03 Jun 2018
JewH296 North Korea’s 3 Levels of Progress Ahead

As of now, North Korea is stuck in a barbaric and demonic ideology of Communism that only devours the country’s resources and treats its people worse than animals. North Korea has a long way to go … to enter a proper and a normal world. Trump thinks that he is headed towards a Nobel Prize but he might be headed towards the biggest blunder in the history of Democracy.

President Trump’s Drawbacks
In all of his actions and policies since the past one year, Trump has shown that:

  • He is a key supporter and defender of a criminal Establishment
  • A bag of cash changes his decisions
  • He is only chasing policies and actions that either benefit him or the Establishment
  • Owing to the above 90-95% of his policies are all scams and scandals
  • He is either bent on wars on other countries or he is blowing up trillions of taxpayer money back home

We need to see how this nature of the Trump Presidency will affect the work that needs to be done in North Korea. Will Trump save 25 million people from a barbaric ideology or is he just chasing glory for himself as a Nobel Prize winner … and end up creating a massive & historic blunder. If Kim Jong Un slides a bag of cash then North Korea would have America on its fingertips.

Level 01 - Political – Nukes
North Korea is at the negotiating table mainly because of the crippling sanctions put on their country. Trump was ready for a nuclear war against North Korea last year … but we suggested that he use sanctions as a tool because this nuclear war would create “war crime trials” for him in America. With the use of sanctions, America has gained control over the economy of North Korea … to the extent that the North Korean government cannot survive anymore and it is ready to negotiate. This is a good phase. We got a bad player in the market who is ready to change.

Getting rid of nukes
Trump mainly functions for himself. He stopped from going into a nuclear war only because it would mean war crime trials for him. Now, he will work towards getting rid of nukes only because it would mean a Nobel Prize for him. This would be working at a terribly low level where one guy is only chasing glory … nothing would change for 25 million people being oppressed. They would have to continue living in the same horrific and monstrous Communist government and ideology.

Getting rid of nukes is good … it would disable any major security threat that would come in the future. But nukes are not the core problem of North Korea’s aggression. It is the Communist ideology that is the main problem.

Venezuela and Cuba – No nukes but vicious
Take a look at Venezuela and Cuba, they don’t have any nukes but they are still vicious to their own people as well as towards America. America still gets foul language, aggression and intimidation from these countries … and their people are treated horribly to such an extent that they don’t have enough food and medicine for them. Why are these countries like this? It is because of the Communist ideology. Communist countries have always been anti-American and they don’t give a rat’s ass about their people.

Converting North Korea into Cuba
If Trump aims only for his Nobel Prize and he releases sanctions against North Korea … then it will turn into another Cuba. No nukes but the same shitty system. It is very easily possible that after some time:

  • North Korea will flip back into aggressive mode
  • They will again start spewing hate against America and South Korea
  • Discreetly restart their nuclear program. They already have the technology and know-how. It is not like Iran who does not know how to make nukes. They did it once and they can simply do it again.
  • And sadly, their people were never saved from Communism … and they will have to live under the same authoritarian system.

Biggest blunder in the history of Democracy
Trump is planning to give them aid, finance, technology and support them with a “plan of prosperity”. That’s nice … only when they get rid of Communism. If the country still remains a Communist country and it still runs its shitty systems against its people … then a Democratic country supporting a Communist country with billions in aid and support will be the “biggest blunder in the history of Democracy”. Till date, no Democratic country has ever helped and supported a Communist country to run its malicious programs. If some support is provided to Communist countries then it is mainly on a humanitarian ground.

It would be mind blowing and outrageous if Trump starts giving them billions in aid, remove sanctions and give them more technology when they are still oppressing their own people. This kind of support for North Korea would be against human values, against humanity and the support of torture of 25 million people. This would be a major gigantic blunder by the Trump Presidency … only because Trump thinks that he will get a Nobel Prize if North Korea will give up its nukes. Trump is already planning to release sanctions if they start dismantling nukes. This should send shockers all across the Democratic world … that America will be supporting and financing the torture of 25 million people.

Level 02 - Society – Communism
Here’s the thing … dealing with North Korea is not Trump’s idea. He was basically chasing commissions via weapon sales in a war against North Korea. This was his objective … make money off the war. This change of track basically came into the picture only because we showed him where the root of the problem is and how to tackle this diplomatically without any war.

Intervention Works
For this diplomatic approach:

  • Media and Legals. The Silent Majority came into action in America … congratulating and encouraging Trump on this ground breaking new path on North Korea.
  • Russia and China. Putin intervened and encouraged North Korea to negotiate because America is not the same today … there is a different type of leadership in America.
  • South Korea. When Kim Jong Un showed positive steps, South Korea immediately embraced it with open arms and quickly made moves towards peace.

There are several “intervention factors” that came into action to change this path. These factors of intervention helped stop a nuclear war by Trump and helped Trump do something nice and positive.

A must for the intervention to continue
It is a must … it is compulsory and obligatory for these intervention factors to continue … to keep Trump on the right path. If we leave Trump on his own … then it will be nuclear wars for the world and the continuous blowing up of trillions of taxpayer money back home. He will be a disaster for the world and a disaster for America.

Right now what Trump is trying to do is:

  • Release all sanctions as North Korea dismantles its nukes
  • Give them aid from world banks and support them with finance, technology and trade
  • He is trying to give billions in support to a Communist country
  • Firstly, they already know how to make nukes. They already have the technology and know-how. Once they get billions in aid, can’t they make nukes again in any corner of their country? After a few years, North Korea will flip the finger and tell Trump, “yeah, screw you … thanks for the billions and we have made even better nukes now”. There is absolutely no guarantee that they will not flip.
  • Secondly, Trump will eventually be supporting and financing the torture and abuse of 25 million people when he supports a Communist government. This would be the biggest blunder in the history of Democracy.

Elimination of Communism is a must
If Kim Jong Un wants to give up nukes then well and good … but that is not enough at all. It is like a parent … who is incredibly abusive to his children and goes around firing bullets at his neighbors. Yes, for the neighbor’s security, it is good if this guy gives up his gun. But what about the children? Should we support this asshole parent when he is still abusive to his children? Isn’t it our responsibility to also save the children?

Okay fine there is peace between the neighbors who have been fighting for a long time. Good but what about the children? Giving up nukes is not enough at all. It can be a good first step but North Korea must start eliminating Communist policies. Just like a parent goes through counseling and behavior management … similarly, North Korea must also be shown all of its bad policies that are abusing the people and holding them hostage in their own country.

A Plan to Dismantle Communism
Trump’s major victory that will be fit for a Nobel Prize is the “dismantling of Communism” in North Korea … not just dismantling of the nukes. All intervening forces must come into action … at the Domestic level in America, Russia and South Korea … in laying emphasis on the need to dismantle Communism.

If you understand North Korea’s situation … they cannot survive with sanctions. It is not an oil rich country like Iran. North Korean government will cripple and fall under sanctions. They have no other route other than to compromise and reform. Sanctions is a fantastic tool at hand and we can “force” them to change. Dismantling of Communism will lead to:

  • Basic human rights
  • End of the State’s oppression and aggression
  • Freedom of Religion
  • Freedom of Speech
  • A proper education, health and infrastructural system
  • Freedom and liberty of the people

Right now, none of this exists in North Korea … and Trump is about to shower them with aid and prosperity.

Level 03 - Intellectual – Christianity
The most fantastic way to dismantle Communism is via God and religion. If you understand the very basis of Communism then it has been designed by the Jewish Establishment on the platform of crime and Satanism. It is a reverse ideology where they have legitimized the abuse of people and the stealing of the wealth of the people and the country by a few leaders who run the country. This entire system was created based upon Satanic Judaism. Which is why, you will find almost all Communist countries to be totally barren … their resources have been ripped off and their people live in abject poverty.

If you take a look at Venezuela, it is an oil rich country. It get hundreds of billions via oil revenue but the government does not even provide proper food and medicine to their people. Why? Ideological problem. This is how Communist leaders and its ideology is. It is all based upon blatant oppression of the people and the leaders treat themselves like God.

God is a powerful force
We all know that God is powerful but I will show you that in action. If you see the key difference between Venezuela and North Korea is that … Christianity is freely practiced in Venezuela. Venezuela pretends to have eliminated Communism and that it is a Democratic country with elections going on. So, it has allowed the preaching and learning of Christianity. What basically the system of “God and religion” does is that:

  • It shows to the people that there is a Higher Being out there, called God
  • There is someone out there that loves you, protects you and wants what is good for you
  • It shows to the people that there is someone out there that is far more powerful than their shitty leaders
  • It provides a clear track of ethics, values, principles and most importantly human rights
  • It provides a guideline for the people as well as the leaders to follow

Based upon the above information, if you look at the protests in Venezuela … then millions of people come on to the streets and protest heavily against the atrocities of the government. But if you look at North Korea, it does not happen … no protests in North Korea. Why? No God and no religion. In Venezuela, it is the knowledge of God … the knowledge of a more Powerful Being … the knowledge of what is right and wrong … the knowledge of basic human rights … it is this basic know-how that gives them the energy and the strength to stand up to their government. It gives them the courage to go on the streets and demand what is right. This is God in action … this is the knowledge and know-how of God in action. Something that is totally absent in North Korea.

This is one of the reasons that Christianity was suppressed and Churches were destroyed in almost all Communist countries. Atheism was widely promoted in all Communist countries. The main reason why this was done because … God gives power to the people.

God creates accountability for the leaders
Religion becomes the guiding light for the actions and policies of the leaders. If the leader is a good one … then he starts following the right codes of conduct for the people. The people learn the same Bible as the leader. There is no different Bible for the leader and a different Bible for the people. The people learn the same Bible … they also become aware of the rules, what is right and wrong and accountability in front of God. This concept creates judgment for the leaders by its people. The people get a guiding light to measure and evaluate the goodness in the leader. They will know what to support and what to oppose. It automatically creates a system of accountability for the leaders.

Right now, do you think anyone dares to oppose or question or tell Kim Jong Un what to do? This very psyche is not there. By promoting Christianity, I don’t mean that the guy must read the Bible every day, repent for his sins and go to Church every day. If he does it then well and good … but the primary purpose of introducing Christianity in North Korea is to change the “psyche” of the leaders and the people.

God and religion creates compassion and empathy
It is not necessary that Atheists are not compassionate or empathic towards others. But group function matters. Have you ever heard of a group of Atheists setting up a school or hospital in Africa? No, why? Because as per Atheism … the strong live and the weak die … the world is about survival … they live in an animalistic ideology. Ever heard of China setting up schools and hospitals in Africa? Why not? They are making trillions … why not spend a few billions in Africa? They don’t do it because this is how Communism is. China executes about 4000 of its own citizens every year for political opposition and human rights issues.

The only two major religions supporting Africa … spending billions and setting up schools and hospitals in Africa … are Islam and Christianity. Because our religions have the concept of compassion and empathy. Doing good for others is encouraged in our religions. Our religions bring the entire humanity under a common brotherhood under one God. We believe in judgment day, we believe in rewards and we believe in helping and supporting each other … because we believe in God.

This concept is missing in North Korea. Our leaders and people subconsciously follow God and the principles laid out by Christianity or Islam. We are continuously evaluating ourselves, our leaders and our government based upon these basic values. We might have moved away from God and religion to some extent … but God and religion have always remained the most powerful and largest guiding force in the culture, principles and policies of a country.

Freedom of religion in North Korea
If Kim Jong Un himself accepts Christianity then it will be a fantastic accomplishment. If not, then it is a must to create laws for the freedom of religion in North Korea.

Top to down conversion
Trump must try to invite Kim Jong Un to Christianity. If Kim accepts then it will lead to the conversion of 25 Million people to Christianity. It will be a fantastic and historic conversion.

Down to up conversion
If he does not covert then it is a “must” to incorporate the Freedom of Religion in North Korea. The missionary work and the spread of religion will save North Korea from Communism and protect its people from ever returning back to this hollow abusive and Satanic world of Communism. This freedom will start empowering people and give them the courage to stand up for what is right. God empowers people.