27 Apr 2018
JewH283 Obama Era Simulations were designed to filter out Establishment Criminals

Let’s make a few things easy for Trump and show him what is actually going on. These “simulations” are nothing new. Simulations were designed even during the Obama Era. They were designed to protect the innocent Common Jews and filter out the Establishment criminals by studying their activities and behavioral patterns under different simulations.

The Jewish Establishment is actually “Criminal and Satanic”
The most important thing that the Trumps should know about this “Jewish” Establishment is that … they are not Jewish. They are actually criminal and Satanic. They hide under the skin of being Jewish and Judaism only because no one will allow their corporations, media, banks and political systems to be run by Satanists. This whole thing about Satanists converting to Judaism goes into the Kazarian history and the times of the Inquisition. Search for the keywords “kazaria” and “inquisition” on our site and you will get the related pages.

Here is some direct evidence of Satanism within Judaism.

  • Jewish girl talks about devil worship on Oprah. Check this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n7QXz6hDtxI. The content on our site is written by me … so you may not believe it. But this is a Jewish girl talking about devil worship and the killing of children being in Jewish families since the 1700s. This is a Jew talking about Jewish activities. Judaism is supposed to be about Moses, Abraham and the Torah … from where did devil worship and the killing of infant babies come into Judaism? This Jewish girl herself is saying that … to the outside world they were a normal and decent Jewish family but at home they were practicing devil worship and killing children.
  • Harrold Wallace Rosenthal Interview. This is again a Jew talking about Jewish ideology. Google it. This guy also talks about the same ideology where Jews actually worship the Satan and how they degrade Christians and other religions. This guy was killed within a month after this interview. Why? The worst thing that can happen to this Establishment is the exposure of its “Satanic roots”. The exposure of these roots will lead to the collapse of their malicious systems.
  • The Talmud. Another clear evidence of Satanism within Judaism is the Talmud itself. It is considered as a “Holy Book” of Judaism. But in reality it is the embedding of Satanism as a mainstream religion within Judaism. As per the Talmud, “any non-Jew who reads the Talmud should be killed.” Why? Because the Talmud contains many of the Satanic beliefs in its raw form. It is meant to be used only by Jews. The Talmud literally and directly insults Jesus Christ, Christians, Christianity and all other religions. Books like the Talmud and the Zohar … they are actually Satanic scriptures that teach deviant and a malicious ideology that is in a total contrast to the Torah … but such deviant books are treated as “Holy Books” by many Jews. This is where the root of the problem lies. This is where the teaching of malice begins. This is how criminal Jews are trained and formed.

The Obama Era Simulations
We already gave the above information a long time ago during the Obama Era. In fact, the first page that we wrote on “The Lovely Jewish History” begins with “These guys worship the devil”. Yes, we have the evidence that this ideology exists. The Talmud itself directly provides all of the documented evidence of a criminal and Satanic ideology. But what was more important is … who is good and who is bad? Who is innocent and who is the criminal? How do we catch the criminals and how do we protect the innocent common Jews?

For example, if you see Scarlet Johansson and Natalie Portman … both of them are lovely and beautiful Jews living in the US. Do you think that they kill children before going to work every day? Ivanka has converted to Judaism … how many children do you think that she has killed? No, all of them are lovely, beautiful and innocent people. Just because this issue exists in Judaism, we cannot blame all Jews and we cannot create a mass expulsion of Jews that will affect the ones that are totally innocent.

What we basically needed was … “simulations” to filter out the criminal ones. We had to identify the Satanic assholes and the criminal ones. Long gone are the days where someone can be executed for speaking up about the Satanism in Judaism. That Rosenthal interview happened in the 1970s but today we have an interesting entity such as the Matrix, a highly advanced human network that can track almost any activity and protect anyone. 99% of the Matrix is formed by Christians and Non-Jews … only 1% of the Matrix is of Jews … and even this 1% of Jews are pissed off at the Establishment because of its termination programs of Israel and repeated aggression towards Russia. We basically got the entire Matrix … including Christians, Muslims and Jews … turning against these few criminal families of Establishment Jews.

Matrix Simulations
Their ideology taught and trained them to discriminate, abuse and kill non-Jews. All of these activities are nothing but crime. These are some of the simulations used to collect “evidence” of the practice of this ideology.

  • Israel – Gaza War. The Gaza War during the Obama Era was nothing but a simulation designed to study the activities of the Israeli Government in real time. The Israeli Government’s treatment of a different race and religion was under strict surveillance during this simulation. This time the victims of their malice were the Palestinians. “Flechette Shells” were used by Israel against civilians. Flechette Shells are essentially “nails filled in the bombs” … when these bombs explode … these shower nails in all directions … not only human beings, these bombs even kill the cats and dogs on the streets. Such was the overwhelming aggression of Israel in the name of “defending” itself.
  • African Refugees. Okay fine … the above simulation was against Palestine … it’s a long battle between the two countries. The Matrix thought … let’s check it out with other people. Can Israel at least help starving Africans who are fleeing war and persecution? There is a long history of Jewish persecution and expulsion. Will the Israeli government at least help starving Africans who are fleeing war and persecution? The second simulation was to send African refugees into Israel. And guess what these guys do? They give the worst treatment possible to these refugees and toss thousands of refugees into prison just because they came to Israel and asked for help. These refugees are called as a “cancer” to Israel’s society and they face racism and aggression at every place in Israel. Not all Israeli Jews are bad to them … some of them are really nice to them. But there is a huge section that is astonishingly racist towards them … and this includes the Knesset, the Israeli Parliament. We are not getting racism from some wackos on the street … but we are getting racism from highly educated political leaders that form the Israeli Parliament. This is a live simulation that is still going on … you can verify all of this by the African Refugees in Israel right now. This hideous and racist behavior is mainly because of the ideology that is embedded within the Satanic part of Judaism.
  • Radical Islam. The propaganda of Radical Islam was also busted via simulations. Simulations were carried out to monitor and track the activities of Establishment elements in all phases of the operation … right from the creation of events to its promotion and the supply of ISIS fighters and weapons in the war zones. Establishment elements were involved in all of the phases.

Filtering out the Criminals
The above were the major simulations and there were many small scale simulations that were run within America. These simulations helped us study the behaviors, the application of criminal ideology and who the miscreants are.

  • Netanyahu – Bankers. Netanyahu and his political party have been identified to be the frontend pawn of the Federal Reserve Bankers. Whatever bullshit war agenda that the Bankers want to run … Netanyahu goes around the world trying to run that agenda. The current Israeli Government is one of the key entities used to run criminal and malicious agendas around the world.
  • Hillary – Political Puppets. Based upon patterns and behaviors … several US politicians have been identified as the “key supporters” of these criminal agendas and the Establishment. There is a massive investigation and surveillance of key supporters of the Establishment and moves are being activated to hammer them out from politics. Some of these political puppets include Hillary GodDamn Clinton, John McCain and Paul Ryan. Each of them are being eliminated from politics in different ways.
  • Europe Cooperation. The White House is involved in some of the simulations and works … and it is not aware of the other simulations. The White House is only one point in the Matrix. Obama had actively used his powers to collaborate and cooperate with European leaders in handling Establishment malice. It was for terrorist events that were being placed or for moving back in wars in the Middle East. The US cooperation with other world leaders played a major role in containing Establishment malice.
  • Russian Cooperation. If it helps the Trumps a little bit … it was Obama who initiated and expanded cooperation with Russia. During his entire tenure, he worked with Russia and it helped in eliminating ISIS from Syria. In the last moment, Obama flipped against Russia only because of party politics but otherwise, there was a lot of cooperation with Russia against Establishment malice.
  • Eliminate Radical Islam. This understanding of crime and Satanism in the Jewish Establishment helped us understand their activities and future plans. Breaking down their next 10 steps helped us eliminate the concept of Radical Islam that was only humiliating to more than a billion Muslims worldwide. It was another misleading and a malicious game being run by the Establishment under another skin.
  • Stopping World War III. Moving back in wars and conflicts in the Middle East, helped us stop a WWIII. Understanding Establishment malice and ideology helped us understand their destructive plans ahead.
  • Trump’s Victory. What Trump does not know is that … his election and pulling him in the White House is actually another victory against the Establishment. One of the reasons why Obama was successful in fighting against the Establishment was because he was an outsider … he was not an Establishment puppet. We needed new comers and outsiders who could fight against the Establishment. Trump was pulled in the game only because he was a new comer and an outsider … who was not an Establishment puppet. Trump’s victory was supposed to be a victory against the Establishment.

Why talk about simulations?
If simulations are designed to catch criminals then why am I exposing these simulations? Isn’t it better to keep these simulations under cover?

  • Losing Trump to simulations. Yes, these simulations are designed to catch criminals but it seems like it is too difficult for Trump to understand the game. He is losing … he is losing the game. Instead of understanding how the Establishment functions … he is falling in fear and ending up being their key supporter. And if he becomes a key supporter of this criminal Establishment … then he ends up being identified as a criminal supporting criminal systems. He will become a victim … just like other top politicians are falling in the game. The Trumps are good … they are not criminal or Satanic in any way. If they change tracks then they can do fantastic things for the country. Why should we lose some good guys in a trap that is designed for criminals?
  • Reducing the level of difficulty. The Trumps are in no way related to or connected to these asshole criminals. They are in no way similar to this Satanic Criminal Establishment. They need to know that these are only simulations so that it helps them play the game correctly. This understanding reduces the level of difficulty in the game for them.
  • Getting locked in a dead end cycle. Trump is getting locked in a dead end cycle. He thinks that these lawsuits and investigations are from the Establishment. In order to save himself from the Establishment, he is doing more favors for the Establishment. When he does more favors for the Establishment, the Matrix detects more malice from the Trumps. He is getting caught in the simulation as a “key supporter” … which is why the Matrix is hammering him even more. It is becoming a dead end cycle for him where he is getting squished. It will only lead to the termination of his Presidency. He needs to know the way out. We need to help him out a little bit in playing the game correctly.
  • Crucial but limited. Yeah, the simulations are great … they are crucial but the results are very limited. It helps us get only targeted people. Going at this pace is just too slow. We have to move on with systemic reforms that can change tens of thousands of companies, affect billions of people and rattle the entire Congress. We have to move on to a different level now.

Matrix Fighting Crime
Identifying what the Matrix is and who runs it … all of that is difficult. The only thing that the Trumps should know is that the below elements have been activated to fight Establishment crime:

  • Intelligence Agencies
  • Media Networks
  • Politicians and
  • Legal Networks

These systems were being used by the Establishment to run their agendas. But now the game is reversed … the same systems are being used to hunt down these criminal Establishment elements. You will not know who or where the Matrix is … but you can see their end results on some key politicians. Take a look.

Barack Obama

  • Tried to Audit the Federal Reserve
  • Stood up to Netanyahu
  • Questioned his aggression towards Palestine and commitment towards the Two State solution
  • Condemned the Gaza War
  • Allowed Russia to play a key role in Syria
  • Initiated the termination of ISIS
  • Never used the term Radical Islamic Terrorism
  • Never promoted wars, fear and insecurity

Matrix Treatment towards Obama

  • Loved and highly respected
  • No lawsuits and no investigations
  • Clean Presidency
  • Loved and honored even after the Presidency

Vladimir Putin

  • Stood up to protect Syria and Iran
  • Stood up to stop wars
  • Played a major role in eradicating ISIS
  • Provided a balance in world power
  • Provided protection to other weak countries

Matrix Treatment towards Putin

  • Popularity of Putin skyrocketed to 80% in Russia
  • Loved, adored and respected
  • Gets a sweeping victory in the next election with 76% of the votes
  • All major opposition forces taken down

Otherwise in the previous election Billionaires were pitched against him and millions of Russians were protesting against Putin on the streets. All aggression towards Putin was wiped out.

Hillary GodDamn Clinton

  • Major Establishment Puppet
  • War Mongerer
  • Destroyed several countries
  • Killed hundreds of thousands of people
  • Displaced tens of millions of people

Matrix Treatment towards Hillary

  • Gets fired from her job
  • Loses the election
  • Is not offered any other job
  • Is being asked to remain silent and not make any public appearances
  • As she is creating a bad effect for the Party

Forget about being the nominee in the next elections … the party does not even want her to make any public statements.

Benjamin Netanyahu

  • Major Establishment Puppet
  • War Mongerer
  • Keeps pushing for one war after another
  • Bombs Syria to initiate a war against Russia
  • Wants to terminate Israel via a war against Russia

Matrix Treatment towards Netanyahu

  • Criminal cases opened against Netanyahu
  • Criminal cases opened against his wife
  • Charged with bribery and fraud
  • Political support wavering … parties pulling off support
  • His party's control was almost lost and elections would have been held again

Factual Verification of Establishment Control and Puppetry

How the Matrix verifies Establishment politicians and Establishment puppets

Recruitment and Decision Making

  • Number of Jewish Establishment advisers (Relations, advisers, team and staff)
  • Number of hardcore Establishment supporters as advisers
  • Number of advisers directly related to or connected with the Jewish Establishment

Policy Design and Promotion

  • Blind support for Israel
    • Supporting Israel's illegal settlements
    • Supporting Israel's elimination of the Two State Solution
    • Supporting Israel's bombing and overly aggressive measures against Gaza & neighboring countries
    • Unreasonable flow of aid, military technology and defense supplies to Israel
  • War Mongering and Defense Spending
    • Endorsing and following Netanyahu's war mongering
    • War mongering against other weak nations under any pretext
    • Generalizing of crime and events against a religion or an entire country
    • Using events to target Islam, Muslim countries or Russia
    • Using events to run propagandas that benefit the Establishment
    • Using events to maintain the people in hate, fear and insecurity
    • Taking no action to reform policies to address the issues that led to the event
    • Initiate mass spending or military action on the pretext of the event
    • Ridiculous expenditures on supply of weapons and ammunition in conflict zones
    • Massive defense spending

People and Country

  • No discussion of the concerns of the people and the country
  • Complete silence and no promotion or exposure of people's concerns in the media
  • No policy or regulation formed to address the people's concerns
  • No funding channelized to address the people's concerns

Establishment Benefit

  • Creation of policies that directly benefit the Establishment and the top 1%
  • Tweaking of policies in healthcare, education, social security, income tax and other fields to benefit the Establishment
  • Running of trade policies that drain wealth, jobs and technology away from the country
  • Supporting Global Trade and Free Trade at the expense of the people and the country
  • Supporting higher interest rates to benefit the bankers and the Federal Reserve
  • Keeping people occupied in decadence and crime by supporting the flow of drugs, guns, LGBTQ and violence in the society
  • Taking no action to end debt based policies
  • Taking no action to end the high cost of living

Above is how the Establishment configures US Politicians. They are tweaked into one segment or the other. Each of them is used to promote that particular agenda. Generally Democrats are used for the gay propaganda, drug legalization and other activities under the "liberal" banner and generally Republicans are used for mass defense spending and war mongering. Via both parties the same Establishment runs its agenda via alternate Presidencies.

Matrix fact checks and verifications
The above are some of the "checks" that the Matrix uses in analyzing the "degree of puppetry" of the Establishment over a candidate. I am giving you the above formulas and points so that you understand how the Matrix designs simulations and what points it is looking at. It should help you understand the simulations. The Matrix is not just one company or person that I can call and it will change. It is a massive network of hundreds of millions of people … many of them are at very key and powerful places. All of them work based upon facts and real events. I know … the Trump Administration might be in the thick of it. But then again … all we need is a willingness for reform and change. What you do here on matters … your Presidency is in a critical stage. Hope it helps.

Be careful with the Trumps
Right now, they are in a very raw and volatile phase. They are pretty much rattled and we don’t know how much they have fallen to appease the Establishment. They have been sucking up to this criminal Establishment since one year now. We don’t know how their rise will be. Especially because Trump is surrounded by terrible advisers. He can do what is right or he can be misled. We need to prepare for both options.

The Trumps should show consistency in doing what is right and favoring the people for at least “two years” continuously before they can be on track and be trusted. These two years will give them some know-how on what is going on and what has to be done. Until then keep a watch and prepare for all options.