27 May 2018
JewH293 Trump playing the hand of the Establishment

Some people are wondering when Trump is going to start working with Active Democracy and things are going to change … and we will be taken into a new modern world. But what they don’t realize is that Trump is playing the hand of the Establishment. He is doing what the Establishment would want him to do. Trump follows hotel politics … which is don’t mess with the Big Guys and make your money on the side without disturbing them.

This is why you will see that Trump has not initiated any move to breakdown any Establishment monopoly in any sphere. The only company that he has picked up is “Amazon.com”. He talks about their monopoly and shutting down of other companies because of their monopoly. What you will note here is this:

  • Weakest company possible. He has picked the weakest company possible … a simple online business. It is not the defense companies or the oil companies or the bankers. It is a simple online company.
  • Invites a bribe. He talks about their monopoly but only to invite a bribe. His work towards the issue of monopoly via Amazon.com is higher “postal rates” for Amazon. Monopoly does not break by selectively increasing postal rates for a company. He is only throttling the company to show who is the boss and invite a bribe.

This is his routine process for inviting bribes:

  • Strangle or Throttle. Throttle the business and cash flow to a multi-billion dollar company or country
  • Show them the boss. Show them who is the boss and he can impact their business
  • Invite bribe. Invite a bribe from them which might be investments in his ventures around the world
  • Release once paid. And then let go off the hook once he is paid.

This is his routine process to use the Presidency in order to invite bribes. This is what you will note … in all of his actions and policies … he has not touched the Establishment in any way. All defense companies, oil companies, bankers and corporations are untouched. He is allowing the entire system to run as it is and see how he capitalize his Presidency via other means. Forget about breaking Establishment monopoly, he is spending by the trillions on them and give them leverage wherever they need. It might be corporate tax cuts, income taxes or business flow or whatever.

Waiting for an “Establishment defender” to break Establishment monopoly
What people are basically doing is … waiting for an Establishment defender to break Establishment monopoly … which is quite unlikely to happen. In all of Trump policies and actions you will note that … he is doing only two things:

  • Defend the Establishment. Make sure that the Establishment is not hurt in anyway.
  • Benefit himself. The second thing that he does is benefit himself. It might be via the border wall, $1 Trillion plus on defense spending or trade deals with other countries.

America is a building on fire and what is President Trump doing? Defending the bandits and selling items from the burning building to benefit himself. The country is going trillions in debt and the only thing that he is doing is … turning a blind eye to all of that and just trying to benefit himself.

Trump playing a force of resistance
Forget about pulling channels for political, financial and media support for our work … he is actually doing the opposite.

  • He has repeatedly held off cooperation from Russia on our project
  • He has repeatedly called Turkey and Russia to stop supporting our project
  • He was trying to work with the FBI in order to frame us for Collusion along with the Democrats and Russia
  • He encouraged India and Malaysia to create laws against Fake News so that our work could be sued.
  • Now, he is exploring ways to throttle and stop our work … affect our clientele and create legal issues.

What President Donald J Trump is doing is … thinking what the Establishment might want him to do and then playing the hands of the Establishment. He has literally presented our work as a threat to the Establishment and offered them support against our work in order to please them.

Establishment + The White House
What we are basically getting here is a combination of the Establishment + The White House against our work. Till date, we had to only bother about Establishment moves against our work … which were essentially:

  • Demonization in one way or the other
  • Block finance, political and media support
  • Try to create legal issues and stop the work
  • Or even fool people, that they are concerned about us … that’s why we should stop the work, supposedly.

This was the ongoing activities of the Establishment since the past 6 years. Now, we have the White House joining forces with them.

The White House playing the hand of the Establishment
What American people are basically thinking is that … when I write about the malicious and criminal activities of the Establishment, Trump will come into force and stop these criminal activities. But no, that is not the case … Trump is actually doing the opposite since day one. He is learning about the Establishment only to:

  • Protect them
  • Benefit from them and
  • Make moves in their best interests

We could understand if Trump did all of this because of the legal issues surrounding him but he has been doing this since his initial months itself:

  • We wrote about how the Establishment will invite you for “commission deals” with defense companies … and he gladly went for it. He spent $1 Trillion plus on defense and still looking for spending more on nukes.
  • We wrote about how the media will be used against him and he gladly invited media agencies to the White House to create a special committee for them.
  • We wrote about how the Establishment has designed Radical Islam in order to demonize Muslims and Islam and he creates a Muslim ban and promotes fear when any event occurs.
  • We wrote about how Establishment will push you for wars and he was keenly looking for wars in Syria and North Korea.
  • We wrote about how the Establishment will deviate him and use any excuse to stop our work … he is using several excuses to deny support and stop our work.
  • We wrote about how the Establishment is against Russia and he expels the highest number of Russia diplomats and promises to be toughest on Russia.

He is literally playing the hands of the Establishment and doing everything that they would want him to.

Trump Presidency – a mashup of scams, Establishment favoritism and chasing Nobels
Which is why you will see that the Trump Presidency till date will be mashup of 3 major activities:

  • Scams. This is Trump trying to benefit himself via the Border Wall, Defense Spending, Trade Deals and throttling countries and corporations.
  • Establishment Favoritism. No action against any Establishment entity, keen on wars, suppressing our work, corporate tax cuts and income tax cuts.
  • Chasing Nobels. We had to show him the idea of wining Nobels in order to stop his mad drive for wars. This is a good thing that he is doing but then again this is for his own benefit. Like we said, Trump works only for the benefit of two entities … the Establishment and himself.
  • Itsy Bitsy Work. In all of this mashup … Trump does only itsy bitsy work for the people … like fighting MS13, getting hostages released and some trade tariffs.

Working on trade tariffs is good … but if you blow up $2000 Billion on the Establishment and then generate only $200 Billion via tariffs then you actually created a loss of 10 times more than you made. Doesn’t seem like good business acumen, does it? Would Trump tolerate if his Hotel Manager did something like this for him? Then why is he doing this to America and his people. Is this what patriotic people do? Is this called being patriotic … screwing your country in the name of Making it Great Again?

Thank God for Russian and European World Leadership
Thank God that Putin has remained consistently against this Establishment malice, protected other countries from devastation and showed fantastic leadership in doing what is right. Otherwise, we would have already been terminated by now. Seeing Trump’s blunders and Establishment favors … thank God that European countries have stepped forward. They have challenged Trump and refused to follow him on Jerusalem, Iran deal and started a pro-Russian approach. They understood that the world will be a disaster under Trump’s blind Establishment appeasement policies.

Trump is a major Establishment supporter mainly because of two reasons:

  • Cash. Since the Establishment owns the major companies, they become Trump’s source of cash.
  • Immunity from jail. Trump thinks that the Establishment controls the legal networks, intelligence and government in America … doesn’t matter what Trump does, he would be immune from any legal lawsuit or jail.

Let’s just hope that Trump will be able to snap out of his current mental configuration and see what is right for the people. You never know, Trump can change at anytime.