18 May 2018
JewH291 Trump just endorsed Israel’s “mass ethnic cleansing strategy”

Trump’s Jerusalem Embassy decision is a mega bombastic blunder at several levels. It is a blunder for Jews, Muslims, Christians, history, peace and also for logic and common sense. Let’s take a look at how Trump landed in this mess and how we can help him fix the Middle East crisis.

Trump’s Major Weaknesses
If you want to understand why Trump made this decision then you need to understand Trump’s major weaknesses:

  • Kinky Fetish. He has a kinky fetish of using his powers and stomping over weak people. It might be Blacks, Latinos, immigrants, Muslims, Mexicans, Syrians, North Koreans or whoever. If you are weak and you cannot do Trump any harm … then Trump will actually enjoy stomping on you.
  • Money Maniac. He loves and adores money. Doesn’t matter how much the Establishment has ridiculed him and humiliated him … the moment they put a bag of cash on the table, Trump is ready to roll. This is the primary reason why he is in politics and this is his biggest weakness.
  • Bad Advisors. To add to the above, Mr.Kinky Kong also has a lot of bad advisors around him. Trump’s strategy of deciding what to do is … hire the best and follow their advice. Since he hired the best, he thinks that he is getting the best advice and doing the best things … until they totally fail. If he gets a bad response and bad ratings for the work, then he fires them and hires again. This is one of the reasons why there are so many departures from the White House and why Trump keeps hiring new people.

If you look at the Jerusalem Embassy decision, it had a combination of all of the above 3 factors. The Palestinians are extremely weak people who cannot protect themselves and they cannot harm Trump in any way. And then Soros came up with a bag of cash to motivate Trump to make the move. To add to that, the advisors around him said that it is the best thing to do. We have the kinky fetish, money mania and bad advice in action in one decision.

Let’s try to help Trump understand what is exactly going on … so that, may be, he can fix a few things.

Israel – The Pandora Box
Firstly, Trump should have never entered this mess. He already has a long list of exploitation systems setup in America and Europe that are devouring countries. He already has a lot of work at home. The Establishment is creating havoc in countries where they are a tiny minority. Now, Trump has put his foot in the Pandora Box, where the Jewish Establishment holds the majority. He has entered a world that has dozens of complications at every turn.

The Jewish Spectrum
First understand the spectrum of Jews that exist. This information is rarely talked about.

65% Irreligious or Atheist. About 65% of Jews in Israel consider themselves as irreligious or Atheists. If this was the case in Mongolia or Chile then it would be understandable. But how can you live on the Holy Land and 65% of you be irreligious? This does not happen with the Vatican or Mecca … where 100% of them are religious. How do you get 65% of irreligious Jews on the Holy Land? In today’s world, people are having a difficult time in remaining attached to God. But in Judaism … in the version that is run in Israel … we have Satan sitting at the top. We don’t have God but we have Satan out there. Now, who the hell in their right mind will be attached and dedicated to Satan? Jewish people are also normal human beings … they have commonsense. And hardly any human being with commonsense will be attached to Satan. This is one of the biggest reason why 65% of Jews living on the Holy Land tend to be irreligious.

They can’t talk about Satan being the God in majority of their books excluding the Torah. In the majority of their religious books like the Talmud and Zohar … all of them eventually lead to Satan. This aspect is baffling for even the common Jew … let alone a Muslim, Christian or another person. But they cannot talk about this issue publicly because the whole thing is setup by criminal bankers who will abuse them and suppress them ruthlessly. Common Jews are “killed” if they expose this Satanic side of Judaism. Because this Satanic side contains all of their ideology, policies and formulas. If this side is exposed then all of their criminal systems around the world will be exposed. Nobody will want their banks, media, corporations and politics to be run by Satanists. This is a major complication that exists in the Jewish society.

Don’t know. Generations of Jews that have remained irreligious for a long time … they don’t know all of these systems and they don’t have the Satanic know-how. There is a huge section of Jews that are unaware as they are distant from their religious texts.

Self-hating Jews. There is a tiny minority of Jews that will speak up against Israel and its suppressive policies. These Jews are known as “self-hating Jews”. Muslims and Christians don’t have this term … we don’t have a term that says … self-hating Muslim or self-hating Christian. Why? Because our religions don’t have anything that is hateful. This concept specifically exists in Judaism because they have hateful ideologies … and the systems that come out of that ideology are suppressive and aggressive. When Jews speak against such systems or ideologies then they are branded as “self-hating Jews”. Technically it means that … “you are hating your own books and your own ideology and thus you are the one who should be hated … you are a self-hating Jew but all of our stuff is good.” This is how they defend their criminal and Satanic systems within the Jewish society. This very page is hateful as per their standards.

Orthodox Jews. This is a minority that actually knows what is going on and they fully study it, follow it and practice it.

Radical Jews. Among the minority that knows and practices these criminal systems … we have a section termed as “Radical Jews”. These guys are on the extreme end of the spectrum. These guys adhere to violence, aggression and abuse towards other people. That’s why they are called Radical Jews. Again you will see that, Judaism has a unique term that defines its own people as “Radicals”. This concept of Radical Islam and Radical Muslims was coined by the Establishment. They took their own thing and superimposed it on Islam. Otherwise before George Bush, there was nothing like Radical Islam or Radical Muslim or Radical Christian. We don’t have Radicals in our religion because the more religious you are, the more pure, pious and peaceful you are. It is in Judaism where Radicals are formed owing to the crime and Satanism embedded in their religion. The more you study and practice these Satanic texts, the more Radical you become.

All of the above Jews are laughing at Trump’s decision to setup the Embassy at Jerusalem. Because:

  • Trump doesn’t know shit of what Judaism is actually and
  • It is another victory for them to fool Christians and Common Jews

It was a major victory for the Satanic Establishment.

Torah Jews. Apart from the above sects of Jews … we also have a tiny minority who have abandoned all Satanic texts and they follow only the Torah. These are the true Jews who stick to the traditions and teachings of Moses and the Torah.

As per these Jews, Israel should never have been formed. God has forbidden Jews from creating a country of their own because of their repeated sins. Forget about approving the Embassy, they don’t even approve of Israel being created.

Trump’s historic move is a joke
Trump thinks that he made a historic move by moving the Embassy to Jerusalem but the majority of the Jewish people themselves are laughing at Trump at how naïve he is and how he was successfully fooled by the Establishment. Forget about what Christians or Muslims think … Jews themselves are rejoicing the blunder made by Trump.

Understanding the Israel-Palestine Conflict
Jews themselves have half a dozen different sects among them based upon adherence to Satanic beliefs. This is just the background of the people living in Israel … now see what this criminal Establishment has been doing in Israel since the past 50 years.

Creation of Israel
Two world wars were designed and facilitated by the Bankers to create Israel. The blood of tens of thousands of common Jews was spilled and hundreds of thousands of them were expelled from their homes in order to create Israel.

  • World War I. The Bankers used WWI to create Israel and gain control over the land. Rothschild signs an agreement with the British to get this land. Israel was not formed by the migration of Jews. It was Rothschild who used WWI to get this land. He wanted this land to store his banker reserves.
  • World War II. Once the land was allotted, they needed people to fill the land in order to create a country. They would be setting up the most advanced military systems to protect banker reserves. Setting up a highly advanced military in the desert would be foolish and it would invite suspicion. They needed people to fill this land. They designed mass anti-Semitism programs all around Europe and facilitated mass expulsions of hundreds of thousands of Jews so that Israel can have its population. During the peak of this anti-Semitism tens of thousands of Jews were killed in WWII.

Israel was setup on the blood and bodies of tens of thousands of common Jews being killed in Banker wars … and it was created via the expulsion of hundreds of thousands of simple Jews from their homes. All of it was facilitated by these criminal bankers.

Expansion of Israel – War on Terror
You think that George Bush launched the War on Terror 17 years ago. But no my dear, the War on Terror is a 60 year old strategy being run in Israel by the Bankers. This is the ongoing game in Israel-Palestine conflict:

  • Fake attacks on itself. These bankers are “war designers”. To facilitate a conflict or war … they have to manage both sides. If they play both sides successfully then they get their war. They have planted their own guys on the other side … who will fire rockets in Israel, as and when wanted. Israel is itself managing the terror groups on the other side.
  • Kill a few Jews. They will make sure that the damage is minimal and only a few Jews die.
  • Create Massacres. Using this attack on a few Jews, they will go in and create massacres in Palestine.
  • Occupy Territory. As per their pre-planned program, they will use these events to occupy more and more territory.

This criminal banker government has been killing its own Jewish people by the thousands since the last 60 years. It is using them as bait to run its pre-planned agenda. Tell me which country in the world remains in conflict for 60 years? Who the hell in their normal mind likes war? With just a few years in Iraq we had millions of Americans on the streets demanding for our troops to come back home and stop this war. Everybody likes to live in peace. But the uniqueness of Israel is the “criminal mindset” behind their operations. They have been killing their own people … about 10,000 of them are dead because of these “terrorist” attacks … that were used to expand their territory.

Not only Israel was created by spilling the blood of tens of thousands of innocent Jews but its expansion is also designed by the spilling of the blood of thousands of Jews. All of this is being done by their own banker government.

George Bush and War on Terror
The model of using terror was extremely successful in Israel. It helped them:

  • Expand territory
  • Get financial aid
  • Military aid
  • Political support and
  • Technology support

This conflict of “Israel being under threat” helped them reap enormous benefits to the tune of hundreds of billions since the past 60 years. Now, since the debt crisis was going to enfold in the West, the same Bankers launched the same model of terror as “War on Terror” under George W Bush at an international level.

  • Terrorists. In Israel, Palestinians are the terrorists … in the international arena, they used Al Qaeda and demonized Saddam and Gaddafi … only so that they have a bad guy to fight with.
  • Fake Attacks. Just like they fake attacks in Israel and kill a few Jews as and when necessary … in the same way, they fake attacks on America and Europe and kill a few of their people as and when necessary.
  • Drive Benefits. Just like in Israel, they have been benefiting from the conflict … in the same way, the Bankers benefit via the interest created by the mass spending and debt in these wars.

My dear President Donald J Trump … it took Obama his entire Presidency to stop this War on Terror. He did it successfully because these criminal bankers had minimal influence in the international arena. But you, my dear friend, you are stepping right into the Pandora box itself … where this same war has been going on since the past 60 years … where these criminals hold the majority and run the entire system. Welcome to Israel.

Israel’s Mass Ethnic Cleansing Strategy in Palestine
If you understand Israel’s strategy and Palestine’s position in this strategy then you will know why there is no peace between them. You will understand why Israel will start bombing Gaza while peace negotiations are going on. During the negotiations, they start the bombing. Take a look at the illustration below and you will know what is going on.

Israel basically started off with a few settlements in the North. And then they launched a mass ethnic cleansing strategy with these objectives:

  • Occupy more territory … via war or settlements. Get rid of Palestinians from their land and take over their country.
  • Force Migration. This continuous ongoing war, bombing and conflict is designed to “force migration”. So that as many as possible Palestinians flee the country to other States.
  • Maintain unlivable conditions. They routinely bomb schools and hospitals. Why? Because health and education will result in permanent settlement and the consolidation of the country. But if you keep destroying their schools and hospitals … and keep bombing their civilian areas then you create unlivable conditions. This will help in getting rid of Palestinians faster.

If you look at the map … month after month and year after year … they have occupied more and more land … and driven millions of Palestinians into tiny strips of land. Gaza is one of the most densely populated places in the world with more than one million people living on a tiny strip of land. And even in this tiny strip of densely populated people … Israel keeps bombing them in the name of “defending itself”. If you were “defending yourself” then you should have remained in your settlements … why did you take over other people’s land? Since when is taking what belongs to other’s called “defending yourself”?

This is a mass ethnic cleansing operation being run by Israel. And this is how it is designed:

  • Fake attacks on itself. They maintain teams on the other side that will fire rockets.
  • Kill a few Jews. They will create verifiable damage to use that as an excuse to bomb and occupy territory.
  • Bomb schools and hospitals. They will routinely bomb schools and hospitals so that permanent settlement means are destroyed.
  • Maintain unlivable conditions. Routine massacres and bombing creates unlivable conditions with no electricity or running water.
  • Force Migration. This is supposed to force Palestinians out of their land.
  • Occupy Territory. They occupy more and more territory via war and settlements. Despite occupying most of the land … they still continue to build settlements on Palestinian lands.

The entire operation is run under the banner of “defending itself”. Israel is supposedly defending itself. And on the other hand we have Palestine with:

  • No military and no army
  • No technology
  • No advanced missiles or defense systems
  • Poor country with no resources
  • Existing in a humanitarian crisis

This is the ongoing equation. People go out there and try to make “peace” thinking that there are two countries in a conflict. There are no two countries here. On one side is an extremely well developed country with one of the most modern military in the world and on the other side is 5 million people living in a humanitarian crisis. Israel does not want them there and they don’t have any other place to go. Where will these 5 million people go? Their land and resources are taken away from them … they are continuously being bombed and bombarded … where should they go? This is the Israel-Palestine conflict.

9,927 Jews killed in the process
The type of criminal banker Government that you are dealing with has already killed 9,927 Jews … their own people on their own land in this process. Take a look for yourself at the numbers:


You think if a foreign diplomat walks in and says “alright ladies … stop the cat fight now … let’s settle down things and be happy” and everything is going to be fine … then you are mistaken. Most foreign diplomats don’t know shit of what is happening there.

Jerusalem Embassy, a recognition of mass ethnic cleansing
If foreign Diplomats go there, they will only fool them and make them take efforts as per their plan. What they made you do is recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. It sounds nice. But in reality what they have done is made you recognize their mass ethnic cleansing operation all the way till Jerusalem. They were located in small areas in the North and with the Embassy you recognized all of their atrocities, murders, bombing and even killing of innocent Jews till the middle of the country. You have recognized all of the crimes of a murderous and criminal government.

Working towards peace
Nothing is impossible in this world. If you actually want to work towards peace then I will show you a few steps that will help you. Most important is understanding who these guys are … what their objectives are and then putting in tools to control them.

First and foremost control the aggression
This should be your top most priority when working towards peace … first the aggression must be controlled. How to control the aggression?

  • Palestinian Authority and Hamas. Tell this side to stop the aggression.
  • Malice in Aggression. This is the tricky part. Israel is the beneficiary in the conflict. These guys are war designers and they play both sides. Israel itself will manage elements on the other side that will start firing rockets or do some mischief. This is what needs to be controlled.

The moment their elements start firing rockets … then Israel comes up with its bullshit routine propaganda:

  • Israel is defending itself
  • Israel has the right to respond
  • We cannot allow weapons or this or that on the other side
  • And it goes on

The winning formula: Any response from Israel must be proportionate
These rockets that Hamas fires … they are essentially fireworks … negligible damage is done most of the time. Even if some damage is done then only a few people get hurt. It is this “fake attacks” that Israel uses to continue and prolong the conflict. It uses these fake attacks to create massacres on the other side. It is a must to pressurize Israel to keep its response strictly proportionate.

America, Europe and Russia should step forward to control Israel
There is no way that Palestine can control or manage Israel. A highly developed country must be managed and controlled by other highly developed countries. And the best way to manage these criminal bankers is via “law and money”. This is what criminals fear the most.

  • Law. They fear the law and governments coming after them. Activate the International Criminal Court against Israel’s aggression.
  • Money. Use sanctions and boycott movements to affect their cash flow.

Peace negotiations are step two … these are the two tools that you need to have in hand. If you are ready to take Israel to court and sanction them … it is only then that peace will come in the Middle East. Negotiations are nothing but chit chat that won’t result in anything. You need to have realistic tools to address the real issues.

Drastic drop in fatalities and aggression
Once you put Israel in control mode … that’s if you do it … then there are only two options for Israel.

  • Allow massacres. If Israel has to create a massacre in Palestine then it has to allow massacres in Israel … since the aggression has to be balanced. And if Israel allows massacres of the Jewish people repeatedly then there will be a revolt against the government. It will lead to the overthrow of the banker puppets. That’s why, they kill only a few Jews every now and then … and make sure that there is no mass massacre. They have to keep the people’s support.
  • Sharp drop in aggression. Since the firing of rockets by Hamas or any other puppets generally creates minimal damage … Israel will be allowed to create minimal damage on the other side. This “minimal damage” does not fit into the mass ethnic cleansing strategy of the bankers. They will be either reduced to minimal damage or with time totally drop the aggression.

The moment the aggression drops … the conflicts get eliminated and you get the factors of peace into play. Here is where the negotiations will take effect. What to negotiate on?

Negotiation Options

Best option – suspend the Embassy
Your best option is actually to suspend the Embassy. You can do it right now citing the violence associated with it. You don’t need to wait for Israel to stop anything. The Embassy move is a major embarrassment for 2.2 Billion Christians and 1.6 Billion Muslims. And the majority of the Jewish population is laughing at you. Just use any excuse and suspend the Embassy until further notice.

Just because other countries are being fooled into setting up the Embassy in Jerusalem, it does not make it the right decision. If one person was fooled, he was fooled … and if 10 people are fooled, they were also fooled.

Option Two – Control Damages
Your second option would be to work on ways to control damages. You should initiate moves to recognize East Jerusalem as Palestine’s capital with Al Aqsa Mosque included in it. For Muslims, Jerusalem is Al Aqsa Mosque … this is the third most important and Holy site in Islam. All of this anger and revolt is mainly for this mosque.

Again don’t expect Palestine to do anything. These poor fellows have no power or resources to change anything. Pull in these countries for the move:

  • Arab States, Jordan, Turkey, Egypt and other interested Muslim countries for negotiations as to how to create and recognize East Jerusalem for Palestine.
  • Europe and Russia … work with these countries as to how to sanction and control Israel in this process.

This is a temporary solution. With this Jerusalem Embassy move, the Establishment has fooled you and you have lost a lot of credibility in the world. Several countries are openly standing up to you and surpassing you to work with Iran. This Embassy move was a major anti-Trump move that you did not realize. It is affecting your standing and credibility in other fields around the world.

Permanent Solution
Here is how you work towards a permanent solution for this crisis. Peace is not about sitting and talking at the table. You have to take realistic action to get it done. First control the aggression and then follow the below steps:

  • Draw the line. The major issue is drawing the line across the country that will separate Israel and Palestine. Right now Palestinians live in patches of land here and there. There is no way that a country can be formed in this manner. You have to draw a beautiful line across the country … so that Israel remains at the North and Palestine gets the South. This division should justify both sides … you can’t give Palestine a tiny portion nor will Israel take a tiny portion. This is what you negotiate on.
  • Facilitate the Migration. Once you draw the line … then Palestinians from the North will have to migrate to the South and Israelis in the South will have to migrate to the North. This migration process is cumbersome, tiring and generally induces conflicts … because people have to leave their homes and businesses and move to another place. This is something that you need to manage and see that it is done with minimal friction.
  • Create a proper Palestine. If Palestine has to exist as a proper country then like a proper country it should have its defense system, security, infrastructure, resources, education and healthcare. So that these 5 million people that are in a humanitarian crisis right now … they get to live in a proper and peaceful country.

This is what you need to do to “create peace” in the Middle East. Canceling the aid for the people living in a humanitarian crisis and helping a bunch of criminal bankers run their mass ethnic cleansing is not the way to go for it. Follow these simple steps:

  • Control the aggression
  • Draw the line
  • Facilitate the migration
  • Create a proper Palestine

Your biggest challenge will be in containing Israel’s aggression. You can do it very easily when you are ready to use sanctions.

Trump is not all bad
I wrote the above page because I know that Trump is not all bad. Yes, he has some weaknesses but he also has some good qualities.

  • Not a puppet. He is definitely not an Establishment puppet. The era of Establishment puppets is over with George Bush and Hillary Clinton.
  • He is flexible. He is not hardwired into negative action or activities. He can change.
  • Good Potential. If he follows People Centric policies then he has immense potential to reach great heights.

So, when it comes to Trump … you have to be careful … is it Mr.Kinky Kong who is trying to trample on people, following money and bad advice? Or is it a People’s Champion who is trying to do great things for the people? Both possibilities can exist. The People’s Champion has a bright future ahead of him.