06 Apr 2018
JewH273 Realistic issues with the Nobel Prize for Trump

The scenario presented on this page “Saving North Korea from the vicious Communist ideology” is the ideal scenario. Trump works with Active Democracy … fixes the current problems in his Presidency … dodges Establishment malice … does great things for the people … and ultimately wins Nobel Prizes. Yes, not one but a series of Noble Prizes. However, this is the “ideal scenario”. To make it happen … let us take a look at the realistic issues that we need to handle.

Why this project for Trump?
First of all, the Democrats and many in the Silent Majority might be concerned … why this project for Trump? Nobel Prizes for Trump?? Especially when the guy has been stabbing Active Democracy in the back … trying to use the Indian, Turkish and Russian governments to stop our work … and on top of that he is an Establishment suck-up who is blindly chasing cash without having done anything for the people. Why this project for Trump? That’s a very good question.

The Major Reasons
The two major reasons to design this project for Trump are:

  • He loves to take a piss over weak people. Show Trump some weak and vulnerable people who cannot harm him … then he is all energetic and ready to stomp over them. Show him Establishment powers and the guy wets his pants. This has been his track record since the past one year.
    • Blacks. Calls Black people criminals and quotes crime rates in the Black community when he is supposed to protect them from police violence.
    • Muslims. Hates Islam and uses the Travel Ban to ban people coming from many Muslim countries.
    • Immigrants. Makes racist remarks on Latinos and Mexicans … and uses his powers to deport at mass levels. Why? Easy to stomp over weak people.
    • DACA Children. Has been using this as a bargaining chip to get funding for the wall. Takes a piss on 800,000 children living in his own country. Why? Weak people who can’t harm him.
    • States within the country. Uses his powers to cut funding for States who protect immigrants. Why? State governments can’t do him much harm.
    • Israel-Palestine. Sides with Israel and cuts funding for Palestinians … when Palestine is living in a humanitarian crisis. Why? Weak people.
  • Mr.Wet Pants doesn’t have the courage to change America. The second major reason is that … America’s current condition is like a building on fire … it is facing multiple crisis at so many levels with $70 Trillion in debt … people unable to survive the cost of living … working multiple jobs to make it through and living off credit cards. But Trump has not shown the courage to face the fire in America. It is too strong … too high … too fierce … too hot … for Trump. And he is our Chief Firefighter. Instead of putting the fire off … he is busy selling items from the burning building. This is the current Trump Presidency.

Generally, to any other person … if you show him the network of a criminal group … if you show him their powers, strategies and techniques … a normal person will get pissed off at the scale of the criminal group. A normal person will activate as many powers and measures that he can to subdue, weaken and eliminate the criminal group. But Trump is not like that … show him who is powerful and he will go and suck up to them. Probably, that’s how he runs his hotel business … sucking up to the powerful keeps his hotel running. He is implementing the same hotel policies into National & World politics.

He is the Chief Firefighter … he is standing in front of a burning building … but he does not have the courage to face the fire … at least till date, that’s what he has shown. So, instead of wasting time and hoping that he will somehow find the courage … why not show him something easier? He loves stomping on weak people and countries. Instead of stomping on innocent people … why not direct his energy to some weak criminal systems in other countries? He can’t face the fire in America … so, let him put off the fire in other countries at least. He is a Firefighter … that is his job. If he cannot save Americans then at least let him save other people.

Other Related Reasons
Here are some other related reasons that qualify Trump for this project.

  • The guy is a patriot. He loves his country. And all of these countries … North Korea, Cuba, Venezuela and Iran … all of them are anti-American.
  • Victim of the Establishment. All of these countries are victims of the vicious Communist ideology designed by the Jewish Establishment. And Trump is also a major victim of the Establishment back home. Despite his repeated favors for the Establishment, they have only been rubbing him under their shoes. Almost every day he is pissed upon.
  • Will have something to talk about in 2020. Apart from talking about jobs and economy … he will have something more to show to the people that he has done. He can proudly show the number of countries that he has saved from Communism.
  • Trump is not the Establishment. Trump is not our enemy or opponent. He is just a simple hotel owner. He is not the Establishment. The Establishment is planning a humiliating exit for him. This work will make the exit a little bit decent. He can proudly rely on something good that he has done … doesn’t matter what happens.
  • Trump’s rise to greatness. Trump is a little bit unpredictable. You never know … he might find the courage to save America as well. If he saves his country as well as half a dozen other countries from the fire … then he could actually be a fantastic Firefighter. You never know what will happen later.
  • Communist prison countries. All of these are Communist prison countries where 100+ million people live under threat, abuse and terror. This work can save 100+ million people. All Trump needs to do is play with sanctions … without getting bribed, scared or misled.
  • Establishment has zero control. There is no dealing with fire here. This is a little girl’s job. All you need to do is pluck the flowers and put them in the basket. There is no wolfy around.
  • The time is ripe. Sanctions work … they have worked on Iran and they are working on North Korea. The guy is ready for negotiations. Its perfect timing to start the work.
  • I am freaking bored. The project in America cannot begin until I get my sponsors and I am freaking bored. At first, I was shocked at Trump’s blunders … then I got tired and exhausted at his blunders … and then I just got bored of it. If he is not going to have any courage to change America then what is the use of helping him with anything … he will just go on sucking up to the Establishment behind our backs and nothing positive will be achieved. And voila! Just in time … sanctions work in North Korea … thanks to Russia, they are ready for negotiations.
  • Use the time. So, why not use these 2-3 years of Trump being in office to do something nice for 100+ million people? Instead of just seeing Trump-bashing and see his eventual humiliating exit … why not help him do something nice? Why not use these 3 years to do something nice for people who are living in abuse and terror?
  • Easy Wins. If you do it right … without getting bribed or misled … then these are very easy wins. It is very easy to change these countries … all you need to do is play with sanctions.

Getting into the real world
Perfection is the absence of errors. If you want something to be as good as it can get … then try to remove as many errors as possible from it. Let’s see the plus and minus of the project.

Trump’s blunders in North Korea
Here’s the thing … what you are doing in this project is changing lives of about 75 Million people. You will be laying the foundations of the unification of the Koreas. This is an age-old problem that no world leader has solved yet. Your approach should be people-centric. But you went out there while chasing the war-cash-cow. The unification of the Koreas was not your objective. You were just looking for a reason for war … so that you can sell some weapons and make money off it. You were trying to cash in the war.

  • Fire and Fury Threats. This is what the Nobel Prize Committee will note. You were busy making war threats against the country repeatedly.
  • Offensive Military Buildup. You spent billions of American taxpayer money to create a military buildup in South Korea. This was in accordance to your war plans.
  • Military Drills. You carried out repeatedly military drills in order to incite war and challenge North Korea.
  • Bad Mouthing. You got repeatedly involved in the exchange of bad comments with Kim Jong Un.
  • Sanctions. We strongly suggested you to put sanctions and use sanctions as a tool to control North Korea. You followed the advice and placed crippling sanctions only because you were pissed off and angry at North Korea. You had no intentions of a Korean unification or caring for their people. If you cared for their people even a single bit then you would not have considered putting their countries through a nuclear war.

Sanctions and Russia
There were two good things that happened with North Korea … and they are … sanctions and Russia. Sanctions crippled their economy and Russian influence pushed them to the negotiating table. Your bad mouthing, military buildup, military drills and threats … all of them were out of line and total blunders. These blunders have only terrorized the two countries and cost the American people in billions.

The Change in North Korea

  • Participation in Olympics. From making war and annihilation threats … they jumping up and down … singing and playing at the Olympics.
  • High Level Meetings. Meeting like never before have begun.
  • Ready to denuclearize. Interestingly, they are ready to denuclearize.
  • Continued military drills. The guy in the entire scene who has to make a blunder … it has to be Trump. They are ready participating in Olympics, ready for talks, ready to denuclearize and what you are doing is … continuing on the military drills … despite the fact that South Korea itself has banned any media coverage of these drills. The host country is itself censoring your moves … because they are totally out of line and not necessary. Why would you continue with “military drills” at such a time? Why, why?

Try to snap out of war games and look at the bigger picture. The major tool that the Establishment is using against you is … “character assassination”. They have no evidence of any collusion … you will not be charged on collusion. This is the main reason why they are so fierce on character assassination. If you change your approach to these countries … from war to being people-centric … and initiate fantastic reforms … then it will give you a fantastic tool to fight back against this ongoing character assassination back home. It will give you “real facts” and real change in the lives of 100+ million people. It will give you a lot of mileage back home.

A Trump Movement
I called this a “Trump Movement” … it is only because you made one positive move … and that one positive had a good impact. Yes, you have made half a dozen other bad moves and blunders along with that … but still … that one positive move was taken by you. So, you still get the credit.

We are not crazy for credit. It is the leaders and politicians who follow the strategy and the right moves … it is them who get the credit … it is they who rise to glory and greatness. You guys will be remembered in the history of several countries when you play the game correctly.

The second reason why I called this a “Trump Movement” is because … there is no Obama in the scene. The whole North Korea show happened under the Trump Presidency. So, you get the sole credit for this … no sharing it with any other American leader. Yes, the credit to end the War on Terror … that you have to share with Obama. But this … this is totally your game … your movement. Please, please, please … try to play it right.

Wrong Assumptions and Expectations
This is an excellent project but you should not have any wrong expectations or assumptions about it.

  • Got the formula! I know you guys track my website looking for formulas to win. But sadly, there is no formula or one-page solution for the issues back home. It is a complicated process of handling the Establishment at various levels. This project will only help you combat character assassination back home.
  • Cash and Nobels at the same time. Yes, the work is fantastic that deserves Nobel Prizes. You might think that … “hey, I can run my cash deals with the Establishment in America. Now, I don’t need to change anything here. All I need to do is fix these other countries. I will get fantastic popularity and win Nobels. This is all cash and Nobels at the same time”. Sadly, it does not work that way either … getting recognition is itself a challenge given the current scenario.
  • Got the formulas for a modern world! The systems in South Korea are modern when compared to the Communist systems in the North. The systems that we will be implementing in America are of a different age and era. It will create an entire new era of a modern country. Don’t mix both of them.
  • Lawsuits and Investigations. This work is not guaranteed to have an impact on the lawsuits or investigations that you have as of now in America.
  • A victory in 2020. This will not guarantee a victory in 2020 either. You are the Chief Firefighter for America … the building that you are assigned is America. Americans vote in America … not Koreans nor Cubans nor Venezuelans nor Iranians. If you want to win in 2020 then you also need to fight the fire in America and save Americans.

The biggest hurdle is the Establishment
The biggest hurdle that you will face in winning the Nobel Prize is the Establishment. Their monopoly helps them run the country in any way that they want. Using the media monopoly, the Establishment molds the psychology of the people. They get to demonize whoever they want and they get to praise whoever they want.

  • If the media says that the event is good … then the event is good.
  • If the media says that the event is bad … then the event is bad.
  • If the media does not cover the event … then it is as if the event never happened.

Now, your response to this information will be to “jump into the Establishment’s arms and do what they say” … isn’t it? Control Trump, control. Don’t keep jumping into the arms of the powerful … that is not how you win a Nobel. To win a Nobel, your focus should be on the people … especially when powerful and rich people are involved. That is why they call it a “nobel” prize … it is noble thing to work for the people.

Establishment Media Games Examples
Let me show you how the Establishment controls the very perception of the event via the media.

  • Jobs, Economy and Tariffs. Where is the recognition of these works under your Presidency? Your tariffs will generate billions in revenue for the country but they are being termed as a “trade war and harsh tariffs” by the media. Zero recognition and only negative coverage.
  • Iran Nuclear Deal. Where is the recognition? It has potentially stopped a war against Iran and Russia … this deal stopped a World War under Obama. But it is criticized as the worst deal ever by the media and opposition politicians.
  • Radical Islam and War on Terror. Any recognition? Forget about recognition, American leaders don’t even have the balls to say what it was and how it was eliminated. No one has the guts to say the truth about this. The entire work was done in the background by cooperating with Russia.
  • Elimination of Communism in the East. Communism has been eliminated in several countries from the East. Did anyone get recognition for that? Forget about recognition, people in the West don’t even know that the Jewish leaders of Communism executed 100+ million Christians, destroyed Churches and killed tens of thousands of Priests and Clergymen. The truth is still hidden behind the curtains.
  • Obama gets the Nobel Prize for hope. His message was given full-fledged publicity in America and the world … to such an extent that he wins the Presidency and he also gets the Nobel Prize. Why? Because at that time … the Establishment’s strategy was to use Bush as the scape goat for war and debt. They wanted to blame everything on George Bush while themselves sliding away from the scene. They were scared that the American people will come after them knowing that there is $10 Trillion debt in the country. They needed everything to be blamed on Bush. And Obama fell right into the slot. He was the perfect candidate doing the required job.

How to handle this obstacle?
A “media revolution” will save your day. All of these are easy wins. Its not that you will not win in those countries … of course victories will be there. But the recognition will not be there. Even if they recognize, it will be news for 2-3 days and then they will come back to Trump bashing again after 3 days. Back home, things will not change much.

If you want a full-fledged victory … then it is a must for you to also work on the systems in America. This is your best option. Initiate a media revolution in the country.

  • It will give you hundreds of media outlets in your favor
  • You will get to reach hundreds of millions of people with your message
  • You will get recognition for every move that you make

The Three Options Forward
Moving forward you get basically three options:

  • Current Path. The Establishment Monopoly is crippling your Presidency with ridicule, humiliation and lawsuits. A terribly humiliating exit is planned. No other President of America or another country had Pornstars suing them on live television. There is no way that you will win 2020 based on your current track. The exit could also possibly be before 2020. Anything can happen. If the Establishment leaks just one of your corruption deals then the game is over.
  • Eliminating Communism. If you work towards eliminating Communism and saving 100+ million people … then you get something strong to rely upon. The exit will not be that humiliating. It will be softer and a little bit decent … because you actually did some good work.
  • Revolutionize America. If the Chief Firefighter takes on primary responsibility that he has been given … then there are no limits to the rise in greatness for you. Here is where you get your series of Nobels.

What not to do?

  • Don’t try to stab us in the back. Quit pestering the Establishment so much that you end up stabbing us in the back. Quit calling different governments to stop our work. Quit trying to be the savior of the Establishment.
  • Don’t take bribes from them. These are vicious criminal Communist countries. If you take a bribe … which they will offer … then you will sentence millions of innocent people to a life of abuse, threats and terror. Do not allow yourself to be derailed from policy reforms via bribes.

Best Strategy
Your best strategy would be start the policy reforms in North Korea and initiate a media revolution back home. The media revolution will give you the strongest upper edge over the Establishment and help you win in almost every step.