22 Apr 2018
JewH282 Trump is chosen to end “White Slavery” of the Satanic Criminal Establishment

White Slavery
This Criminal Establishment has setup debt based and abusive systems that drain the wealth from the country as well as the people.

  • $20 Trillion. America has a National Debt of $20 Trillion.
  • $70 Trillion. Total US Debt of National, State, Business and Personal debts is about $70 Trillion.
  • High Cost of Living. The cost of living is so high that the average American lives off 2-3 credit cards only to survive the expenses.
  • High Rate of Crime. The crime is so incredibly high that every 4 seconds an American is raped, killed or looted on American soil.
  • Same in Europe. Almost the same statistics exist for several other European countries.

What is Slavery?

  • Slavery is being forced into a system that you don’t want to be a part of.
  • Slavery is being used, abused and exploited for others benefit.
  • Slavery is having no way out of such systems.

All of these systems that the Establishment has designed … they have been designed to create “slaves” out of White People. These are “slave systems”. You are forced to live in a terribly high cost of living … you are forced to live in debt based systems … and the all systems are controlled in such a way that you have no way out. We are forced to live in such systems. The Establishment has enabled White Slavery.

Why have they done this?
Well actually, it might be outrageous for us to think of us as “slaves” of the Establishment … but interestingly … these systems have been created based upon a “slave ideology”. The Jewish Establishment believes that Christians and Non-Jews are mere animals and that we have been created for their use and benefit. As per their ideology, we have been created to serve our Jewish Masters.

Such systems are “deliberately” created and sustained for the benefit of a few … while these systems exploit, abuse and inflict crime on the masses. All of these systems are very carefully planned, implemented and maintained. Realizing that these are “slave systems” might be something new for us … but the Jewish Establishment has been trying to implement these systems since hundreds of years. This is the training and teaching that they get from their ideology. Well, this is not the news today … there is something more interesting.

Trump was chosen to end White Slavery
One of the reasons that I have been given why Trump is the “chosen one” is because … he is chosen to end White Slavery. Since he loves America and he has a little bit of White Supremacist background … Trump has more potential in fighting off Satanic Criminals who are destroying our country. Well at least, this was the assumption. There is a small issue with this.

The Trumps think that they are the Jewish Establishment!

  • Unaware of Simulations. Trump was not aware that these are nothing but simulations designed to show him how the Establishment functions. He got scared of the consequences and went running into the arms of the Establishment.
  • Newly Converted to Judaism. The Trumps have newly converted to Judaism. Since they are Jewish and they are doing massive favors for the Establishment … now they think that they are a part of the Jewish Establishment.

Trump protecting the Establishment as it is “his Establishment”

  • Massive favors for the Establishment. Making full use of his Presidency to empower and favor the Establishment.
  • State dinners for Netanyahu and Macron. We showed that Netanyahu is the frontend pawn of the Central Bankers who are biggest sharks in the game. So, Netanyahu gets royal treatment from the Trumps. In the same way, we showed that Macron is another banker puppet … so the Trumps are very keen in friendship with Macron. All of this is being done to be a part of the “Establishment Club”.
  • Massive Defense Spending. More than a Trillion was spent on defense … done to please the Establishment.
  • Gifting Jerusalem. This is another move to support “his Establishment”.
  • Stopping our work. Since our work will end Establishment policies … the Trumps were looking for ways to stop our work as a major favor to his Establishment.

Being scared of the simulations designed by the Matrix … this is the mode that the Trumps have entered:

  • Let’s be a part of the Establishment club
  • Since we are a part of this club, supporting the club is supporting ourselves
  • If the Jewish Establishment owns and enslaves Christians and Non-Jews then it indirectly means that all Christians and Non-Jews are under our control.
  • Powers to the Establishment means powers to us

So, let’s break the news to Trump.

The Jewish Establishment is not “Jewish”

  • Kazarian Satanists. Well, my dear lovely Trumps … you might have converted to Judaism but what you need to know is that … the Jewish Establishment is not Jewish. They have nothing to do with Judaism or Moses or the Torah or anything Jewish. Lol. These guys are Kazarian Satanists. The only reason we call them the Jewish Establishment is because they call themselves Jewish. They are not Jewish at all.
  • Judaism is just a cover. For them Judaism is nothing but a cover. They can never call themselves Satanists and expose their Kazarian roots. If they do that … then no one is going to hand over our media, politics, banks and corporations to a bunch of Satanists. They live under the cover of Judaism because Judaism is acceptable to Christians as well as Muslims. Living as Jews helps them penetrate into any section of the society that they want in Christian countries.
  • Supporting Kazarian Race. All of their communities are designed only to support the “Kazarian Race”. That’s why they say … if the mother is Jewish, then the children are Jewish. Religion does not get transferred via blood or genes … religion requires the belief in the core concepts of the religion. But for Jews … they say, if the Mother is Jewish then the children are Jewish … why? Because it is about maintaining the race of their “fellow Kazarians”. That’s why they say … “once a Jew, always a Jew” … why? Because it is about the genes and race. And that’s why they don’t preach Judaism … because it is all about maintaining their own race.
  • New Jews are a disadvantage. Some people like Trumps convert to Judaism … this is one of the “disadvantages” that they face when they live under the cover of Judaism. They don’t go out and preach … but if someone wants to convert then they have to accept, regretfully. New Jewish converts are a “disadvantage” of their system. That’s why even “black Jews” are terribly treated in Israel … because black Jews are about Judaism … but these guys are mainly focused on their own Kazarian race. This is why … they put up with blacks but terribly mistreat them. That’s why Rabbis in Israel said that “Ivanka and her children are not Jews”. It is not about the religion … it is about the race and genes. Your conversion means nothing to them.

The Jewish Establishment is a “Criminal Satanic Establishment” that cares for no one

  • Reformed Jews. Firstly, the Jews in the US are reformed Jews. They have been living in the US for several generations and in their “reformed Judaism” they have themselves eliminated a lot of criminal, barbaric and Satanic practices & beliefs. You will find Jews in America to be more towards a Christian way of life … thanks to the Christian environment in America. But the real assholes and Satanic criminals … you will find them in Israel. Here is where Satanic Judaism is preached and practiced in its raw form. Which is why … Netanyahu is always about bombing one country or another. The whole shit show is centered at Israel.
  • 100 Million Christians Killed. This vicious Establishment has killed more than a 100 Million Christians in the Communist East.
  • Hate God and Religion. They are not about following any God and any religion. They hate God and religion. Which is why … Atheism was preached in Communist countries and Churches & Mosques were destroyed. Preaching Satanism would create a revolt and it would not be manageable. That’s why they settled for Atheism … as not believing in God would be one step closer to Satanism.
  • Don’t give a damn about fellow Jews. They don’t follow any God but they follow a criminal and vicious ideology that only trains them to “serve themselves at other’s cost”. Not only they exploit Christians and Muslims … but this Establishment sitting at the top … they exploits their own fellow Kazarian Jews. They use and exploit their own race for their benefit. WWI was designed to form Israel and WWII was designed to fill Israel with Jews. They carried out a massive anti-Semitic propaganda all over Europe to that Common Jews could be expelled from European countries and they would fill Israel. Israel needed a population to form a country. They supported the expulsion of Jews for their own benefit.

These guys are vicious criminals to their bones … that they don’t give a rats ass to their own fellow Jews … who have been Jews for a thousand years … and you think they will care about the “Trumps” … who have just converted to Judaism yesterday? Heh Jesus.

Establishment – Handful of Jewish Families
In reality, this Jewish Establishment is nothing but a handful of Jewish Families and nothing more. They run centralized operations and make moves via their tentacles. These guys have already been identified, cornered and are under strict surveillance. Everybody is pissed off at this Jewish Establishment and are ready to knock them out. Before they used to say that America is a country “for the Jew and by the Jew” … but not anymore. Living examples of the recent knockouts of prominent millionaire Jews are Martin Schkreli, Roger Ailes and Elizabeth Holmes. Google them and you will know their stories.

You invited the Simulations
See … this is how it works:

  • We show logic and facts
  • You make intelligent decisions in favor of the people

It is simple as that … follow the logic and work in favor of the people. Incredibly simple. That’s what Obama did … there were no simulations required for Obama. He was a smart guy and he followed the logic. One of the main reasons why it was easy for Obama to follow logic was … absence of any Jewish influence. Nobody sat next to him and said “don’t do this, don’t do this”. It was easy for him not to show favoritism for Israel or any Jewish Establishment element. But when it came to Trump:

  • Fake News. Firstly, you didn’t believe in what we said.
  • No Action. Secondly, you didn’t take any action to address any issues.
  • Supported the Establishment. And the worst part was that, you started supporting the Establishment.

Because of all of the 3 factors, you forced the Matrix to create simulations … so that you know what is going on … so that you take action on these issues … and so that you know the type of criminals that you are supporting. You yourself invited all of the simulations … otherwise, you could have followed a far more simple, easy and a successful path.

The Establishment is enjoying the show!
The stuff that is happening under the Trump Presidency has never happened before in American history. There are mainly two elements in America that are enjoying the show:

  • The Democrats. They are the opposition party but they don’t need to oppose anything … because everything is already against Trump. Their work has become highly simplified and most of the time, they are just sitting back and enjoying the show.
  • The Establishment. The second entity is the Establishment that is enjoying the show. They themselves are amused as to what is happening. They make one move and ten other moves are taken against Trump.

Simulations create better understanding
This is what you should know … Trump has been chosen to be the Face of a Modern Era … you are chosen to be the “Architect of Modern America”.

  • Almost everything done in the simulations is “reversible” … till date that is
  • It is not designed to terminate your Presidency
  • It is mostly a cry for help from the people
  • It is designed to connect you with the people
  • Breaking the Establishment monopoly will limit such simulations
  • It is just giving you a preview of Establishment techniques and technology

Calling the Pope to the Baphomet Party
We know how you function. If there is someone who is powerful and he can harm you … then you will support him. This is the mindset of a hotel owner who protects his business. What you cannot do is … provide full support to the Establishment and then also support the Silent Majority. The Establishment and the SM are two different elements coming from different ideologies. The Establishment is criminal and Satanic … and SM is innocent and Christian.

Supporting both sides would be like calling the Pope to the Baphomet Party. “Hey Pope … we are having a party with our Satanic friends at their Satanic temple. There is a huge party for installing the Baphomet and since you are also an important element of our society … you are also cordially invited”. You cannot tell that to the Pope.

It is like supporting all laws, systems and people that support slavery … and then tell Black people that … “I love you, if you want freedom then I will help you”. You cannot support both parties at the same time … there is a stark contrast between both the parties. Your support for both the parties will only create confusion and chaos.

Trump’s Main Fears
You are in the above state mainly because:

  • Fear of the unknown. You don’t know what is going on. You don’t know what to do. You don’t know what it will result in. Thus you don’t know which side to take. In this scenario, you are not leading the country as a President towards good. But what you are instinctively doing is … being a hotel owner … watching the fight between two groups and deciding which side to take. Isn’t it? To handle this “fear of the unknown” … we will give you full strategies and how it will work out … so that you know the amount of support that you will get … so that you know that success is on your side. Make your moves only when you see that success is on your side.
  • Fear of termination of the Presidency. Firstly, just look at yourself. No one in the entire history of American politics has survived so many scandals and humiliation. Any guy would have been knocked out by now from any government position. But do you see any protests against you? Do you see the opposition party making a move to impeach you? The opposition party is literally shooting down and rejecting moves to impeach you. Why? Because it is all simulations. Secondly, once you start implementing people centric policies then the American people will go crazy after you. They will love you and respect you. Termination of the Presidency is off the table for now.

The Reversible Phase is over now
One of the main reasons why I am alerting you about the simulations is that … the reversible phase is over now. Till date, whatever damage happened to the Trumps or the Trump Presidency … it was mostly “reversible”. The Character Assassination was hardly skin deep … it can easily be put aside with no real damage. But now, this reversible phase is over … and the next moves that the Matrix will take … they may not be entirely reversible. It is mainly because:

  • Wrong Track. You have failed to come on the right track. Your suck up of the Establishment is quite embarrassing.
  • $2 Trillion Loss. The second major reason is that … your suck up of the Establishment is causing the American people to lose more than $2 Trillion every year. The Matrix is nothing but the American people at the end of the day. Your bad decisions have cost the Matrix / American people a damage of $2 Trillion per year. How can this damage be reversed? If you are going to create irreversible damage to the people deliberately while favoring the Establishment … then I am not sure if the Matrix is going to take it easy.

You need to change and you need to change very very quickly. These are the two places where the Matrix will watch you very closely. You need to show good intentions and a change of track.

  • Jerusalem. Everyone knows that the Israeli government is malicious and it has illegally occupied Jerusalem. Every US President has promised to recognize Jerusalem as the Capital but they also had the courage to ignore it and postpone it via one way or the other. Recognizing Jerusalem as the Capital will show that Trump is till sucking up to the Establishment … he is playing both sides and that he cannot be trusted. You have to show that you can use some logic and decide in favor of the people against the Establishment.
  • North Korea. The country is under crippling sanctions and its economy is totally under our control. It is a fantastic opportunity to revolutionize the country and start removing the Communist policies from this country. Now, you know that Communism is an Establishment system … if you ignore all Communist policies … put a small tap on their hands and allow them to continue all of their vicious policies … just because “you are a part of the Jewish Establishment” … then that will be blunderous and totally embarrassing. It will only give more and more evidence that you are not ready to play the role that you have been assigned.

What you should know is that if you postpone the Jerusalem Embassy decision then no one is going to harm you in any way.

  • No one will condemn you
  • No one will put a Trump into jail
  • No one will take any action against you and
  • Hardly anyone will talk about it

Just make some excuse and postpone it. Secondly about North Korea … it would only be shocking and terrifying that you would endorse Communist policies and not use this opportunity to change these policies. If you start working on changing these policies it will create a fantastic path for a Nobel Prize for you and the unification of the Koreas. You need to seriously quit supporting the Establishment.

Slide away systematically
We don’t need you to go on a full scale offensive against the Establishment. We will show you how to do it … systematically … step by step. All of your personal needs will be taken care of. There will be no losses for you. In fact, you will gain in every way … just try to follow the right track.