31 May 2018
JewH294 Security Alert! Trump is screwing with our clients and work

Trump has technically become a major Establishment supporter. It's not that he endorses their systems and likes their ideology … but there are two key interests that Trump follows when it comes to the Establishment. It is cash and jail. All cash and no jail … is what Trump thinks that he will get from the Establishment. Owing to which he has become a key supporter of the Establishment.

We had already warned you that this might happen. The more time we give, the more absorbed Trump will be in the Establishment. This relationship with the Establishment has ripened to such an extent that in every key decision and policy making … Trump keeps the Establishment safe. He makes sure that there is no harm coming to the Establishment. In fact, in a way … he has become the hand of the Establishment. He is very keen on following all Establishment systems and policies.

Establishment ideas being applied to us via the White House
He is doing the same thing when it comes to Active Democracy. He is doing what he thinks that the Establishment wants him to do. Since I write against this malicious and criminal Establishment … they have been trying to stop my work under various pretexts. And since this is the Establishment’s interest … Trump is following the same.

  • He has repeatedly requested Russia and Turkey not to support our work
  • He tried to teamup with the FBI in order to frame us for Collusion along with the Democrats and Russia.
  • He requested India and Malaysia to create laws against Fake News in order to target our work.
  • And now, he is reportedly trying to influence our clients to affect our work.

What is amusing is that … Trump is doing all of this when the Establishment is trying to toss him into jail and we have repeatedly saved his Presidency from scandals and impeachment.

The 3 Establishment Modes – to eliminate opposition
These are the 3 modes that the Establishment follows in order to eliminate and suppress opposition.

  • Stop the work. The Establishment will try to find legal, health and security channels in order to stop the work. If they are successful via any means then they get to stop the work.
  • Be a parasite. Since, the content of our work is very good and it shows the games behind the scenes … it helps in understanding critical flaws in the structure of the system … they cannot trash away the work. All of our writings are practical, logical and fact based … there is enormous amount of truth in the work. And since the Establishment has to justify to the Matrix (the entity that forms the majority of the powerbase in the system) that it is doing what is right … they have to follow the logic. Since Western Democracies are highly people oriented, authoritarian decisions do not work … owing to which they have to follow the logic and facts. So for that what the Establishment has been doing is “being a leech” on our work. They suck on our work like a parasite and try to benefit from it. They have been doing this since the past 10 years.  
  • Maintain in crisis mode. Even the parasite mode is too much for them to manage because the work exposes a lot of their criminal systems, ideology behind each move and controls their policies at the National and International Levels. It is hard for them to accept the logic & facts and remain in the parasite mode. Since they cannot stop the work and they have to follow the logic … they use a third mode of creating unnecessary crisis. This mode generally involves affecting cash flows, creating conflicts and fights … all of this will be aimed at keeping you busy with anything but work.

All of these are typical Establishment strategies directed any their victims or opposition. For example … “maintaining in the crisis mode” … they have been doing this for 330 million Americans since the past 17 years. America is the largest victim of the Establishment’s exploitation systems.

  • Parasite Mode. They had already setup systems to extract wealth by the hundreds of billions every year from America via their banking, corporate and political monopoly. This parasite mode and its associated systems are pushing America and Europeans countries into a massive debt crisis.
  • Stop the victims or opposition. They are not going to stop their work or systems. In this case, they have to stop the victims or opposition. The only way to destroy America and Europe was via aggression against Russia. Which is why, there was a huge buildup of anti-Russian policies and actions since the past few years.
  • Maintain in crisis mode. The entire concept of Radical Islam and the War on Terror was launched under George Bush when America started falling in debt by $1 Trillion per year. This War on Terror was not about fighting any terrorists or any dictator … it was all about maintaining Americans in the crisis mode … live under fear, insecurity and that someone out there dangerous is coming after you. The Establishment had ripped off the wealth and resources of the people … now they were maintaining their lives at risk as a “deivation tactic”.

The exact same Establishment strategies are designed and trickle down to simple individuals that they want to target. Where is an $18 Trillion economic giant and where is a tiny company called Active Democracy on the other side of the Ocean? There is no comparison at all. But interestingly, the strategy being applied to both is the same. Why? The ideology behind the design of the systems. The entire Matrix system has been designed by the same malicious criminals who are exploiting the West by the trillions.

The ideological connection
As per their ideology, we are sheep and cattle. All we need to focus is on the work that we are assigned … and eat, drink and multiply. They need silent obedient animal like slaves. They don’t want anyone:

  • To question what they do
  • To apply logic and reason
  • To expose the current flaws in the current systems
  • To expose the ongoing exploitation
  • To find better ways and systems that benefit people

They don’t want to change systems that help a tiny 0.01 percent of the world’s population holding the majority of the world’s wealth. All that people should do is … work for their benefit, help them leech all of our resources and allow them to destroy our cities & even kill us if the need be. Because that’s how slave animals function. You are not supposed to question and control the Masters. You should allow the Masters to kill you if required. As per them … we are the slave animals and they are the Masters.

This is why they maintain these 3 different modes to manage people at large scale masses … as well as at an individual level. They will either leech from you like a parasite or maintain you in crisis mode when this leeching becomes severe or even activate termination options. This is what their ideology dictates them to do … leech, crisis and terminate.

America and Europe was constantly being maintained in a “crisis and termination” mode since the past 17 years. Which is why, they were unleashing a crisis after crisis … 9/11 then Madrid Bombs then Saddam Hussein then Gaddafi then ISIS then Assad then Trump & Russia. It was a continuous tract of non-stop crisis after crisis … which would eventually lead to a war against Russia and facilitate the termination. Had we not stepped up then you would not even see what the hell is going on and who was behind it.

Trump is a nice guy
Its not that Trump is demonic and Satanic … and that he adheres to these policies and the Establishment via an ideological connection. No, its not like that. Trump is actually a nice guy … he is a positive person. The issue with Trump’s connection to the Establishment is only cash and jail. He is not ideologically connected with these guys. This creates the possibility that Trump might change given the right support or right pressure.

Trump’s Parasite Mode on our work
Trump is blindly following the Establishment … he actually does not understand who these guys are. Can’t blame him … many people don’t understand the Establishment. Many Jews themselves have difficulty in believing what the hell is going on. However, since the Establishment’s strategy is to be a parasite on our work … then Trump willingly follows the same. Take a look at all of the instances where has followed our work. You can directly verify everything from the date of publishing of the article on our website and the respective changes that Trump makes in his policies.

  • Border Wall. Trump designed this construction project in order to benefit himself from it. He started its quotation from $5 Billion … then moved it up to $10 Billion and then $20 Billion and now it is close to $30 Billion. Whatever … the strategy that he was using to get funding for this wall was that “Mexicans are rapists and criminals … Mexican govt. is sending criminals” and it turned out to be a major racist policy against immigrants and Latinos. We advised Trump to quote “the drugs and crime” and not the race of the people. Which is why you will see whenever Trump talks about the wall … he will talk about the drugs and the crime.
  • Police Violence. There were many incidents of police violence against the Black people. And Trump takes the side of police and starts quoting the crime levels in the Black community causing an outrage in the Black community. We advised him to show support for all races and communities … and quit making statements against the Black people. Which is why you will see that Trump only says that “we love our police” without making any racist statements against the Blacks.
  • Muslim Ban. He was designing an entire Muslim Ban creating another racist catastrophe. We advised him to focus on the crime and terrorism … and follow strict screening procedures from such countries. Which is why Trump greatly limited the number of countries in the Ban and introduced stricter screening procedures.
  • Strikes on Syria. Blindly follows the Establishment in striking Syria not knowing that the Chemical Attacks were framed to create a war against Russia … stops very quickly after our alert and cooperates with Putin to avoid the conflict.
  • North Korea. Again blindly following the Establishment in starting new wars … he was keen on a war against North Korea … even though it would be a nuclear one. We had to directly warn him that this nuclear war could easily lead to war crime trials and he could end up in jail. We advised to use sanctions instead. Which is why … he ramps up the sanctions and interestingly gets North Korea at the negotiation table. Thanks to Putin’s support and encouragement for the same.
  • Manage Mueller. The Establishment that Trump keenly follows have designed the Mueller investigation in order indict Trumps and terminate his Presidency. When the heat was strong under this investigation and indictments began … we advised him to control Mueller, investigate the investigation and limit Mueller’s scope. Which is why you will see that after indictments began … a lot of Trump supporters went on live TV and took the initiatives against Mueller to “investigate the investigation”.
  • Korean Unification. Nuclear disarmament and the elimination of hostility between the two Koreas will get Trump a Nobel Prize … this was again our advise. We had to put Trump on a track of Nobel Prizes to stop his mad drive for wars. And interestingly, he is following that … and hopefully he should get the Nobel Prize for this.
  • Trade Imbalance. Trump does not know that the very basis of his Presidency of Trade Imbalance has been taken from our website. The way Trump is taking care of this issue in incredibly weak and it can easily be undone by the next guy. However, the entire platform of the Trump Presidency is based upon our work.

Trump has been in parasite mode since more than one year and we have helped him in:

  • Domestic policies
  • International relations
  • Wars
  • Investigations and
  • Trade

We have helped him repeatedly again and again in critical issues more than a half a dozen times … in issues where he would have easily been branded as a racist, get impeached or destroy other countries. These are the types of highly critical issues that we have helped him with. And after all of this … what is Trump trying to do? He is trying to stop our work. Why? Because that’s what the Establishment does … leech, crisis and terminate. They either leech from you or put you in a crisis or terminate you / your work.

The Establishment is trying to send Trumps to jail
The fun part in Trump’s lack of know-how in what is going on is that … while he is trying to be like the Establishment and trying to do everything that they want … the Establishment is keenly trying to send Trumps to jail. The Investigation Committees, Muellers and Stormys … are all designed by the Establishment in order to put Trumps into jail or terminate his Presidency.

Trump thinks that we are trying to send him to jail because 90% of the Establishment malice is carried out via the Matrix. Lol. No, it is not like that. Yes, 90% of the malice is carried out via the Matrix but nobody understands the Matrix. A huge section of Jews themselves don’t understand the Establishment … let alone understanding the Matrix. The idea that people have about the Matrix is different from person to person:

  • Some think that it is the government
  • Some think that it is the universe
  • Some think that is a private company authorized by the government
  • Some think that it is a bunch of guys playing guardian angel

There are a dozen different ideas of how people understand the Matrix based upon their experience and know-how. Since the Establishment designed it … they pull different strings as per their objectives. And when we see wrong moves in action … we pull forces and pressure points to stop those wrong moves. It is a battle of good and evil in the Matrix.

Trump standing in the Piranha Lake
Your scenario is more like of a guy standing in the Piranha lake. The Piranhas are biting you and I am standing at the shore … throwing one life jacket after another … hoping that if you take at least one life jacket then I will save you from this mess. But what you are doing is … pointing at the guy standing at shore … saying, “no, no, no, these Piranhas are not hurting me … that guy standing on the shore is hurting me.” This is your current scenario.

By the way … you know that Piranhas eat flesh, right? They eat other fishes. Do you know what they eat when they don’t find any other fish or flesh to eat? Yeah, they start eating each other. First, they eat everthing else that they can find … but when they don’t find anything else to eat … they go hungry for a few hours and the first guy to show weakness goes first. They start eating each other. They use each other as feed. This is exactly how the Establishment is. First they sacrificed Americans in 9/11, then they went for the British … then French … then Libyans and then Syrians. Now, America and Europe already knows about their malice … Russia is protecting Muslim countries. The Piranhas don’t have anything to eat now … that’s why they are using Israel as bait now. They are ready to sacrifice their own people now. This is what a criminal mindset does to you. Once you start treating one race as slaves in order to benefit from them … then they see how to benefit from their own race as well. A criminal mind is not specific to any race … it works on everyone … only the technique is different.

This is the type of Piranha Lake that you are standing in my dear President Trump. What you are thinking is that … “I am feeding these Piranhas very well and that is why … I am safe. They will not eat me.” Lol. It only shows how naïve you are in understanding them.

3 Establishment Modes launched against the Trump Presidency
Trump is trying to play the defender of the Establishment while he does not realize is that the Establishment has launched all 3 modes against his Presidency.

  • Parasite Mode. They are already using him to drain trillions to their companies.
  • Crisis Mode. They are unleashing one crisis after another for his Presidency and every crisis is being highly publicized in the media.
  • Termination Mode. They are actively trying to terminate his Presidency via one lawsuit or the other … via one investigation or another.

And he is playing their defender … very good. What’s good a few bucks when your Presidency itself is planned to be terminated and possibly criminal charges will be launched against you guys?

Trump Resistant Clients and Sponsors
Till Trump gets his wakeup call … we must start working on securing financial routes. In his blind Establishment support, Trump has already made political and legal moves to stop the work. These moves have mostly been throttled before they could have any impact. We need to do the same with current clients and also for the sponsors in the future. We have to make our clients and sponsors “Trump Resistant”. We have no idea what path Trump will take. We have to be ready for the worst case scenario. We cannot allow Trump’s appeasement of the Establishment to affect our work.

And if Trump tries to affect our cash flow, clients or sponsors then it is blatant abuse of power. We are not doing anything illegal. Almost everything that we do is 100% legal and legit. We should not allow the Establishment to use Trump as a puppet against our work.

Trump has no idea of who is who. Trump wants to be the defender of a criminal gang. Good luck on where that is going to take you.