15 Apr 2018
JewH280 Trump’s Second Pee Pee Shower costs the American Taxpayer $ 160 Million

With these missile strikes Trump’s message to the world is, “Hey everybody! If America is troubling you then come to Mother Russia. Mother Russia will kick America’s ass and protect you.” Most of US Missiles have been shot down by Russia. They were nothing but mere fireworks in the sky. Trump’s one night of fun has hardly any impact on Syria and ends up being another “pee pee shower” for him.

Trump had fun with some Russian women and enjoyed their pee pee shower. It was one night of fun but turned out to be an embarrassment for him at a National scale. Russia has successfully converted the US missile attacks on Syria as another pee pee shower for him. Yes, Trump had fun for one more night but this time … it cost the American Taxpayer about $160 Million.

Each Tomahawk missile costs about $1.59 Million and about a 100 missiles were fired at Syria. The first operation cost American taxpayers $90 Million and the second strike operation cost almost the double.

Fantastic Russian World Leadership
Trump’s embarrassing show in Syria has only given an opportunity to a fantastic Russian World Leadership.

  • Best defenses shown by a Muslim country. Till date, it used to take only 2 weeks for America to destroy all air defenses and the army of the country, like in Libya. But it has been several years and hundreds of billions spent in Syria … Assad is standing tall, smiling and overtaking his country with overwhelming force. Thanks to Mother Russia.
  • The Coalition Lost. The coalition of the world’s strongest countries of US, UK and France have lost to a simple, weak and ill equipped country like Syria. Thanks to Mother Russia.
  • Failure of Unilateralism. The Establishment’s attempts to run malicious and destructive agendas in the world using America unilaterally have failed. Russia has boldly stood up and said “enough is enough” to America’s genocidal destruction of other weak nations. Russia has successfully failed the unilateralism from the West.
  • Fantastic Coverage via RT. Russia has stepped up against Establishment games via America not only via military but also via media. RT is doing a fantastic job of exposing Establishment games and providing an alternate view in accordance to “facts” so that the American and European people are not blinded by the Establishment’s mind games.
  • Marketing campaign for the opposition. Trump’s missile strikes have resulted in nothing but a marketing campaign for Russian world leadership. The world has witnessed the key leadership that Russia can provide against unjust and genocidal aggression from America. America can no longer be a tool of the Establishment and destroy other countries unilaterally.

Humiliation and Embarrassment for Trump
The only thing that President Trump has done with the missile strikes in Syria is:

  • Follow a bunch of criminal Establishment elements and support their malicious agendas worldwide.
  • Wasted Taxpayer Money. He has wasted American taxpayer money by the billions in his offensive military setup in South Korea and missile strikes on Syria.
  • Abuse and Kill People. The only thing that he got involved in was … abusing and killing innocent people … and helping the Establishment facilitate mass genocide.
  • Humiliation and Ridicule. He has shown the world that he has become the shoeshine boy for the Establishment. He is only showing the world the massive favors that he does for the Establishment and how he is being puppeted by them.

These are the simple things that anyone around the world can see in Trump’s actions in Syria. We are trying to show Trump a beautiful path where he can be loved, respected, a path of glory & fame, of economic prosperity and success … for his nation and several other countries … and look what he is busy doing. He is cuddling and pestering a bunch of criminals and running their agenda.

What is the alternate to Assad?
The major issue with the American approach is that … they don’t understand the game in Syria. Firstly, there is no need for any regime change. If we needed to change Syria’s policies then it could have easily be done via sanctions. There was no need for war or weapons supply or missile strikes. This entire agenda is Establishment designed “genocide” in the Muslim world. They are simply going into one country after another and creating genocide in the name of Democracy.

The second major issue is that … they have no Plan B. Okay fine, let us assume that Assad is gone … now who is going to lead Syria? Who is going to run the country? We already got ISIS from Iraq when there was no proper leadership. The Establishment is using these leaderless countries as training grounds for terrorists. And these terrorists are creating even more mass genocides. What is the end game? Do you have any plan for the development of the country? For the people’s security, for their economy, for their industries, for their schools and healthcare? You don’t give a shit about all of this.

All of these countries that America has destroyed in the name of “Democracy” they are living in a humanitarian crisis. The cities are unlivable … millions are migrating from these cities. You have no plan to secure the people … you have no plan to provide them with security, healthcare or food supplies … and the only thing that you like is “bombing these countries”? This is nothing but plain genocide of innocent people that needs to stop. Getting rid of Assad will only create Syria a “terrorist training ground”.

Russia is the stabilizing force
Russia is a “God sent” savior for these weak and powerless countries. Russia is the stabilization force.

  • It is providing stability in these countries
  • It is getting rid of terrorist groups
  • It is securing the country
  • It is providing defense and technology
  • It is helping these countries rebuild

Russia is the force for good in these countries.

Trump has a “kinky fetish” for bombing countries
Trump already knows all of the above … but he is still bombing countries … why? He has a kinky fetish for war and bombing countries. He thinks that these are one of the perks that come along with the Presidency. He loves bombing the shit out of weak nations just for the fun of it. It is nothing but another “pee pee shower” for him. It might be any country … North Korea, Iran, Syria, Venezuela … show him any country to bomb … like a little girl … he is all excited … jumping up and down … and ready to bomb. It is a fantasy for him. It is utterly and totally moronic … but this is his kinky side. Look at all of his actions:

  • Drops the Mother of All Bombs in Afghanistan
  • Spends billions in setting up a military offensive in South Korea
  • Does not really care if it is going to be a “nuclear war”. He still pursues it till the last moment. Negotiations have begun, North Korea is ready to denuclearize and it is participating Olympics and high level talks … but Trump was busy chasing his kinky fetish and still conducting military drills in the South … despite the fact South Korea was censoring and banning all media coverage of these drills. The host country itself does not want it … does not like it and it wants to follow a wiser and intelligent path … but Trump can’t help himself. He was losing an opportunity for some “fun”. Yeah, it was a nuclear war for you … but it was some “fun” for Trump which he sadly lost … owing to your silly, intelligent and wise actions. You just destroyed Trump’s pee pee shower night.
  • Spends about $100 Million per day on striking Syria
  • Sends thousands of soldiers to Afghanistan
  • Blows up more than $1 Trillion on defense
  • Promises more strikes if chemical weapons used again. Syria is a war zone. There is no way to control who comes and goes out of any area … let alone control what weapons are used. There are no boundaries and territories are controlled by various terrorist groups. In this “war zone” Trump is trying to implement laws that apply to routine and normal conditions. Yes, chemical weapons should not be used in war … this is the fact that Israel is using to place such attacks and use America to strike Assad’s forces. Trump is openly showing his puppetry to the Establishment.

All of the above one in just one year. He is keenly pursuing conflict wherever possible. Because of his bad decisions … he is only moving closer to a war against Russia that the Establishment keenly wants. Trump is taking America and Europe towards total disaster.

Thinks that the Establishment will save him from lawsuits
The second major motivation that Trump has in wars, defense and bombing countries is that … he thinks that this is what the Establishment wants. He thinks that the “solution” to save himself from impeachment, jail and lawsuits is … doing everything that the Establishment wants. By doing everything that the Establishment wants … he becomes a part of the power club … therefore, no lawsuit should harm him or any of his family members.

Trump’s Immunity Shell
Trump thinks that:

  • Following the Establishment
  • Doing everything that the Establishment wants and
  • Defending the Establishment

Will create an “immunity shell” for him. Since the Establishment owns all of the companies, the media and it controls the politicians and legal networks … favoring the Establishment will create complete immunity for him and his family from all lawsuits. Trump believes that he has several layers of benefits from this:

  • Gets to follow his kinky fetish
  • Pesters and favors the Establishment
  • Makes money on the side in these defense deals and
  • Most importantly gets “immunity” from lawsuits and impeachment

As per Trump’s calculations … it is 4 layers of cheese. He fails to see that all of the 4 layers are rotten. Doesn’t matter how much rotten cheese you put … it is still rotten. The Establishment is a bunch of criminals that are back stabbing their own community. They are ready to wipe out Israel and annihilate 7 Million Jews. And Trump thinks that he is getting 4 layers of cheese. Trump fails to see that the Establishment itself gives massive publicity to anything that is “anti-Trump”. It might be a book or an event or a scandal … it is given maximum publicity to the zenith.

I don’t think that Russia should wait for Trump to get his wakeup call. Russia should do anything and everything to protect itself and its allies around the world. It is doing a fantastic and fabulous job. And I am sure that millions of people are praying for President Putin’s success, glory and greatness. Thanks to Mother Russia for being a fantastic world leader. God bless.