29 Apr 2018
JewH284 Termination Programs for the Trump Presidency have been activated

There is a bad news for Trump and a good news. The bad news is that … the Matrix has activated termination programs for your Presidency. Based upon its current moves, your Presidency will most likely be terminated in its third year. And the good news is that everything can change and it be averted … provided you change your current track.

The entire Establishment is a tiny subset in the Matrix. The Matrix can create simulations that will rattle an entire country and shake any Presidency. They have been rattling the entire country of Israel and its Prime Minister as well. Netanyahu, the key frontend pawn of the Establishment, he himself is baffled at the lawsuits against him.

Complaining about simulations
Yes, I know … it is normal to complain about the simulations. But the complaints are acceptable only when you are totally innocent. You ask yourself what happened and why it happened … and you will start getting answers. This is the current state of your country:

  • $70 Trillion in total debt
  • Every 4 seconds an American is raped, killed or looted
  • An average American survives on 3 credit cards to afford mere expenses
  • The country is drowning in debt and crime

And what is President Donald Trump doing?

  • He is running a scam Presidency
  • Spending Trillions on a criminal Establishment
  • Playing suck up of the Establishment
  • Not making any major change for the people
  • All criminal Establishment monopolies remain in tact
  • Nothing changes for the people and the country is being ripped off

We had already warned you about this mass spending and Establishment traps before. We warn you about stuff even before it happens. Right in the beginning of your Presidency, we warned about all routes where the Establishment will blow up tax payer money. You yourself jumped on that route and initiated a massive spending move of $700 Billion for the defense. You yourself started making “mega bombastic blunders” which is why simulations began.

Network Based Ass Kicking
This is how the Matrix kicks anyone’s ass … it might be the President or the Establishment or any person. If they find you doing something drastic against the people in let’s say Section A … then they will start hammering you in Section B. You might be well protected in Section A … but they will find a Section B where you are weak and they will start hammering you in Section B. And if you continue your malice in Section A … then they will find Section C, Section D, Section E … all the way till Section Z … till all of your life from A to Z is being hammered in every way possible.

You might be thinking that … “hey, I am the President and I can spend trillions here and hundreds of billions there … I can bomb here and I can bomb there … nobody can stop me … I will do whatever I want”. America is not a third world country. You are not in Africa. Your every single move is under surveillance. There is an incredibly highly advanced system of monitoring put into place … this system is very powerful especially in America. You cannot do whatever you want … there will be consequences. You make a mistake on one side then the other side of your life will start crumbling.

Simulations were supposed to be reversible
Till date, all simulations were supposed to be reversible. They were designed to pull you on the right track while putting some pressure on you because you were making disastrous mistakes. You are worried about your image and humiliation … but the country has lost trillions because of your mistakes. How do you plan to repay the $2 Trillion that the people have lost because of your bad decisions? Humiliation can be wiped out … tomorrow itself we can make you into a rock star … it will be as if there was no humiliation at all. But tell me how will we get back the $2 Trillion that we have lost?

As of now, you are creating irreversible damage to the American people to the tunes of trillions. Your Presidency is becoming a multi-trillion dollar disaster. And you are partying in Trump Tower thinking, “hey, politics is so cool … we can make tens of billions via a few deals”. Your every single move in under surveillance.

Stuck in a dead end cycle
Simulations are designed to “catch criminals”. The Matrix is very actively hunting down criminals that are ripping off the country. The country is losing several billions every single day and that is no joke. This financial crisis needs to stop before it creates a massive catastrophe. You are thinking that these simulations are from the Establishment and instead of fixing the systems … you are busy doing them more and more favors. This is the dead end cycle that you are stuck in:

  • The Matrix creates the simulation
  • Trump thinks it’s the Establishment and favors the Establishment
  • Trump is detected as a key supporter of a criminal group
  • The Matrix hammers Trump
  • Trump thinks it’s the Establishment that's hammering him and does more favors
  • Cycle repeats

This cycle will terminate the Trump Presidency. You are continuously being detected as a key supporter of the criminal Establishment. If this continues then most probably your Presidency will be terminated by the third year itself. No one wants an Establishment puppet in the White House … we need someone who can change systems. There is no shortage of puppets.

Understand why the Matrix is picking outsiders as President
Obama was successful in taking measures against the Establishment because he was a Washington outsider. He was not a routine Establishment puppet. This is one of the main reasons why people like Trump and Oprah are being activated to become President. You have zero political experience but you were seen as the ideal person to eliminate the Establishment’s malicious systems. And it is because of this same reason why the Matrix is keeping Oprah as the next President. She is also a Washington outsider … who is not an Establishment puppet and she will also be an ideal person to continue this work.

This is the main reason why you have been put in the White House. It is not because you are qualified … it is not because you are a genius … it is not because you know what to do. It is only because you are an outsider who is not a puppet, making you an ideal person to break Establishment monopoly. Your number one priority for being in the White House is “breaking Establishment monopoly”. This is the most important reason why you are in the White House.

For any reason … you cannot do this … you are too scared, you don’t want to, you cannot handle it or whatever it might be … then what you should know is that … if you cannot do this then you are not required in the White House. Nobody wants you in the White House. It is the Establishment Monopoly that is the root of almost all major malicious systems in America that is exploiting the people. If you cannot care for the people then nobody needs you in the White House.

Two major things that you need to focus on
I am telling you about the simulations only because the Matrix is moving ahead with termination programs now. I warn you about stuff even before it happens. We already told you that all of this will happen even before it happened.

  • Understand Simulations. On the previous page of JewH283, we have already given you the cheat sheet. It is the complete questionnaire … refer to that and you will know how to respond to any related simulation. What the Matrix is looking for and how to be on the right side. That page will help you to a great extent.
  • Change Tracks. Favoring the Establishment will save you from nothing. Don’t be under the false impression that the Establishment will save you from jail or that the Establishment will provide you with an immunity shell. All of that is bullshit. You have to literally “run away” from the Establishment as far away as possible … that is if you want to remain in the White House. Keep people first and stay away from criminals.

The Establishment is a tiny subset in the Matrix
The Establishment is a tiny entity in the Matrix that will go around doing some shitty stuff. If the Matrix starts hammering then they can totally decimate the Establishment.

  • Hillary Clinton, John McCain and Paul Ryan. All of them are being eliminated from politics by the Matrix. Do you know who they are? Two of them are Presidential nominees and one is the Speaker of the House. It is the top cream of American politics. The common thing about all of the three is that they are Establishment puppets. We don’t need puppets in key positions.
  • Martin Schkreli, Roger Ailes and Elizabeth Holmes. Before America was a country run by the Jew for the Jew … but not anymore. All of these three are millionaire Jewish criminals involved in crimes and scandals. The Jewish Establishment cannot protect itself let alone protecting the Trump Presidency.

We have not even started our work yet and top Establishment puppet politicians are falling … millionaire criminal Establishment elements are falling. All of this information on our site is just “draft information”. We are just rolling up our sleeves to start the work. Lol. The actual work is yet to begin. This is just the abcds of the work.

Why “media celebrities”?
Some nice information for Trump … one question that many people are asking is … “why celebrities in the White House? Why Oprah next? Celebrities don’t know anything … we already have one guy who does not know anything … why should we put Oprah in the White House … she also does not know anything.”

This is a very good question. The Matrix is picking candidates like Trump and Oprah because they are “media celebrities”. Being a media celebrity is a part of the solution. The major crisis that America and Europe is facing is “criminal systems” of the Establishment. The key leaders of our country have to be involved in “crime fighting” … against crime that has been placed via systems and laws. And one of the most effective ways to fight crime is by “exposing it”.

For example, if a team of bank robbers are going to rob a bank on xyz day. If we put in the newspaper that so and so bank is planned to be robbed at so and so date … will the robbery take place? No, there is a 99% chance that the robbery will be canceled only because it was exposed. Over here “media” played the role of a fantastic hammer in stopping the crime. With minimal effort, we saved the bank.

This is why the Matrix is pulling in “media celebrities” in the White House so that celebrities like Trump and Oprah can use their star power … get the people involved and deliver a crushing blow to these criminal systems. These media celebrities play a part of the solution in getting rid of these malicious and criminal systems.

Trumps are a protected entity
What Trumps should know is that … you are already a protected entity even before you entered in the White House. No one will put you in jail because … you are chosen for a bigger purpose. This protection applies only when you play your role. Otherwise, it gets reversed and nobody will want you in the White House. It works both ways.

There is still some time for you to get on the right track and start playing the role that you have been chosen for. And everything should be fine.