01 Apr 2018
JewH272 Saving North Korea from the Vicious Communist Ideology

Rising from ashes to be a shining star
Trump still has a path to rise from the ashes and become a shining star that will be followed by the world. The Trumps can have a series of Nobel prizes in their family. Let's give him a preview of how it can be done via one simple strategy for North Korea.

North Korea crumbling under sanctions
First understand the ground level situation in North Korea. The country and the government are crumbling under sanctions. There is no way that they can operate or exist for long with the crippling sanctions that have been placed on them. They have no other option but to negotiate. “Sanctions” are the most powerful tool here … it is your whipping stick.

The Communist Ideology
The entire country of North Korea is nothing but a “prison camp”. 25 Million people are currently living in a prison owing to the Communist ideology and policies in the country. The people have no rights, no freedom, no proper facilities and they live in constant fear, abuse and terror.

Denuclearization of North Korea might be a great accomplishment … but when it comes to the state of the people in the country then it is just bla bla bla that does not make any difference to the people. Yes, denuclearization should be on the table … but most importantly the state, the rights and the freedom of the people should be a much higher priority. People should come first.

World support against Communism
The best part of this movement is that the Establishment cannot oppose this movement. Because if they make any effort to oppose the elimination of Communism then it automatically show the direct connection of the Jewish Establishment to Communism and its principles. Lol. So they have no opposition role in this movement at all. The only thing that they can do is remain silent. And you will get a sweeping support from all around the world to eliminate Communism from any country whatsoever. It will be a simple clean sweep direct victory with absolutely no opposition whatsoever … provided you play the right moves.

What’s in it for Trump?
Before I give details of the strategy … let me show what’s in it for Trump. “Character assassination” has been a major tool that the Establishment has been using against you since the past one year. They are repeatedly attacking your character with demonization campaigns, ridicule and bla bla bla. The best way out of these demonization campaigns is rising into the skies … doing great and phenomenal works that will be simply unmatchable to any other existing politician. You need to rise to such great heights that the guy who demonizes you should be seen in bad light.

The Stars and the Worms
The Stars in the sky are not bothered about the worms in muddy waters. The worms can be as slimy as they want … they can be as dirty as they want … but they do not impact the shining glory of the beautiful stars and the moon in the sky. If you don’t rise out of these muddy waters then these worms will crawl all over you and try to take you down in dirt. The best strategy is rise to phenomenal great heights that no one has ever touched before. So doesn’t matter what shit the media says … the people will only see you as an icon.

Two ways to move forward in North Korea

  • War. It will be a nuclear war … the disaster will be catastrophic. The war might spread in several ways. Millions of people can lose their lives. Huge zones in the Koreas can become nuclear wastelands and become inhabitable for the next 200 years.
  • Use Kim Jong Un. Yes, the guy is one of the most hated leaders in the world. But he is not hated because he is bad … he is hated because of the Communist policies. The guy is fresh blood and if he cooperates in policy reform then he could be the key to change North Korea forever.

Two major elements that were immensely important and effective

  • President Trump’s Sanctions. It is Trump’s sanctions that brought North Korea to the negotiating table.
  • President Putin’s Influence. There were meetings between Russian and North Korean delegations … and Putin highly recommended negotiation and cooperation with the West. It was because of Putin’s influence that the war mongering from North Korea stopped and they started taking positive and constructive steps.

Trump-Putin Victory
This fantastic and phenomenal change that is going to happen in North Korea is mainly a Trump-Putin victory. It is because of these two key leaders that the North Korea is on its way to phenomenal change. And these two key leaders have to play their roles in the next phases as well … to make sure that the changes are real and effective at the ground level.

Strategy – Against Communism
The strategy that has to be followed in North Korea is that “we are against Communism”. As of now … we are not against Kim Jong Un, we are not against his single party rule and we are not against the Kim Dynasty. Our primary opposition is against Communism and its policies. And that’s exactly what we want to change. For now, Kim Jong Un can maintain his rule and his single party … no issues with that … as long as he cooperates with us in changing the policies.

Why will Kim Jong Un move away from Communism?
The important question is that … why will the guy move away from Communism that has been followed by his father and previous generations for the past 70 years?

  • Fresh Blood. The guy is fresh blood … he is new in the game. New comers can easily be molded to good things.
  • Sanctions. Hell yes, the sanctions are working and they are crippling his country. He wants the pressure to be removed.
  • Communism is out dated. Yes the Kim Dynasty has been following Communism since 70 years but it is an out dated form of government. It does not work.
  • The failure of Communism. Communism has failed all around the world in almost every country where it was setup except for a few.
  • Communism only delivers disasters. This form of government delivers only disasters for the country. Look at Venezuela and Cuba … even they are suffering.
  • Communism gets overthrown. This form of government gets eventually overthrown by the people.
  • Success via reform. The only economically successful Communist country in the world is China. China succeeded to a great extent via “reform”. It reformed many of its policies which helped it succeed in the world.
  • Greatness for Kim Jong Un. If Kim Jong Un steps forward and reforms his country … then he will go down in History as the great leader who reformed his country and took it towards greatness.
  • Modernize North Korea. This is a fantastic opportunity to modernize North Korea.
  • Compete with China and Japan. You could compete with regional powers like China, Japan and South Korea in terms of technology and success … if you follow the policy reforms.

All of the above are your negotiating points to introduce new policies in North Korea. Use them in your meetings, negotiations and promotion of what is being done.

The Approach – Taking North Korea into a Modern World
The basic approach to show love, care, support and greatness when they cooperate with us. This is not about sanctioning and terminating North Korea. We are not the enemy. We only want goodness and greatness for you. We want to take your country into a modern new world.

That’s if you follow the policy reform. If you don’t follow the policy reform then we will sanction the shit out of you. There is no way in the world that we will support a government and provide billions of revenue to them while they starve their own people. You want us to support your government and remove sanctions? Then you need to show us policy reform for your people. If you mistreat your people and don’t change any policies … then do not expect any kind of support for your government from us.

A stick in one hand and a cake in another
You need to show a stick in one hand and a cake in another … and let them choose. If they don’t reform … then give them the stick. If they reform … then give them the cake.

Terminology to be used
You should be a little bit careful in the terminology that you use. Communist countries are generally taught to hate Democracy and Democratic principles. So, don’t tell them to “leave Communism and come to Democracy” … instead tell them to “leave outdated Communist policies and modernize the nation”. Instead of Democracy use terms like … modern, successful and great policies. It will be easier to sell.

What is it that they actually have to do?
Don’t treat this North Korean affair similar to the Iran Nuclear Deal. Just signing a denuclearization treaty will be just bla bla bla. It will change nothing in the country. Yes, keep denuclearization on the table but also demand policy reform. These are some of the segments that you might want to take a look into:

  • Family Reunions
  • Food and Medicine
  • State Abuse and Terror
  • Education
  • Human Rights
  • Business Ownership
  • God and Religion

Don’t tell them to have several political parties and run a proper democracy. That would be too much for them to handle. Right now, just use his party and initiate the reforms. The whole process requires a phase by phase movement.

Family Reunions
Why is this important? Our objective is to save people from Communism and this is the fastest route to save the people. Families have been separated owing to the existence of North and South Korea. Family reunions have been a major issue. Till date, very rarely families were allowed to meet on some damn mountain in North Korea for a few hours. What you need to is demand actual reunion of the families. The families should literally move to South Korea and settle down there for good. It is simply unacceptable that families are separated … family reunions should begin immediately.

How to pick the number of Family Reunions?

  • 50,000 per month. Discuss with South Korea the approximate number of family separations and the possible number of actual reunions. The bigger the number, the better it is. This will be an instant victory for the Trump Administration. Family Reunions have been the biggest issue and a highly emotional concern in the Koreas … and you solved this issue at the tap of your fingers. This movement of family members from the North to South will happen immediately and you get to instantly show the world how Trump is reforming the world. It will be a major instant victory for the Trump Administration. If they don’t agree to Family Reunions … let them rot in sanctions and place some more crippling sanctions on them. Remember … stick in one hand.
  • South Korean Economy. Since you will have tens of thousands of Koreans moving into the South … the country has to absorb these people into the economy. The number that you use should be realistic in a way to incorporate them into the economy.
  • Integration. Since it is “family reunion”, there will be a family waiting for them on the other side who will provide residence and help them integrate into the new country. Apart from the emotional and values part … it will also help in the integration of these new residents in the country. It will not be a major burden on the economy.

For how long should the Family Reunions continue?
If we give them a number of 50,000 members per month then in one year 600,000 people would have moved to South Korea. The Family Reunions will stop the moment North Korea implements all of the modern policies. Honestly speaking with all of the reforms North Korea will become a great country where people will not live in fear, abuse or threats. There will be freedom, liberty, business ownership, God & religion, the government will love and support the people. When this happens … why will anyone want to run away from North Korea? In fact, if they do it very well then probably South Koreans may want to move to the North.

It all depends how quickly the North changes and reforms. It might be for 4-5 years or it might take only 2-3 years. It all depends upon how North Korea quickly implements the new policies.

Tactical Relief of Sanctions
We should not release all sanctions at once. We have to follow a tactical and directional release of sanctions. For example, basic amenities are a major problem in North Korea. The government does not care if the people have enough food or medicine. What you need to do is “channelize the finance” to the people. See that the government is getting about 20% of the finance … but about 80% of the finance should flow to the people … to provide them with food, medicine and basic consumer products.

Immediate Cooperation and Relief
Promise them immediate cooperation and relief … the sanctions relief will begin immediately … provided they agree to Family Reunions and implementation of new policies.

How to implement new policies?
North Korea is stuck in an age old world of Communism that is total crap. But South Korea is ultra modern and highly developed. Here is where South Korea will play a major role in designing new systems for the North.

  • Aware of Communism. They know all of the bullshit that Communism offers.
  • Modern & Democratic. The South is quite modern and has all of the democratic policies and systems.
  • Common culture and background. Since it is the “Koreas” … both of them share a lot in common in culture, food, religion, language, history and background. It will be very easily to take systems from the South and implement then in the North. It might be about food, medicine, consumer products, business ownership or religion … they already have proper established systems. Take these systems from the South and start integrating them in the North … as much as possible.
  • Eventual Unification. The next phases of the work will result in eventual unification. The more you use South Korea, the easier and the better it is.

Team of International Monitors
Don’t take the word of North Korea that … “yes, yes, we will implement”. Setup a complete team of “international monitors” in the North in several cities to monitor and report the progress of each policy. The teams should be formed mainly from:

  • Russia. Here is a key role for Russia. North Korea is notorious for detaining, executing and imprisoning citizens from other countries. But they will never dare to mess with Russia or Russians. Putin will kick their ass if anything happens to any Russian on North Korean soil. Involving Russia will help in keeping a check on North Korea activities and it will also provide security for the team members from other countries. Russia is in a key position to provide security for all International Monitors in North Korea.
  • South Korea. There will be a lot of members from South Korea who will help in the integration of policies, look after the provision and distribution of aid and amenities.
  • EU and America. Place a few monitors from America and EU as well. Since Russia will be providing security for these Western International Monitors … it will boost Putin’s role in world leadership and it will help in the Russian integration with the West. It’s a platform for cooperation and friendship. Angela Merkel will agree to send monitors and be involved in this. Keep her in the loop.

The Immediate Focus Segments
The team of International Monitors will essentially from a humanitarian background. These are the immediate focus segments that you can start off with.

  • Food and Medicine. Make sure that food, medicine and basic consumer products reach all North Koreans across the country.
  • State Abuse and Terror. Track all actions of abuse and terror by the North Korean government. Don’t start yelling at them when they abuse. Devise everything in a proper strategy … give them exact details of how the police, military and government officials should conduct themselves as a policy. Get these policies implemented via Kim Jong Un. The guy fed his uncle to the dogs … but then that’s what he knew. Teach him with patience and follow the learning curve.

In the next phases follow these moves:

  • Business Ownership. Then move into business ownership. This is what breaks Communism. It provides ownership to the citizens and helps them trade with the world. This move should be your second step.
  • Education – God & Religion. And then move into the education line. They literally make the people “worship” the State leaders and government. State leaders have a God like status in Communism. You have to introduce God and Religion … Buddhism is what Koreans follow. God and religion helps break Communism. This is your third step.

Maintain Yearly Evaluations
The team of International Monitors will report everything that is happening on a daily and weekly basis. The evaluation of sanctions should be done on an yearly basis … based upon how North Korea is implementing the new policies. Release 20% of the sanctions in the first year … introduce new policies … then release 20% the next year … introduce new policies … and keep moving forward like that.

You can start the first year with only:

  • Family Reunions
  • Food and Medicine
  • State Abuse and Terror

While having the denuclearization program being implemented on the side.

Financial Aid and World Bank Loans
Another way to incentivize and attract North Korea to this program is via financial aid and world bank loans for the people’s programs. Tell them … not only we will relieve 20% of the sanctions immediately but we will also provide:

  • Financial Aid. There will be many aid and human rights organizations that will raise funding to help North Koreans. There will be a lot of organizations that will step in with basic amenities and aid. These humanitarian workers should be allowed to work all across North Korea to help their people.
  • World Bank Loans. For the development of the systems and make proper provisions …we can also channelize loans from different world banks to help in the development of the country.
  • International Companies. There will be many international companies that will be ready to do business with North Korea provided it reforms and works towards becoming a modern nation.

Development Phases
This is how the development phases of the work will enfold.

  • Under Kim Jong Un’s Rule. State terror comes to an end … policy reforms begin.
  • Modern North Korea. Policy reforms will lead to the creation of a modern North Korea where people have rights, freedom and liberty.
  • Ultimate Reunification. Since the North is implementing all Democratic policies, there are very few reasons why both of them should be separated. In fact, when they unify there will be phenomenal progress in the North. There will be a flood of people, industries and companies in the North. We just need to work on how Kim’s political party is adjusted in this unification.

Instead of Kim Jong Un being a tyrant … he could actually be the guy who reforms North Korea and unifies both Koreas. 

A Trump Movement
All of the above is very lengthy to read … but it is nothing but pulling strings. Sitting in a few meetings and pushing reforms … that’s all it is. The best part is that the entire thing is happening under Trump. Yes, it is a Trump-Putin victory … but it is a Trump movement … it is a Trump phenomenon … and it is a major Trump accomplishment. If you hadn’t placed the strict sanctions … then things would not have enfolded in this way.

Everyone is keen on the meeting with North Korea and very eager on the denuclearization treaty. Don’t get carried away with the waves. We are not the ones who follow the waves. We are the ones who create and direct the waves. Don’t just hop on to the movement and settle with very meager stuff. No, no, no … we will change the entire country. We will lead and will show the world how it is done.

Trump and Putin can win a Nobel Prize for this work
This is an age old crisis that has been affecting the lives of about 75 million Koreans … since the past 70 years. It has not been resolved by any world leader since the past 70 freaking years. But Trump and Putin can be the key world leaders to solve this crisis and change these countries for good. Both of you can easily win a Nobel Prize for this work. This is unmatched work that no one ever has accomplished. And both of you could provide leadership to the world on this crisis.

Cuba, Venezuela and Iran
Not only North Korea … there are some other countries that also need change.

  • Cuba – 11.48 Million People. The exact same crisis exists in Cuba. They are also the victims of the vicious Communist ideology. The same work in the same pattern can be replicated in Cuba. Its just that … we don’t have a North and South … so it will be Americans who will lead the change in Cuba. Sanction the shit out of them until they reform.
  • Venezuela – 31.57 Million People. Another country victim to the same vicious Communist ideology. Sanction them but the strategy here needs to be slightly different. Will give details later.
  • Iran – 80.28 Million People. Iran does not have a humanitarian crisis but it has a political crisis. The policies are of Communist in nature. Sanction them but the ball game in Iran is different. Will give details later.

Angela Merkel gave refuge only to about 1 Million refugees and she was being nominated for a Nobel Prize. But these works involve the lives of more than a hundred million people. You have the potential for a Nobel Prize 100 times more than Angela Merkel. And all you are doing is pulling strings and making sure the right policies are put into place.

The Second Nobel Prize – Obama, Putin and Trump
There is another Nobel Prize that Trump and Putin qualify for … it is for the elimination of Radical Islam and ending the War on Terror. This is something that Obama, Putin and Trump should share. Technically, this would have been Trump’s first Nobel Prize had he worked on the correct strategies and policies. Even then … it is still not too late to work on this and claim this prize … because it is a reality that has been accomplished by these 3 world leaders … Obama, Putin and Trump.

Series of Nobel Prizes for the Trump Family
We wrote about this before and he probably thought it was “fake news”. Your advisers say it is fake news because they don’t know how to get it done. Since they don’t know of a path forward … they say it is fake news. If Trump had started implementing people centric policies in America that concern his own 330 Million citizens … then Trump would have been getting a Nobel after Nobel. There could have been a series of Nobel Prizes in the Trump Family.

Major Mistakes Made
There are some mistakes that Trump and Putin have made because of which they did not move into this Nobel Prize direction.

  • Russia – Silent Mode. Putin has mainly worked in silent mode with North Korea. He had a major impact in changing North Korea’s approach but whatever he did was in silent mode … nobody knows his role. Obviously, Putin was not targeting a Nobel Prize nor is that his priority or requirement. But in this atmosphere of misuse of the media and anti-Russian propaganda … it is wise to use some media and create positive publicity for your country and position. It helps in eliminating in the anti-Russian propaganda.
  • Trump – Military Drills. Trump was all about military drills and “fire and fury”. When you want to win a Nobel Prize for peace then military, fire and fury should not be on the agenda. Peace, reform, human rights, progress, prosperity and success should be on your agenda. Its not too late to fix it.

Make a few changes and get on the right track … and you will shine like a star.

Two Paths Ahead for Trump
There are basically two paths ahead for Trump.

  • Great Leader. You can be a great leader that does fantastic and phenomenal things for the people … for your own citizens and the world. You can be loved and adored. You will go down as a phenomenal President in history books.
  • War Mongering Asshole. But if you follow the paths of leaders like Bush and Hillary … people will look down at you in disgrace. Hillary is such a disgrace that her own party is telling her “please shut up and disappear”. I am sure that you don’t want to be among them.

Simultaneously Training Oprah
You should know that the content that we write is not just for you. We are simultaneously training SM, Oprah and other Presidential candidates on hot issues. She should know what is the problem and how it should be solved. She will take it forward from where you leave it. We will show her how to cover for all of your incompetence and errors. But if you do it well enough … then she will follow your footsteps. If you blunder … she will show the world your blunders and fix the problem herself.

Your Mess will be a Platform for Oprah

  • Your blunders will be a platform for Oprah
  • Your mistakes will be a platform for Oprah
  • Your incompetence and inaction will be a platform for Oprah
  • Your sucking up to the Establishment and not doing anything for the people will be a platform for Oprah
  • The lesser the mess, blunders, mistakes and inaction … the lesser the platform for Oprah
  • The more people oriented you become, the further away Oprah will be pushed away

If you act quickly and effectively and keep the people first … then Oprah will have no chance but to run in 2024. She will have to follow you, your footsteps and the foundations that you have placed … she will be your follower … if you do things correctly. Otherwise, with your blunders … she gets a fantastic platform in 2020 itself. Instead of becoming your follower, she will become your terminator.

This is your opportunity to rise … use it … it is an excellent opportunity that leaders don't get again and again. We know the formula to handle these Communist countries … if you don’t use it then we will use it to help Oprah shine.

Get people centric … work with me … and you will win … you will win big!