10 Apr 2018
JewH275 The Establishment is making a fool out of Trump via Chemical Attacks

Trump plans to withdraw from Syria … Russia is doing a fantastic job of eliminating terrorist groups … everything is going fine. And the moment Trump says we will withdraw from Syria … the Establishment creates a “chemical attack” in Syria … in an attempt to try to fool and flip Trump against the withdrawal. Not only they are fooling Trump against the withdrawal but also pushing him to take military action against Syria. Welcome to Establishment games.

Events, Media and Politicians
The Establishment has been using these 3 elements since the past 17 years to fool America and Europe … and keep them busy in war, chaos and destruction.

The Pattern

  • Blowing up buildings. It started off with 911 with blowing up buildings and creating terror. It spread into car bombs and suicide bombs in public places. All of these events were highly publicized and used to support unnecessary wars against countries that had no connection to these events.
  • Cutting off heads. With time, people lost interest in bombs blowing up … it was not creating the required fear and shock in the society. So they moved on to the next level of shocking and horrifying terror of “cutting off heads” using groups like ISIS. These events were again highly publicized in the media and the events used to wage long term wars in other countries.
  • Chemical Attacks. ISIS is over and the season of Radical Islam is over. The anti-Islamic propaganda has lost its appeal. So, now the Establishment is moving to a new low of shock and horror … and that is the use of chemical weapons. Again … just like above … these events are also widely publicized in the media and politicians are pushed to take action against “preplanned” target countries like Syria and Russia.

You can see the clear use of all of the 3 elements in each of the phases of Establishment Terror. They themselves create the events at the right time and at the right place … they give the event maximum publicity in their owned media and then push politicians to run their “preplanned destructive” agenda against target countries. This is a clear pattern of Establishment Terror in the West.

What is their next move?
In all of their events the objective has remained the same … “more spending, more war, more chaos and more destruction”. But what’s shocking right now is that “Russia is one of their targets”. They are trying to create a war against Russia.

  • Nerve Agent used in the UK. This event was directly blamed on Russia without any evidence or proof. Dozens of countries expelled Russian Diplomats on the basis of this “unverified” event. What they are trying to do here is “associate chemical attacks with Russians”.
  • A Chemical Attack in Syria. Trump wants to withdraw troops and the Establishment wants to frame Russia for chemical attacks. It was an opportune time to carry out a Chemical Attack in Syria. On one hand, it stops Trump from withdrawing troops and on the other hand … it also associates the use of chemical weapons with Russia. It’s a 2 in 1 shot.
  • Next Event: Chemical Attack in London. The Establishment has been showing a pattern of a shock after shock … a more terrifying event after another … the nature of the events has only been getting worse and worse. The next event that they will plan is a Chemical Attack in London or any other European city … and then blame it on Russia. What are you going to do then?

The Chemical Attack in Syria is just “drill practice”
This recent Chemical Attack in Syria is just simple “drill practice” for them. The main event that they are training you for is a Chemical Attack on your own soil … it might be America or any European city. Chemical Attacks is the new norm that the Establishment is following. This is the gimmick that is working now. It seems to get the people’s attention … it is creating the horror and terror that they want … and it is creating the headlines which are helping them push politicians on their preplanned path.

What you should note is that … the background of this Jewish Establishment is that … we are all animals for them. They don’t care if we die by the thousands in building collapse or via ISIS or via Chemical Attacks. It is all the same for them. We are meant to be used and killed by them. For them this is not horror … for them it is just a formula and a technique. They think that we, Christians and non-Jews … we are the sheep and cattle. And it is okay to slaughter a few for their purpose. This is the ideology that you are dealing with as of now.

How would you deal with a Chemical Attack in London?
Prepare for the next 10 steps ahead. This is one way to fantastically deal with Establishment malice. How would you deal with a Chemical Attack in London? Will you blindly blame it on Russia or Iran? And start bombing Moscow? Will you gather NATO countries on one side and prepare for a war against Russia? Will you expel all Russian citizens and Diplomats in response? Shut down all Russian Embassies and Consulates? How are you going to deal with a Chemical Attack in London that is going to be blamed on Russia? This is what you need to decide today … even before it happens.

Well you have two paths in front of you.

  • War and Aggression. You have the option of military conflicts that will probably terminate all of your countries. You can become extremely aggressive against Russia and expel all Russians. But even if you expel all Russians … then what are you doing to do when the next Chemical Attack happens? It will be eventual war. This is Establishment Terror. Chemical Attacks is their tool. If you follow their preplanned path of war and aggression … then you will end up terminating your own countries. It is a suicidal path. There is no solution on this path. Only destruction and termination is the last step waiting for you on this path.
  • Patience, Logic and Intelligence. The second path that you have in front of you is of … patience, logic and intelligence. All of these are “criminal” activities … it might be buildings going down or bombs blowing up or Chemical Attacks … all of them are criminal activities. It is basic simple commonsense that your objective should be to get to the “main criminals” who carried out these attacks. You have to follow investigations and International Law. You have to follow the protocol. This path will contain the malice only on those who are directly affected and it will help you get to the main criminals. On this path you will not be generalizing crime on other countries as a whole. You will not be war mongering against other entire countries. This is not a destructive path where you will terminate yourself. This is the path where you will secure everyone and protect everyone … and suppress the main criminals involved.

Dealing with Establishment Terror – Play Smarter, Play Bigger
What you should know about these guys is that … they are war designers … they design conflicts and chaos … and control decision making in these chaotic and high tension situations to run the whole thing as per their agenda. The first thing that you need to do is … play it cool. No decisions in a hurry … don’t buy what the Establishment media is pushing … don’t follow Establishment advisers around you. All of these guys are interconnected.

What you need to do is … play smarter and play bigger. What they do is … create the event and push you to respond.

  • Terror! Monster! Bloodbath! Horror!
  • You have to respond!
  • Do something!
  • Can’t let them go!
  • You have to, have to, have to do something!!

All of the above is total bullshit. They have created the event and now they want you to follow their preplanned path. They want you to go “tit for tat”. The moment you follow their tit for tat approach … you will be on their preplanned path that will lead to your own destruction. Do not follow their routine cry … it is all bullshit … instead play smarter and bigger.

Do the opposite
Many a time… when dealing with Establishment malice … especially when it involves terror … doing the opposite is the solution.

  • They want you to respond in a hurry … don’t … take your time to evaluate and investigate what happened.
  • They want you to use military action … don’t … instead initiate meetings and discussions.
  • They want you to generalize the event on countries … don’t … instead try to find out who actually carried out the attack.
  • They want you to follow the media and advisers … don’t … instead follow the facts and evidence obtained from the crime scene.

This is “Establishment Terror” … these guys are the main culprits and criminals of this event. Do not follow them and instead do the opposite … and you will find yourself working towards the solution. Lol.

Once you start investigating … pulling in the facts and evidence … there are chances that you will actually get to the main culprit and the Establishment mole who carried out the attack … there are chances that he will be caught. This approach terrifies and worries the Establishment. Why?

  • Purpose Failed. The main purpose of the event failed. You were supposed to bomb countries without any proof or evidence.
  • Media Publicity Failed. The massive publicity that they gave in the media failed. You were not moved by what the media said and you followed a path of intelligent action.
  • Generalization Failed. Their efforts to criminalize countries using one event failed.
  • War Plans Failed. Their plans of eventual destruction and termination failed.

The moment you follow an intelligent path of … investigations, facts, evidence, logic, International Law and Protocols … then the Establishment’s failure begins from step one. All of their efforts and plans fail. Getting to the actual guys who carried out the attack and getting to their Command Center is the key in thwarting all of these Establishment Terror events.

That’s what Angela Merkel is doing in Germany. She has stopped publicizing any events of malice from Muslim immigrants. If the event is big … then she is only following the facts, evidence and tries to get to the Command Center. The Establishment has been a major failure in Germany. Why? Because Angela Merkel is very smart and very intelligent. She knows who the culprit is and she is keeping her country safe. They repeatedly tried several events … all of the events were kept off the news … as if they did not even happen. Now, hardly any event happens in Germany … because they know that they are not going to get what they want via Angela Merkel. Lol.

Other issues about military action against Syria

  • Jurisdiction. It is not your country, not your people and you are not welcome there. Your involvement has only been disastrous for the country.
  • Hypocrisy. You are calling Assad an “animal” pretending to care for the Syrian people. But then again you have not taken any Syrian Refugee under your Administration and you have banned people coming from Syria via your Travel Ban. Your care for Syrians will be seen as hypocritical.
  • Killing is not saving. Most importantly, the action you want to take show your “love and care” for the Syrian people is that … you want to bomb their cities and kill some more people. Killing is not saving, my dear friend. War and military action is not the solution for criminal events. If you want to show that you are better than Assad … then do something that is better than Assad. Do something that does not involve killing people.
  • Too much mess at home. You already have too much mess at home. You cannot afford to be occupied with more crisis right now. Your priority should be America and the American people. We have a lot to do back home. Do not get involved in any war or military action.

How to handle this?

  • Activate Global Forces. If you have noticed … what the Establishment is doing here is … carrying out the event using one support point and then using support points around you to push you for military action. This is the Establishment trying to run their agenda via multiple support points. To handle this … you should also feel free to use multiple support points. Take Russia’s help.
  • Request Threats from Russia. Forget about Russia threatening you with military options. You should “request” these threats yourself. Tell Putin to up the pressure and be ready for military action to protect all of its allies including Syria. And then use these threats and pressure from Russia as an excuse to keep all war and military action off the table. Tell your advisers that “just for Syria we are not going to start a nuclear war against Russia. Syria is not worth the lives of 330 Million Americans. My job is to protect America and Americans first. We have to work on alternate options”.
  • Investigations First. Instead of war and military actions … give priority to investigations. Show high importance to actual “facts and evidence” before anyone can be blamed for the act. Initiate investigations.
  • Catch culprits, don’t generalize on countries. The Establishment’s biggest gimmick is the directing the blame to “rulers, countries and religions”. They create one event and blame it on a religion, rulers and countries. This is how they have been fooling and misleading the West since the past 17 years. Don’t generalize … give emphasis on getting to the main culprits. Show them this as the only way to stop these events from repeating again. We have to catch the main culprits and get to the Command Center. War is not the solution.
  • Intelligence and Diplomacy. Follow International Law and Protocols for all activities. You will be seen as a fantastic and a “just” Leader of the world. The world will see that “Trump is about justice. Trump is about catching the main criminals. Trump follows facts and real evidence. Trump uses intelligent action. Trump is not a blind war mongering politician like the rest of the Congress. Trump does not like to hurt the innocent.” This approach will change your perception among the people. The people will rely on you for leadership and the right action to take … because they know that your move will be just and appropriate … because you will keep the security and the safety of your people as the top most priority.

The Mind Games to Dodge
Here are some of the mind games that Establishment advisers and elements will use.

  • Can’t let Assad get away with this! Firstly, where is the proof that he actually did it? The actual truth is that these Chemical Attacks are nothing but Establishment Terror. It is the Establishment that is getting away with this when we point to Assad. This is typical reverse application.
  • Show Leadership! Yes, you should show leadership … but you should lead in doing what is right. Falling for their bullshit agenda is not “leading” the game but it is following a bunch of Establishment Criminals. Technically, following the Establishment is not leadership. It is just puppetry that they want you to follow.
  • Trump’s previous strikes got good reviews! Yeah right … who gave those reviews? The Establishment media. What would happen if Russia shot down your ship? It would result in a massive war. What would the media say then about Trump’s strikes? The media would say that it was foolish to attack a country protected by Russia and that Trump should have followed protocol and International Law … that is if the war would not take place.

Use Snakes as Ladders
All of these Establishment Terror events are like snakes … that will gulp you down onto a disastrous path. Instead of following the Establishment’s preplanned disastrous path … if you play smarter and show intelligent leadership then you can use these criminal events in order to shine and move up in status and approval. The Establishment is placing snakes in your path … but if you play the right moves … then you can use these snakes as ladders to climb up high in glory and greatness. Your choice.

Russia should not wait for the invite from Trump
Russia should protect Syria and all of its allies from any attack. If you keep allowing such attacks then there will be no end to this show. They will keep on repeating this and use Chemical Attacks as a tool to bomb countries whenever they want.

Russia itself has been a victim of a minor chemical nerve agent attack in the UK. Dozens of countries have expelled Russian diplomats using this event. If Russia allows the bombing of Syria in exchange of relief of some sanctions then it is only helping more aggression towards itself. The Establishment will keep on creating more such events and then blame them Russia in the future as well. This time it was only expulsion of Diplomats, it can be worse next time.

Russia should not wait for an "invite" from Trump for protection of Syria and its allies. Russia should come into action and provide full real protection to its allies from any aggression. Russia should push America and Europe to use the law and proper procedures. America cannot be the puppet of the Establishment and go around bombing whichever country they want every time. Russia should take initiatives in leading the world and maintaining proper world peace. Russian leadership is a must to contain this Establishment crisis and terror.


Sanctions Alert for Russia
This is what you should note about Trump. He has been trying to be a part of the Establishment club very desperately since one year. He has taken more than a dozen moves to please the Establishment. For now, he may give some sanctions relief only to get a license from you to bomb Syria. But what you should see is that Trump is instantly following Europe in expelling Russians. So, if tomorrow there is a chemical attack and it is blamed on Russia ... then European countries will expel Russian Diplomats and also place a lot of sanctions. In that scenario, Trump will follow them.

You might get a little relief today ... because Trump needs your approval to bomb Syria. But tomorrow Trump will not need your approval to place crippling sanctions on Russia. You need to look at the long term.

The above points that I gave to Trump are for the ideal situation where Trump plays the best diplomacy with intelligence and patience. But within a few days we will know if Trump is going to be Mr.Wanna-Be-Big-Dick or Mr.Awesome-Diplomat. You need to look at the long run and see how the main culprits, that is the Establishment, how are they being handled? Is Trump following them or is he doing what is right for the country? That will give you a key whether to support him or not.