12 Apr 2018
JewH277 Russia should keep an eye on Israel in case of US missile attacks on Syria

If Russia is planning to stop Trump's missile attacks then it should keep an eye on Israel. Rabbis in Israel have been preaching that "Jews need to save Syria from these chemical attacks". This is training for the Common Jews to get involved in a major conflict. They may try to use this stand-off between America and Russia to make some attacks of their own. To worsen the situation and create a bigger conflict. These guys are the main miscreants in the show.

Keep an eye on any attack via planes or missiles coming from Israel
They may attack Syria or even Russian territory. Most of the planes, weapons and missiles in Israel are from America. You may think that they are American jets or American missiles … but they will be operated by Israelis.

The Establishment is ready to wipe out Israel
This is what you should note about Israel. The Establishment is ready to wipe out Israel. Israel was created to host the Central Bankers gold and reserves. Now that has been moved to South China Sea. There is no use of Israel or the 7 Million Jews living in Israel now. In fact, all of them are a problem for the Establishment. Because a huge majority of them know all of Establishment's malice and ideologies. If they start talking then it will affect the Establishment's systems setup worldwide. The easy solution is to wipe them out.

Which is why Israel has been bombing Syria again and again … only to invite a conflict from Russia. A war against Russia means that Israel gets wiped out … which is exactly what they want.

The Establishment Operations are Multi-Faceted
When you are dealing with the Establishment in any sphere then you should know that all of their schemes and operations are "multi-faceted". They work on several options and try to run the show for their benefit in every phase.

Option One - Strengthen Kurdish Territories
Via Chemical Attacks, the Establishment gets to bomb Assad again and again. It helps them to strengthen Kurdish Territories and maintain the supply routes for their oil.

Option Two - Wipe Out Israel
In case Russia blocks US Missiles then there will be chances of the escalation of war … especially by Israel. Israel has been blatantly attacking all of its neighbors recently … including Syria and Gaza. It is attacking everyone repeatedly … it is desperate for war. The Establishment wants to wipe out Israel itself. Maintaining a strict vigil on Israel and controlling all other aggressive moves that can be initiated is a must right now.

Israel has already attacked Syria recently
In this particular scenario … once the Chemical Attacks happened … Israel has bombed Syria immediately the next day. It was hoping for war. Now, if you shoot down American missiles then there is a chance that Israel will try to escalate the conflict. They may make lame excuses like "we are defending America, we defending our allies, if you attack our ally then we attack you" or whatever bullshit. You have to keep an eye on any escalation tactic from Israel and be prepared for the same as well.

Good outcome
If you successfully defend Syria from American missile while managing Israel. Then you will be the champion. Any country under threat by America ... will come running to you for protection. You will be seen as a world leader who is ready to balance world powers. The Establishment's use of America to inflict strikes unilaterally will be stopped for good. This is a decision that you have to make … if you can do it successfully.

Second solution
Give Trump some empty fields to bomb. This was already done last time. But the issue with this will be … this will become the norm. They will show the world that for any Chemical Attack … the response will be with missiles. The question that you should ask is … what will happen if the next Chemical Attack in London is blamed on Russia? How will you handle that?

With these strikes … the Establishment wants to show that "missile strikes are the right response to chemical attacks". If we strike Syria two times for every chemical attack then why not strike Russia? Why let Russia get away with it? This is the debate that will begin in the next phases on this "pattern". You should give this answer today itself. Today Russia will defend itself and its allies from any attack. And they will know that … tomorrow also Russia will defend itself and its allies from any attack. This is the norm that you should establish.

So that there should be no questions or debates … if another chemical attack is placed anywhere. You should force America and Europe to use "peaceful means" of settling critical issues. And that is meetings, investigations and following facts and evidence. You should fully defend yourself from any aggression. Trump himself should have taken the lead in following a path of meetings and investigations. But if he does not then you should help him and encourage to take that path.