10 Jun 2018
JewH298 From Fear and Insecurity to Active Democracy

Its time for an overview of what has been done in the past 10 years. The overview should be helpful for the newcomers in the game to understand what is going on and it will help the old players understand the track of the work. Very interestingly, we have moved from a phase of fear and insecurity of the Bush Era into administrative changes of the Obama Era and then into open Active Democracy in the Trump Era.

The Bush Era – The Era of Darkness
This was the era when almost no one understood what was going on. Some thought that Bush was a fool … some thought that the invasion of Iraq was for oil … and some thought that all of this was being carried out to help the oil companies and weapon manufacturers. This was an era of darkness where millions of people flooded on to the streets and their cries fell on deaf ears. No one was heard … no change in track was made and we blindly kept moving forward in a disastrous direction.

The Movement of the Era of People Power
The enlightenment began with the Obama Era. We began to understand what this crisis is about, who is behind it and how they are functioning. We made a lot of progress in the understanding of this crime … of how hollow it is and how it adversely impacts the American people itself.

Obama’s First Term – The Era of the Lioness
Obama was not instantly involved in this project … we trickled up to Obama after a while. The whole thing started off with the Silent Majority being activated on this malice. Our writings would be picked up by SM and they would come into action. Their first response was “don’t talk on this topic … it is dangerous”. Yeah … the first thing that I was told was … don’t talk about it. It was mainly because SM was concerned about my security and they knew that this entire malice was carried out by the guys at the top.

So the first thing that I had to do was … show how SM could play a role in fixing this crisis instead of just trying to silence me. I did not even know that they would turn out to be the Lioness in the Jungle but they turned out to be the most powerful forces to combat the Establishment malice. The key features that we had to activate SM in was:

  • Politics
  • Decision Making
  • Intelligence
  • Legals and then
  • Media

The Establishment basically owned the largest corporations. It would require the investment of hundreds of billions in order to take back the companies. But when it comes to government, intelligence and legals … all you had to do was just change one key decision maker … and then you would change the track of the work being done. And since we were dealing with malice, crime and criminals … the tools of intelligence, legals and politics were very important. The Establishment could own whatever they wanted … but they would find a massive force of resistance in the form of political decisions, intelligence and legals. We were easily able to stop the Establishment’s disastrous war moves later in the game and surpass them in several ways.

The initial years were all about activating SM, the Lioness, in this game. This project is not about one decision, one policy or one person. It is about the movement of the entire system … a system of tens of thousands of control points moving in a direction. To enable this movement, SM was one of the most critical elements in the game … as they provided the connection to thousands of support points. This movement of the Lioness began in Obama’s first term and then hasn’t stopped since.

Why a Lioness and why not a Lion?
One simple question that you might ask is … why is SM a Lioness and why not a Lion? It’s a long story … to cut it short … let me say this. The nature of our work is like that … its like the nature of a “mother”. If you look at the nature of a mother … does not matter of what mammal species … it might be a lioness or a human … a mother always keeps her children first. And she does not care about position and prizes. On the other hand, the male figure is generally associated with respect, glory, fame and authority for itself. The mother doesn’t give a rat’s ass about all of this. She does not serve her children because she wants glory, fame, position or authority. She does it just because she is the mother and those are her children.

Sounds very feminine till now … but interestingly if you see … even God functions in the same manner. Even God does not bother about getting a prize for His work. Ever heard of an Oscar or a Nobel Prize for God? Many a time, God Himself functions like a mother towards his creation.

And the crisis that we are in … requires us to keep people first. We have to screw all authority, regulations and silly systems that have been created … and logically evaluate how things are impacting the people. And then change all of these systems in favor of the people. This is the very nature of the work that we are involved in. 

We had to basically train SM into becoming the Lioness. We had to train them to realize all of the strings that they can pull and end up being one of the most powerful forces in the jungle. It was all about connectivity and enabling the right decisions. Which is why SM is represented as the Lioness:

  • A female fights more fiercely than the male to protect its children … doesn’t matter if it is a cat or a lion or a human
  • It does not bother about position or prizes
  • And lastly, by connecting with thousands of support points in several countries in the fields of politics, intelligence, legals and the media … SM has become one of the most powerful forces in the Jungle.

That's how SM becomes the Lioness. SM has been involved right from the beginning of the project and they have not stopped ever since.  And interestingly, a lot of women are also involved in the project at key places.

Obama’s First Term – Reaching Top Political Spheres
The SM system helped us rise very quickly to the city level … then to the State and then at the National Level during Obama’s first term. What SM started doing was … they started implementing the concepts of People Power … of how people should rise, the systems are rigged, voting & hoping from politicians to do what is right is obsolete, people should take the lead and demand change. This was the very basic concept. And if you see … several countries around the world have reached a saturation level … when it comes to high cost of living, crime, drugs and absolutely no care for the people. There is a lot of anger and dissatisfaction in the people against the systems that they are living in.

  • Widespread Protests and Revolutions. SM moved this information into the Arab world as a test model … to see if it works. Interestingly, we got millions of people on the streets standing against their governments demanding change. The whole thing led to an Arab Spring.
  • Overthrowing of Governments. In fact, it even led to the overthrow of the governments in Tunisia and Egypt.
  • Occupy Movement. Seeing the splendid success of the concept of People Power in the Arab world … SM decided to implement it in America. Later on, they designed an entire Occupy Movement and put millions of people on the street to initiate change in America. It was kind of a welcome mat for me to start the work in America. It was very touching but unluckily that was not the way change will come in America. The work needs to begin from the outside.

They got millions of people on the streets, they got the revolutions and the overthrow of governments … but even after that nothing changed much. The same systems continued even after the change of governments. Since SM did not have the solutions to these crises … they went a little bit easy on the protests hereon. They were waiting for the solutions.

Obama’s Second Term – Administrative Changes
It was in the final years of his first term that Obama came into the loop. Obama understood to some extent how these wars were nothing but malice and crime … and he initiated a major reversal in policies.

  • Fired Hillary GodDamn Clinton. One of the first things that Obama does is … fire Hillary GodDamn Clinton. He tells her that … we are planning to go in another direction and replaces her with John Kerry.
  • No warmongering from Obama. All new wars stopped with Hillary. Obama did not campaign for war nor did he allow John Kerry to promote war. Obama started using Diplomacy and Intelligence in combating the Establishment’s War on Terror. Not once he used the term Radical Islam or demonized a religion … and he started tactically dealing with and understanding the “terror events” that the Establishment was creating. This led to a major Administrative shift in the War on Terror and how we deal with Establishment malice.
  • Russia enters the scene. During Obama’s second term, we also pull Russia into the scene. Russia changes the entire game and provides key world leadership in combating Establishment malice. Obama understood the importance of Russia’s involvement and leadership to handle Establishment malice and crime.
  • Containing and Defeating ISIS. Russia’s lead and Obama’s cooperation with Russia … led to the successful defeat of ISIS and the total elimination of the very concept of Radical Islam. Later on, Trump also played a critical role in the elimination of ISIS but terminating all funding into these regions.

During Obama’s second term … the work rose to major political powers of the world … the White House and the Kremlin got involved … and it led to major changes on the war front. The War on Terror was eventually vaporized … the concept of keeping people occupied with terror was failed. Till date, the movement of work was mainly in the Administrative circle … with some key world leaders being involved.

Trump’s First Term
The actual fun in the work begins with Trump’s first term. Poor guy, he has no idea of what the hell is going on. But his very election was a positive milestone in the project. It helped us get an outside person into the White House … avoiding all of the existing trash in Washington. Okay … I am not talking about Trump’s policies or actions that he took in his first year … but I am talking in terms of the “movement of the Era of People Power” … see how we have transitioned into the Trump Presidency.

  • Avoiding Establishment Puppets. It was incredibly important to bring an outsider into the game. We had to avoid Establishment puppets at all costs. Bringing an outsider in the game would enable people-centric decisions.
  • Active Democracy in Action. Here is the interesting change that you have to observe. Trump’s every Tweet makes headlines. Why? If the media really hates Trump so much … then why do they keep talking about him and maintain him in the headlines? Why are they so obsessed with someone that they supposedly hate? This media coverage is not about loving or hating Trump … this is Active Democracy in action. During the Obama Era, the work and the concept was mainly in the Administrative circles with top politicians changing tracks. But with the Trump Era … SM has activated the media in the scene. Yes, most media channels run anti-Trump material because they are owned by the Establishment. But this involvement of the media is maintained to facilitate Active Democracy … so that people are informed, so that people know every step and action that is being taken … so that people can express their opinions and it can lead to better people-centric governance.
  • Elimination of Fear and Insecurity. If you observe … since the past one year of Trump’s Presidency … not only we have successfully eliminated all fear and insecurity … but we have such a clear understanding of this malice and criminals … that we are able to use the media and change decisions for the better. We are able to help Trump when he is right and we are able to call him out when he is wrong. The people are getting to be a part of the government … they are able to take a role in the decision-making process. Several Trump’s policies have been molded because of this active involvement of the media. A lot of credit goes to Ivanka in helping her Dad mold into the right direction.
  • Media and Legals. Since Trump is not an Establishment element … the media and legals are more freely used in his Presidency … to the extent that the High Courts and the Supreme Courts were shooting down Trump’s policies and actions. Ever heard of a Court shooting down Bush’s decisions or Hillary’s decisions? Today, we have the media that is actively involved … today we have the legals and Court systems that are actively involved … in the running of the country. Trump may not like the media or legal systems … but he does not realize that his Presidency is more people-centric than previous Presidents.
  • #metoo and Gun Violence. SM Networks have not only been successful in standing up to the President but they have also actively created movements that target the criminals very specifically. If you look at the Occupy Movement … then it had no direction or objectives. But if you look at the #metoo movement … then they specifically targeted the criminals which led to CEOs and billionaires of the country to resign or even face criminal charges. Similarly, the school protests against gun violence are very specifically targeted at the NRA and they are demanding a change in those policies.

Just a few years ago … we were maintained in fear and insecurity … our lives were put at risk and we had no idea of what was going on … we were in total darkness. But today … we have light … we know who these assholes are and we are making very clear and targeted moves in taking down these criminals. From fear and insecurity of yesterday … today we are living in a more peaceful world where we are united in taking action against the main criminals.

When I started off this work … they were telling me … “ssshhh, be silent … don’t talk about this … it could be dangerous”. But today, the ladies are on a roll … targeting the millionaires and billionaires of the country … getting them fired and even putting them in jail. They are using the media and the legals to the fullest extent. It was a fantastic transition of being scared and silent … to rising up, pulling the right strings and hammering the criminals.

The White House is like the Piranha Lake
When it comes to the “understanding” of the malice … then we have a much better and clearer understanding of the malice and the criminals. But the Establishment's ownership, control and monopoly still remain … which is why they are still able to activate control points in order to change and run the system in their favor. The Establishment is so cornered and desperate that it has converted the White House into a Piranha lake. They have no idea of how to fix this crisis … they have no idea of what is going to happen to them … and they are taking very insecure and dangerous moves.

Forget about terminating the Trump Presidency, they are ready to terminate Israel itself. Netanyahu was keenly showing a lot of interest in bombing Russian defense systems in Syria … in order to start a war against Russia one way or the other. If we stop him from that … he will jump to the next country that he can use to start a war … that will be Iran. The guy is literally jumping from one seat to another and screaming for war. And they are doing all of this while trying to terminate Trump’s Presidency.

Trump has no idea of what to do. He is pretty much lost in the sea. If he does nothing against this Establishment malice then:

  • Option One – Impeachment or Jail. He may face impeachment or jail as he took no action to combat the main culprits that were coming after his Presidency. He simply got eaten by the Piranhas.
  • Option Two – A waste of time with no real change. If he somehow survives the malice then his Presidency will end up being a waste of time with no real change … as the debt crisis is too acute and major changes are required to handle this crisis.

Either way… if Trump takes no action on the Establishment then he ends up losing his Presidency.

Oprah’s First Term
That’s when we get Oprah’s first term. Right now, the status of the work is pretty much at an understanding level … with media, legals and politicians being activated. But the major change in laws, regulations and systems have yet to begin.

  • Main Activities Pending. The main activities of the project are still pending. All exploitation systems are intact. There is still drain of wealth into a few hands, people are still living in the extremely high cost of living, savings are negligible, people live in debt while the Establishment prospers and extracts all wealth of the country.
  • Activation of millions of people. Its great that the media, legals and politicians are joining hands in this movement. But we still need to activate the people by the millions. The actual Active Democracy still has to come into action.
  • Creation of new laws and systems. We still have to create fantastic and fabulous people-centric systems.
  • A Modern People-Centric Era. We still have to move into a modern people centric era.

Only the groundwork is set into place … the main work is still pending. These fantastic and fabulous reforms could start under the Trump Presidency … if he understands what is going on and if he is ready to stand up for the people. Otherwise, sadly this new modern and stunning world will be created under Oprah’s First Term. It will be the dawn of a new era.

Observe the scale of the movement
We had the Bush era … and then we had the Obama era … and now we are having the Trump era. We had total darkness under Bush … we had the elimination of fear and insecurity with job growth under Obama … now we have peace, unity and elements of media and legals actively participating in the running of the country. The movement has been slow but it has been progressive at massive scales. We have the entire groundwork in place to start the real fight.