08 Jun 2018
JewH297 Putin’s Fantastic World Leadership with Patience, Intelligence and Power

We should take a minute and realize that … during this time of extreme Establishment malice around the world … there is one person who came out swinging, fighting and winning through all of the difficulties and challenges that the Establishment could put him through. And that fantastic person is President Putin. He has shown fantastic world leadership in these challenging times with patience, intelligence and power.

The Establishment was bent on creating the worst possible relations between the West and Russia. It was keenly interested in a conflict between NATO countries and Russia. It ran several gimmicks to facilitate the same.

  • Sanctions and Isolation. The Establishment tried to sanction and isolate Russia as much as possible.
  • Demonization Campaign. They tried to run a massive demonization campaign trying to create a monstrous image out of Russia that it wants to destroy Western democracies, Russian interference, Russian trolls, Russian bots and what not.
  • Military Buildup. The activities were not merely financial and psychological but there were also military aggressions. A massive military buildup was carried out near Russian borders and heavy military drills were carried out.
  • Mistreatment of Olympians. The activities did not only target the Russian government but this heinous hate building campaign spread also to Russian citizens where Russian Olympians were targeted and expelled from Olympics.
  • Diplomat Expulsions. In this Establishment spree of anti-Russian activities, Russia also faced one of the largest expulsions of Russian Diplomats ever from the West.

All of the above activities were totally unnecessary and without warrant. All of them were designed to worsen relations with a peaceful and cooperative country. President Putin showed immense amount of patience in all of these aggressions that were carried out through several years. He took very little tit for tat measures and he was always standing there with his arms open ready to be friends with the West.

How did President Putin overcome all of this aggression? How did he stand there with calm and patience in such open hostility? Here is where the President used intelligence in understanding the root of the crisis.

  • Understood who the culprit is. The most important element in President Putin’s victory in this crisis was that he understood who the main culprits are behind this malice. We reached out to the Kremlin and showed him that there is absolutely no real aggression from Western leaders or people against Russia. This entire anti-Russian propaganda was carried out by the Establishment using a few puppets in the office. It is the Establishment that wants war as a “cover up” for the debt crisis in the West.
  • Patience with Western Leaders. This fundamental understanding of the root of the crisis, helped Putin understand who the puppet is and who is not. He could clearly understand the game that the Establishment is playing. It helped him to a great extent in being patient with a few frontend puppets. Putin understood that these countries are themselves victims to enormous malice and they actually need help in fixing their crisis.
  • Tactful with the Establishment. While he was patient with a few Western puppet leaders, he was very active in combating Establishment malice via alternate routes. He fought off attempts to isolate Russia by teaming up with several countries that were willing to support Russia. It pulled enormous amount of trade and created bilateral relations for Russia.
  • Understood the malice in Syria. He used intelligence to understand the ongoing games that the Establishment is running on the pretext of Radical Islam and Terrorism. He understood the main culprits behind this show and he was able to get a sweeping victory in Syria.

President Putin did not just stand there understanding who the culprits are but he also came into action … using Russian leadership and power wherever possible. He used power to knock out the Establishment wherever he could.

  • Elimination of ISIS and Radical Islam. War against Terror was something that American leaders were fighting since the past 16 years … with no results … wherever American funds and military would go … the terrorists would only multiply. We were getting these results because of the Establishment’s rigged system in the West. What America could not do for 16 years … Russia did that within 6 months. It got a sweeping victory against ISIS … cleared massive areas of the country from terrorists and brought about peace and stability in the region. It was Russia’s lead that wiped out ISIS and the very concept of Radical Islam from the world. Putin was overwhelming victorious in this because he understood the Establishment and how they function at the ground level. The combination of intelligence and power gave him a sweeping victory.
  • Never demonized a religion. Unlike many Western leaders, Putin is smart and intelligent. He never demonized any religion or race. He dealt with issues with a just and a strong hand.
  • Saved Syria and Iran. Putin’s world leadership helped in saving more countries from destruction otherwise Syria and Iran would have also been converted into terrorist training grounds if we had allowed the Establishment to continue its wars.
  • Ready to help Iraq to fight terrorists. Not only Putin helped Syria and Iran … but his offer to fight off terrorists was extended to several countries affected by the same including Iraq.
  • Stood up to Establishment malice via America. He repeatedly defended other weak nations of the world and stood up to the Establishment malice coming via America. Technically, Mother Russia has become the defender and protector of the weak nations of the world. There was a time when the Establishment wanted to isolate Russia but today Russia has crafted itself a fantastic role in the world … in which it protects and defends weak nations.
  • Encouraging North Korea to change. Since Putin has understood the root of the problems from the West, he has got a fantastic understanding of how to work with the West. He is working on realistic actions and policies … and not relying on mere words or promises. He is using his powers to create peace in the world and encouraging North Korea to change and follow a more peaceful and a cooperative track. If it was not Russia’s involvement then Kim Jong Un would not be at the negotiation table today. Russia is using its world leadership to create peace and stability in the world.

A country that was a victim once … that was demonized and ridiculed and sanctioned as if they were enemies … today the same country has become a world leader that defends and protects the weak … and creates peace and stability in the world. Thank you Mother Russia and thank you President Putin for your leadership.

Sweeping victories for President Putin
While President Putin understood Establishment malice and he used patience, intelligence and powers to deal with this malice … he got sweeping victories in several aspects of life:

  • Putin’s approval ratings skyrocketed to about 80%
  • He got a sweeping victory in his re-elections
  • He got no debt or expenditure in wars. Everything was paid in full by Syria and Iran. Russia’s cost in these wars is zero.
  • He actually won a lot of business and trade deals in the process with defense and reconstruction contracts.
  • He won many allies. Countries are lining up for protection and countries are lining up to buy Russian S400 defense systems.
  • Russia has won the image of a reliable and powerful world leader that can be trusted.

How Putin has saved the American economy 3 times already
One of the things that President Trump routinely brags about is the jobs and economy of the country. When in reality, he has very little to do with it. In fact, Trump made major blunders to destroy the country’s economy several times. It was Putin who saved America’s economy repeatedly. This is what you need to know about the American economy.

  • Obama’s Challenge. Joblessness and a failing economy is something that Obama inherited from Bush. It was Obama’s challenge to save the economy … which he successfully revived. Trump already got a splendid and successful economy at hand. There is nothing much that he had to do other than allow it to grow.
  • Trump’s Effect on Economy. Yes, Trump had a little bit of an add-on effect on the economy. His talk of “Make in America, trade and tariffs” helped in maintaining the momentum. You can say that it had a 20% effect.
  • Trump’s Blunders on Economy. What Trump does not realize is that “war and economy” don’t go hand in hand. Trump was very keen on war … he attacked Syria twice and he was keen on a nuclear war with North Korea. The economy would go kaput the moment a nuclear war begins. Nobody invests and grows during war … let alone a nuclear war.
  • Putin’s leadership for peace and stability. In all of these 3 occasions, it is Putin who intervened and stopped any further escalation of the war or friction. He repeatedly defended Syria and also encouraged North Korea towards peace. In all of these 3 times, it is Putin who maintained the peace and stability in the world. It is this peace and stability that is helping investors to grow and flourish. Technically, Putin has saved America’s economy 3 times already under the Trump Presidency. A huge share of credit goes to Putin for America’s economy.

Trump was about to destroy the economy 3 times had it not been for Putin.

Europe is knocking on Russia’s doors
Putin has been a major victor and a fantastic world leader … because he understood the main roots of the malice and he used patience, intelligence and power to address this crisis. Unluckily Trump has been doing the opposite. His support for the Establishment has got him major problems back home, he is incredibly unpopular and many people & countries are moving away from him. Seeing Trump’s disasters and Establishment favoritism … Europe itself is knocking on Russia’s doors.

Several countries are intervening and standing up to Trump … and moving towards Russia. Because Russia has shown consistency and a just leadership that will be in everybody’s interest. Russia is becoming a more reliable world leader than ever before. Before the plan was to isolate Russia … but now with Trump’s bad decisions and Establishment favoritism … it is America that is on the isolation track. It would have been great if Trump did what is right and worked with Putin against the Establishment … but this is what we have right now.

Putin should extend his Presidential terms
I cannot lay enough emphasis of how critical and important it is for world leaders to understand Establishment malice and also have the courage to make moves against them. And President Putin, you have repeatedly shown all factors that make up a great and fantastic leader in such critical times. Having a leader with the qualities of patience & intelligence and the courage to use power against the Establishment is simply priceless.

Please do not bother about Presidential terms. Do not allow the world to be marooned from your key leadership. Please feel free to use the law to extend the number of Presidential terms. You are not doing anything illegal … it is being done by law and by votes. Please continue to remain in the leadership till this crisis is solved at least. We are just getting started. You have fantastically saved Russia from sanctions and isolation. The West will need your support.

There are enormous amounts of work that need to be done. Till today, the only thing that we have done is identified the culprits and stopped the termination of the countries. The actual work still needs to begin. Leaders like you are indispensable. Kindly do everything possible to extend your Presidential terms. Screw what others think … please do what is right for you and your country.

Thanks again to President Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin and Mother Russia for their fantastic world leadership. May God bless you abundantly.