13 May 2018
JewH289 Standing up to Netanyahu to save millions of innocent Jews

Trump thinks that he is creating history by recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. Jared and Ivanka think that they are doing a major favor to their religion, Judaism. All three of them don’t know that they are being fooled and they are being used to increase instability and chaos in the region. Interestingly, Netanyahu has already activated termination games to wipe out Israel itself. So much for Jerusalem.

The Israeli Government is the frontend entity of a Criminal Banker Enterprise
The Bankers run their agendas under different skins. Sometimes it is the “security of Israel” and sometimes it is the “Jewish history”. The truth is that under all of these pretexts, the Bankers have only been catering to their own personal agenda and interests. Consolidating and securing Israel was a requirement before as the Banker reserves were located in Israel … which is why the “security of Israel” was the topmost priority and the Jewish history was exploited to gain more and more land.

But now the gold has moved to South China Sea and the priorities have changed. Now the Establishment’s topmost priorities are:

  • Mass Termination Strategies. Wipe out America, Europe and Russia via a massive war.
  • Activate routes to enable the same. To accomplish the above, they will be working on possible routes to facilitate the mass termination.
  • Primary Target – Russia. Russia is the only country in the world that can destroy the West, which is why turning the West against Russia becomes a priority. Almost all major routes will be designed to target Russia or Russian allies to piss off Russia and start the termination program.
  • Send Trump to Jail. While they are working on the above, their secondary focus is on terminating the Trump Presidency … demonize Trump, impeach Trump, make him quit or send Trumps to jail. This is their secondary priority.
  • Some terror events. Islam and terror has taken a back seat. The anti-Russian propaganda and sending Trumps to jail is getting more popularity in the West. These agendas are more closer to the Establishment’s objectives of the mass termination program.

Jerusalem move will only create more instability and chaos
Since the Establishment’s priorities have “terror and chaos” in their top list … they will welcome any move that will help in the same. US recognition of Jerusalem as the Capital is one such move. They need conflict and chaos … and this move helps in creating friction and worsening relations. The Establishment will always welcome moves that will be anti-Russian, anti-Trump or pro-Terror. And with Jerusalem, they are getting both … an anti-Trump and pro-terror move. This move will help demonize Trump all over the Middle East and the world … at the same time, it will help create conflict and friction. It is a move that will be open heartedly welcome by the Establishment at this moment in time.

Nuclear Holocaust of 7 million Jews by a Jew – creating a Holocaust in the name of “defending Israel”
The shocking part of this malicious and criminal Establishment is that … they are ready to use Israel as bait to start this mass termination strategy.

  • Repeated attacks on Syria. They are repeatedly attacking Syria, a country protected by a world superpower, Russia … only to piss off Russia.
  • Planning to attack Russian defense systems in Syria. Israeli leaders are openly calling to bomb Russian defense systems installed in Syria … something that even America would not do.
  • Attacking Iran in Syria. They are using pretexts like … “we are attacking Iran in Syria”. Israel attacking Iran in Syria is the same as … Iran attacking America in Israel. Will it be acceptable if Iran says that “America is an enemy State and America should not supply any military hardware, weapons or planes to Israel. Iran will attack all military infrastructure provided by America in Israel”. Is this something acceptable under International Law? America and Israel have bilateral agreements and friendship. They will help each other as much as possible. The same applies to Syria and Iran … whatever they are doing, it is in their countries. It is in complete accordance to International Law. Israel has no business bombing Syria under this pretext. Israel is breaking international law … entering a foreign territory, causing damage to human lives and infrastructure.
  • Preemptive strikes on Iran. Just wait for it … very soon in the future … Netanyahu will also want to use military action to stop and control Iran. Whatever Iran does in its territory … it is their business. But this is not about following any law or human rights for Netanyahu.

The Establishment has exhausted all of its routes and channels to facilitate the mass termination. It is at a desperate low and it is using Netanyahu to put Israel in “suicide mode”. “Whatever the hell is required … to start this damn war … lets do that … including bombing Russian defense systems or attacking Iran itself.” This is what they are doing.

The Main Criminals caught Red Handed
Till date, the wars were run by George Bush or Hillary Clinton … they got the blame for it. Both of them got a humiliating exit from politics. But now there is no war mongering from the White House. Trump has his own disadvantages … he does not know much and he loves money … which is why his Presidency is mainly blunders and scams. Trump may be many things but he is not a puppet. We have our main Establishment criminals right on the frontend running their mass termination agenda by themselves.

We had already warned about this before. We wrote about this about 2 years ago in Feb 2016. Check it out:

Rothschild’s Dilemma – How many Jews should I blow up?

We know their criminal patterns and how they use terror events to run agendas. We had already predicted that the Establishment will use Israel and terminate Israel to facilitate this mass termination strategy. It was written two years ago and Netanyahu is running the exact same pattern today.

Israel in “suicide mode”
If you look at Israel realistically … then who the hell is Israel and who the hell is Netanyahu? Israel is a tiny country on the coast, created 70 years ago, of only 8 million people. And who is it challenging?

  • Iran. A country that is more than 7000 years old with 80 million people.
  • Russia. A country that is more than a 1000 years old with 145 million people … which is also the world’s superpower with an incredibly strong military and nuclear technology.

America has 330 million people and it is also a world superpower … but if it has to take any military action then it goes to the Security Council. It makes sure that it is not harming any Russian citizen or infrastructure. Despite being a world superpower, America makes sure that it is following protocol and not hurting any Russian interests.

Netanyahu’s blind aggression towards Syria, Iran and Russia … is not about Israel at all. It is a criminal banker agenda designed to wipe out Israel in order to start a world war. Netanyahu is literally putting Israel in suicide mode. About 7 million Jews will be burnt in a nuclear holocaust in Israel and the aftermaths of this war will lead to worldwide anti-Semitism. Because it is Netanyahu who started this war to cover-up the debt crisis created by the Jewish Establishment … Jews all around the world will face mass expulsions … mainly from America and Europe.

Interestingly, the Establishment already knows that this will happen. So, they have created several “empty cities” in China to welcome the expelled Jews. This is their exit strategy … “hey, we have moved the gold to China … anti-Semitism will rise in the West … all Jews are welcome to China … that is, if you make it out alive from the war.”

Its time to stand up to Netanyahu to save millions of Jews
We cannot allow Netanyahu to run criminal and malicious banker agendas worldwide to cover up the bullshit that the Establishment has done. Common Jews have taken no part in this malice and they will not be victims of this malice. Its time to stop Netanyahu’s war games. He has absolutely no interest in Israel or Jews. These games are only designed to facilitate mass termination of beautiful cities that are home to millions of Jews. It will only create death, destruction and hate for the common Jews.

Banker Hypocrisy towards Russia
Let’s start with Russia, as it is one of the fastest and most effective leader in this movement of controlling Establishment malice till date. Netanyahu’s aggression and war moves must be controlled at all costs. These are the bullshit excuses and propaganda that they will use to support their aggression:

  • Israel is defending itself
  • Israel has the right to respond
  • The US was informed
  • Iran’s presence in Syria is a threat
  • Iran’s nuclear program is a threat

Whatever bullshit they might come up with … until and unless there is a direct attack on Israel … they must be pressurized to:

  • Follow International Law
  • Respect other’s territory and boundaries
  • Approach the UN Security Council
  • And if they act, it should be strictly proportional

Netanyahu must not be allowed to take any unilateral action of aggression against any country. It must be condemned and it must be stopped. Because if you look at the bigger picture … Israel’s aggression is not about Israel or its security. All of these moves are only designed to run an anti-Russian campaign and to bomb Russian allies. Netanyahu has no business entering other country’s territory without permission.

If you look at the hypocrisy of this banker Establishment … then Netanyahu is the frontend entity for the bankers and so is Macron. Macron does not directly represent the Central Bankers … but he is also a banker puppet. He also runs all banker agendas in France as well as worldwide. Look at his treatment towards Russia. How many times did Macron standup for Russia? Why did Macron expel Russian diplomats? Macron is offering nothing but aggressive moves towards Russia. Why? It’s a banker agenda. Being anti-Russia is the Establishment’s agenda.

On one side they are sending Netanyahu … to pester you and to coax you to allow them to bomb Syria. And the same Establishment is using their other puppet, Macron, to stab you in the back. In reality, both of them are making anti-Russian moves. One guy is bombing Russian allies and the other guy is taking direct action against Russia.

Netanyahu must not be given any access to bomb any country whatsoever. This “terror propaganda” of the Establishment should be contained within Israel itself. There is a lot of damage that these guys do routinely in their own country itself … that crap it too much to handle already. It is a 50 year old crisis which is only getting worse every year. We cannot allow these “terror and crisis specialists” to mislead and destroy our beautiful world.

The fear of speaking against Israel
Coming to America, there is a general hesitation in speaking against Netanyahu or Israel. But what you should realize is that … the times are different and the scenarios are drastic. This time:

  • You are not speaking against Israel but you are speaking to save Israel
  • Standing up to Netanyahu’s destructive mass termination strategies … is not being against Israel … but it is being in favor of Israel
  • Standing up to Netanyahu is saving millions of Jews who don’t know what is going on
  • You are saving Israel and you are saving millions of innocent Jews who have no part in this Banker malice
  • If Netanyahu is not controlled and this war begins via Israel … then there will be severe post-war anti-Semitism and millions of innocent Jews will be expelled from America and Europe.
  • You are saving millions of innocent resident Jews in America and Europe

CNN and Haaretz are doing a fantastic job on this front in challenging Netanyahu. More voices will help.

“Syria and Iran” are only the frontend skin of the game
Another aspect that America must note is that …

  • We have Israel, an American ally, on one side and
  • We have Syria and Iran, American opposition, on the other side
  • Whose side do we take?

This is not about taking sides … this is not about being an ally or not. This is about “one world”. This is about saving our world. This “pretext” that Netanyahu is using that … “he is attacking Iran in Syria … Iran is a threat … Iran is this and that” … all of that is nothing but a frontend skin of the game. And the game that they are running is of a “mass termination strategy” that will affect dozens of countries right from America till all the way to Russia.

Combating Mass Termination Games
This is the exact activity that has to be controlled in order to eliminate any mass termination strategy:

  • Repeated acts of war
  • Repeated aggression against other countries
  • Repeated military action
  • Continuous military buildup
  • Continuous conflict and friction

Track these events … most of these events are being carried out by the Establishment and the primary targets of these events are Russia and Russian allies. This is the exact activity that needs to be controlled and terminated in order to eliminate the chances of a mass termination. The Establishment has several tentacles … doesn’t matter where the origin is from … it might be America, Europe or Israel … these repeated aggressive acts of war and conflict must be stopped and eliminated for good. This is what will secure our world.

Some channels that can be used to control Netanyahu

  • Domestic Level in Israel. I am sure Netanyahu is bragging about bombing Syria and trying to get praise for his work. But the majority of the Jewish population does not know that Netanyahu is trying to use Israel as bait to start a world war. Israel will be one of the first countries that will be wiped out by Russia if the war begins. This truth of events in the next coming stages must be exposed and presented to the Jewish people in Israel.
    • Opposition Parties. There are several opposition parties that are pissed off at Netanyahu. This is about protecting Israel and millions of Jews. Opposition parties within Israel must be used to expose Netanyahu’s bluff and expose his disastrous plans.
    • Media within Israel. Media channels within Israel should be used to expose Netanyahu and stop him from putting Israel at risk with a war against Russia.
  • International Diplomatic Routes. Diplomats from America, Europe and Russia must come into action to expose Netanyahu’s banker plans to destroy Israel. And they should take measures to control Netanyahu’s aggression on other countries, especially on Russian allies. This must be done with or without Trump … with or without America. If Trump does not act then Democrats must come into action. Europe and Russia must not wait for America to act. This war will drastically affect all of America, Europe and Russia. Don’t wait for the other one to step forward and save you. Make your own moves to save your country and people.
  • International Media. Media outlets like RT, CNN and Haaretz are doing a fantastic job in questioning and pulling up Netanyahu to task. They should discuss the next adverse possibilities that could happen because of Netanyahu’ war mongering and aggression. Especially when he is putting Israel at risk by attacking countries protected by Russia.
  • International Pressure Points. These guys are a bunch of criminals. Most of the time, the moment they get exposed, they will back off or run away. Netanyahu will be like, “no, no, no … are you crazy … I don’t want Israel to get destroyed, no way.” And he will sheepishly back away, regretting that his banker plans have been exposed. This is the weakest point of this criminal Establishment … they fear exposure. The moment they are exposed, they run like chicken. Their money or power does not help them … owing to their crime, they run like chicken. But just in case, they don’t and try to force these destructive plans then some pressure points that can be used on Netanyahu are:
    • UN Security Council. Any action of Israel should be in “proportion” to any alleged aggression from the other side. Most of the time, this “alleged aggression” is faked by Israel itself. They fake attacks on themselves to start mass campaigns of destruction. If Israel wants to make any attack … it must first get the approval from the Security Council.
    • International Criminal Court. Israel has made so many attacks on their territory that Syria and Iran can take help from Russia and move the International Criminal Court against Netanyahu’s continuous bombing. All of these are war crimes and against International Law. Syria and Iran should not waste any time and file papers calling Netanyahu a “war criminal” and demand an investigation on the bombing of Syrian military targets. They can initiate this move already.
    • Sanctions. If Netanyahu is not being controlled with the above moves then America and European countries must explore the pressure of sanctions to control Netanyahu. Sanctioning Israel is not the objective but stopping Netanyahu’s drastic plans is the main objective.
    • Boycott Movement. This is another pressure point that can be explored to affect Israeli based businesses in order to pressurize Netanyahu’s government. I don’t think that it will be necessary but it is an available pressure point that will work.

Future Steps
Based upon US withdrawal from the Nuclear Deal, Iran is planning “industrial scale nuclear development”. Netanyahu will again try to use this opportunity to cry for:

  • Israel’s security
  • Israel is under threat
  • The world is becoming dangerous
  • Iran is a threat to the world and bla bla bla

All of this is actually the opposite. It is Netanyahu that is trying to run a malicious and destructive banker propaganda. Netanyahu’s future aggression and military action must be stopped.

Keeping an eye on Netanyahu is a must
As long as Establishment monopoly is not broken down … the debt crisis will remain a major pressure point for the Establishment and they will try to facilitate mass termination strategies in one way or the other. It is a must to keep an eye on “chemical attacks” placed in Europe which will be blamed on Russia. And it is a must to keep an eye on Netanyahu who may desperately try to initiate the war himself.

We have successfully failed all of Establishment’s gimmicks and bogus propagandas since the past 6 years. They are at a desperate low. Politicians and events that might lead to a conflict must be kept under watch. The only remaining war mongering politician is Netanyahu and the events will be directed at Russia. All of these will be setups designed by the Establishment.