02 May 2018
JewH285 Understanding the Bigger Purpose

Let’s give Trump an understanding of what is going on … so that he understands the bigger game … so that he understands the “bigger purpose” of why he is in the White House. Let’s show him what the Matrix has been doing and what it expects from him.

I am the President, who the hell is he?
See … it is very normal and obvious for anyone to say … “hey, I am the President … who the hell is he? I am the US Citizen that the people elected. This guy is not even a US citizen and he sits in another country on the other side of the Ocean and I am supposed to listen to him? Why the hell do I have to listen to him? I will do stuff my way! I can hire the best people and get done whatever is required. Why do I have to listen to him? This is not normal!”

I know … it is not normal. But then again … tell me what has been normal about your Presidency till date?

  • When was the last time that a new comer in the race got billions worth of free media coverage?
  • When was the last time that a hotel owner ran for President with no experience and won it in one shot?
  • When was the last time that sex scandals were revealed during the election and even then the candidate wins?
  • And when was the last time that the President was so much in trouble in his first year?

My dear President Donald J Trump, there is nothing normal about your Presidency. Why are you expecting anything normal at all? All of these “abnormalities” are happening because of bigger forces in the scene that you don’t see. There are two major forces as such … the Establishment and the Matrix (or the Silent Majority). You already know a little bit about the Establishment … now let me show you some activities of the Matrix.  I will try to put everything on one page so that you at least get the picture of what is going on.

Matrix Activities
It’s a long story … to cut it short … I started writing about the concept of “people power” in 2007 when I was in America. I exposed the flaws in the system, why the system does not change and how people should get involved in changing the systems. The Matrix was tracking my work. The writings became popular within the Matrix. I quickly rose in popularity from the City level to the National level within the Matrix.

Media as a tool to hammer malice
I was talking about criminal systems, exploitation systems, abuse and crime. The guys in the Matrix had no solutions for these issues but what they used to say was … “I have no idea of how we are going to solve this crisis. But the only thing that I know is that I have to give you maximum publicity.” They would constantly work in taking my word or writings to as many people in the Matrix as possible.

Book – Movie
The writings turned into a book. They thought that I was writing a book. They wanted to publish it and make me a popular author. I was not interested. And I still continued the writings … then they suggested making a movie out of this book that was being written. But I was not interested in that either. I was interested in real change … I wanted real change to happen for the people.

One of the main reasons why they were giving me these options for “books and movies” was because they wanted to give maximum publicity to my writings. Because using the media to expose crime was being incredibly effective in hammering out the malice. Media was playing a fantastic tool in hammering out the malice.

Elections – People Power
What I told them was … “okay fine, if you like my work so much then go out there and start implementing it. Show me what you can do.” Till this stage the Matrix is a “conceptual entity”. Now, you will see them in real action and results. So what they did was … they took the concept of “people power” … where people are the victims of an incompetent system that does not work for them … they gave this concept to the Republicans, as Obama was the President at that time. We had to speak against the government to test out the concept … so luckily the Republicans got the concept.

Republicans win both Houses
The concept was so successful that Republicans got a huge victory and they won both the Houses. The Matrix is incredibly excited that they are getting winning formulas and they are able to change political spectrums in the country. Because our works and approach was pointing to the key issues that the people face, there was a great response from the people.

Now, they wanted to experiment the over throw of the complete government using nothing but “people power”. I was talking about revolutions and how people should fight corrupt systems and demand change for themselves. And if people stand up then things will change … the change of systems is via people. This concept was tested out first in Tunisia … the complete overthrow of the government via people power. And to their surprise, they got a stunning victory. They were like “Holy shit! This stuff works!”

Arab Spring
The revolution in Tunisia led to an entire Arab Spring. A dozen countries were affected via the Arab Spring. The government was overthrown in Egypt and several large scale protests were organized in several countries.

Hong Kong
This movement of “people demanding change” moved all the way till Hong Kong. There were mass protests by students. The Matrix got a stunning concept of people power which could revolutionize the entire country … and if required it could even overthrow the entire government.

All of the above are “Matrix” activities. The Matrix is a massive system that interconnects all key points in the city and the country … right from politics and corporations to intelligence and legal networks. It’s a huge and a massive system. When you look at the whole thing together … it itself forms the majority of the city or country.

Occupy Movement
The concept was stunningly successful and they wanted me to lead the movement in America. For this, they designed the Occupy Movement. They put tens of millions of Americans on the streets and wanted me to step forward … lead the movement and change the country.

Leaderless Movements
If you take a look at all of these movements … who organized them? Who is the leader? None whatsoever. This is how I asked the movements to be designed … “there should be no prominent leader … for security purposes … it should be a people based movement and the people should work as one medium”. This was one of the pre-requisite in making the concept successful. If you see the revolution in Tunisia or Egypt or the Occupy Movement … then there is no single leader that is leading these movements. All of them are leaderless movements.

This is how the Matrix functions. They can lead the entire city and you will not even know who led the movement. This is one of the advantages of being invisible and not having a real presence. You can do stunning work and remain untouchable … making you immensely powerful.

I refused to join the Occupy Movement because the change for America will come from the outside. It will come from the outside and buildup from within.

Media Celebrities – Trump and Oprah
The candidates that are high in demand to lead the country are “media celebrities”. Why? Because the Matrix understands that the highest need of the hour is an end to these “criminal systems” and media is going to be the most powerful tool in eliminating these systems. Which is why, they are tapping in people like Trump and Oprah to lead the country.

Since I refused to join the movement on US soil … they needed someone to represent me … to carry the message and fight for the people. And who would be a better person than the President of the United States himself? Since the past 10 years, they have already seen that … giving me popularity has helped them squish this malice at its very beginning. The moment we expose the malice, it gets squished. Connectivity and media has played a fantastic tool in hammering this malice. That’s why the Matrix is picking and favoring “media magnets” who will represent this work on US soil.

If you look at both of these personalities … Trump and Oprah … both of them are media magnets who have been routinely and constantly in touch with the people … and they are immensely popular. They work as fantastic “channels” for the solutions for the people. They are chosen to channelize great things for the people.

Trump Media Coverage
If you look at Trump’s immense media coverage during the election … then he got billions worth of free media coverage for his candidacy. This was something incredible that was happening which the Establishment itself could not believe. It was not normal … nor did Trump expect it. It was being done as per the plan of the Matrix. “This guy is going to channelize phenomenal change for the country and we need to keep the spotlight on him.”

Trump’s Victory
If Trump wants to know about Matrix activities then his victory in the election … that itself was carried out by the Matrix. If they let things play out “normally” … then the Establishment had unleashed sex scandals against Trump during the last weeks of the election. The Establishment thought that it was a sure shot to eliminate Trump from the race. They had no idea of the bigger plan and purpose that was being designed for Trump. The Matrix pulled in the requisites so that Trump wins the election.

So go ahead … try to sue the Matrix or pay them off. Lol. This entity is just too big to get sued or paid off. It’s the “bigger purpose” that matters to them.

Schools Protests
More than 3000 schools got involved in protests against gun violence and against the use of assault weapons. Who is the leader of this movement? Who is leading this? Yes, it’s the Matrix.

#MeToo Movement
Innocent women victims of billionaires and millionaires are speaking up … and they are winning. Millionaires are getting sued, jailed or going bankrupt. These innocent single women with no power or money are winning. How? What is gong on? Matrix activities … my dear friend … Matrix activities. They interconnect the entire City to do what is right.

Women’s Marches
Millions of women are marching on the streets for their rights. Who is the leader? How is it happening? Matrix activities. The Matrix is a force for good. They support the weak over the powerful.

Trump Tweets makes headlines
They say that nobody likes Trump. Any Trump supporter is trashed. But then why do Trump Tweets make headlines? Trump makes some tweets and it is instant headlines. Why? If you hate someone then why are you all over him? If the media hates Trump then why can’t it stop talking about him?

For example … nobody likes Scientology. It’s a scam. Nobody talks about and nobody gives it any time. Everybody knows that it is trash. If everybody dislikes Trump … especially the media then why is Trump in the headlines every single day? In every newspaper and in every News Channel? Why can’t they stop talking about Trump? There are mainly two reasons for this:

  • Media Magnet. You are a celebrity in the White House and everyone wants to know what you are doing. But this aspect expires after a while.
  • The Bigger Purpose. This constant media attention is being maintained so that once you start talking about the “real stuff” when you start working with us … then this publicity will give a crushing blow to these criminal systems. It will create instant victories. This is one of the main reasons why the Matrix keeps you in the spotlight.

Trump’s Current Troubles
Now, try to understand your current troubles. They are mainly because of three reasons:

  • The Bigger Purpose. When you don’t work with us then you never know what to do. The people don’t get any revolution, nothing changes for the people, the same crappy systems continue and the crime & exploitation continues. The Matrix is activating an entire country’s media after you … making enormous efforts to activate tens of thousands of media outlets on you … and you have still failed to work with us. Pulling you in the game, getting you victory in elections and keeping you in the spotlight … everything is going a waste. And this pisses off the entire Matrix … which means that the entire legal networks, intelligence agencies, media and corporations … everybody gets pissed off.
  • Running a hotel. You don’t realize the bigger purpose that you have been chosen for and you are busy running the White House like a hotel. Suing this guy and that guy … paying off this guy and that guy. Nobody brought you in the White House to do that. We all have so much bigger expectations from you. The entire country has expectations of phenomenal work.
  • Favoring the Establishment. And to make everything worse, you are somehow favoring the Establishment. You were supposed to be the voice, the face and the architect of Modern America. The leader that will change the world … but instead of being that phenomenal leader … you are supporting a bunch of criminals … which is terribly disappointing.

Trump’s Protective Shell
What you should know is that … based upon the Bigger Purpose that you have been chosen for … you are already in a protective shell. There are a lot of forces that will fight for you and protect you … provided you understand the bigger purpose that you have been chosen for and play your role.

What you are basically thinking is … “hey, I am the President and who the hell are you? I could pull this string and that string against you!” What you don’t know is that … you yourself have been selected, carefully directed, all parameters around you have been managed to bring you in the White House … and it is constantly being done to maintain you in the White House … for a bigger purpose … for a phenomenal role. Nothing is normal in America … learn to master the abnormal and you will come off as extraordinary.

  • It is not normal for the country’s media to be owned by a few criminals
  • It is not normal for the world’s Superpower to be in $70 Trillion in debt
  • It is not normal to wage wars and bomb countries with so much debt at hand
  • It is not normal for the country to be controlled and run by a few criminals

Almost nothing is normal out there. Almost every system needs to be worked upon and changed. There is lots of work that needs to be done. Understand the bigger purpose and start playing your role. You had no idea about the Matrix before we started talking about it. Its the same with the works. You will get to know once we start working on it.

Establishment Characteristics
These are some of the characteristics of Establishment activities:

  • Wars and Conflicts
  • Blowing up tax payer money
  • Creating Debts
  • Massing Spending
  • Deviating people from good
  • Occupying people with conflict and friction

Matrix Characteristics
These are some of the characteristics of Matrix activities

  • People Centric
  • Positive and Good
  • Taking down bad guys
  • Doing good for people

Just by analyzing the next few steps in the work, you will understand who is who. Hope it helps.