08 Apr 2018
JewH274 A Checklist of Changes for Trump to get the Nobel Prize

If Trump has to win the Nobel Prize … then let’s take a look at the list of changes that he has to make in order to come on the path that will help him win the Nobel Prize.

What will the Nobel Prize Committee look at?
Here are some of the pointers that the Nobel Prize Committee will consider in awarding the Nobel.

  • Character and Principles. The Nobel Prize that you will be considered will be for “peace”. So what the Committee does is … they look at the core person … what he believes in … what are his core character and principles associated with his work. For example … Dalai Lama and Obama won the Nobel Prize for Peace. Both of them campaigned for peace. If you checked Obama’s campaign in 2008 … he was a major force in standing up against wars and against the politics of fear and division. He was not just reading from the script. He believed in every word that he said. Every word that he said was associated with his core character and principles. So, if the Committee awards the peace prize to Dalai Lama or Obama … they don’t have to be ashamed of a scam. The core character and principles matter.
  • The Crisis. You should have a clear understanding of the crisis … the scale of the crisis … how many million people it affects … the core issues of the crisis and how to resolve each and every issue related to the crisis. If you want the Nobel for eliminating Communism from North Korea and laying the foundations of a Korean unification … then you must address and work on every issue related to the Communist ideology in North Korea. In terms of “character and principles” … you don’t need to be Mr.Perfect and squeaky clean … all you need to be is against the Communist ideology. Do not support or endorse any principle related to the Communist ideology. In fact, be loud and very clear against each of these policies.
  • Promotion of the Solution. First … fully promote the crisis and scale of the problem that it is creating. Full scale promotion must be done publicly. It has to be a “public show”. No background deals or understandings. Don’t expect public recognition for background deals. Background deals are only shady in nature … it only means that you got something from the deal. First give a full scale publicity to the crisis that you are working on. And then promote the solution … give full scale publicity to the solution for the crisis and show how it will save millions of people.
  • Implementation of the Solution. Use verifiable tools and techniques to successfully implement the solution. Show care and compassion for the victims. See that the solution reaches every segment of the people affected.
  • Measure effective change delivered. Once the solution starts getting delivered … measure the effective change created. Show the changes that were created post Communism in the North with the implementation of each policy and strategy.
  • Response of the people. Something very important is how the people are responding to your work. If the people don’t welcome your work or don’t like your strategies … then everything is a total waste. In all of your works … make sure that people need what you are giving them. In this case … yes, the need is very high and it will be highly respected and loved.

Before we move into North Korea … your current works, policies and image in America matters. A Nobel Prize for Trump should not create a revolt from the people. You should not be pissed upon by other Nobel laureates. The Committee should consider you as a person fit for a Nobel Prize. While you work on North Korea and change Communist policies in that country … you also need to work on some changes back home in America.

The Chief Firefighter of America
As of now the situation in America is like a building on fire. There is $70 Trillion debt in the country. The crime is so rampant that every 4 seconds an American is killed, raped or looted. A crime is committed in America every 4 seconds. America is literally drowning in debt and crime.

You have been made President in such a scenario … where people are screaming and crying for help. They need to be saved from the debt and they need to be saved from the crime. Let us take a look at what you have been doing since the past one year.

Stomping Over People
You have been busy stomping over weak people who can’t do you much harm. If the people cannot hurt you in any way then you are all energetic and ready to stomp over them. You are ready to use your fullest force and powers against them.

  • Blacks. Instead of protecting Black people from police violence … you make statements against the Black community quoting the crime in these communities. You were actually justifying the killing of innocent Black people instead of protecting them.
  • Immigrants. Your plans of mass deportations and racist statements against Latino and Mexican people are well known. Why do you make such statements and use such strategies? Because they are weak people who cannot do you any harm. Its easy to stomp over them.
  • Muslims. The same goes with Muslims. You have made many anti-Islamic statements … saying that the Quran preaches hate and that you don’t like Islam. And you wanted to ban Muslims from entering the United States. You designed a Travel Ban to stop Muslims coming into the US from several Muslim countries. Why this policy? Because Muslims are a tiny minority in the US and they cannot do you any harm. Your power games are designed by looking into … who can hurt me and who cannot. If someone can hurt you then you kiss their feet and if someone cannot hurt you then you stomp over them.
  • DACA Children. You want to save 25 Million Koreans living in Communism. But you piss on 800,000 innocent children living in your own country. Firstly, you use DACA as a bargaining chip to get funding for your wall. If that is not required then you are ready to abandon DACA again. These children can’t do you any harm, isn’t it?
  • Journalists. You try to use powers to silence the media and fire journalists who speak against you. You tried to revive the libel laws in order to sue media agencies and reportedly, you try to fire journalists who speak against you. Megyn Kelly and Bannon are two such examples. Reportedly, the White House directly pressurized companies to fire or relocate these two media professionals. It seems you try to make similar moves against other media professionals as well.

Concerns. Now, here’s the thing. “Noble work” means working for the people … helping poorest of the poor and the weakest of the weak … this is called Noble work. If your current profile is all about pissing over weak people because they cannot harm you … then you are yourself creating an image of a tyrant. Why would the Nobel Prize Committee consider a “tyrant” for a Nobel Prize? Your nomination will create protests on the streets … because of your unfair and demonic treatment of these communities and people. Nobody would want that kind of backlash. And even if you are given the Nobel Prize … then it will be seen as another “corporate scam”.

“The guy is a suck up of the Establishment and the Establishment gave him a Nobel … bla bla bla … who cares?” That would be the response from the public even if you win the Nobel in such a scenario. Working and changing policies back home is a must … if you want the true respect and honor that comes with the Nobel Prize.

Ripping off the American People
While you were stomping on the weak segments of the society … who cannot do you much harm … you were busy doing massive favors for the Establishment and ripping off the American people. Here are a few things that you need to look at:

  • Corporate Tax Cuts. You have given massive tax cuts to the Corporations saying that “companies will be pouring into the US and trillions in revenue will be created”. Okay fine … you gave the tax cuts … now where is the “pouring in” of companies? Where are the trillions in revenue being created? It was all bogus bullshit. It was just a massive favor to the Establishment because the Establishment was kicking your ass and humiliating your Presidency. You just wanted to do a favor for them so that they should be happy and stop kicking your ass.
  • Tax Cuts for the Rich. As it is … you yourself don’t pay any taxes. You know how to dodge the system … then why give tax cuts for the rich? Because you wanted to use your Presidential powers to show the Establishment that you have their backs … that a Trump Presidency will be great for the Establishment. These tax cuts are adding $1 Trillion debt to the country every year. This favor to your rich buddies will cost the American people $1 Trillion every year.
  • Defense and Pentagon. You continue to kiss the feet of the Establishment by spending more than $1 Trillion on defense and the Pentagon. Your favors to the Establishment is costing another $1 Trillion to the American Taxpayer. Why these favors? Because they can kick your ass. Sucking up to them helps you make money. Poor and weak people don’t do you any good.
  • Making More Nukes. After delivering a blow of more than $2 Trillion to the American economy and people … you are still exploring possibilities of making more nukes … costing the American Taxpayer hundreds of billions more.
  • War Mongering. You don’t stop at that … and you hire crazy war mongering people like John Bolton to help you in your war mongering agenda against other countries. You are still keen on cashing in on the war-cash-cow. More than $2 Trillion added to the debt … and you are exploring for war.

Concerns. Now, look at how your profile is being created. On one side … you have a long list of actions where you are stomping on people … on your own citizens … because they are weak and they cannot do you any harm. And on the other side … you are ripping off your own people by more than $2 Trillion in one year …while doing massive favors to the Establishment only because they can kick your ass … only because you can make money by working with them. Doesn’t really look nice to the Nobel Prize Committee.

Everything cannot be a “cash transaction”. We all know that you are in the Presidency for the money. The Presidency is nothing but a financial transaction for you. But all of your policies simply cannot be about cash. You have to show care and concern for the people in your own country at some level.

Pimping out America
Firstly you have stomped upon all possible weak segments of your society … then you have made massive moves to rip off the American people via massive spending … and then you are also pimping out America to other countries.

  • Mexico. For a full year you campaigned that “Mexico will pay for the wall”. You were in heated discussions with Mexico in the initial months and then all of a sudden … you are blackmailing the American Congress to pay for the wall. You are holding the DACA deal hostage for the wall. Why the sudden change? Because you got paid off from Mexico. This is why you are not putting any tariffs on Mexico … instead giving them exemptions from tariffs. You are giving access to Mexico for the American economy … because they paid you off. That is literally pimping out your country, my dear friend.
  • Canada. The same goes with Canada. One meeting with Trudeau and Canada gets a very tiny tariff on timber. Why? Because you got a deal from Canada as well. You turn on the heat against a country only to invite bribes from that country. You are using the “trade imbalance” issue as the base to invite bribes. “Pay me off and I give you access to America” … this is your strategy.
  • China. Very recently … you are turning on the heat on China … only because we exposed your strategy in our previous posts. Lol. We just wrote a few pages and it helped the American economy by billions of dollars … cool, isn’t it? Lol. See how effective our work is by using just one website? Otherwise, one meeting with President Xi and Trump puts a tiny tariff on China … and he was ignoring the whole trade imbalance with China.
  • TPP. Supposedly, Trump is also studying TPP … apparently looking for how he can cash in on this one as well.
  • Jerusalem. There was no decision going to be made about Jerusalem until the end of 2019. But Soros walks in with a bag of cash and Trump expedites the Jerusalem move to May 2018. All you need to do is show Trump some cash and US policy is at your disposal.
  • Palestine. Since it is a weak and poor country that cannot do much harm to Trump … it is being stomped upon. The country is in a humanitarian crisis but even then Trump stops aid to this country. Why? Because it pleases the more powerful country in the equation … that is Israel.

Concerns. Whatever policy or move that you are making … it is under observation. How your actions impact the people matter a lot. What you are showing with the above is a “craze for cash”. You are trying to exploit any and every move possible in order to make money via the Presidency. You are literally pimping off your country. And that isn’t exactly a very Noble thing to do.

What the Nobel Prize Committee looks at is … how you used your power and finances to do good for the weak and poor. How you rallied the powerful and made them change for the good of the people … this is what matters. Right now … the very thought of a Nobel Prize for Trump sends shockwaves among the people. Why? Because the only thing that you have been doing is stomp over weak people, rip off your own citizens and pimp out your country to those who can pay. The current character, principles and policies that you are showing are totally on a contrast to that of a Nobel Laureate.

Supporting Anti-Russian Moves
When Putin calls you support Putin … when the Establishment calls you support the Establishment and when Mueller calls you are ready to sanction Russia. Your current policies are all over the place. You don’t have a fixed track or direction. You are supporting whoever has power and influence. You are not a visionary with a plan of how to get things done. You are just trying to survive in the office by nodding along to whoever has power. Because by being in the office is how you can make your money.

Yes, you are supporting whenever Putin calls … but you are also taking several anti-Russian moves. So who is going to win in this pull of strings? Will you remain pro-Russia so that the world is not destroyed in a nuclear war? Or will you jump at the Establishment threats and start a conflict with Russia? Nobody knows for certain because you don’t have a fixed track or strategy or plan or vision whatsoever.

  • Unnecessary sanctions on Russia. Why are you putting unnecessary sanctions on Russia? Why are you following the UK without doing your own research or without using your own intelligence? When Putin calls you are making Pro-Russian statements … but you are blindly following other countries in sanctions. This will make it so easy to puppet America against Russia. Make any country sanction Russia and America will follow. Whatever happened to using your own commonsense and intelligence? One guy jumps in the well and Trump will follow.
  • Killing and indictments of Russians. Only to please the Establishment you have killed Russians in Syria and also coordinated with the FBI to indict Russians. This was nothing but a “favor” to the Establishment to show loyalty to them.
  • Blaming Democrats and Russia for Collusion. You have tweeted several times … blaming Democrats and Russia for Collusion. You are flipping against Russia, the moment you get some pressure from Mueller.
  • Mueller’s Puppet. The Establishment is using Mueller to puppet you against Russia.

Concerns. Here is an interesting chemistry that you should note about the Trump Presidency. Trump stomps on the weak and poor … he sucks up to the rich and powerful. This is his strategy. But when the Establishment, Mueller and Russia are concerned … all of them are powerful elements. So, what Trump is doing here is … nodding along with all of them. When the Establishment calls … yes sir. When Mueller calls … yes sir. And when Russia calls … yes sir.

But the issue is that … the Establishment & Mueller are on one side … and Russia is on the other side. Both of them are opposite elements. So who is going to win in this pull of strings on President Trump? That person will win who will be able to run his agenda first. If the Establishment and Mueller pressurize Trump into several anti-Russian moves … and initiate the war … then they win. But if Russia initiates an anti-Establishment movement and wipes out the Establishment … then Russia wins.

Trump does not have a mind of his own. He has no idea of what is going on. He has no plan or strategy and he does not even know what to do. All he looks at is … which boat do I have to jump into? That’s Trump’s strategy. “If you are going to win then I am on your side … if they are going to win … then screw you, I am on their side.” Lol.

Now, coming back to our Nobel Prize perspective … how do you think that such decision making and leadership will be looked at by the Committee?

Scam Presidency
These are the main characteristics shown by the Trump Presidency till date.

  • Stomping over weak people
  • Massive favors for the Establishment
  • Cash for himself

Trump’s slogan is “Make America Great Again”. It seems the mission is already accomplished. As per Trump, America has already become great … he has already done the job of making America great. Now, the only thing that he has to do is … it seems … “Keep America Great!” But if you see what actually has been done is nothing but … stomping over weak people, ripping off the American people to do massive favors for the Establishment and benefit himself financially. This is what he has done till date and this is what he calls “Making America Great Again”.

This is not Making America Great Again … this is ripping off America and this is pimping out of America. There is no greatness in this. The whole Presidency is nothing but a total scam. Based on his current track … the entire thing is a total scam that is ripping off the American people by the trillions every year. And it seems … this is how Trump wants to maintain America … this is how he wants to “Keep America Great!”

What to do?
Trump needs to change tracks. He is on a disastrous path … that is not good for anybody. It is not good for Americans … it is not good for Trump … and it is not good for the world. It is utterly totally disastrous. There is no virtue, nobility or greatness in anything that Trump is doing.

He needs to move into a fantastic track of taking America into a new and modern era of progress, development and success. A path does not involve ripping off the country by the trillions … a path that does not involve pimping out your country to foreign countries … a path that does not involve stomping over weak and poor people. The path should have greatness for everyone involved … including the people, the politicians, the companies and the Presidency.

Trump needs to have proper goals with a proper strategy … he needs to know what he is doing and how to handle the Establishment and legal networks. He should not be shaken by anyone nor moved off track by anyone. Trump needs to look at all of ongoing flaws, mistakes and wrong policies … and systematically slide away from them one by one. Yes, he cannot change everything in one day. But he needs to start changing right now.