30 Mar 2018
JewH271 Preparing for the next 50 years

This page is being written to bring everyone on the same page … as to how we will be preparing for the next 50 years for this project. Generally people plan for 5 years ahead … 10 years or 20 years. But this project is a little bit different. As a first step, we plan it out for the next 50 years … and step two will be for the next 100 years … and step three will be for the next 150 years.

These are steps of 50 years each … that is basically taking care of my generation … then my kids and then my grandkids. This is an incredibly lengthy project … you can’t basically define it as a “project” when you look at it in the long run … it is more of a “life concept”.

The Concept
This is how it would basically function. What we are dealing with is “exploitation systems” … the systems set up are malicious and criminals. Firstly, in order to combat a system, we need to design another system. We need to design a system that fights for “good” against the systems that are created to run evil. It is more like a fight between good and evil.

To understand the longevity of the project … it is something like a police force. Just because we caught the real bad guys … should we abolish the police force? Just because the crime is less … is it wise to abolish the police force? No … why?

  • Because crime can always repeat.
  • The absence of a police force will only embolden the bad guys.
  • The absence of a police force can result in the creation of disasters.
  • Once the disaster is created, we have to again build up from the ground level … setup the right forces and take down the bad guys. The same work will have to be done all over again from scratch.
  • Our job is not only stopping the bad guys and getting rid of the criminal systems … but our job also involves setting up fantastic systems in favor of the people.
  • Our job is to work in several countries and set up the best systems possible for the people.
  • Once the systems are set up … we keep on improvising them and protecting these good systems from the malicious Establishment.

The whole thing is a continuous work of doing good and stopping evil through time. There is basically no defined end to this work. As long as Satan exists, he will continuously try to derail people from the right path and create malice in the world. And it is our responsibility as God loving citizens of this world … to kick this God damn Satan’s ass and save the people from its malice. This is our most basic human responsibility when we believe in God.

How the project spending is structured
I am basically writing this page so that everyone involved in the project understand how the spending is structured. So that … we avoid the Establishment’s mind games designed to create misconceptions and friction in the future. I am talking about this even before it happens … so that we have an upper hand in handling the Establishment’s assholery.

Yes, the initial funding requested is $1 Billion. The first thing that you should understand is that … this entire amount belongs to me … every single cent of it. I have already done enormous works … that have channelized hundreds of billions into the economies of several countries. Not only they owe me $1 Billion but they owe me 10 times more.

But since there is a “project” involved in this funding as well … so I will give an approximate spending structure for the funding.

  • 10% Commission. I separate 10% as marketing commission. This is a nominal commission that marketing companies charge to manage marketing campaigns. It is generally 10-15%. This is considered as my personal income from the project.
  • 20-30% Investment. Now, you will understand why I wrote about the “concept” of the project. 20-30% is invested to create recurring income for the project. Some of the avenues that will be explored are Education and Real Estate. We will invest in these fields so that we get a regular income that is safe, secured and long term in nature.

These are the 3 major expenses in the project.

  • Building Rent. We will have hundreds of people working with us at different locations. The building rent will be an ongoing continuous expense that will devour our finances.
  • Salaries. Since we have hundreds of people working … the salaries are another major expense.
  • Marketing. The last major expense is marketing and campaigns.

We have to work on strategies to handle all of these expenses for the next 50 years. How are we going to pay the salaries of 500 people when we are not selling any product? We need to broaden our perspective and activate all appropriate channels to handle these expenses. This is briefly how we could possibly handle it.

  • Building Rent. We simply buy or build the buildings. Since we ourselves own the buildings then there is no more rent to pay … it might be for the next 50 years or 100 years. As long as the building is good and standing … there is no rent to pay.
  • Salaries. Our investments in real estate and education fields will pool in regular income that will take care of the salaries, at least for the core team.
  • Marketing. During the project we will be setting up our own interactive and social networks. We will ourselves have a network of tens of millions of people in our social networks … in direct contact with us. Reaching out to tens of millions of people can be managed in this way and we don’t need to rely totally on campaign funds to promote our work.

When all of the above 3 are set up properly … then we are pretty much geared up for the next 50 years. We would have our own machinery … our own system to combat these malicious and criminal systems of the Establishment. Our works will become as independent as possible.

Assuming we don’t do it this way
Let us assume that we don’t do it this way … then what happens? We will rent buildings … pay salaries … run campaigns … the $1 Billion will be over in 4 years. Once the funding is over … we have to pray and wait for the next generous guy to come along and support our work. And that would suck. And just in case, we don’t get the next $1 Billion for our work then …

  • We can’t pay the rent of the buildings
  • We can’t pay salaries
  • We can’t run any campaigns

And the whole thing comes to a stop. We will have to lay off hundreds of people and shut down the work. That would be a total disastrous way of doing things. The more intelligent and secure way of doing things would be looking at the long run and to prepare better.

Successful Setup
If we create a successful setup … then we own the buildings … we don’t have to pay rent. We have investments in education and real estate … salaries are taken care of. And we have our own social networks … that will help to great extent in the marketing works. This is the preparation work in the initial stages. We will be exploring more avenues of interest as we move on.

Establishment Based Deviations
The Establishment’s systems and their functionality are designed based on how Satan operates. Just like Satan tries to stall every move in every phase … the Establishment also functions in that manner. In order to combat Satan, you should know who he is, what his intentions are and how he works. That will help you discard all of his malicious moves. In the same way, we need to prepare for all of Establishment’s misleading moves that will deviate us from the work.

  • Initial Funding. They will try to derail the initial funding via various pretexts. You need to know it and prepare for it … and then overcome it.
  • 10% or Investments. In the same way, they will also try to demonize and do some bullshit propaganda for the planned 10% commission share or the investments that I will be making in education or real estate. Know before it happens and prepare for it. This way … they will even lose their energy to run the propaganda.

Major Establishment Concerns
Why the Establishment is so obsessed with this project is because this is what our work results in:

  • Cash flow coming into Christian hands
  • Exposure and elimination of the Establishment’s criminal systems
  • Trillionaires being broken down
  • Millions of millionaires and billionaires being created
  • No more Establishment monopoly
  • No more exploitation systems
  • No more Establishment control over media, politics, banks and corporations

Reverse Psychology
To run their deviation and misleading games these are the techniques that they use:

  • What is bad for them will be shown as bad for you
  • Good guys are shown as bad guys
  • Bad guys will be shown as innocent victims
  • Using tiny mistakes they will create monsters out of good guys
  • Massive exploitation schemes will be shown as great and beneficial for the people

Beware of these techniques in every step that the Establishment takes. This is how they design and run their systems.

Global Force for Good
Our work is more like a global force for good. And the best way to combat these malicious systems is to have a stable and secure system that can function in the long run.