13 Apr 2018
JewH278 Understanding how Trump makes decisions

While we are on the brink of a new war in Syria … it would be helpful to understand how Trump makes decisions. This will help us understand how Trump is running America and how countries around the world will be impacted by Trump. Let’s take a look at how Trump makes decisions.

Trump does not know anything
The main issue is that … Trump does not know anything. He does not know what is going on, he has no strategy or plan to handle the situation and he has no risk management strategy of handling adverse situations. So what he is basically doing is … what he does best … run a hotel. His hotel management strategy is … hire the best in the field and follow their advice.

Hire and Fire Cycle
He is implementing the same hotel strategy in National and World politics. He hires some people who he thinks are the best in the field. He takes and follows their advice. If the result of their advice is bad and if he gets bad reviews … then he fires them and hires someone else who can give better advice. This is the “hire and fire” cycle that has been going on in the White House. Which is why … you are seeing so many departures from the White House.

This is Trump’s Decision Making Strategy

  • Hire and follow
  • If decisions are bad … then fire and hire again
  • Cycle Repeats

Father and Son’s Chase for Cash
The second problem with Trump’s decision making is … father and son’s chase for cash. Both Trump and Trump Jr. are blindly following the Establishment and doing them massive favors in their chase for cash. Ivanka is only the poor girl who is trying to do what is right for the people. But when you have Daddy and Big Brother chasing cash … she stands there pretty helpless.

She is like … “Brother, that’s not the right thing to do. Let us help people.” And the Brother is like … “here’s the money, here’s the money … lets follow the money.” And she says … “we will get into trouble, we will get into trouble.” And he says … “they have all of the power, they have the power”.

There are like two forces in the White House. One force led by Ivanka is moving towards the people and another force led by Trump Jr. is chasing money and power. Ivanka’s team and control is pretty weak right now … which is why we are seeing all of the blunders happening from the White House. It is mainly because Trump Jr.’s pestering of the Establishment, favors for the Establishment and chase of money and power.

Trump has a “portfolio” of blunders
Because Trump does not know what to do and owing to his favoring of the Establishment … Trump has an entire portfolio of blunders. Obama’s mistakes can be put in 3 words … Libya, Iraq and Syria. But if you see Trump’s record … he has blunders right from tax cuts and defense spending to domestic and international policies. He has more than a dozen blunders within “one year”.

Trump has already out-spent Bush
Bush spent $1 Trillion on war in “8 years”. But if you look at Trump’s record he has spent more than $1 Trillion on defense within “one year” when there is no ongoing war. Right now, when it comes to spending … Trump is 8 times worse than Bush. Just imagine the shocking legacy that he is headed towards.

To add to this … Trump has also given massive tax cuts to corporations and the rich … which is resulting in another $1 Trillion in debt for the American people. The country is already going in debt by $1 Trillion as it is … now owing to Trump’s spending and tax cuts … we are having an additional of $2 Trillion in debt. If Trump keeps up this spending rate … then America is looking at about $3 Trillion of debt every single year. This is an incredibly disastrous path.

The American People are Trump’s Biggest Victims
If it makes Syrians and the Russians feel any better … the American People are the biggest victims of Trump’s bad decisions till date. Based upon his current track of appeasing the Establishment … he is headed towards creating a debt of $3 Trillion every year for the American people. So, the Mexicans, the Chinese, the Russians, the Syrians and any other country that Trump has spoken bad about … trust me … you guys are better off. The biggest victims of Trump’s bad decisions are right here in America.

The Establishment has made Trump their “shoeshine boy”
Since one year … if you see all of Trump’s moves … then you will see that the Establishment has made President Donald J Trump their shoeshine boy. Anything that the Establishment wants … Trump says … yes sir.

  • Give me corporate tax cuts … Trump says … yes sir!
  • Give me personal income tax cuts … Trump says … yes sir!
  • Spend $1 Trillion on defense … Trump says … yes sir!
  • Give me Jerusalem … Trump says … yes sir!
  • Bomb Syria … Trump says … yes sir!
  • Prepare to attack North Korea … Trump says … yes sir!
  • Ban Muslims … Trump says … yes sir!
  • Expel Immigrants … Trump says … yes sir!
  • Expel Russian Diplomats … Trump says … yes sir!

Anything and everything that the Establishment wants … Trump has become there shoeshine boy … nodding along and saying … yes sir, yes sir, yes sir. This is the current track of the Trump Presidency.

Activate Global Forces
We told Trump to activate Global Forces in order to correctly handle this Syrian crisis of a Chemical Attack. Work with Russia and Germany and investigate this Chemical Attack fully. And what one team in the White House is doing is … contacting France and UK in order to strike Syria. We are asking him to activate Global Forces to contain and control this crisis … but he is using the same advice to do the opposite.

The French and British leaders are getting calls from the White House … that they want to attack Syria. These guys are shocked and ready to cooperate because it is the “President of the United States” that is involved. They are thinking that this is the most intelligent and precise thing to do … there might be an international emergency! But what they don’t know is that … Trump has no idea of what is going on and he is only pestering the Establishment. Jesus Christ.

Take stern action against any French move
France is an alternate path that the Establishment activates sometimes. For example, France was used to lead the bombing in Libya and then later … America followed. Russia should be prepared to shoot down any missiles fired from France. Macron is a total Establishment puppet. He is not to be trusted. That too … if he gets a push from America then he can be problematic.

Trump was supposed to use Global Forces to contain and control the crisis. If he uses other countries to support the criminal agendas of the Establishment … be ready to protect yourself and your allies.

The good thing about Trump
The good thing about Trump is that … he himself is not the Establishment. He does not have a criminal and vicious ideology. In fact, he is a nice guy. He can be misled by other idiots … but if he does what is right then he can be phenomenal. He does not need to sit and shine shoes of the Establishment. He himself can be a shining glory that the World will follow.

It was a good decision to stall the strikes on Syria. The world is in a major crisis. The Establishment is very keen on destroying America and Europe via any pretext. These guys are so suicidal that they are ready to terminate the entire State of Israel in these wars. Moving towards war is the last thing that you should do in these sensitive times. Move away from any and every move towards war.

Syria is a country in rubbles
For no reason … our Hillary GodDamn Clinton has supported rebel forces with arms and ammunition … and created a massive civil war in the country. It has resulted into nothing but disaster.

  • Hundreds of thousands of innocent people are dead
  • More than 10 Million people are displaced from their homes
  • Millions of them have fled for refuge to other countries
  • Their once thriving cities are in rubbles

This is the current state of Syria. And the Establishment’s “solution” for Syria is:

  • Don’t give Syrians any refuge
  • Ban their people from entering your countries
  • And bomb Syria a little bit more

This is their “solution”. These guys are demonic criminals. You should never ever follow the Establishment. They run wicked and heartless schemes … that has no humanity attached to it.

Trump should change the subject
If Trump has not noticed … the US Media has already changed the subject. The Chemical Attack was the headlines for only one day. The moment we exposed the hoax … the subject has already been changed. The Chemical Attack has already moved to the sidelines. Trump should change the subject and play it down. Trump should ask France and the UK to take it easy and pull back.

Let the investigators do their job. Whatever the results from the investigations may be … use only Diplomatic means and political pressure to control the situation. Show some Diplomatic brilliance. It is an easy scenario … there is no ongoing war … there is no major crisis to handle … there is no tension or friction … making the right decisions in this scenario should be easy. Keep calm … look at the bigger picture … understand the criminal games of the Establishment … and play smart.