14 Apr 2018
JewH279 Many thanks to Putin for defending Syria

It was simply great for President Putin to step forward and create a balance in world power. Thank you for minimizing the damage to the country … a country that is in rubbles with people in a humanitarian crisis. It is only a blessing to have Russia on their side. Putin was "God Sent" in Syria. May God bless you with enormous success, glory and power in everything that you do for the people.

The problem with Trump

  • The Establishment is using Trump like a shoeshine boy
  • Trump loves to piss over weak people
  • The guy "fancies" war … literally jumps up and down at every opportunity
  • Trump has a craze for cash

Put all this together and you get a total disaster. This is exactly what has been going on since one year. We warned about this before. Right now Trump is playing a major suck up of the Establishment. You never know what the next event will be.

The accomplishment that the Establishment has made with this event is that

  • America was firing missiles
  • And Russia was shooting down those missiles

This has never happened in history before. There was the Cold War but never a military confrontation. There was never a military confrontation because the Soviet Union was a “Communist” country, a stronghold of the Jewish Establishment. And they did not want to destroy their own country. Now, the equation has changed. The Soviet Union has become a Democratic country and there are massive malicious systems in the West. The Establishment wants termination games … they want America and Europe to be terminated via Russia. Which is why the Establishment is only worsening relations with Russia more and more.

Despite repeated warnings Trump is sucking up to the Establishment. The fact that he can't show the use of simple common sense in such a simple scenario is mindboggling. How blind sighted do you have to be not to see through such simple malice?

The Establishment is telling Trump that this is a "great thing" to do. It was the "right thing" to do. For whom? The question is … for whom was this "great and right"? The Establishment wants to terminate America and Europe … and they have made a major leap forward in that direction. Is it difficult for anyone to see this? It was not the right thing to do … it was utter total stupidity … it was ruthless and ridiculous.

It put the lives of hundreds of millions of people in America and Europe in danger. All Trump had to do was use a little bit of commonsense and understand where he is headed. Trump is being used as the shoeshine boy for the Establishment. Someone has to change his tracks.

Trump will be flushed out quite soon
There is no way that Trump is going to survive for long based upon his current track. He will hardly last in office for this term. Based upon his current track and the massive demonization in the media … there is no way that he will win in 2020. Until and unless he changes his tracks … there is no way that he will survive in the White House.

The Establishment is a major problem because their exploitation systems are creating a debt of $1 Trillion per year for the American people. And Trump steps in … his pestering for the Establishment creates an additional debt of $2 Trillion per year. Technically, Trump is two times worse that the entire Establishment combined when it comes to debt and spending. No one is going to put up with this kind of leadership or decision making or spending. Trump has extremely less chances of survival based on his current track.

So, Russia’s options will be … just manage Trump till he lasts. If he changes tracks and does great things for the people … then well and good. Otherwise, don’t worry too much … his days are numbered … just defend yourself and your allies to the fullest extent while he lasts.