06 May 2018
JewH287 The Path to Changing the World

Let’s make a few things easy for Trump and show him the basic outline of the complete plan … so that he knows where he is at any instant of time and what he needs to do ahead. The illustration basically shows the major milestones of something that the Matrix has been working on since the past 10 years.

Establishment Exploitation Systems and Abnormal Times
We have been telling you this since your Campaign days itself … these are not normal times. We are in very sensitive and critical times where anything can happen. This is all because of the exploitation systems setup by the Establishment. These guys are the main criminals behind this malice. I will give you a very simple way of verifying their connection to this malice.

  • Why did Netanyahu wait to talk about Iran’s Nuclear Program? Why didn’t he talk about it during the Chemical Attack in Syria? Or why didn’t he talk about it at least 2 days before the Chemical Attacks? He already had the information.
  • Why doesn’t a White Policeman kill a Black Guy at the same time when a Muslim blows up a bomb? Why don’t these two events happen at the same time?
  • What is the connection between this policeman and the Muslim that they are able to manage the timing of the events?
  • Why didn’t the Russian Spy poisoning happen along with the Chemical Attack?
  • Why aren’t these events happening simultaneously together?

Carry out the event and mold the mind
The Establishment strategy is …

  • Carry out the event
  • Give it full-fledged publicity
  • Mold the minds of the people
  • Run their own agenda using the event

These are the sequence of steps that need to be carried out so that the “agenda” of this criminal Establishment is properly executed. If these events overlap then …

  • The media will be divided
  • No single event gets proper attention
  • People think that it’s a screwed up world where bad things are happening all around and hopes that the government can handle it.
  • Mind molding fails when the attention is divided
  • And thus their agenda fails

Which is why, recently you will see that this is the sequence of events that happened:

  • Russian Spy poisoning event happened. It was given full-fledged publicity. Using this event dozens of Russian Diplomats were expelled from several countries. The agenda was to facilitate anti-Russian moves from the West.
  • Chemical Attack in Syria. Once the agenda of the first event was accomplished, then the next event was placed. This event again was given maximum publicity and it was used to attack Syria, a country protected by Russia. The first event was designed to piss off Russia and then the next event was shooting missiles on a country protected by Russia. It was a clear “mass termination strategy” being pulled off by the Establishment. If Russia would attack any Western country then the World War would instantly begin.
  • Iran’s Nuclear Program. Once the Establishment fully utilized the above two events … they are moving on with the next event … of demonizing Iran’s Nuclear Program. Now, they are trying to capitalize on this.

All of these events are “systematically” designed at the right time and place to run Establishment agenda. You will never find any instant where …

  • A White Policeman shoots a Black Man and
  • A Muslim blows up a bomb and
  • A Chemical Attack happens in Syria and
  • A Russian Spy or Diplomat is killed

All of these events never happen together at once … at any instant of time. Not even two or three of them together. They claim that it is because of “institutional racism” that Black men are being killed. They claim that it is because of Islam that Muslims are bad. They claim that Assad is bad. They claim that Russia is bad. If all of these 4 entities are naturally bad … then why aren’t they acting at random as per their nature? Why is there a calculated and systematic space of each of these events? Does Islam stop being bad when a White Policeman is in action or does Russia stop being bad when a Muslim blows up a bomb?

The pattern and the logic clearly indicates that all of these events are designed by one and the same criminal entity of the Establishment that uses all of these events to run its personal agenda. This is not new information … this topic is more than 10 years old. These criminals have been under surveillance since a decade now. Any supporter of these criminal systems is also put under surveillance.

Break Monopoly and Take Our Country Back
The only solution for these exploitation systems is to break Establishment monopoly and take our country back. As long as our banks, media, politics and corporations remain in the hands of a few criminals, the exploitation will continue. This is something that has already been decided in the Matrix. We have to break monopoly.

The Path to Changing the World
These criminal systems are so massively widespread that once you start working on them and start fixing things in favor of the people … then you will end up changing the world itself. You will create a New World Order. Some basic milestones on this path are:

01. The Right Candidate
One of the most basic pre-requisite for this project is to have the “right candidate” placed at key decision making points. This whole show of Establishment puppetry is because of political puppets who never make any right decisions in favor of the people or the country. This is one of the major tasks that the Matrix has been working on … in pulling “people centric” candidates … candidates who are not Establishment puppets.

This is why the Matrix is focusing on candidates like Trump and Oprah. And this is why billions worth of free media coverage was given to Trump during his candidacy. Because this is the most important milestone in the project … to have a “people centric President”. If we have a guy in the White House who will always keep people first and America first … then the job is already half done. This is an incredibly important part of the work.

02. Decision Making
Once you have a people centric President then all of the next steps fall into place. We already have President Putin in Russia and Chancellor Angela Merkel in Germany … both of whom are incredibly people oriented. Dealing with these criminal exploitation systems is not only about America … we eventually have to work with Russia and other G8 countries. And then this will move to the United Nations. It will begin from America but then it will spread all across the world. It is a global project and you will be laying the foundations and frameworks for the “world’s reform”. This is what you have been chosen for.

By putting you in the White House, the Matrix has successfully picked a good people centric candidate. Two major milestones have been accomplished. Despite the racist policies and despite the sex scandals … the Matrix still succeeded in getting to the second milestone.

03. Active Democracy
All of this work is being done so that we can change the world. This is the bigger picture that the Matrix is looking at. They picked a hotel owner with no political experience … gave him billions worth media coverage … because this candidate is not an Establishment puppet and he would be an ideal candidate to change America and the world. And in order to change America and to change the world … the next milestone is pretty darn simple. It is as simple as shooting an email or making a phone call … and start working with Active Democracy. There is no obstruction or a major obstacle in this at all. It is incredibly easy.

You start collaborating … get people centric policies and start implementing them. As per the Matrix calculations … it should not have taken more than a couple of months for this to happen. They were like … “hey we rigged the entire system … gave him billions worth of free coverage … defeated the entire Establishment system and put him in the White House … now the next step is pretty darn easy”. But amusingly to the Matrix surprise … President Trump says … “I am the President and you are not” and starts running in the opposite direction, blowing up trillions of tax payer money and starts supporting a bunch of criminals. Lol.

The whole project is stalled because of this. The Matrix is bewildered and shocked at the continued lack of action … and they had to launch “consequence based simulations”. There were like … “if he does good work then fine … if he blunders deliberately then there will be consequences”. And Trump was giving blunder after blunder … and they had to activate the media, intelligence, legal networks and people at key positions to hold him off. Instead of Trump keeping America First … he ended up being at war against America. He is busy fighting against the media, intelligence, legal networks and other people. He is at war with his own country.

04. Design New Systems
The fourth milestone was the designing of new PC (People Centric) systems. Trump could initiate PC systems via Executive Order or by creating proper legal structures in the Congress. But this step cannot happen … because he does not have any PC systems. So what the Matrix has to do now is to evaluate Trump’s existence in a Key Decision Making position … should we allow Trump to remain in the White House? Or should we terminate his Presidency? And bring in the next people centric leader. This is why the talk of Oprah came into place.

If the Matrix can manage the country and put a hotel owner with no experience … with racist policies and sex scandals … if they can put such a guy in the White House … do you think that they will have any difficulty in putting Oprah in the White House? A more useful viewpoint for you would be to think … why Oprah? Why not any of the other 535 members of the Congress? Because the need of the hour is “people centric leaders who are not puppets”.

Since Trump is not moving ahead with the next milestone, the Matrix has to go back to the first milestone of bringing in the next “Right Candidate”. All of the efforts that were put into place of …

  • One year of campaigning for Trump
  • Billions worth publicity
  • One year of the Trump Presidency and
  • The waiting time for the next Right Candidate to come into place

All of this time is being wasted. This is where the fury of the Matrix is. Now, they have to redo the whole process to pull another candidate into place. Which is why the consequence that they are designing on you are pretty hard.

All next milestones get stalled

  • 05. People Power. People don’t get the changes that they need.
  • 06. Implement. Changes don’t get implemented in the US and Europe.
  • 07. Change World. The world does not change and all exploitation and abuse continue.

Worthless Presence in the White House
When there is no change for the people then Trump’s presence in the White House becomes totally worthless. Which is why you will find that many media professionals don’t even refer to you as “President Trump” … they call you “the dude in the White House or the guy in the White House”. They don’t even refer to you as President. Technically you are the President … you are thinking that you are the President … but nobody cares that you are the President. Nobody respects you as the President. In fact, everyone is busy trying to remove you from the White House and terminate your Presidency.

One of the major reasons for this is … you have failed to play your role, till date. You have failed to work on a path to change the world. Just look at the milestones shown in the illustration and you will know where you are.

An Opportunity to Change the World
Yes, we are at the peak of Establishment malice in the world. But this is also a fantastic opportunity to change the world. You are sitting in the White House at one of the most phenomenal times where stunning changes can be done. If you work on this path then you will be one of the key leaders that reformed the whole world. You will have a fantastic legacy. You will lay the foundations and frameworks that the entire world will follow. You can be a legend or you can get flushed out. Choice is yours.