11 May 2018
JewH288 The Establishment is using Israel as “bait” to start a World War

An event was created on 9/11. This event was used to blame pre-planned targets and carryout a pre-planned attack. The continuous repetition of the same criminal pattern in the recent months clearly shows us who carried out 9/11. In its craze for a World War, the Establishment has stooped to using Israel as “bait” to start the war and in the process it is also exposing all of its core criminal patterns.

The typical 9/11 style attack

  • Place the Event. On September 11 of 2001, about 3000 people died and about 6000 people were injured.
  • Blame the Pre-Planned Target. This event was used to blame “pre-planned” targets of Afghanistan and Iraq.
  • Carry out the Pre-Planned Attack. Politicians were used to carry out the pre-planned attack on these countries and start long term wars.

This nature of a 9/11 style attack being “pre-planned” raises the question of “who carried out 9/11?” It is one of the most investigated and discussed topics in the US … where people want to know the truth about 9/11. Well right now, the Establishment has given us clear evidence of who carried out this attack.

Recent 9/11 Styled Attacks
The Establishment is keen on a war with Russia. The debt based systems of the Establishment in America and Europe are creating a massive debt crisis … owing to which many of these countries will collapse under debt. A war against Russia will help the Establishment “cover up” all of this mess that it has created in the West. The only country in the world that can destroy the West is Russia. Thus it is incredibly important for the Establishment to piss off Russia, worsen relations with Russia and start a war with Russia. The resultant war will be a favor for this Establishment.

Now, take a look at all of the below recent events … placed in 9/11 style … in order to infuriate and start a conflict with Russia.

  • Russian Spy Poisoning
    • Place the Event. A couple of Russians were poisoned in the UK.
    • Blame the Pre-Planned Target. Russia was blamed for this event.
    • Carry out the Pre-Planned Attack. Dozens of Russians were expelled from several EU countries on the basis of this event.
  • Chemical Attacks in Syria
    • Place the Event. Chemical attacks are being placed in Syria, a country protected by Russia.
    • Blame the Pre-Planned Target. The Syrian Government is blamed for the attack.
    • Carry out the Pre-Planned Attack. Missile strikes are being carried out against a country protected by Russia on the basis of this event.
  • Targeting Iran
    • Place the Event. Israel “claims” that a rocket was fired at Golan Heights by Iran.
    • Blame the Pre-Planned Target. Israel is blaming Iran for this attack.
    • Carryout the Pre-Planned Attack. Using the pretext of one rocket being fired at Israel, they sent 28 fighter jets to attack dozens of military bases in Syria … on the pretext of fighting Iran in Syria.

What is going on? Why has Israel taken the center stage to start wars?
Till date, all of these major wars were being carried out “indirectly” under one pretext or the other. But all of these “channels of conflict” have been eliminated.

  • No Al Qaeda. Al Qaeda has been mostly eliminated. Blaming attacks on Al Qaeda does not work now because they need a war against Russia. And the Establishment cannot sell a link between Al Qaeda and Russia. They cannot say that Putin is connected to Al Qaeda.
  • No ISIS. ISIS has been mostly eliminated from the scene. Due to cooperation from Russia, countries are being secured from terrorists.
  • No Saddam or Gaddafi. There is no “dictator or madman” in the Middle East that they want to get rid of.
  • Russia protects weak countries. Russia is very keenly protecting countries under threat by America. So, there is no point in demonizing their governments or use religion as the channel for conflict.
  • No Radical Islam. The concept of Radical Islam has been vaporized. Since Russia is protecting the weak nations, there is no point in demonizing Islam anymore. They cannot use this channel either.
  • Trump wants Nobel Prizes. Recently, Trump is also showing keen interest in winning Nobel Prizes instead of marketing wars. Nobel Prizes are more helpful for the Trump Presidency.

The Establishment has basically lost all of its “indirect” routes and channels for conflict. But it is desperate for war … because if the debt crisis blows up then it will be a major catastrophe for their systems setup worldwide. The Establishment will lose control over the world when their systems explode and when the people will see the fraud and scandals in their systems. In their desperation for war … the Establishment is itself forced to step forward and do its own war marketing.

The Main Miscreants take the Center Stage
There is no George Bush or Hillary GodDamn Clinton in the White House. Trump is a new comer and he is not an Establishment puppet. Obama understood what was going on and he fired Hillary as Secretary of State … since then there has been no war mongering from the White House. It has forced these “main miscreants” to come forward and run their own agenda directly instead of using a puppet.

Netanyahu or the current Israeli Government is nothing but a frontend representation of the Central Bankers. All major wars are “banker wars”. All of them are master-minded and designed by the Bankers. Netanyahu just runs their agenda and policies as the frontend guy. The Bankers want the termination of the West via Russia to cover up their malice in these countries. And this is exactly what Netanyahu is working on repeatedly.

World War II Model – Poland and Germany
The model what they are using to start the world war is something very similar to what they did in World War II. Poland was used to start the war with Germany. In Poland along with the border with Germany, there were many residents of German descent. What Poland started doing was … they started killing these German residents again and again. They started carrying out massacres only to piss off Hitler and invite him in a war against Poland. These massacres were carried out repeatedly and it forced Germany to intervene.

Netanyahu is running the exact same strategy in Syria. He is forcing Russia or Iran for a direct conflict.

  • First it was attacking Syrian military bases using one or two jets.
  • Then it started Chemical Attacks
  • Now, they are sending in 28 fighter jets to carryout large scale attacks in Syria

This is direct war … against international law, against humanity and repeated provocation to invite a conflict from Russia or Iran. It is the same repetition of Polish behavior.

The Criminal Patterns and using Israel as “bait”
In its desperation for a world war, the Establishment is openly exposing its malicious and criminal side.

  • Criminals are filtered out. Since, there is no Establishment puppet in the White House and no one wants war … these main criminals come in the frontend. We get to know who exactly is behind these wars and malice.
  • Criminal Patterns. They have repeatedly used 9/11 styled attacks to run their agenda. Based upon their criminal patterns we know who carried out 9/11 and who is behind all of the terrorism that has been going on since one and a half decade.
  • Using Israel as bait. And shockingly … these criminals are so self-centered and self-absorbed in protecting themselves, that they are ready to use the entire State of Israel as “bait” to start this world war.

The Establishment Bankers no longer need Israel

  • The gold has moved to South China Sea. The primary purpose of creating Israel was to store Banker reserves … which is why “Israel’s security” was the number one priority for them. But now the gold has been moved to a more secure location in South China Sea. The Bankers no longer need the State of Israel.
  • Israeli Jews are a threat. Almost half of Israel’s population knows the secret behind the creation of the State of Israel and they know the many many secret criminal and Satanic practices in Judaism. They know how the Banker Establishment connected everything and created systems to facilitate these criminal systems around the world. If America and Russia combine to protect these Jews, then they will start talking. Half of the Israeli population is actually a direct threat to the Establishment’s malicious systems.
  • Israel is a crime scene. Israel is less of a country and more of a “crime scene”. The Establishment has its classified biotechnology labs located in Israel. Training on several Satanic based programs is being done in Israel. If the Israeli government falls and a new people centric government comes into place … then it will lead to a full exploration and study of all criminal and Satanic practices right inside the “pandora box”.

For the Establishment, this is equivalent to the FBI knocking on your door when you have just stolen a bank. So, the quick and easy solution for this is … “use Israel as bait” …

  • Wipe out Israel itself
  • Destroy the crime scene
  • Get rid of all evidence and witnesses
  • Blame everything on a World War

This is exactly what they are working on. The Jewish Establishment is ready to wipe out 7 Million Israeli Jews living on the Holy Land … just to protect their ass.

The Bigger Picture
If you look at all of these recent events … then they are surrounded around Russia.

  • The Russian Spy poisoning … is directed at Russia.
  • Chemical Attacks … directed at bombing a Russian ally.
  • Targeting Iran in Syria … again directed at repeatedly bombing a Russian ally.

Via several channels the Establishment is trying to provoke and start a war with Russia.

What is at risk?
This is what Trump, EU and Russian leaders should understand … what is at risk? What will happen in the next steps? Israeli leaders are openly saying that they will attack Russian defense systems installed in Syria. This is something that America also does not think of. America is a world superpower with massive nuclear resources …

  • America itself understands the consequences of attacking Russian defense systems
  • America itself understands what will happen if a war with Russia begins
  • America itself makes sure that there is absolutely no direct conflict with Russia

Then who the hell is Netanyahu and who the hell is Israel to attack Russian defense systems? Israel is a tiny country of 8 million people on the coast. Russia can easily wipe out Israel in no time. This is something that the Bankers already know and understand. And they are ready to use Israel as bait to start a larger World War. And this war … if it begins via Israel then:

  • It will lead to the termination of 7 Million Israeli Jews in a Nuclear Holocaust
  • It will put the lives of 330 Million Americans at risk with a war against Russia
  • It will put the lives of hundreds of millions of EU and Russian residents at risk
  • It will create catastrophic consequences right from America till all the way till Russia

Issues that Trump will face
The direct issues that President Trump will face … if Israel attacks Russian defense systems and if Israel starts this war:

  • It will be known that Trump turned a blind eye while Israel was starting a World War
  • It will be known that Trump showed extremely weak world leadership in testing times
  • It will be known that Trump could not lead the world successfully
  • Trump will be held responsible for a catastrophic Nuclear War … which was actually started by Israel. But Trump will get the blame for it because America will have to eventually enter the war.
  • A massive Nuclear catastrophe will happen under the Trump Presidency
  • If a war with Russia begins under Trump, then obviously Russia will take down all Trump properties around the world
  • The Trump Family will be known as the most catastrophic family to ever have been elected into the White House because there was never a nuclear war before and this catastrophe happened under Trump.

What to do? How to handle this?
Managing Israel is a messy job. It requires efforts from 3 different channels. Israel’s actions need to be contained and controlled diplomatically and publicly via the media from these countries:

  • America
  • Russia and
  • EU

Understanding Israel
Israel is not just a country. There is no country in the world of 8 Million people that behaves like Israel does. There is absolutely no country of this size that behaves like Israel. Lol. This is mainly because … Israel does not exist or function like a country … it does not cater to its people or run policies as per international law … this is mainly because it is a “banker frontend entity”. The only thing that the current Israeli government does is … run banker agendas worldwide. And since there is a massive debt crisis around the world because of these banker debt based policies … these guys are incredibly sensitive and volatile.

If you try to treat Israel as a country then it will always give you surprises … it will always do the unexpected. Controlling Israel is about controlling a vicious criminal banker agenda. It has to be done with patience, love and force … because any disaster will result in the extermination of 7 Million Jews and put the lives of hundreds of millions of Americans, Europeans and Russians at risk.

Overcome Israel’s Bullshit Excuses
The first thing that you need to do is overcome Israel’s bullshit excuses:

  • Israel will defend itself
  • Israel has the right to respond
  • The US was informed of our action

All of the above is total bullshit. Your “defense” or any action:

  • Should not result in a humanitarian crisis for the other country
  • Should not cause disproportionate damage to the other country
  • Should not cause billions in damage to infrastructure to the other country
  • Should not take lives of dozens or hundreds of their people

In the name of “defending Israel” and responding to any attack … they create pre-planned catastrophes for the other country. All of this is “unacceptable” under International Law and norms.

Save Israel from Netanyahu and the Establishment
Under these “skins” of defending Israel and protecting Israel … Netanyahu is using Israel as a bait to start a world war. He is ready to create a nuclear holocaust for 7 million Jews. We have to save Israel from Netanyahu and the Establishment.

Pressurize and Contain Israel
Trump should team up directly or indirectly with the EU and Russian leaders to follow the below measures to save Israel from the Establishment. And if Trump cannot do this on his own then the EU and Russian leaders should take their own initiatives in controlling Israel and exposing its malicious plans.

  • Follow International Law. You have to pressurize Israel to follow international law. It is a compulsory requirement of the hour. We cannot allow Israel to do whatever it wants to whichever country it wants under any skin or pretext that it makes up. Israel has to respect other country’s sovereignty and boundaries … something it has not been doing since the past 70 years.
  • UN Security Council. Any military action should be approved by the Security Council. A world superpower like America goes to the Security Council when it has to take action against any country … it might be Libya or Syria. But Israel has no respect for any international law or norms. One rocket falls into Golan Heights … and they sent a barrage of 28 fighter jets in Syria. This is not how the International Law functions. Israel must be pressurized to approach the Security Council for any military issue.
  • Proportionate Response. Under any emergency, if Israel wants to “defend” itself or respond to any action … then it must be in proportion to the alleged action. One rocket falls in your country … which does hardly any damage … and you go and destroy billions worth infrastructure of other country … and kill dozens and hundreds of people … this is “criminal activity”. Firstly, there is no proof that Iran fired any rockets in Israel. This attack is most probably faked … just like all other events are faked as per Establishment agenda. Any disproportionate response must be condemned and Israel must be held responsible … and investigations must be launched via the International Criminal Court.
  • Face Sanctions. If Israel continues its war games then Trump must be ready to use the stick of sanctions to pressurize and control Israel.

Full Fledged Use of the Media
All of the above must be done Diplomatically as well as with the full-fledged use of the media. You are not dealing with a normal country here. The government of this country runs criminal banker agendas. And the best way to contain and control crime is via the media. Netanyahu must be pulled up and asked to explain:

  • How he is going to be responsible for the lives of 7 Million Jews if Russia responds?
  • How is Netanyahu going to be responsible for the lives of hundreds of millions of Americans, Europeans and Russians if this war begins?
  • What is Israel’s plan to protect America and Europe from Russia?
  • What investment is Israel making to protect America and Europe?
  • What kind of missile shield or technology is Israel offering to protect America and Europe from Russia?

Publicly Israeli officials must be asked about the next steps in this war and how they plan to face the consequences. This awareness among the people must be spread at full scale … within Israel as well as in America, Europe and Russia. Controlling Israel is “busting criminal banker agendas”. Israel’s activities have nothing to do with Syria or Iran … none of these countries care to attack or waste time on Israel. It is these bankers that are desperately trying to initiate a massive war. Syria and Iran is just a pretext.

Israel is the last channel for a world war
The Establishment has tried everything that is possible for a world war. From sanctions and isolation … to expulsion of diplomats and chemical attacks … from Al Qaeda to ISIS … from anti-Muslim to anti-Russian agendas … from turning Christians against Muslims to turning the West against Russia. And we have successfully failed them in everything. Lol. The Establishment is so desperate that it is eager to use Israel as bait for the war. This the last door that they can use … if we shut this door … then the game is over for them. Their mass termination strategies will be busted for good.

To bring about a change in the world then peace is a must. When there is war then you cannot work on systemic reform or revolutions. If we can lock out all channels that can be used to initiate war then we will have peace … we will have the perfect requirement to begin the transformation of the world. Managing the current Israeli government is a must. America cannot nod along with them in the name of being “allies”. America’s number one priority is the 330 Million Americans that make America. And anything and everything that poses a threat or risk to 330 Million Americans must be controlled and contained … and this includes Israel.