15 Jun 2018
JewH299 Changing America: From War & Death to Nobel Prizes & Nation Building

President Trump’s Singapore Summit is not only a historic point for North & South Korea … but it also marks a major turning point in American World Leadership. Since the past 17 years, owing to Establishment malice, America has been occupied with war, death and destruction. But President Trump had the courage to change that direction and move towards peace, cooperation and nation-building. Several intervention forces helped Trump make this fantastic change. Let’s take a look.

Changing America’s Track
Firstly, let’s take a look at America under George Bush and Hillary Clinton … and see how the same America has changed under President Trump.

  • Moving from war to sanctions. During Bush and Hillary, we blindly moved towards war. A monstrous thing like war was used as a tool to address criminal cases. A ridiculous agenda of “War on Terror” was waged … which was flawed in its very definition. Nobody wages a war on “terror”. If there are some terrorists then you activate your intelligence agencies and catch the main culprits … instead of doing this, we were madly bombing several countries on the pretext of fighting terrorists. Luckily, this madness has stopped under the Trump Presidency. If you look around … there is no more War on Terror … we are living in a peaceful world. We have moved to an even better phase … where we are using “sanctions” instead of war. So that countries realize their bad policies and willingly come to the negotiating table. It’s a major fantastic win for Diplomacy.
  • Moving from death & destruction to nation building. This fantastic transition of moving from war to sanctions … has helped us move away from death & destruction to nation building. Collectively, under Bush & Hillary … about half a dozen countries were destroyed, millions of people were killed and tens of millions of people lost their homes. It resulted in a major migrant crisis for the world. In this fantastic transition that is happening under the Trump Presidency … we are not talking about destroying countries but we are inviting their leaders towards peace, success and prosperity. We have moved from death and destruction to nation building. A path that suits the glory of the fantastic nation that America is.
  • Moving from fear & insecurity to peace & cooperation. Under Bush & Hillary fear & insecurity was promoted around the world. The stock markets would plunge, not knowing what will happen next. But owing to the use of peace & cooperation under the Trump Presidency … we have the strongest economy ever and the highest job growth ever.
  • Moving from hate & division to love & unification. Under Bush and Hillary, hate & division would be promoted in the society … where one community would hate another community and one religion would hate another religion. But today under the Trump Presidency … not only we have moved away from hate & division … but we are creating unification between two countries that were hating each other for the past 70 years. We are creating love and unification in the world. The people of the entire of North & South Korea were glued to their television sets loving and embracing every single major step happening on this track. Bush & Hillary tried to sow hate & division in the society but today they are the most hated politicians in their own countries. And seems like Trump is on a path of being loved & adored by the people.
  • Moving from blowing up trillions to saving trillions. During Bush and Hillary, we blew up trillions of taxpayer money in ridiculous warfare. But today, under the Trump Presidency, owing to this beautiful path of peace, diplomacy and sanctions, we are saving trillions in unnecessary expenditure.
  • Moving from a Criminal Establishment agenda to a People-Centric agenda. Under Bush and Hillary, there was only one boss and that was the Establishment. They called the shots and puppets like Bush and Hillary would dance to their tunes. What’s actually happening to the people, how are the target countries being affecting and how is the American taxpayer being ripped off … none of this was considered. But today, under the Trump Presidency, the Establishment is under strict scrutiny and moves in favor of the people are being initiated. We are able to snap out of this criminal Establishment and start making things more People-Centric.
  • Moving from total disasters to accomplishments worth Nobel Prizes. Following the criminal Establishment gave us only total disasters for target countries as well as for the American taxpayers. But today, by snapping out of this criminal Establishment under the Trump Presidency, we are able to move towards accomplishments that are worth Nobel Prizes.

Should President Trump get the Nobel Prize for North Korea?
If Trump starts eliminating Communist policies from North Korea … then, hell yes, he should get the Nobel Prize for this fantastic task. Yes, Trump has a lot of other issues going on in America … but this Nobel Prize is not only about recognizing Trump’s efforts. It is about recognizing this major shift of American world leadership … from where we were destroying countries, killing millions of people and rendering tens of millions of people homeless … and we have moved towards a phase where we are working on peace, cooperation, unity and nation building. It is a fantastic transition … like it or not … Trump played a role in making it happen.

If there was Bush or Hillary in the White House … all cries would fall on deaf ears. At least Trump listens and changes. He should definitely get the Nobel for this. It is a fantastic and a very critical turning point for America.

Intervention Forces
Yes, as the US President, Trump played a key role in deciding to go for this option. He is a very prominent figure leading this movement. But let’s also take a look at other forces of intervention that helped pull Trump on this track … so that these intervention forces remain active and help Trump to do great work for America and the world. These intervention forces brought America to a major turning point and we have to make sure that America moves forward in that direction.

  • Active Democracy. As usual the Establishment was planning another major war in North Korea. This war was designed to be nuclear in nature and it could easily spill into Russia. Even worse, the Establishment could initiate an attack on Russia from Eastern Europe to create a major world war. It was incredibly important to stay away from war in North Korea and instead use sanctions to control North Korea. We connected with the White House and the Kremlin to alert them of the same. We also showed a path for a Nobel Prize for Trump when he uses diplomacy and sanctions to change North Korea.
  • Silent Majority. It is a major network that helps with connectivity around the world at key places. It has been a leading force in containing Establishment malice and changing tracks.
  • President Putin has played a fantastic role in standing up to Establishment wars via America. Its Putin’s leadership that has saved countries and stopped more wars in the world. Putin also encouraged Kim Jong Un to cooperate and negotiate.
  • South Korea. The moment North Korea showed positive moves … South Korea ran towards it with love, peace and full cooperation. It made rapid moves to restore relations and create a peaceful atmosphere.
  • Media. Apart from only political leadership … media is one public entity that has come in full-swing action to connect with the people and discuss every aspect of Trump’s policies and actions. It is playing a major screening and modifying force in the nation’s policies.
  • Legals. Apart from leading politicians and the media … another major entity that is hammering out Establishment malice are the legal networks. Millionaires and Billionaires are being jailed or have criminal charges against them … to the extent that even Trump’s Executive Orders are being blocked by the Courts … something that never happened to Bush or Hillary. Legal Networks is another entity that is working to hammer the Establishment and maintain the public’s interest.
  • Ivanka. The golden lady, Ivanka Trump, has been very active in molding her father’s policies and decisions. Many a times Trump surpasses Ivanka and follows his cash deals but recently Ivanka’s coordination has resulted in two major changes:
    • Trade Tariffs. Trump was late in putting tariffs and even after putting tariffs he was giving countries exemptions. What’s the use of having tariffs when you are giving away exemptions to whoever wants them? But recently, Trump took a hardline on the tariffs issue and he is making countries pay up, doesn’t matter which country it is. This is something that you could never expect from Bush or Hillary. This is another unique movement of the Trump Presidency. The Establishment is trying to demonize this using terms like “Trade War and Protectionism” … but these are bullshit negative terms. Trade tariffs are an America First Policy that help American businesses, jobs, technology and economy. It makes America a better country.
    • Nuclear War to Nobel Prize. Trump was ready for a nuclear war with North Korea … it was Ivanka’s coordination that changed her father’s track. She changed the track from a nuclear war to a Nobel Prize. She is a force for good in the White House.
  • Democrats. The Democrats have been extremely subtle when it comes to any opposition against Trump. Can’t blame them … the Establishment has been doing all of the opposition work. But a very strong role that the Democrats are playing is for our security. We thank their support and cooperation for our work.

The Major Changes that would have never happened under Bush or Hillary

  • No Establishment Agenda. One of the major reason why Trump was brought into the White House was to eliminate Establishment puppets. Nobody wanted an Establishment puppet in the White House. The American people had enough of the Establishment and its puppets. If we had a puppet in the White House … then there would be another Establishment agenda launched and doesn’t matter what people said … all cries would fall on deaf ears. This is a major change that has happened by simply placing Trump in the White House. We got someone who would interact and listen to the people.
  • Media in action. The media is very active and Trump responds to the media. He changes decisions when the concerns are raised in the media. It shows that Trump has a little bit of care and responsibility in him. Doesn’t matter what the media said … Bush or Hillary would never change their tracks.
  • Legals in action. Hammering out of Establishment criminals by legal networks would have been extremely difficult if a puppet was there in the White House. Since we got a person from the outside in the White House with no connection to the Establishment … we are more free to use the media and legal networks in favor of the public’s interests. It has helped in making things people-centric.
  • From war to sanctions. The resultant combination of all factors coming into action … both at the domestic level and the international level … we were able to make a major transition from war to sanctions. This again would be impossible under Bush or Hillary.
  • The fight for Economy. And now since, we have peace … we are able to fight for the economy. We are able to put Trade Tariffs and stand up to other countries. Otherwise, the only cooperation that Bush and Hillary seek from Europe was … joining to bomb other countries and blow up their taxpayer money by the billions as well.

We are on a path to enable fantastic things for America and the world … only because of collective action … by understanding where the malice is, who the criminals are and how to do what is right for the people. We are at a major turning point that is changing America’s world leadership for the better. God willing … we will continue to move in this positive direction.