23 Mar 2018
JewH269 Putin needs to generalize his approach to America and Europe

Firstly, Hearty Congratulations to President Putin on his fantastic victory! May God bless you with greatness, glory, wisdom and strength to make Russia a powerful world leader and to do great things for the Russian people and the world. God bless and congratulations once again.

Don’t be Trump specific
Yes, Trump has shown a little bit of a Pro-Russian approach. Trump might be good for Russia but Trump himself is neck deep in trouble right now. Your aim is good relations with America and Europe … it has nothing to do with a personal relationship with Trump.

There are high chances that Trump may face criminal charges and that he may be impeached. If you remain specific and limited to Trump then this may tarnish the image of Russia when he is criminalized. First year was the opportune time for Trump to do something about Establishment malice. But since he has not worked with us … there is very less chances of saving him from impeachment, jail or a loss in 2020. This is the second year of his Presidency … here is where you start consolidating alternate arrangements. Never wait for the hammer to fall … prepare for it even before it happens.

This approach will help you consolidate Russia’s relation with America and Europe on a long term basis. As a country, Russia is looking for great relations with the American people as a Nation and America as a country. Trump is only the means. Yes, Trump is important in good relations … but that is, only when he plays his role … otherwise, Trump can only be a major anchor.

The Trump Presidency is Blunderous and Terribly Weak
Trump might be the President of America right now … but his Presidency is blunderous and terribly weak.

  • Trump may face criminal charges. You need to prepare for an America without Trump. Anything can happen in the next 3 years. Trump may or may not survive till 2020. You have to keep your options open.
  • He is in parasite mode. Right now, he is just reading what we write and trying to benefit from it. This parasite mode will not help him in any way. We cannot do much for him except stop wars. Stopping wars is not going to help his Presidency in anyway … there is no new war … even then he is neck deep in trouble.
  • Blindly chasing cash. This is Trump’s biggest drawback. The Presidency is nothing but a financial transaction for him. He is blindly chasing cash and falling for all Establishment traps. The Establishment will squish him. There is nothing much we can do for him on his current path.

If Trump is impeached as a criminal then it will automatically tarnish Russia’s image as well. You need to neutralize and generalize your approach very soon.

This page is specially written for Russia and the Silent Majority. Take a look at the illustration below:

This is the plan that we put in about one year ago. By now Trump should have traveled a long way in putting this criminal Establishment on its knees asking for forgiveness. But instead of moving in this direction … this is what Trump has done in the first year … take a look at the list of his blunders.

Trump’s Blunder List within One Year
The details of some of the activities on this list are mentioned at http://active-democracy.com/news/the-lovely-jewish-history/1519-the-white-house-and-the-parasite-mode.html. I will enlist them briefly here:

  • Advisory Committees. Instead of breaking down the Establishment, Trump tries to hug the Establishment by setting up Advisory Committees for major Corporations and Media companies. Many corporate leaders quit these Committees within a few months and the committees are dissolved.
  • Radical Islam Promotion. In his early months … one event happens where a Muslim is involved and Trump goes on a tweeting spree about fear, terror and terrorism. Trillions have been leeched via this bogus concept by the same Establishment and Trump is just trying to jump into the Establishment boat and run this agenda all over again.
  • $1 Trillion Plus in Defense Spending. He has already spent more than $1 Trillion on defense companies and the Pentagon … he is still evaluating nukes and planning to spend hundreds of billions more on developing nukes. This is Trump again chasing the cash cow.
  • Jerusalem. All it took Trump to expedite the Jerusalem decision was Soros walking in with a big bag of cash. At first, nothing was going to happen regarding Jerusalem until the end of 2019 … but the moment someone shows some cash … Trump is ready to sign off on any paper. After meeting Soros, the Jerusalem decision was expedited to May 2018.
  • Net Neutrality. He literally sold off the internet to the Establishment so that they can speed up or block any site that they want.
  • Stalls cooperation from Russia. When Russia wanted to cooperate on our project, he repeatedly stalled the cooperation. Why? Because he was scheming with the Establishment on another program. He wanted to play the “savior of the Establishment”. These guys are burning his Presidency and he is playing their savior.
  • Russian Bots and Russian Troll Farms. He stalled the work and gave time to the Establishment to promote the concept of “Russian Bots and Trolls” on social media. The Establishment wanted to suppress the exposure of Communist crimes and this was being done under the banner of Russian Bots and Trolls. The White House was actively cooperating with the Establishment in getting this done. Some European countries have also assigned funding to combat “Russian Information Warfare” online.
  • Social Media Detection Modules. While the concept of Russian Disinformation was being promoted by the Establishment, Social Media websites were programming and designing modules to detect any anti-Establishment activity. They were actively controlling the flow of information to the people.
  • Russians Killed in Syria. Reportedly, the White House allowed the killing of a few Russians in Syria only to please the Establishment and to show loyalty to them.
  • Russian Indictments. Mueller indicted Russians for social media usage only as a warning sign so that we do not expose crimes committed by the Jewish Establishment against the Church and Christianity in the Communist East. These indictments were carried out in coordination with the White House. The White House provided this information and as per this information … these indictments were put into place.
  • Election Interference and Political Interference. Both of these terms are designed by the Establishment in order to control and suppress our works of human rights and civil rights.
  • Blaming Democrats for Collusion. The White House has informed Mueller that Active Democracy, Democrats and the Russians are colluding to change political systems in America. Look what he is supposed to do and see what he is doing. Look what the plan was and see what he is doing.
  • Trump Jr. visits India. While the White House was informing the FBI and Mueller on collusion … Trump Jr. reportedly visits India in order to facilitate action to stop our work. It seems this was one of the objectives of his visit to India recently.
  • Third World Politics. All of the strategies that he is using are “Third World Strategies” that lame politicians use. Another strategy that he is advised to follow is … first threaten another country and show that you are the boss … threaten to tighten the business and cash flow … and then let go of the pressure once you get paid. He is reportedly getting guidance of how to “pimp out America”.
  • Mexico – Border Wall. For one full year, he campaigned for Mexico to pay for the wall … for one full year. He reportedly got paid off from Mexico and now turns a blind eye towards Mexico. Instead of pressurizing Mexico, he is threatening to hold the DACA deal hostage to get funding for the Border Wall. He put tariff on Steel … but then exempts Mexico from this tariff. Why? He got paid off. He keeps saying that there is a trade imbalance … then shouldn’t he put tariffs on Mexico? Instead of putting tariffs, he is giving exemptions.
  • China – Currency Manipulator. For one full year, he campaigned to term China as a “currency manipulator”. But one meeting with President Xi and China is no more a currency manipulator. Lol. Only meager tariffs are placed on China that are hardly 10% of the trade imbalance.
  • Canada – NAFTA. For one full year, he campaigned against NAFTA … one meeting with Trudeau and NAFTA is intact. Lol. The only thing that he does is put a light tap on their hands with a tariff on timber. Show Trump the money and he signs off on anything. This is his biggest disadvantage. He does not know that the Establishment is tracking every deal. If one deal is exposed then his Presidency will be over.
  • TPP. Now, he is reportedly also studying TPP and probably checking how he can cash in on it. Lol.
  • Keen on Wars. He is keen on wars and very aggressive with many countries because he sees “wars as a cash cow”. Trillions have been spent on wars and he sees great profit there for himself. In his blind chase for cash, he is only entering Establishment traps more and more.
  • Blackmail and Extortion. He has advisers who are telling him that my request for a reference from GCC countries is “blackmail and extortion”. He does not understand that … if a doctor says that you will fall very sick or even die if you don’t take the treatment for this disease … the doctor is not blackmailing you. The doctor is only doing his job of providing the treatment and suggesting a cure for the ailment. The Establishment is the disease not the doctor who is trying to cure you from the problem.

It has been just one year … and he has collaborated with the Establishment in a dozen different ways. He is doing nothing but burning his Presidency using his own hands. There is very little we can do for someone who is in this state. Instead of learning how to play the game correctly he is either busy hitting the ball at the audience or he is cooperating with the Establishment himself.

Anything can happen
Anything can happen in the next 3 years. There is no guarantee of anything under Trump’s current parasite mode. He has done massive favors after favors for the Establishment and they are putting lawsuit after lawsuit against him … and he has not snapped out of it. Instead of waiting for him to snap out of it … it is highly advisable that you yourself take precautionary measures.

I myself told you that there is a 90% chance that Trump will win the elections … now, I am only telling you there is 90% chance that if Trump remains on this current path that he will lose in 2020. It is very likely that he will be impeached or even jailed before 2020. If you do nothing and wait till 2020 then we unnecessarily have to deal with a shocker.

Alternate leaders are being activated
Trump’s primary job was to handle Establishment malice. He has shown no initiative to combat Establishment malice. Alternate leaders like Oprah are already being activated. Hillary will not be there in 2020 elections. If Trump cannot handle it then other leaders will. If Trump remains on his current path then most likely the Democrats will win in 2020. And because Trump has been closely associated with Russia … you don’t want the opposition party to see you in the same light.

We are already reaching out to the Democrats and showing them how important Russia is in the current crisis. They are on the same page with us. We will continuously guide prospective American leaders to follow a Pro Russian policy. Being against Russia will do America no good. But you also need to generalize your approach towards America and Europe.

Distribute your approach, use multiple channels

  • Diplomatic Routes. We are not asking you to terminate your relations or support for Trump. Continue positive relations with Trump via Diplomatic routes. But don’t rely only on one person or one party … diversify.
  • Country and People. Generalize your address and issues with the country as a whole and address the people via the media. Media, media, media … use multiple media channels in every step.
  • Use Politicians. Use Ambassadors, Foreign Ministry Personnel, Ministers and Pro Kremlin Speakers to carry out press conferences in several countries … especially in America and Europe. Do this repeatedly as a routine. The Establishment uses media as a “mind molding” system. You have to be repeatedly and continuously present in the media … especially when anything anti-Russian in being said or promoted. You need to instantly respond with logic and clarity.
  • News Channels. You are making good use of RT but also try to send your representatives to other News Channels on their programs and present your case. Try to use people with a lot of patience and knowhow when you send them to foreign News Channels … because most of US and European Media is an Establishment network. You need to be strong on the subject to provide the right arguments.
  • Talk Shows. Apart from press conferences, RT and News Channels … also try to reach out to talk shows and present your perspective. The American people love the “truth and logic”. If you are honest and if you have the right logic … then does not matter which part of the world you are from … you will be heard.
  • Connect with both parties. Be open to and connect with both party members. Remember that the aim is good relations between America and Russia … it is not just about Republicans or Trump. Find a way to be in good relations with the Democrats as well. Because when Trump gets burnt, it will be a Democrat President in the office next.

Reaching out to the people as a whole will greatly diminish the anti-Russian propaganda in the West. The more silent you are, the more it helps them. Use the truth and logic … present it in the media … it will help to a great extent in controlling the anti-Russian propaganda.

What not to do?

  • Don’t mention Jews. Yes, we know it is the Jewish Establishment. But talking about Jews or Judaism in the initial phase does not help. It will backfire. Their systems are very complicated … it is a 3D mesh inside 3 dimensions. We will let you know how to handle them when we start the project.
  • Combat layered games with layered games. The Establishment uses a lot of layered games. The best way to combat layered games is with layered games. That’s why for now … stick only to “truth and logic”.

The above measures will not help you to eradicate or eliminate the Establishment or its malice. It will only help you to contain its malice to some extent. You have 3 years of time … if you do this well then you can create a good image for Russia in the West. Just in case Trump falls, it will not hurt Russia.

This is kind of good for the Trump Presidency as well. A good image of Russia is good for the Trump Presidency … as it will show that good relations with Russia are a good thing. It will help in limiting the Collusion and Interference propagandas.