12 Apr 2018
JewH276 Why is the Establishment creating "Chemical Attacks" in Syria?

One of the main reason is because they are losing territory. They wanted to split Syria and split Iraq … and create territories that will supply oil to Israel for almost free. Israel is getting up to 75% of its National Oil requirement from war zones. It has specifically created Kurdish and other rebel zones so that it can channelize free oil from these areas. When Assad takes over rebel held areas … the plan of the Jewish Establishment goes up in smokes. They lose territory and they lose their oil resources. Carrying out Chemical Attacks help them demonize Assad.

Why bomb Air Defenses of Syria?
What is the connection between Chemical Attacks and Air Defenses? If you see repeatedly Israel is attacking Syria's Air Defenses. During the last Chemical Attack also … it used America to attack Syria's Air Defenses. When Israel bombs Syria … it attacks Syria's Air Defenses. Why?

Because Air Power is an important tool in eliminating the rebel forces. The rebels don’t have their own fighter jets … using air power, the rebels can easily be pushed back and defeated. In reality … there is no connection between Chemical Weapons and Air Defenses. But every time they attack Syria's Air Defenses.

They are doing this only to support the rebel forces so that Assad cannot overtake rebel held areas easily. Israel is actually running its own agenda in the region by creating Chemical Attacks. It is supporting its own program of splitting the countries and channelizing oil for itself.

Israel is trying to protect Kurdish Territories that it has created for its own benefit
All of this bogus image that they are creating of Assad in the Western media is bullshit. The main issue in Syria is that … the Establishment and Israel are losing big time. They are losing territory and oil. By creating these chemical attacks they are able to portray that Assad is the bad guy and then they are destroying Syria's Air Power. It is a malicious agenda being run under another skin of "helping people".

Trump is supporting all malicious Establishment Agendas
The problem with Trump's current track is that … he is supporting all malicious agendas of the Establishment. When we showed any issue to Obama … he used to fight back against such malicious agendas. Obama used to try to do what is right for the people. But Trump is playing suck up of the Establishment.

Whatever malicious agenda it might be … he is jumping into that boat, helping the Establishment and trying to be their savior. Till date everything that Trump has done … it has been in full cooperation and support of the Establishment. This is one of the reasons why the Trump Presidency is such a disaster. He is following and helping a bunch of criminals run their criminals schemes.

This is one of the biggest problem of the Trump Presidency. Trump needs to change tracks. He will destroy himself, his Presidency and other countries on this track. Someone needs to stop Trump and change his tracks.

Verifiable activities of the Jewish Establishment for self-benefit in war zones

  • Interest via Debt. Trillions spent in wars which only accumulated more debt giving hundreds of billions of more interest to Jewish Bankers.
  • Weapons Supply. Israel's weapons industry was doing a booming business via wars in the Middle East.
  • Supply of ISIS Fighters from Israel. Israel was openly supplying ISIS fighters in Iraq and Syria. They was evident from the medicare services that Israel was providing to fighters in Syria and Iraq. Israel also sent ambulances to provide emergency services to these fighters. The agenda marketed in the West via the Establishment media was the ISIS is "Radical Islam". But in reality it was led and created by "Jewish Criminals" behind a mask.
  • Israel's Oil Supplies. Israel is getting 75% of its National Oil requirement from these war zones. It was buying oil for as cheap as $10 per barrel when the world was paying $50-60 per barrel.
  • Creation of Kurdish Territories. The Establishment has used American funds and supplies to arm Kurdish fighters in Iraq and Syria. They have created massive Kurdish territories and made moves to create independent countries using these zones.
  • Split of Iraq and Syria. Israel wanted to split Iraq and Syria … and create separate States so that these countries can continue to supply oil for free to Israel. It was in Israel's interest that these countries are split up and new countries are created for Israel's benefit.
  • The major issue in the program. Everything was going as per program and Russia shows up in the scene. Russia changes the game and brings things in favor of Assad. Kurdish and other rebels start losing territory … and Israel sees its plans failing in front of its own eyes. Israel had made America spent trillions in running these schemes which helped them create these territories in these countries. Now, everything is going up in smokes … the Jewish Establishment and Israel is losing big time in the Middle East.
  • Chemical Attacks. Here is when Israel came up with the technique of "chemical attacks". The attacks are carried out in rebel held areas so that these attacks can easily be blamed on Assad. Israel has already been supplying a lot of manpower in these war zones … it is very easy for them to carry out any attack in any rebel held area.
  • Destroying Syria's Air Defenses. Using these self created Chemical Attacks … the Establishment demonizes Assad and attacks Syria's air defenses. Why attack Air Defenses? Only because Air Force is a major tool that is used to push back and defeat rebel forces.
  • Israel's Direct Attacks. Israel has itself also directly attacked Syria's Air Defenses. Why is Israel attacking Syria's Air Defenses? It is mainly because Israel's plans are failing in the region and Russia & Assad are winning.
  • America attacks Syria's Air Bases. In the previous Chemical Attack also … America was used to attack Syria's Air Bases. Why? What is the connection between Chemical Attacks and Air Defenses? There is absolutely no connection. It is only being done only to run Israel's personal agenda in the region.

Attacking Syria's Air Bases on the pretext of Chemical Attacks is an Establishment "malicious scheme"
Under the false pretext of "helping the people" of Syria and punishing Assad … the Jewish Establishment is running a malicious scheme under a false skin. It is actually running the personal agenda of Israel in the region. The main miscreants who are creating these Chemical Attacks is none other than Israel itself. Israel is the main beneficiary of these Chemical Attacks … it is only protecting its own plans in the region of splitting countries and channelizing free oil for itself.