25 Mar 2018
JewH270 Trump’s Pro-Satan and Anti-Satan Teams

Trump has been jumping on two different and opposite paths simultaneously. He is showing a complete “fickle” nature that moves to and forth. Why is this so? It is mainly because he has two teams of advisers that give him Pro-Satan and Anti-Satan advice. Let’s dissect the Trump Presidency a little bit to understand what is going on.

Trump’s Pro-Satan Team
This team is supposedly led by his eldest son Donald Trump Jr. This is the team that sucks up to the Establishment. Why is this team sucking up to the Establishment? One of the main objectives of Trump running for President is “money”. The Presidency is nothing but a financial transaction for him. All he is seeing is … what he needs to invest and what he can get out of it. To get the best returns from the Presidency, he needs to work with the people who hold the main monetary channels … and that is the Establishment.

It might be defense companies, global trade, banks or manufacturing. It is the Establishment that can provide Trump with the monetary benefits … as per his view. Which is why … you will find Trump instantly jumping on any major Establishment agenda … it might be Radical Islam or war mongering against other nations. Trump Jr. himself went live on television and made statements:

  • Against Islam and Muslims … telling people about the fear and insecurity that we live in.
  • Advocating the Travel Ban
  • Proposing surveillance of Muslim communities and mosques
  • And he even recommended the expulsion of Muslims from America and Europe

What is Trump Jr. doing here? He is just trying to play a Pro Establishment candidate trying to run an Establishment agenda for monetary benefits. Radical Islam was a major cash cow and he was just chasing the cash cow. This particular team that Trump has designed is mainly to “chase cash” wherever possible. It is designed to cash in on the Presidency.

Other activities carried out for “monetary benefit” are:

  • $1 Trillion Plus in defense spending and on Pentagon. There is no ongoing war and he is blowing up cash like hell. He has literally placed dynamites under our tax payer money. And these dynamites are blowing up like fire crackers. This kind of spending should be termed as “financial terrorism”.
  • Tax Cuts for Rich. His tax cuts provide more than $1 Trillion in tax cuts for the rich and wealthy. Companies are supposed to be “pouring in” after these tax cuts. Amusingly, we can count the number of companies that came in on our finger tips … still waiting for the “pouring in” to happen. This “pouring in” was supposed to create trillions in revenue for the economy. I guess all of that revenue and change was mere fiction.
  • Chasing War Opportunities. Having written the biggest checks to the Establishment, Trump is eagerly chasing war opportunities. It might be in Syria or North Korea or Iran or any other country. For him war is another cash cow … another financial transaction and he plans to make big via this opportunity. He does not know that … the closer he moves towards war, the earlier he will be impeached.
  • Pimping out America.
    • Mexico. You remember … there was a lot of heat between Trump and the Mexican President in the early months … then all of a sudden this anger and heat … it simply vanished. Instead of turning the heat on Mexico and putting tariffs on Mexico … Trump is threatening the American Congress to pay for the wall. He was holding the DACA deal hostage. He is turning the heat on the American tax payers for the Border Wall. Why the change? Why this sudden shift? Forget about putting tariffs, why is Mexico getting exemptions from tariffs? Simple answer … Trump got paid off. These payments can’t be tracked on US soil because they are held in foreign accounts.
    • Canada. Similarly, Trump made a big noise about NAFTA and how bad NAFTA was. Once he meets Trudeau, what happens? All of the noise and heat against NAFTA disappears. Why? Trump is creating this heat and showing anger … only to invite bribes … to show other nations who is the boss and who they need to pay to get access to the American economy. Once they pay Trump, they get access to the American economy, with a slight tap on their hands to show that something was done. This is literally “pimping out America”. The Pro-Satan team is helping Trump play the “Pimp in Charge”. And they see the Presidency as a fantastic blessing where they can mint money.
    • China. The same goes with China. Before visiting China … Trump was all against Chinese exploitation and wanted to term China as a “currency manipulator”. But the moment he returns from China … “President Xi is a great guy”. Only on a tiny portion of Chinese products tariffs are placed.
    • TPP. Trump is reportedly studying TPP … probably trying to cash in on this one as well.
    • North Korea. Trump is going to meet North Korea. I am only praying to God that “please, please … see that Trump does not take money from North Korea as well … please, please!” It is a monstrous regime and taking a bribe from them … and allowing their Communist policies to continue would be sentencing millions of innocent people to hell forever. President Trump, kindly draw a line on your chase for cash.

This Pro-Satan team is minting money via the Presidency. There a lot of deals within the domestic segment in America with the Establishment. This is one of the reasons why Trump is incredibly slow on taking action against the Establishment. Because if there is no Establishment then how is Trump going to make his money?

I know politics is not all clean. All politicians are not angels. Of course, there is corruption at various levels in the country. Trump is not alone out there in looking out for financial interest. But the uniqueness about Trump’s policies is that … he is trying to hug a guy that is trying to stab him … and because that guy is trying to stab him, he is trying to stab him back. But then again, he needs the cash … so he hugs the same guy again … and both of them stab each other again. Trump is hugging and stabbing the same guy.

Anti-Satan Team
While Trump has a Pro-Satan Team that is focused on making cash via the Establishment … he also has an Anti-Satan team that is focused on limiting and eliminating the same Establishment. The Anti-Satan Team is supposedly led by his daughter, Ivanka Trump. She is a gem … she was a good pick … enormous amounts of goodness in her.

Why is Trump anti-Establishment? Because of:

  • Demonization
  • Lawsuits
  • Investigations
  • Indictments
  • Committees formed against him
  • Possible impeachment or jail
  • Demonization will lead to a loss in 2020

The Anti-Satan team’s job is to protect Trump from all of the above. There should be no demonization, no lawsuits, no investigations, no indictments, no committees against him, no impeachment or jail and he should win in 2020. So, how is it going so far?

Trumpian Politics
This is the major problem with Trumpian politics. He has extremely limited understanding of the system, parameters involved and the forces at play. Owing to this extremely limited know-how … he is going with whatever he sees fit in his agenda. He wants cash … he is going for the cash … he wants to protect himself from impeachment and jail … he is trying to protect himself from whatever he can.

Trump does not understand the Establishment or how its monopoly functions. Thus, he is ending up hugging and stabbing the same guy. One of his moves is Pro Establishment and his next move is Anti Establishment. One moment he is Pro Satan and the next moment he is Anti Satan. Seems like a personality disorder … but it is not a personality disorder. He has two teams that advise him on two different paths. And these two poor teams, they themselves don’t know what to do or how to handle the Establishment. Trumpian Politics till date have been the result of extremely limited knowledge and know-how.

Why did Trump setup such teams?
A good question is … why did Trump setup such teams? Because that’s how he does business in his hotel. He sets up two teams and follows the winning advice from each team. That’s how Trump makes business decisions. It was good for business but it is turning out to be disastrous for politics.

Bulldozers and Construction Guys
What Trump does know is that … setting up Pro Satan and Anti Satan teams is like … having a team of bulldozers and construction guys work at the same time. The construction guys build one floor and then the bulldozer guys take down the entire thing. Can the construction guys move ahead with the second floor, right now? No … because whatever they did … it was taken down by the bulldozer team.

If a builder has two such teams work on a project … what do you think is going to happen to the contract that the builder got? Is that building ever going to get built? One a floor is setup, it is bulldozed the next day … will the building ever be completed? No, the building will never be completed and the entire show that the builder is running will be nothing but a joke. Not only the builder will lose the contract but he will face actions at several levels.

Should Jesus take Satan’s advice?
Having a Pro Satan and Anti Satan team is like … Jesus consulting with God and then also turning to Satan and asking him … “so, what do you think Satan? What should I do?” Do you think that Jesus should take Satan’s advice? Do you think that God will approve of a Jesus that takes Satan’s advice?

No, my dear friend … you never ever take Satan’s advice. You never ever follow Satan. Forget about taking advice from Satan … you have dedicated your eldest son to Satan … and asked him to follow Satan and protect Satan. Ivanka is supposed to save you from Satan’s malice while daddy and big brother follow Satan for cash? Your entire Presidency becomes a “scam Presidency”. She will be standing there like a little girl looking at her daddy and brother going down the drain … with no capability to protect them.

What do you do with Satan?
You get rid of Satan. You never follow Satan. You get rid of Satan from every sphere of your life. You don’t depend on Satan for anything whatsoever. The more you depend on Satan, the weaker and malicious you will be. You more you follow the Establishment … the weaker and malicious you will become. Just look where your Presidency is headed. If the Establishment leaks just one of your corruption deals then your Presidency will be over.

Just like you never follow Satan … you never follow the Establishment or their schemes. Just like you get rid of Satan from every sphere of your life … you need to get rid of the Establishment from every sphere of your life. That’s what needs to be done to this criminal Establishment. Quit worshiping them and quit protecting them … and quit creating ridiculous teams. If you create teams then both of the teams should be for good. You should find two fantastic ways of doing good things in better ways. You never create one Pro Satan and one Anti Satan team. What the hell is wrong with you?

I know cash is a major interest … we will show you of ways that are not dependent on the Establishment. Easy money is generally problem money. If you follow easy money, problems will also follow you very easily. You will yourself end up being a criminal and goon … who will try to silence people who can expose your wrong dealings. You will end up calling India and Russia … just to silence us. What is this? This is again goon behavior. That’s what these criminals do … they will make criminals out of you. If you were not carrying out these malicious and criminal schemes then you had nothing to fear and nothing to worry about. Now, you are the one who is scared. Why follow criminals and why become a criminal yourself?

Make America Great Again – Mission Accomplished
Now, what you are saying is that … you have already made America great. The MAGA mission has already been accomplished. The only thing that you have to do is “Keep America Great” now. What the hell has changed that you are saying that America is great again? This is your vision of a great America? Where you sign off the biggest checks to the Establishment, pimp out your country and eagerly look out for wars … this is the “great America” that you talked about? This is how you want to maintain America for the next 7 years?

This is such a terrible disappointment. MAGA is such a fantastic punchline and this is the shit that you call MAGA? Do you want to be called a “Scam President” for the rest of your life or what? You continue on your current path then the Trump Presidency will flushed down the drain in such a way that no other Trump will ever get elected for office ever again. The Establishment will put a microscope on your finances and all of the funds from foreign banks coming into your business will be so heavily scrutinized that you will be fearing the use of those funds through your entire life.

We are supposed to save you and protect you from lawsuits, investigations, impeachment and help you win 2020 so that this is the shit that you will continue doing for 7 more years? Its like praying to Jesus … “Jesus please save me so that I can rip off the people”. Please get your act together … please get your act together.

Short Term Death of the Trump Presidency
We had great plans for you but you are running a total “shit show” out there. And based upon your current moves these are the instant ways that the Establishment can end your Presidency.

  • Exposure of corruption deals. The Establishment does not catch you on your first deal. Catching you on your first deal will actually alert you and it will protect you. A onetime wrongdoing can be shown as a “mistake”. And the public exposure and scrutiny will warn you and push you away from further corruption deals. So, their general strategy is to invite you to a lot of such deals and when the time is right … start leaking the information of one deal after another. When the public sees that you have a long list of corruption deals … that’s when they put you in jail. Be on alert on this one.
  • Hotel Finances – No Taxes Paid. Collusion is just a pretext to start investigations. The major flaws lie with your hotel finances. You have not paid taxes for several years. There is a huge Pandora Box of malice in your finances. They can easily charge you with Tax Evasion and Tax Fraud among other financial crimes. If the investigations move into your hotel finances then be aware of this possibility. This option can also create the death of the Trump Presidency within a short duration of time.

Prolonged Death of the Trump Presidency
The Establishment has already activated programs to make sure that the Trump Presidency dies by 2020. This is exactly why Pornstars and Playmates have been activated. Based upon your current path and moves … it is quite likely that you will lose in 2020. The Establishment is actively working on the prolonged death of the Trump Presidency while they explore the short term routes.

The way to escape these deaths is doing something phenomenal and fantastic for the people that they see beyond your flaws. But then again, if you knew how to do that … then you wouldn’t be in your current state, would you?

Protecting others from Trump’s blunders and incompetence
This is what Russia should understand about the Trump Administration. Trump has his feet inside two boats. He may swing in any direction or he may even fall into the water. He may become total Pro Establishment or he may become total Anti Establishment or he may even fall in the water. Anything is possible. Do not trust Trump’s words anymore. Focus on his actions and policies … that will show in which direction he is moving. Till date it has been mostly Pro Establishment. This is what Russia needs to do.

  • Protect countries from Trump’s war blunders. Trump is keen on war. He is building a team of war mongerers. He is chasing cash. He has cashed in the mega checks possible at the domestic level and now he is moving into foreign waters trying to cash in on the war game. Here is where you need to play a world leader and provide a balance in world power. Doesn’t matter which country Trump is going against … it might be North Korea, Iran, Venezuela or whatever. If Trump threatens war or military action against anyone … just go out there and protect that country. You will get an ally … who you can do business with, who will buy defense supplies from you and who will stand on your side against American Establishment warmongering. Russia has everything to gain by protecting countries under threat.
  • Trump doesn’t know anything. If Trump makes a call or you get any information from the White House … please verify everything yourself. Trump knows nothing. The guy is a blank slate. Don’t think that he will give you something extremely intelligent or wise that will be great for the world. He has an entire team that is sucking up to the Establishment. Expect blunders from him. The only way to protect yourself from his blunders is … doing your own research and by using your own intelligence.
  • Stopping Work. We have got reports that the Trumps tried to reach out to the Indian Government in order to stop our work. If he or anyone from the White House reaches out to Russia in order to stop our work then … firstly, it is a verification that Trumps reached out to India to stop our work … and secondly, it shows that Trump is still sucking up to the Establishment and running scandalous schemes. Do not trust Trump on his. Do not follow him. If our work stops, then the Establishment is only planning a massive termination of countries. Do not follow Trump or the White House if he is doing anything to stop our work.

Hillary would have been worse
Just to make Trumps feel a little bit better … Hillary would have been worse … in every way. Whatever you are doing … it is still better than Hillary. It would have been a catastrophic disaster under Hillary. At least, you have an Anti Satan team … who is trying to understand the Establishment and trying to do something about it. Hillary would have been a total Pro Satan demon. She would have been monstrous. So, compared to Hillary … you are still better. Its not a great thing being compared to a monster … but that’s who we had during the last election.

Expect far better candidates in 2020
The time is very short. You have only two years left to get out of this demonization ditch that the Establishment has placed you in. Trump needs to get out of this ditch and show himself to be phenomenally great in order to win in 2020. This Pro Satan and Anti Satan thing is not going to help you. You have to get on the people’s side and win big. That’s your only way to survive beyond 2020. Because SM is activating far better and clean candidates for 2020. You cannot get by them by only name calling. You have to show something phenomenal.

Make your cash in better ways
Quit sucking up to the Establishment for cash. There are far better ways of making your money. You can aim for both … cash for you and greatness for the country … when you play the game correctly.