17 Jun 2018
JewH300 Defeating the Establishment Sharks in the Ocean

There is a fierce ongoing battle between the Establishment and the Silent Majority. Trump is seeing the two sharks in the fight. Trump sides with the Est. because he thinks that they are more powerful since they have all of the ownership. Trump does not see a third entity in the game that is right in front of him and that is the Ocean itself. Other than God, the Ocean is the most powerful force in the game.

Trump’s Drawbacks
We need to give some information on the power structure in the game because of a few Trump’s drawbacks. Owing to his hotel background, Trump’s psyche is a little bit different. He is a guy that runs 5 Star hotels. In his business, he tries to hire the best who can win and follow their advice. It might be buying products, land or hiring managers. He tries to work with the winners who will maintain his 5 Star brand.

As far as the hotel industry in concerned, this approach is reasonable. Hiring the best who can do their job properly is quite routine. But when you follow this strategy in an acute manner in politics … especially when the world is in a critical and sensitive crisis … then it becomes an issue.

Trump siding with Winners – The Russia Investigation
Let me give an example of how Trump is using his hotel psyche in National and International politics. Trump’s primary objective is himself … Trump works for Trump. Look at his statements on the Russia Investigation:

  • On one hand he says … “he will be the toughest on Russia … Russia interfered in the elections … Obama did nothing about it and nobody will be more tough on Russia than him”.
  • And then he also says … “this Russia Investigation is a hoax … it’s a witchhunt and it should be stopped immediately”.

Now, which of the above is true? If Russia really interfered in the elections then why should we stop the investigation? And if Russia investigation is a hoax then why is Trump being tough on Russia? What is Trump doing here is … in both the statements … he is taking care of himself. He is telling Mueller that … “hey, I am going to be tough on Russia … please go easy on me”. And then he is also saying … “this investigation is a hoax and it should be stopped”. Both of these statements cater to Trump … Trump is taking care of Trump. Both of the statements benefit Trump.

Jumping on to the winning side
Now see how Trump jumps on to the winning side during each phase.

  • Expelling Russian Diplomats. Mueller was winning … he was indicting dozens of people. People were getting criminal charges against them. So, as per Trump’s psyche … he has to side with Mueller. So what Trump does is … he takes a hardline stand against Russia and joins Europe in expelling Russian Diplomats. He expels the highest number of Diplomats when compared to any other country.
  • Wanting Russia to join G7 again. Russia withstood all of these aggressions from the West with patience, intelligence and power. Russia came out swinging and winning in the world scene. It became the protector of countries, who would stand against Establishment malice in the world. To the extent that … seeing Trump’s allegiance with the Establishment, European leaders started approaching Russia. German, French and other top European Diplomats were knocking on Russia’s doors. Seeing Russia win on the world stage … Trump is all of a sudden super pro-Russia and he wants Russia to join G7 again.

If you see in both of the scenarios Trump is not trying to lead with intelligence, logic or trying to do what is right … this is not his style. He is simply joining the guy who is more powerful and who is winning. If Mueller wins … he joins Mueller … if Russia wins … he joins Russia. Trump will jump in to the other boat, the moment the scene changes. This is his hotel style of decision making that he is implementing in International politics.

Intervention Forces taking the lead
Because of this style of decision making, Trump was sitting behind and supporting the Establishment because as per his psyche … they are more powerful, they will provide immunity from jail and they will win. Thus the right decision for him is to support the Establishment. Which is why we got:

  • Trillions in tax cuts for corporations and the rich
  • Trillions in spending on defense
  • A push for wars
  • Jerusalem, Net Neutrality repeal and several other supporting works for the Establishment

Since Trump was sitting back doing nothing about the current crisis and he was heading towards nuclear wars … and he was about to create major catastrophes for the world … it pushed the “Intervention Forces” to come into action. Trump had to be managed and controlled because his allegiance to the Establishment is an economic disaster for America and a genocidal disaster for other countries. This major shift in the American spectrum … moving from wars to sanctions … moving from death & destruction to peace & negotiations … record breaking job growth … all of his was mainly because of Intervention Forces. It was not because President Trump had a great vision and he fought for the country and led his people to this stage. No, the guy was about to blow up everything. He had to be stopped and controlled.

Jobs and Economy
Obama was the one who took a failing economy and made it into a successful economy. Trump actually tried to destroy the economy by trying to go for wars 3 times during his first year in office. He was about to start a nuclear war. It was because of Putin’s repeated interventions that we have peace in the world and America has the highest job growth ever. It is Obama and Putin that share 80% of the credit in the job growth in America. Trump was about to blow up the economy via a nuclear war. He made a few positive moves but their impact is only about 10-20%. The major credit actually goes to someone else.

That’s point number one. The second point is that … despite this job growth, all of the country’s wealth still flows into the hands of a few. Nothing much has changed when it comes to the lives of the people. They still live in the same high cost of living working on 2-3 jobs to survive and depend upon 2-3 credit cards to pay bills. So much for “jobs, jobs, jobs”.

Nobel for North Korea
The second major thing that Trump brags about is North Korea. Even this is not his doing. Even in this 80% of the work was carried out by Intervention Forces. Trump was about to start a major nuclear war and several forces had to intervene to stop Trump and change his direction. Russia, South Korea, the media networks, the legal networks, Ivanka, Active Democracy … several elements had to take the lead to stop Trump.

Transition into the Era of People Power
This major transition that is happening in America and the world … it is mainly because of the “independent leadership and initiatives” of Intervention Forces like the Silent Majority, Russia, Media & Legal Networks, Ivanka, Europe and other elements. Yes, all of this is happening under the Trump Presidency … a new Era is being created under the Trump Presidency … but Trump himself has extremely very little to do with it. And the major reason, why Trump’s efforts are so extremely tiny and fractional is because … he likes to side with the winning team. So, let’s show Trump the actual team.

Understanding Network Games
If there is a huge shark in the waters … don’t dive in and fight with the shark to be the hero. That’s foolish. Sharks are scary creatures … big mammals with teeth. If there are two sharks fighting against each other. Then generally people will see which shark wins the fight. But that’s not how we see things. If we have to deal with sharks then we activate forces that are much larger and more powerful than the sharks.

Yes, there are two sharks in the fight … but there is a third element also … right in front of you … that is still not in the game. It is immensely powerful and it is still lying in the dormant state. This element is the Ocean itself. Doesn’t matter how big the shark is … how powerful the shark is … or how big its teeth are … no shark is bigger than the Ocean. When it comes to the Ocean, the shark is simply a tiny fish.

Dealing with the Establishment is a “network game”. If you send one person to fight against the Establishment then it is like sending one person in the water to fight against a group of sharks.

Activate the Ocean
You never ever send one person to fight against the sharks. You always activate the Ocean itself. Who is the Ocean? It is the American People … the people make up the country … the people form the Ocean. When you have 330 Million people on one side then the Establishment becomes a tiny little fish in the Ocean. The whole thing is a network game.

Media & Legal Networks
It is based on this very concept that the #metoo movement is moving forward. Yesterday, these guys were getting thousands of Americans killed in ridiculous wars because nobody knew what was going on and who these guys are. But today, simple powerless women are able to point out the crimes of millionaires and billionaires in the country … and these guys are getting tossed in jail. How? Network movement.

3,000 Schools are protesting and unifying against gun violence. Who united them? Who is leading their movement? There is no leader. It’s a network movement. The media and legal networks are only the frontend support points for these movements.

People-Centric Polices & the Rise of the Waves
SM already knows that our work is all about the people and the rise of the people is the main part of the work. An entire Arab Spring was created to test this work. Governments were overthrown … let alone a few Establishment fishes. This is why … we have been telling you to go for a “media revolution” as one of the first steps in the work. So that you can connect with the entire country … so that you can activate the Ocean itself.

When the Ocean rises … there will be tidal waves. When these waves rise … on whose side will you be President Trump?

Standing against your leadership created positive change
The sad thing about your Presidency till date is that … we got positive change under the Trump Presidency but it was not because of your leadership. It was because we stood up “against” your moves and leadership. Standing against you is resulting in positive change … and that is not good for you. If Intervention Forces have to keep on getting involved in fixing your blunders and saving America & other countries from your blunders … then your credibility gets nullified. The other guy gets the credit.

Look at Putin … he has become the shining star in the world. Because he stood up against you and did what is right. The same goes with legal and media networks at the domestic level. If others lead and they keep fixing your mistakes … then why does anyone need you in the White House? You need to create a leadership role for yourself in some key policies at least.

Don’t compare yourself to past reckless leaders
Your greatness cannot be defined by other’s blunders. Yes, what is happening under the Trump Presidency is far better than what happened under Bush or Hillary. Firstly, this positive momentum is not because of you … you have very little to do with it. Secondly, Bush and Hillary are over … they will never ever enter the White House. The next prospective President is Oprah … her weight and credibility among the public is stunning. If Oprah starts working with us and we train her … then you will be toast.

Don’t think that you can just point out to jobs and North Korea … and hope to survive in the White House … while you do absolutely nothing to address this massive debt crisis and so many exploitation systems in the country.

Moving forward with or without Trump
If you have not noticed … this movement is moving forward with or without you. Till date, you have done absolutely nothing to support the movement. In fact, you did everything to support the Establishment and stop our work. But even then, we have moved miles forward without you.

Learn from Hillary
Hillary provides a fantastic learning moment here. She is supposed to be one of the most senior and highly experienced politician in America. She has ran for President twice already. But interestingly, no one can mention any of her accomplishments. No one can say what she has done for the American people. Her accomplishments for the American people are zero. Why? Because the only thing that she did was blindly follow the Establishment, run their wars and be a puppet for them. It is because of this that she is also one of the most hated politicians in the country.

If you continue to follow an appeasement track for the Establishment … and just brag “jobs, jobs, jobs” while making no change for the people … then just look at Hillary’ fate. No one knows what she did for the people and she is the most hated politician in the country.

Establishment’s biggest drawback – Zero People Power
The Establishment’s biggest drawback in this network game and why we will easily win this game is that … they have zero People Power. The American people hate the top 1% … they don’t like the Establishment … they don’t trust the system or the Congress. They want everything to change.

To add to this … the Establishment’s ideology is only to mislead and exploit people. They can never come up with systems and policies that are fabulous and fantastic for the people. They are always self-centered and their policies are about leeching from the people. This is how all of their exploitation systems are designed.

So, when this Ocean will rise … the last thing that it is going to support is these exploitation systems and the malicious criminals behind it. They will get a crushing defeat and we will get a sweeping victory … God willing.

The Ocean Vs the Sharks
Right now, because of your inaction. The SM is functioning like another shark and fighting off Establishment sharks. They can easily put millions of people on the streets like they did in the Occupy Movement … but what’s the use of putting the people on the streets when you don’t have any strategy or solution to each crisis? This is exactly where we pitch in. We come in with strategies and solutions.

It will not be Shark Vs Shark fight anymore. The moment I enter the scene … I will activate the entire Ocean. Right now, SM is just another shark. I will raise this level of opposition and awareness to the level of an entire Ocean. It will be The Ocean Vs The Sharks fight.