15 May 2018
JewH290 Cash directs Trump’s policies and decision making

The Presidency for Trump is “making speeches and ripping off public funds”. He looks at the White House as a fantastic opportunity to make billions of dollars with each deal and policy. While working on this policy and chasing cash he has created a multi-trillion dollar disaster for America. He is ending up being a money maniac running a scam Presidency.

Selling the Holy Land to Satanists
For example, let us take a look at his latest decision to setup the US Embassy in Jerusalem. This is the sequence of events:

  1. Trump announces the Jerusalem Embassy
  2. The Establishment takes piss over his sucking up and unleashes Stormy Daniels against him. The President is literally being ridiculed, pissed upon and sued publicly by a porn star. This was setup by the Establishment that he was trying please.
  3. Trump puts off the decision on the Embassy until the end of 2019. Which was a good thing, Trump showed some character and respect for himself.
  4. Soros steps in with a bag of cash and Trump expedites the Embassy move to May 2018.

All it needed for Trump to change his decision was a “bag of cash”.

  • He doesn’t care about Christian values or American principles
  • He doesn’t care whether it is right or wrong … whether it is logical or not
  • Whether it will create a disaster or a conflict
  • He has no consideration of the people and
  • Shockingly, he does not care about his own respect or ridicule

The Establishment has been literally pissing all over him … even after he made the Jerusalem announcement. Even then, just show Trump a bag of cash and he is ready to do what you want. He will pimp out America, change policies and decisions … once he is shown some cash.

58 people were killed and about 2800 people were injured in this disastrous move made in the name of peace. And this happened only on the first day. Trump does not give a damn because his primary purpose of entering the White House and being President is “making money” via politics. And if he is succeeding in this … then the most important and primary purpose of him being the President is being accomplished. He does not care about anything else.

Ready for a nuclear war to make money
58 people killed is nothing for him. He was ready for a nuclear war in the Koreas just because he would be making money off weapon sales in the war. There would be a massive expenditure in the war and it would be a good source of revenue for him. He was ready to put 75 million Koreans in a nuclear disaster just because it would make him some money.

North Korea was participating in the Olympics, participating in high level talks and meetings … promising to dismantle nukes … but even then President Trump war carrying out military drills. To the extent that South Korea was censoring these military drills and banning any media coverage of the same. The host country itself did not want it and Trump was crazily chasing money and his kinky fetish for war.

Intervention helps in stopping Trump
Thank God that there was South Korea in the equation. There was another country that could stop Trump’s mad chase for cash and war … a country that could use logic and work in another peaceful direction that is good for all. Thank God that South Korea stepped forward and rapidly worked towards peace with the North. If we relied on Trump then those poor countries would be nuked by now.

  • South Korea. This is a fantastic example where “intervention” by another country helped in stopping Trump. Russia’s support and encouragement of North Korea for a peaceful solution and South Korea’s rapid moves towards peace helped contain the situation.
  • Syria. The same goes with Syria. Trump would have wiped out Syria by now and created another terrorist training ground. Thank God for Russian intervention. It helped save millions of innocent lives and eliminate any chances of ISIS being created again.
  • Iran. Europe is intervening in Trump’s moves to dismantle the nuclear deal. Russia is intervening against a war in Iran. This “intervention” is helping in stopping the disasters that Trump can create in his blind chase for cash and war.

Pimping out America - Trump chasing cash with no intervention to stop him
Take a look at all of the below events and policies … where cash is on the table and there is no possible intervention to stop Trump.

  • Corporate Tax Cuts. In order to please the Establishment that was kicking his ass, the first thing that Trump proposed was “corporate tax cuts”. He himself does not pay any taxes. He knows how to dodge the system. This was an open move to please the Establishment and benefit himself in the process. There was no intervention to stop Trump.
  • $1 Trillion Defense Spending. With no ongoing war, Trump blows up more than $1 Trillion in defense spending in his chase for cash. There is a $20 Trillion National Debt and he is blowing up trillions where there is no need. There was no intervention in stopping Trump. There is no South Korea or Russia that can intervene in this. This is the domestic field and Trump is the President. And he is doing what he came to do in the White House … make money off the Presidency.
  • Border Wall. Firstly, he designed this construction project in order to make money off it. Secondly, he repeatedly said that “Mexico will pay for it. Mexico will pay for it.” But the moment he gets paid off by Mexico, he starts threatening the Congress to release funding for the wall. He starts holding the budget as hostage to demand funding for the wall. What happened? Why is Trump not pressurizing Mexico to pay for the wall anymore? Why is he bent on making the American taxpayers pay for the wall? Simple answer … he got paid off by Mexico.
  • Trade Deficits. The platform of his entire Presidency is “trade deficits”. But the moment Trump meets with Chinese, Canadian or Mexican representatives … all of them get a light tap on their hands and the massive deficits continue. He is using trade deficits as a “pressure point” to invite bribes. His open statement to the world is … “hey, if you want access to this American ass, then here is where you need to pay”.
  • Steel Tariff Exemption. Instead of taxing Mexico and making them pay more tariffs, he is giving them exemption on Steel Tariffs. Which means … if you can pay off Trump then you have access to America. He is giving selective exemptions to countries around the world … all of whom are very rich countries.
  • $1 Trillion in Tax Cuts. As if Corporate Tax cuts were not enough, Trump moves forward in creating another $1 Trillion in income tax cuts for the rich. Again, major favors for the Establishment where there is no successful intervention to stop Trump.
  • Jerusalem. Same goes with Jerusalem. Palestine is a weak country with no strong support. There was no Russia or South Korea in the equation that could stop Trump.
  • ZTE. Trump was increasing the tariffs on China. It affected ZTE, a major multi-billion dollar company. If you can pay off Trump then policies change for you. Reportedly, ZTE is being helped by the Trump Administration.
  • One on one deals. This is the main reason why Trump wants “one on one deals” with each country … so that he can bargain and see if he can benefit from it.

A Money Maniac running a Scam Presidency
This is Trump’s record in just one year. In one year, he has become a multi-trillion dollar disaster for America. More than $2 Trillion lost to the Establishment in favors and Trump’s blind chase for cash. This is what he calls “Make America Great Again”. It seems that he has already accomplished this objective of Making America great again. And he wants to “Keep America Great!”. Which means that … if Trump remains in office then this craze for money and pimping out of America will continue for the next 7 years. This is Trump’s vision of a great America where he rips off public funds, blows up trillions, follows his kinky fetish for wars & conflicts and pimps out the country to whoever pays him. We have a money maniac sitting in the White House.

What’s shocking about Trump’s craze for money is that … he is supporting and pleasing the same Establishment that is:

  • Demonizing him and ridiculing him and his entire family
  • Launching investigations and lawsuits at every chance that they get
  • Trying to put him and his family members in jail
  • Trying to terminate his Presidency

Trump knows all of this and the moment he is shown some cash … he just jumps for it. How shockingly crazy is that? How do you take money from the same guys that are trying to terminate your Presidency and put you in jail?

Trump’s attachment to the Establishment
There are two major reasons why Trump is weirdly attached to the Establishment.

  • Source of cash deals. Since the Establishment owns the largest defense companies and corporations, they become the source of all major cash deals. Trump’s primary purpose of being in the White House is making money and by teaming up with the Establishment is how he can make money.
  • Immunity shell from jail. Trumps think that since the Establishment has a lot of control over politics, media and legal networks, they can create an immunity shell for Trumps and they will be secure from all lawsuits and jail.

This is the illusion that he is in and based upon this … he blindly chases cash. An intervention force is a must to control Trump and his disastrous decisions. Trump being a money maniac is a genuine problem that is costing the American taxpayers by the trillions and leading to disasters for the world. Something must be done about this.

How do we break monopoly?
The bigger issues that come with Trump being a money maniac is that … how do we break the monopoly? The bigger purpose of putting Trump in the White House is that he keeps people first and America first. If all that’s needed to sway Trump is a bag of cash then how do we know that Trump is going to remain consistent on any policy?

All of our policies affect the richest of the rich. It might be in the media, manufacturing, industries or corporations … when we try to break monopoly, it affects the richest of the rich. All they need to do is send the guy a bag of cash and Trump will say “I am the President and you are not”. Lol. What is the use of initiating the breakup of the monopoly when our top guy himself can be so easily swayed?

The moment you put cash on the table … he does not listen to anything or follow anything. No logic, no intelligence, no values or principles … he will push everything aside and follow the money. How do we make sure that Trump remains consistent?