01 Jun 2018
JewH295 Understanding Trump’s Preferences in Decision Making


Trump ran for President based on the platform of “America First and People First”. Interestingly, if you see all of his decision making in actions and policies … his preferences are slightly different. His top most priority is the Establishment Interest – only benefit and do not hurt the Establishment in any way. This priority is followed by his own 3 layers of self-interest … and then at the corner of the spectrum comes America First.

  • Establishment Interest. If you see all of the actions and policies that Trump has taken since the past one year … all of them cater to the Establishment. He has very specifically made sure to benefit the Establishment and not hurt them in any way whatsoever. It might be in defense deals, interest rates for the Bankers or trade. This is the Trump Presidency’s top most priority … to defend and protect the criminal Establishment in every sphere via the Presidency.
  • Self-Interest – Cash Deals. Then comes Trump’s self-interest that makes him money. It might be spending $1 Trillion on defense or the Border Wall or individual trade deals or Jerusalem … if there is cash of the table … then this deal moves right to the top. This deal gets the top most priority after the Establishment.
  • Self-Interest – Image. Other than money, the next thing that interests Trump is his self-image. Which is why he is so bothered about TV Ratings, crowd sizes and the Fake Media. Trump might be the most self-obsessed President when it comes to image. The good side of this is that … he also chases Nobel Prizes … for which he also does some good work in other countries. Yes, he is chasing glory using the Presidency but he is also attempting to do good work … which is a good thing.
  • Self-Interest – Legals. The fourth thing that Trump is so occupied with is legal issues. Well, any normal person would be concerned with legal issues but the uniqueness about Trump is that … all of these legal issues and bad image in the media is created by the same Establishment that he keeps as his topmost priority. Trump is in a cycle of pleasing someone who is biting his ass.
  • America First. And now, when Trump gets time after all of the above 4 priorities and if the action does not disturb the Establishment or his self-interests … then comes America First. America First is not a dead concept … Trump is not a liar … America First still exists … but it comes after a series of checks and balances.

Examples where Trump kept America First

  • Paris Climate Accord. The Establishment has nothing to do in this … as per his opinion. He has nothing to benefit and this deal was not fair for America. Trump said … okay fine, screw this … we will withdraw. He kept America First.
  • Making NATO countries pay up. America is bearing the maximum expense in NATO and many European countries don’t pay their fair share. Again, even in this case … the Establishment is not hurt nor does it bother Trump’s self-interests. Trump pulls up European countries and makes them pay.

Its not that the concept of America First is dead and Trump did not lie. The concept still exists … but its application that actually drives benefits for Americans and America is marginal. About 90% of Trump’s current policies either create racism, divide the country, are blunders and support the Establishment or himself. Examples:

  • Anti-Immigrant, Anti-Latino, Anti-Black and Anti-Muslim policies.
  • Defense spending and marketing of weapons and missiles around the world.
  • Border wall and deportations
  • Was eager for war in Syria and North Korea … “was”.
  • Support for higher interest rates
  • Tax cuts for the corporations and the rich

If you see all of the above major policies that cost the American taxpayers more than $2 Trillion per year … all of them either benefit this criminal Establishment or benefit Trump. If not that … it only creates hate and division in the country.

Trump and the Bigger Purpose
Yes, Trump has been chosen for a bigger purpose … to break down this criminal Establishment network … and take America into a new and modern world. But unluckily, Trump’s current mental configuration is different. His mind is tweaked slightly differently. It might be because of fear of what the Establishment might do or it might be because of the fear of the unknown and not knowing how to handle it. It could also be the “all cash and no jail deal” … which Trump thinks that the Establishment will support. Trump weirdly trusts the same guys that are driving the legal cases against him.

Whatever might be the reason … this is Trump’s current mental configuration and this is his preference in decision making. Until Trump can snap out of it … intervention is a must … it is a must to direct and mold Trump in doing what is right.

North Korea – a fantastic example of intervention
If you look at North Korea … then you will see that … Trump was following his own list of preferences.

  • The Establishment wants war … he was going for war.
  • The Establishment wants sales of weapons … he was going for sales of weapons … despite the shocking fact that it could be a nuclear war.
  • There was a possibility of Trump benefiting from weapon and defense sales.

The war in North Korea was meeting both of Trump’s and the Establishment’s criteria. It was a ripe opportunity for a war and the benefit of both parties. Here is where an intervention changed the course of action.

  • Active Democracy. We showed Trump how the same Establishment will use this nuclear war for a “war crimes trial” against Trump. We encouraged Trump to focus more on sanctions and not be the first one to drop the bomb. If they attack then we can wipe them out … but if you attack first and you will be the criminal that converted the Koreas into a radioactive wasteland. Trump focuses on sanctions.
  • Russia and China. We warned Russia that this was an Establishment gimmick for starting a war on Russian shores. There is every possibility that an attack will take place from East Europe via Ukraine or Poland … and Russia will be pulled in the war. Russia and China got activated in defending themselves and pushing back this war against North Korea.
  • South Korea. With time, sanctions took effect and upon Putin’s advice … North Korea started dialogue with South Korea. The South immediately took lead with open arms and welcomed North Korea’s every positive move. And this totally changed tracks of the moves against North Korea.

Trump’s original plans were totally different … he was being just another George Bush. But thanks to the intervention of Active Democracy, the Silent Majority, Russia, China and South Korea … this disastrous path was changed.

  • We moved from war to sanctions
  • We moved from destruction to nation building and Nobel Prizes

All of this was done only because of an active and immediate intervention. All of these countries were very fast and positive in action … Russia, China and South Korea. They helped in creating realistic and measured change in the line of action and policies.

Trump and Nobels
Trump is not actually a do nothing guy. He did act … once he saw a fantastic opportunity for a Nobel Prize … lol … he changed tracks and followed what is right. This fact shows that Trump is not a puppet. If there was George Bush or Hillary GodDamn Clinton in the White House … then we would not see any sign of reason or logic. They would have blindly moved ahead in the war. So, Trump gets a little bit of share in the peace process … for dropping the war plans and working towards peace. All those who voted for Trump … you can pat yourself on the back when you look at the Koreas. You just saved 75 million people from death and destruction.

The Era of Establishment Puppetry via the White House is over
What you should realize from the above example is that the era of Establishment puppetry via the White House is over. Thanks to the intensive work done by the Silent Majority within America in various fields of intelligence, media and legals … and thanks to world leadership being shown by Russia and China against American Establishment wars … we have successfully moved to a more positive and constructive world. We are not in a new and modern age yet … but at least we are seeing some signs of positive progress.

Successful use of interventions
Yes, Trump was chosen to be the savior of America and the World. But as of now, Trump himself needs to be saved … from the Establishment and from his own blunderous decisions … and interventions are playing a fantastic role in changing decisions and the path that is being followed. Below are some intervention tools that can be used to help mold Trump’s decisions:

  • Domestic Level
    • Ivanka
    • Democrats
    • Media
    • Legals
  • International Level
    • Russia
    • Europe
    • Other countries via Russian and European support

If there is no intervention … then you will find Trump only chasing cash, getting involved in scams, blowing up trillions of tax payer money, benefiting the Establishment and himself, creating racist policies, creating blunders and destroying other countries. If a simple intervention … if simple pulling of strings … if simple standing up to Trump can change this track … then why not? Why not save our country from trillions being blown up? Why not save our country from hate and blunders? Why not save other countries from death and destruction?

No more George W Bush
Take a look around yourselves … you are not living in a Bush Era anymore. The people were helpless during the Bush Era … their calls and cries fell on deaf ears. Nothing changed doesn’t matter how many millions of people poured into the streets. Thanks to the Silent Majority for interconnecting several key points in the country and thanks to Russia and China to boldly stand up to Establishment malice via America … we are living in a slightly different world today. We have moved from war to sanctions … we have moved from destruction to nation building and Nobel Prizes. And this is a very very positive step. Please intervene and lead in doing what is right. Everyone is invited … anyone and everyone.