04 May 2018
JewH286 Matrix hammering is “consequence” based

Trump is probably thinking that all of these simulations are a setup. They are fake and a total hoax. Yes, it is a setup and pre-planned but they are real. Simulations are “controlled reality”. What happens in the next steps and phases can be controlled. Simulations are designed to deliver consequences based upon the actions of the politician.

Establishment hammering is malice
The hammering that the Establishment designs is pure malice.

  • It is self-centered
  • It is about their agenda
  • It is about supporting their systems and benefits

The Matrix is the City
It is your own country. It is a massive network of intelligence agencies, legal networks, media, corporations and the people. It is nothing but your own City and country. The City does not have a malicious agenda. The city is all about:

  • American principles, values and rights
  • Christian values and ethics
  • What is right and what is wrong

This is how the Matrix or the Silent Majority functions.

The need for consequences
Based upon this program of pulling in “new comers” in the White House … in order to change the system … in order to change the world and create fantastic people centric systems … the Matrix had to consider the “worst case scenarios”. They are putting a new comer in the most powerful office in the World.

  • What if there is misuse of the White House?
  • What if the new comer does not get on the right track?
  • What if the new comer makes major blunders?
  • What if he starts creating disasters? Financial disasters or genocidal disasters via war?
  • What if he flips and runs in the opposite direction?

They were putting a new comer in the most powerful office in the World. They were gathering their support elements from the media, politics, campaign finance, public support and voter support … and collectively working in putting a new comer in the White House. This was a massive large scale effort that the Matrix put together … to make sure that the new comer succeeds. They calculated all the possibilities of failure and malice from the other side … and made sure that the new comer would cross all of the required milestones.

Once in the White House, if the new comer was on the right track … doing everything right … then there was nothing much to worry about. Everything went fine and the plan was working out as per the Matrix. But just in case, the opposite happens then what do we do? This is a calculation that the Matrix made even before they started this program.

Design of the Consequences
The Matrix had to calculate of how to make the politician “pay for his deliberate mistakes”. There had to be consequences. These consequences would function as pressure points to keep the politicians on the right track. And thus they had to design simulations for the same. Yes, the simulations were showing you the Establishment functions. How media and intelligence can be used to hammer anyone. This is definitely one of the objectives but more had to be managed via simulations.

Simulations are not only negative. Simulations are “controlled reality”. For example, the massive positive publicity that was given to Trump during the elections, worth billions of dollars, was a simulation. There was no reason for the media to give you so much publicity at all. You had a long list of negative and racist policies on your agenda. But helping you succeed was a requirement as per the bigger plan … as per the bigger purpose that was being worked upon. Despite your negative and racist policies, Trump was maintained at the top of the polls … which he bragged about very often … “I am at the top of the polls. Look at the polls!” Yes, even this was a “controlled reality”. It was controlled to achieve the next milestone required as per the plan.

So, don’t complain that these “simulations” are bad for you. It is this controlled reality that put you in the White House. The Matrix is not a bad entity … they are just trying to do what is right for the people and the world … they are supporting people centric systems and wonderful changes for the world. Bringing you in the White House was one such step.

I am the President and you are not!
The Matrix had already predicted this possibility … what to do when the new comer flips? What if he says … “I am the President and you are not” … and then he starts doing everything wrong. What do we do then? The Matrix’s response in that scenario is:

  • We are the Media and you are not
  • We are the Intelligence Agencies and you are not
  • We are the Legal Networks and you are not
  • We are the people and you are not

If the new comer goes in the opposite direction then he would be managed via Intelligence Agencies, Legal Networks, Media and other networks. If you look at your Presidency today … this is exactly where you are.

  • You are at war with the media. You are the President of the country but you are at a constant war with your own media.
  • You are at war with Intelligence Agencies. You are the President of the country but you are at a constant war with your own Intelligence Agencies.
  • You are at war with your own people. No celebrity wants to perform for you or endorse you. In fact, if anyone makes a positive comment about you then he is hammered. Your own people are at full-fledged war against you.

What happened? Before entering the White House … you were at the top of the polls … you were getting massive positive publicity. But within a few months … everything got reversed. The guy who was saying, “hey, look at the polls. I am at the top of the polls!” The same guy is saying today, “fake media, fake news!” What happened here President Donald J Trump?

I will tell you what happened. Getting you in the White House was a major requirement as per the bigger plan. So, they set aside all of your negative and racist policies … and made sure that you won the elections … doesn’t matter what. The milestone was successfully accomplished. But then after coming into the White House … you were supposed to work on people centric systems and change the world. You were supposed to do phenomenal stuff that has never been done before. That was the second milestone. Instead of moving towards the second milestone, you are on an appeasement track favoring the Establishment that you were supposed to take down. Which is why, the Matrix is designing consequence based simulations.

Consequences match damages being caused
The Matrix basically structures the consequences to match the damages that your actions are causing. There is some room for personal indulgence. Its not that they are ultra-strict. Its only when your actions are causing an adverse impact on millions of people … that’s when consequences are put into action.

Travel Ban, Muslims, Latinos, Blacks, Immigrants
This issue was there in the initial phase of your Presidency. You were designing racist policies. You were creating a massive psychological impact on the American people. Millions of minorities were being affected. Which is why a massive demonization campaign was unleashed against you. The Matrix standing up against you is … your own country against you. It is not something that you can sue or pay off. It is your country.

Which is why I have been repeatedly telling you since your campaign itself … please stick to American values and principles … don’t come off as a racist. Even then … these are not the major blunders. The major bombastic blunders are below.

$1 Trillion in Defense Spending
The country is $70 Trillion in debt. You were chosen to save America from debt based systems. And what you have done in your first year is blow up $1 Trillion on defense spending. This massive spending is having a direct measurable adverse effect on the American people and economy. You are adding trillions of additional debt on the American people.

I know, it would be great if you could be in the “hotel owner mode” … where you can make your money and nobody questions you. You can either sue them or pay them off. This is a hotel management strategy … where you comfortably make your money and people don’t bother you. Does it look like as if its working? You need to move out of this hotel owner mode and understand the bigger picture here.

Indulgence in the tune of “trillions of dollars” that will adversely impact the people at the cost of their tax payer money … this is something that the Matrix will not accept. It is tax payer money that you are blowing up. Some indulgence would be fine … but trillions of tax payer money being blown up invites consequences.

Another major blunder is gifting Jerusalem in order to please a criminal Establishment. 99% of the Matrix is formed by the Christian people of America. America is the largest Christian country in the world. Jerusalem is the home place of Jesus Christ and you are gifting it to a bunch of Satanic criminals who are right now very keen on destroying Israel itself. You are directly affecting the values of 330 million Americans.

The Matrix does not care about personal indulgences … but this move affects the values of billions of people around the world. To the extent that even the Pope is asking you not to do it. When you don’t follow logic and intelligent action … even when you are alerted about it … that’s when consequences are put into action. That’s why the Muellers, the Comeys and the Stormys come after you. If one goes then several others rise.

Delivering consequences is about making you pay one way or the other. And if you keep on making more and more blunders deliberately despite being warned … then you pile up so many consequences that your Presidency will not be able to handle it anymore and it will crumble.

$1 Trillion Tax Cuts to the Rich
With $70 Trillion debt … you have already spent $1 Trillion on defense and then you add an additional debt of $1 Trillion by giving tax cuts to the rich. This is an effort to please the Establishment at the expense of the people. If you see … the entire debt based systems that the Establishment has created … these systems create a debt of $1 Trillion per year. But your current moves and spending is creating an additional $2 Trillion debt for the people. Financially, the Trump Presidency is two times worse than the entire Establishment combined. This is your current state.

There is one thing that what you can do as President … whether you are allowed or not … whether someone can stop you or not. You have certain powers. But then there is another thing that is … “doing what is right for the people”. The White House is not another Trump hotel where you can spend how much ever you want without any consequence.

Politicians are no longer immune for abusing the people
What this Matrix system is basically doing in America is saying that … “politicians are no longer immune for abusing the people”. This is an alternate system to place pressure on “malicious politicians”. Here is where you are coming under the radar as a “key supporter” of criminal systems that blows up trillions of tax payer money to please the criminal Establishment and to benefit himself. And that is not a great profile to have in the Matrix.

Good News – Controlled Reality
And the good news is that … since the simulations are controlled reality then all of this can change. What will happen in the next steps and phases can change … provided you change and move back from the blunders that you are making. It works hand in hand. Its consequence based … no crime then no punishment … continued crime means continued hammering. So basically what happens to you is partly in your hands.