20 May 2018
JewH292 Christianity will put Communism in auto-destruct mode in North Korea

Nukes are not the problem in North Korea. North Korea’s core problem lies in Communism and Atheism. All of the aggression and negativity that is contained within the country and that is coming out of the country … it is because of Communist ideologies and practices. And the best solution that solves the problem of Communism is Christianity. Christianity is a fantastic power that will put Communism in auto-destruct mode.

Trump’s Domestic Issues and People Centric Policies
At the Domestic level, Trump has several bad policies in action and he is ending up leading a fraud Presidency owing to his scandalous deals. This misleading has become so rampant that an intervention is a must to control and manage Trump’s decisions at the Domestic level as well as the International level. However, let’s show him the power of People Centric policies so that he can get an essence of the enormous changes that are possible when things are kept “people centric”.

A New People Centric Era led by America and Russia
Thank God for Putin’s interventions, many of Trump’s mistakes have been rectified and managed. President Putin has helped save the world many times already. It might be in Syria, Iran or North Korea. Because Putin stepped forward to do what is right … what is right for the country and what is right for the world … it has resulted in the protection of many countries and it has resulted in the fantastic transition of North Korea from being a war-mongerer to a guy who is dismantling his nuke testing sites. What Trump should basically realize is that:

  • The War on Terror is over
  • Demonizing countries, religions and people is over
  • Destroying countries in the name of Democracy is over
  • The Era of Establishment puppets is over
  • The policies of George W Bush and Hillary GodDamn Clinton are over
  • There is a huge possibility of a dawn of a new age and a new era under the Trump-Putin leadership
  • Trump and Putin can be the Christian crusaders that can take the world into a new era

Kim Jong Un’s unexpected positive response
Thanks to Putin’s support and encouragement, Kim Jong Un has been very positive and cooperative. Its time to invite Kim Jong un to the next level.

Understand why America and Europe sanction you
This is what Kim Jong Un should understand. Why did the world join America in sanctioning North Korea? What was the problem? Why are you isolated in the world? It is mainly because of two reasons:

  • Communism. Communist policies are inhuman, against basic human rights and nobody likes Communism in the rest of the world. It is an outdated and failing concept. Almost all countries that have followed Communism, their governments have failed and their leaders have been overthrown from power. This is what eventually happens in Communism.
  • Atheism. And the second thing that they don’t like about North Korea is Atheism. Atheism is one of the byproducts of Communism. An Atheist society shows no compassion or empathy for others and it is generally prone to decadence and crime. Nobody likes Atheism in the West.

These are the two major issues with North Korea … Communism and Atheism. It is not about your nukes, it is not about the Kim Dynasty and it is not about your military. The core problem of North Korea lies in Communism and Atheism.

Christianity is the solution. Jesus is the solution.
If you want to defend your country from America and the West. If you want to remove all sanctions and if you want to maintain your Single Party Rule and maintain the Kim Dynasty … then the simple solution for you is … choose Christianity. Convert to Christianity.

  • You and your family
  • Your Administration and
  • Your people

All of you need to simply convert to Christianity and it will automatically solve all of your problems.

  • Accept Christianity
  • Declare Christianity as the State Religion
  • Declare a transition from Atheism to Christianity
  • Declare a transition from Communism to Democracy
  • And promise that there will be no State oppression of the people, human rights will be protected and there will be full freedom of the people.

It is a simple “ideological transfer”. You are just transferring yourself from one ideology that is outdated, that does not work and that only leads to the collapse of the government … to an ideology that will be loved, supported and that will help you prosper forever. It is a simple ideological transition. It costs you nothing … it will ensure your security and it will bring you enormous prosperity.

Benefits of converting to Christianity for Kim Jong Un and North Korea
If you follow this simple ideological transition … from an ideology that will give you failure … to an ideology that will give you success … then this is what you get.

  • Love and support from the entire Christian world. Right now, your country is sanctioned and isolated from the world. Nobody is listening to you and nobody is helping you. But the moment you convert to Christianity then you become a part of a 2.2 Billion people strong network. The entire Christian world of 2.2 Billion people will love you, stand by you and protect you.
  • Ground breaking and historic. You will become the ground breaking and historic leader of your country that took North Korea into a new world of love, peace, success and prosperity.
  • Christian History. Not only in Korean history but you will also go down in Christian history as the Modern Constantine, who converted to Christianity and also took his 25 Million people into Christianity. This move will embed your name in Christian history forever as one of the prominent leaders who converted to Christianity.
  • Can keep your nukes. If you agree to this simple ideological transition, then you can keep your nukes. The moment you become a Christian Democratic country then the West does not have a problem with your nukes and any kind of military development, as long as you are not hurting others. If you are a peaceful Democratic Christian country, then your nukes are not the problem.
  • America will never bomb a new Christian country. This conversion will, in a way, be a security blanket for North Korea. Because America will never bomb a newly converted Christian country, as long as you are not aggressive towards others. You will become the Christian brothers of Americans.
  • No problem with a Single Party Rule. Yes, there will be a transition to a Democratic way of life but you can maintain your Single Party Rule. If you are going to follow Christianity and help the spread of Christianity then your single party rule will be more than welcome. Because you are the one who is doing good and what is right. Nobody will want to remove you from power.
  • Will be loved and welcomed by the world. Your transition to Christianity and Democracy will be loved and welcomed by the world. Kim Jong Un will be loved and respected by the world. The only thing you have to make sure is to drop the State level oppression of the people.
  • Christian Missionary work will bring huge funding. There will be flood of Christian missionaries all across the country. Christian Missionary work is a multi-billion dollar industry. They will bring enormous amounts of funding to setup Churches, schools, hospitals and development works.
  • World Banks, Aid Agencies and International Corporations. These channels will move into North Korea with enormous levels of funding, technology and support.
  • Reunification not required. There will be no requirement to reunify with the South. You can reunify only if you want to. As long as you are following Christian and Democratic principles in the North, your country and your rule will be secured.
  • Path to Prosperity. Christianity will enable the path to prosperity for North Korea.

You get all of this for a simple ideological transfer. Transfer from ideologies that don’t work to an ideology that will bring you prosperity. Leave Communism and Atheism and come to Jesus and Democracy. Its very easy and very simple.

Sanctions and Communism
Communism is a curse for North Korea. All of these sanctions are mainly because of the Communism. And as long as Communism exists in North Korea, the sanctions will keep on increasing. The faster you move away from Communism, the faster the sanctions get removed. The faster you follow the transition to Christianity and Democracy, the faster you will get help and support.

Transition to Christianity

  • Kim Jong Un and family.
    • Hardcore Christian. It is not required for you to become a hardcore Christian. It is not required for you to go to Church every day and repent on your sins. It could simply be a State level formality. No one is coming and looking at what you do at home. And trust me, our own Christian leaders do a lot of shit at home.
    • Freedom of Religion. God does not force anything on anyone. God gives you the right to choose. So, learn about Christianity as it will be implemented in your country and follow as much as you want. There are no hard rules about this.
    • Christian Principles. Some prominent Christian leaders or priests will be sent to help you learn about Christianity. It’s a beautiful religion. You will like it. The transition process into complete Christianity will take 5-10 years. Take your time and learn.
  • State Level. This is what you need to allow at the State Level.
    • Missionary Work. A lot of missionaries will pour into North Korea. They will not speak anything against Kim Jong Un. In fact, they will compliment you for your leadership. But you must allow them to teach and preach Christianity freely to the people.
    • Setup Churches. Allocate a small budget to build Churches in North Korea. The missionaries will bring their own funds to build Churches. You have to allow the construction of Churches all across the country.
    • Schools and Hospitals. Many missionaries will also want to setup schools and hospitals. You have to allow them to provide this service.
    • Education Reform. You will be working with Christianity and Democracy leaders & specialists … and systematically you have to reform your Education system. Remove all Communist ideologies and incorporate Christian and Democratic principles.
    • Eliminate All State Level Oppression. The people should not live in fear of their own government. You must start working on systematically terminating all oppressive and abusive policies of the State at all levels.
    • Systematic removal of all Communist ideologies and practices. You have to work with Democracy specialists in identifying all Communist ideologies and work towards removing all of these practices. And take North Korea into a modern and successful new world.

This entire transition process will take a few years. Learn everything step by step and systematically reform your country and follow the path of prosperity.

How should Trump invite Kim Jong Un to Christianity?

  • Create a proposal using the points mentioned on this page and send him an invitation to Christianity directly yourself.
  • Get Putin involved. What you should know is that Putin is the key player behind Kim Jong Un’s cooperation. Putin is encouraging him and supporting him to negotiate. Send the same proposal to Putin and request him to encourage Kim Jong Un to convert. If Kim Jon Un gets the support and encouragement from both sides … from America and Russia … and if he will be guaranteed security then it is more likely that he will follow.
  • Setup a meeting. If they want more details then send Mike Pompeo or talk over the phone … to help them with any details that they might need.

Benefits for Putin and Russia

  • Fantastic World Leadership. Putin will be continuing on his trend of fantastic world leadership.
  • Eliminating aggression and war. This move will help in the elimination of aggression and war on one side of Russian shores. There will be no more excuse to start a nuclear war against North Korea … a war that can spill into Russia.
  • Historic Change. This will be a major historic change for the world and for Christianity. It will be a mega historic event that will pull 25 Million Atheists to Christianity. You will be one of the key leaders that will make it happen.
  • Positive Russian Leadership. It will show the world the positive leadership that Russia can offer. It will help you beat the anti-Russian propaganda from the West.
  • Close connection to Christianity. It will show the world how countries can unify and make peace under the common umbrella of Jesus and Christianity. It will show the world that Russia is nothing but another Christian country and there is no reason to fear Russia.

Benefits for Trump

  • Ground Breaking and Historic. It will be a mega loving, peaceful and beautiful event where Kim Jong Un will convert to Christianity on live television. It will happen because of your initiative. Because you invited him to Christianity and you gave him the deal. You will be the primary architect of this deal and this transition that will take 25 Million Atheists under the fold of God’s love and Christianity.
  • Nobel Prize. Screw the Nobel Prize. This event is just too big to be defined by a Nobel Prize. A Nobel Prize cannot even contain the greatness and glory of this
  • A Great Missionary Hero. If you pull off this event, then doesn’t matter what will come next … you are automatically going in Christian History as a great Missionary Hero who pulled 25 Million Atheists into Christianity.
  • A task never accomplished before. No US President has ever pulled 25 Million Atheists into Christianity. None whatsoever. You will be the first US President to ever accomplish such a huge and enormous task. It’s a unique opportunity and hardly anyone will be able to match this scale of work.
  • Protestant Christianity. Obviously, you will recommend them to follow Protestant Christianity … which will have “American victory” written all over it.
  • Crushing blow to all media critics. You will be kicking the media in the nuts and show them the fantastic and fabulous changes that you can bring about in the world … simply with the use of Diplomacy.
  • A huge hug from the Pope. Remember the last time you met the Pope? How he was holding his head down and how he was upset with your presence? Now, he will be jumping in excitement and he will be ready to hug you with delight.
  • Collusion. By pulling Putin on the frontend in this beautiful task, you will be kicking the Collusion Theorists in the nuts. You will show the world the great things that Trump-Putin leadership can do. It will be a massive victory of your team and it will help to suppress the Collusion scandal going on back home.

All win solution
This is an all win solution. All parties in this have major victories.

  • North Korea. It gets to keep its nukes. Kim Jong Un’s rule continues and the country gets on a path of prosperity and progress.
  • America-Trump. Enormous benefits for Trump, shows the great leadership that Trump can provide in the world.
  • Russia-Putin. The same goes with Putin’s great world leadership.
  • North Korean People. Most importantly, we save 25 Million North Koreans from oppression and abuse … and we bring peace, prosperity and the love of God for these people.
  • South Korea. They don’t need to worry about any war as we will have the tool of sanctions to control North Korea any time we want.
  • World Peace. The transition will result in peace for the entire region.

Alternate Paths and Options
Here are some alternate paths and options that you might think of.

  • Give up nukes. See, here’s the thing … if Trump has to give you a Plan for Prosperity then he needs to show something. Why is he supporting North Korea? Why is he channelizing finance and industries for North Korea? This is why he is asking you to give up your nukes. But the issue with giving up nukes is that … anything can happen after that. There is no guarantee. It could be a Libya model or may be not. But there is no guarantee. If you still have your nukes, then you still have your security shell. This is what Christianity will help you in. If you choose Christianity, then Trump can show the world that we are getting a major transition in North Korea and thus we can help them.
  • Hardline Approach. If you take a hardline approach and refuse Christianity … and stick to Atheism … there will be no trust in North Korea. The trust level will continue to remain low and the process of conversion from Communism to Democracy will take a very long time. Which means that sanctions may remain on North Korea for a very long time.

Your best formula would be to choose Christianity and Democracy as a combination. This will fast track everything for you.

If not Trump then Oprah
The alternate path for America is that … if Trump cannot pull this off then Oprah will. In this scenario, she will get all of the credit, glory, greatness and her name will go down in History for this fantastic move. This is the opportune time … it is a fantastic opportunity. Trump should sweep in and take the lead.

How to get this done?
This is a mega world event that happens very rarely in time and it deserves maximum media attention. Bringing media attention to this event helps combat Establishment malice at several levels. It helps us combat anti-Russian, anti-Trump and pro-war campaigns. The moment Kim Jong Un is ready to convert … all events thereon should be televised.

  • Conversion in front of Trump. Trump is planning to meet Kim Jong Un in Singapore. It will be great if this can be initiated by that time. And it will be great if Putin can also join this meeting. Trump should take some leading Protestant leaders along with him for the Conversion. This conversion should be televised live to the public. It will be a fantastic surprise for the world.
  • Send Priests and Clergymen. Some leading Priests and clergymen should be sent to North Korea to teach Kim Jong Un about Christianity. He will start taking initial inputs about Christianity.
  • Create the first State Church in North Korea. Kim Jong Un should select a nice, big and beautiful building to create the first State Church. It could be a museum, library or any government building that is suitable for a Church. He will place a beautiful Cross on that building.
  • Invite North Koreans to convert. Kim Jong Un will declare the date for the Conversion Ceremony and invite all North Koreans to convert on that date.
  • Bibles in Korean Language. Ship them a few million Bibles in Korean Language and also provide digital versions.
  • Conversion Ceremony. Standing in this first Church in North Korea, Kim Jong Un will officially convert to Christianity and millions of North Koreans will convert along with him. This entire ceremony should be on live TV.
  • Invite the World. He will invite the world to teach and spread Christianity in North Korea during this ceremony.
  • Start removing sanctions. After the Conversion Ceremony, start dismantling the sanctions. Remove only the critical sanctions that are affecting the government operations … like sanctions on oil.
  • Setup of Churches, schools and hospitals begins.
  • Start identifying and removing Communist policies and incorporate democratic policies.
  • Eliminate State Oppression, facilitate business ownership, freedom of speech, preaching of Christianity in all schools.
  • Remove all sanctions. Confirm two things before removing all sanctions – Communist policies and Atheism must be eliminated.
  • Channelize finance, industries and international trade

Sanctions must be used as a tool to follow through this process. Don’t remove sanctions instantly … make sure the entire transition takes place first. The faster they follow, the better it is.