20 Apr 2018
JewH281 Character Assassination of Trump is a Matrix Based Simulation

Let’s take Trump into the realm of the Matrix and show him what is actually going on. The good news for Trump is that 90-95% of the Character Assassination is a “Matrix Based Simulation”. It is real but it is nothing but a simulation. The simulations are designed to show you how the Establishment functions.

What is the Matrix?
We have spoken about the Matrix system before. It is nothing but a human network … a network of hundreds of millions of people around the world connected via a parallel intelligence. This network was initially designed to support and run Establishment agendas. Less than 1% of this network is formed by the criminal Jewish Establishment but the majority of it is composed of lovely and innocent Christians, Jews, Muslims and other non-Jews … which is called the Silent Majority. As of now 90-95% of this network is monitored and controlled by SM.

What’s the need of the simulations?
The simulations are designed to give you a preview of:

  • How the Establishment’s systems function
  • What the Establishment can do using its monopoly
  • What are the problems that the Establishment can create via its monopoly
  • How the Establishment can play in the arenas of media, legals, health, personal relations and politics

The simulations are designed to show you the working model of the crisis that the people are facing at the ground level. If you, the President of the United States, can be rattled via Establishment monopoly then imagine the state of the common man. Imagine how helpless and powerless a common man will be when he faces the Establishment's monopoly.

If these simulations were not created then you would be living in 5 Star comfort of your Trump Tower lifestyle not connected with anything at the ground level reality that the people are facing. Forget about doing anything about these systems … you would not even believe that Establishment monopoly is a problem. The simulations are incredibly important to show you the plight of the Common Man.

It is a cry for help
All of these simulations are not about abusing you, destroying you or eliminating you … these simulations are nothing but a cry for help. Every hammer that falls on your head is actually a cry for help … a cry for help from your own fellow American citizens. From the common man’s perspective, these simulations help:

  • To pull you on the right track
  • To make you a great and fabulous leader that cares for the people
  • To help you understand how this criminal system exists and works
  • To help you understand how the abuse is induced in the lives of the people
  • To help you understand what needs to be done
  • To help you understand why we need to break the Establishment monopoly
  • To help you understand why we need “Christian” ownership of the media and corporations

Simulations and Reality
The simulations are not real but at the same time they are real. Reality is something that happens on its own. Simulations is controlled reality. Real events and real people are used in simulations … so that there is no flaw in the simulation … but then again … they can be controlled to a great extent.

The 3 Paths Ahead for Trump

  • Path 01. Become Submissive to the Establishment - Get More Trouble
  • Path 02. Direct Fight - Result in Failure
  • Path 03. Dismantle Systems - Respect, Honor, Victory

Let’s discuss these paths.

Path 01. Become Submissive to the Establishment - Get More Trouble
We were actually expecting a hero out of Trump … Trump is always talking about fighting the bad guys … winning … Make America Great Again … and more winning. Trump gave a super bold and super energetic impression. We expected a freaking awesome hero who would come out swinging when he is shown the bad guys and their bad systems. But sadly our hero became submissive to the bad guys during the simulations. Instead of taking up the fight, this is what he started doing:

  • Promising to protect the Establishment
  • Promising to support all of their criminal systems and programs
  • Channelizing trillions to their defense companies
  • Giving their corporations massive tax breaks
  • Giving the already rich billionaires massive tax cuts
  • Becoming anti-Russia
  • Showing keen interest in Establishment wars and conflicts
  • Turning a blind eye to the people and running Establishment agendas worldwide
  • Thinks that the Establishment will save him from all troubles

Some people are actually surprised telling me … “hey, hey, hey … why are you telling the Trumps about the simulations?” This is why he needs to know about the simulations … he is following the wrong path. He will end up hurting himself, his Presidency and other countries if he remains on this path. He was supposed to start working with us several months ago … all of these simulations were supposed to be discarded a long time ago … but instead of working with us … this is what he is doing:

  • FBI Collusion. Coordinating with the FBI in trying to frame us for Collusion.
  • Stalling Cooperation. Made several attempts to stall Russian cooperation on our work.
  • Laws Against Fake News. It seems White House personnel have coordinated with the governments of India and Malaysia to create laws against Fake News in order to target our work at these bases. He is literally encouraging other countries to create laws against our work.
  • Stop work. Reportedly, he is repeatedly calling the Kremlin and asking them to stop our work by any means.
  • Thinks he is the Establishment. The Trump Family has converted to Judaism … apparently they are thinking that they are a part of the “Jewish Establishment” now. So, instead of terminating these criminal systems … he is protecting “his Establishment”. Lol. He thinks that he is protecting his fellow club members. (Details later on this).
  • North Korea. We showed him a fantastic path that can get him a Nobel Prize via getting rid of Communism in North Korea. We told him to openly talk about North Korea’s Communist policies, initiate action to get rid of those policies, take credit and win. But instead of doing this … he is carrying out “secret meetings” with his fellow club members and trying to make a deal. He is doing the opposite of whatever we say. He thinks that he is in the Establishment club now. Lol.

He is on a disastrous path for himself, his family, his Presidency and the entire country.

Layers of simulations will only increase
This is what the Matrix will do on this path. They will only increase the simulations to show you more action of how the Establishment functions in other areas as well. Till date you are seeing simulations mostly in the field of media and legals. This will expand to include health, personal relations, business flow, election loss … while the character assassination continues. If you remain on this path then you headed only for more and more trouble.

Domesticating a Wild Horse
What you should know is that the Matrix was designed by the Jewish Establishment. The techniques that they follow are all from their ideology. As per their ideology, we are animals who need to be controlled, monitored and benefited from. The training strategy is more like of how you tame a wild horse. When you whip a wild horse for the first time ... the horse gets pissed off. The horse is like … “who the hell are you to control me and hurt me?” It does everything not to be controlled.

But the same thing happens the next day and the next day and the next day … eventually what the horse does is … it tries to understand what you want … it tries to get into your mind … it tries to get into another realm that was unknown to it … and then it adjusts itself accordingly. Eventually the horse gets domesticated … there is a mutual relation developed for mutual benefit.

Path 02. Direct Fight - Result in Failure
Just like a horse fights back … you can try to fight back against the Matrix. But this fighting back generally results in failure because:

  • There is no official existence of the Matrix
  • You will never catch them
  • You will never get any evidence against them
  • Most of the moves that they are making against you is by using the law
  • All real people and real events are used
  • All systems remain intact … abuse only increases
  • You will end up only being an angry pissed off person who will get repeatedly abused
  • This path only results in health failure, bankruptcy and failure on all fronts possible

Instead of just being angry and get pissed off every time the hammer falls on your head ... understand what is going on … understand why it is being done. Don’t just react blindly … make an intelligent response that helps in rooting out these very systems itself.

Path 03. Dismantle Systems - Respect, Honor, Victory
Your best option is this path. “Dismantle systems” … start working on eliminating Establishment monopoly. The simulations will not stop until and unless you start working on this path and start changing systems. The very purpose of the simulations is to help you rise against these systems. They will keep on giving you more and more evidence till you rise. Rising against criminal systems is your path to respect, honor and victory.

Why Trump?
One good question that you may ask is … why me? Why Donald Trump? Why not Paul Ryan or Lindsey Graham? Firstly, the Matrix liked you and chose you for the job. You are the chosen one. Secondly, you like people and you have a caring heart. If some people come to you genuinely with a problem and say … President Trump, please help us with this problem … you almost all the time step forward to help. Your “caring heart” is one of the reasons why you are the chosen one.

Thirdly, you are the President of the United States and you have the power to change systems. You can make fantastic and incredibly powerful moves to change these systems. That’s why they made you President … this is one of the main reasons why you are in the White House. Not only in America but once you start working with President Putin then you can knock out the Establishment from any country in the world that you want. All you need to do is point and termination strategies will begin in that country. You have the power to solve this crisis and answer the people’s call for help.

Why do you think that you are still in office?
With the number of scandals that you are having … why do you think that the opposition party is turning a blind eye to it? Why haven’t they started impeachment proceedings yet? Look what happened to other politicians with sex scandals … like Anthony Weiner and other public officials. They are immediately pressurized to step down and leave office. There could have been a massive movement for impeachment. But yet, Nancy Pelosi says … “there is no ground for any impeachment move.” Because these are “simulations”. You have a bigger role to play and everybody is keen on seeing you play that role. The hero in you is scared … but we all know that … it is there.

Imagine the state of the Common American
This is your state … this is what you have become under simulations. Just imagine how terrified and scared the common American is when he faces such criminal systems in reality at the ground level with no power or strength to handle them. You are the President of the United States … this has become your state … imagine the helpless state of the common man.