?
These are the things that you should support from the Trump Presidency:

  • Tariffs

Well, that's the only nice initiative that he has made. That's the only thing worth supporting now … the rest is all brag and no action. Trump has a long way to go ahead.