16 Mar 2018
JewH267 America is a building on fire trying to find fault with Russia

As we speak, this is what’s happening on American soil. One American is raped every 5 minutes, one American is killed every 5 minutes, 2 violent crimes (rape, murder, robbery & assault) happen every 2 minutes and one property crime (theft, burglary, car theft) happens every 4 seconds. The country has sunk into $70 Trillion debt which is $200K for every US citizen. The country is literally on fire and the Establishment’s agenda is “Russia! Russia! Russia! Russia is bad!”

First it was “Arabs! Arabs! Arabs!” … now it is “Russia! Russia! Russia!” These crime statistics of America are nothing new. This has been the state since decades … it has only been increasing year after year. While America was bombing Arab countries in the name of democracy and freedom … a US citizen was being killed on US soil every 5 minutes. A US citizen was being raped on US soil every 5 minutes. Property crimes are so enormous and widespread that a crime happens every 4 seconds. Every 4 seconds, an American’s car got stolen or his house got robbed … every 4 seconds.

Count with me … 1 … 2 … 3 … 4 … a car is stolen or there is a house burglary in America right now. By the time you have finished reading this sentence … an American citizen was raped or killed or his car was stolen or his house got robbed. This is the current crime statistics in America. This is not bogus information … this information is from FBI Crime Statistics on an yearly basis. Take a look at the numbers yourself:

  • Americans Killed
    • Deaths by Suicides - 44,965
    • Deaths by Drug Overdose - 64,070
    • Deaths by Gun Violence - 33,636
  • Violent Crimes - 1.2 million cases
    • Rapes - 95,730
    • Aggravated assault - 771,600
    • Robbery - 319,200
    • Murder - 16,800
  • Property Crimes - 7.9 million cases with losses of about $15.6 Billion excluding arson
    • Larceny-Theft - 5.6 million
    • Burglary - 1.5 million
    • Motor Vehicle Theft - 766,300

About a 100,000 Americans are killed every year via gun violence, murder, suicide or drug overdose. 95,730 Americans are raped every year. While we were pointing the finger at Islam, Muslims and Arabs … and spending trillions on these bullshit wars for democracy and freedom … during these 16 years of War on Terror … 1.6 Million Americans were killed on US soil right under your nose … about 1.5 Million Americans were raped on US soil right under your nose. About 16 million cases of violent crimes happened and about 126 million cases of burglary, theft and vehicle theft happened on US soil right under your nose. That’s right … about 145 Million cases of violent abhorrent crimes have happened to American citizens on American soil right under our nose … while we were busy bombing some countries on the other side of the Ocean.

America is a building on fire
Our cities are literally burning in crime. And not only that … but we have a world record-breaking debt of $70 Trillion. No country in the world has ever had so much crime or debt in the entire human history. And we call ourselves the most modern and developed nation of the world … the leader of the free world.

The question is why is this happening? Why are we busy bombing other countries … when in our own cities an American is killed, raped, assaulted or is a victim of theft or burglary every 4 seconds? When there is an abhorrent and detestable crime being committed on our citizens on our soil every 4 seconds … why are we busy in conflict with other countries? Why are we trying to find fault and initiate conflicts with others when our own building is on fire?

Establishment Deviation Agenda
This whole shitty system is designed by the Establishment. They have rigged, misled and designed only debt based and criminal systems. They have openly promoted policies that create massive debt, crime, abuse and exploitation. Maintaining the people in crime keeps them busy. Maintaining the people in debt keeps them busy. Your car got stolen … you get busy fixing the loss created. You get shot … you get busy fixing the loss created. Burglary at your house … you get busy fixing the loss created. You are in debt … you get busy working on 2 and 3 jobs at a time.

These guys are the “Master Criminals”. The Master Criminal survives when everyone below him is involved in smaller crimes. That’s why the Establishment promotes drugs, guns, violence, decadence, LGBTQ … so that the people at mass levels are occupied in some kind of deviant, decadent and destructive activity. So that you never have the time to stand up and question the system. You are either too busy working on 2-3 jobs per day … or you are busy handling a crime that has been inflicted on your life … or you are too busy in drugs, LGBTQ or violence yourself. Either you are the victim of debt or drugs or crime or violence … in all cases the Establishment keeps you busy and occupied … rendering you incapable of questioning the system or changing anything.

Arabs! Arabs! Arabs! Arabs are bad!
When these systems of debt and crime reached a peak in America and Europe … the Establishment started the War on Terror. They knew that these systems can no longer sustain the people … a massive debt crisis will come into place … that’s when they started the War on Terror. George Bush started the War on Terror and since Bush’s first year in office … America has been going in debt by $1 Trillion every year. This debt and crime was created by the Establishment and this War on Terror was also created by the Establishment … and all major events related to the War on Terror were created by the Establishment.

Reverse Applications
Their mass propaganda was that “Arabs are bad … Muslims are bad … Islam is bad … it is a backward ideology and religion … it preaches hate”. The Establishment agenda is mostly “mental voodoo”. They play with your head using their media monopoly. Gulf countries are generally shown as desert, sand and camels. Take a look below at how some cities are in these countries.

Yup … that is not New York or Sydney … that is Qatar and Dubai. Sand and camels? Here is something interesting about GCC countries:

  • Zero Income Tax. Most of them have zero income tax.
  • Free Education. All citizens get free education.
  • Free Healthcare. All citizens get free healthcare.
  • Company Paid Accommodation. The company pays for your accommodation.
  • Company Provided Car. The company provides a car as per your job status.
  • 30 days paid vacation. Almost all employees get 30 days paid vacation every year.
  • Minimal Crime. All GCC countries have minimal crime and violence.
  • 99.9% Employment Rate. Qatar has 99.9% employment rate

The Establishment’s agenda was that Islam is bad and Arabs are bad. But if you see the actual ground level reality … it is totally the opposite. If Islam was bad then how come GCC countries have the least violence in the entire world? These countries have already moved ahead far beyond America and European countries when it comes to taking care of their people. With 0% income tax they provide free education, free healthcare and a company paid car & accommodation. There is 99.9% employment rate in Qatar. Can any American or European country can do this for their people first and then challenge Islam and Arabs?

The Establishment will blatantly say … “ah look at those women. They wear Burkas. They don’t have women’s rights.” The Bible itself says … cover yourself and dress up with modesty and dignity. Your own Bible is itself telling you to cover yourself and wear modest and dignified clothes. The exact same thing is in the Quran. Have you ever seen in the Church … a Sister or a Nun wearing mini-skirt or showing off her boobs? Why are they fully covered? Because the Bible says so. When Muslim women wear the Burqa … they are not only following the Quran but they are also following the verses of the Bible. (The only thing additional Muslim women do is wear the face veil … which is technically not a requirement by the Quran … it is optional).

One of the main reasons why there is minimal crime against women in Gulf countries is because … they are following the Quran and the Bible … regarding their dress code. When the Establishment is concerned … they don’t give a damn … they hate God and religion … doesn’t matter if it is Christianity or Islam … which is why they are running this “Burqa ban” propaganda in several European cities. When in reality the Burqa is in accordance to the verses in the Bible itself. By facilitating the Burqa Ban, they are using Christians to create laws against the verses of the Bible. This is how the smart ass Establishment plays its games … use one gimmick or the other to oppose God and religion.

Russia! Russia! Russia! Russia is bad!
When Radical Islam propaganda is not working anymore … the same Establishment has switched the games to “Russia! Russia! Russia!” All the time something is bad with Trump or something is bad with Russia. If you look closely at the reality … what is Russia doing against America? Is Russia raping your women, killing your people, supplying drugs or stealing your cars? What has Russia done to you? How has Russia harmed any American life in any way?

Framing Targets
This is nothing but the Establishment sitting there and framing one target after another. First it was Islam and Muslims … now it is Trump and Russia. They used several “self-created” events to target Islam and Muslims. They are using the same strategy against Russia. Every week or so they come up with some new gimmick against Trump as well.

The responsibility to do what is right has moved to the East
This is what President Putin should realize. The responsibility to do what is right has moved to the East. First it was America that used to police the world and control conflicts … America and Europe were the role models. Now, the Establishment exploitation and abuse systems are so rampant that these countries are literally drowning in debt and crime.

Yes, you have the most advanced nukes today … you can go ahead and bomb these countries. But it would be like throwing a bomb in a building on fire. This is exactly what the Establishment wants you to do. They want you to be the one to throw the bomb in a building on fire … so that all of their malicious systems are covered up. The whole thing is a “cover up” strategy.

The thing with this building is that … there are 330 million innocent people inside … who are themselves the victims of these exploitation systems. When there are people inside a burning building … the worst thing that one can do is throw a bomb in that building. You have to show leadership here … patience but also tactical moves to address this crisis and the main elements behind this malice.

Yes, a burning building will only throw flames and burning objects on its neighbors … which is exactly what America has been doing since the past 16 years. This fire has destroyed several other countries. If you want to contain this fire and get rid of this fire for good … then you have to work from the outside as well as from the inside. This building does not needs bombs … it needs water. This building does not need anger and aggression … but it needs love, care and understanding.

Eliminating this fire is a very detailed and complex process that requires eliminating all Establishment control points in America and Europe. Right now, what you can do … on your own … to limit the aggression against the Russian Government and Russia as a country … is initiate tactical moves to address this issue and limit the damages that it will cause.

Tactical Moves in handling Establishment Malice
First and foremost … understand that it is not the people of America or Europe that are against Russia. This is Establishment malice. These are the types of events that the Establishment will create:

  • Within Russia. They will sponsor rouge groups or individuals within Russia who will carry out criminal attacks against America and Europe. An example is a malware that caused harm at European targets.
  • In America and Europe. Similarly, they will sponsor and help rouge groups or individuals in America or Europe to carry out events that will be blamed on the Russian government.

For both of the above, they can use Russians to carry out these activities. Just like they used some Muslims to shout “Allahu Akbar” and shoot at people … in the same way … they will pay Russians to carry out malice. And when American and European governments notice that … it was Russians who did it … then automatically the blame goes to the Russian government … only because “Russians” were used in the act.

Get involved and cooperate in crime investigations

  • Political Support. If you are protecting someone on “political grounds” then it is a different issue. Like Snowden … he did not commit any crime. He did not kill anyone nor damage any property. In such cases, it is totally fine to provide protection to such individuals.
  • Criminal Activities. Providing protection for criminal activities is not advisable. Such as malware or loss of life or property. If anyone carries out an act of crime that hurts or injures someone then you have to get involved and show cooperation. If you stay aloof then they see you as guilty.
  • Take Initiative. Be the first to take initiatives. Investigate all individuals and groups behind criminal activity inside Russia or abroad … on any activity that is being linked to Russia.
  • Facts and Evidence. Firstly, this initiative will show that the Russian Government is not behind the attack. Secondly, it will help you collect the actual facts and evidence behind the crime. Thirdly, it will help you get to the main criminals who carried out the attack.
  • Get to the command center. Your investigations should be aimed at getting to the command center … getting to the main guys who sponsored and helped in carrying out this criminal activity.
  • Use media and politicians. These two are important tools that the Establishment will use to demonize you and frame you for the act. If any criminal event happens … then be the first to initiate the investigation and hunt down the main guys behind it. Secondly, use your media outlets and politicians to make statements about the event. If any European leader is not cooperating with you then openly declare in the media that “so and so leader is not cooperating, not following due process & procedures and they are blindly running a criminal agenda. They are creating events to frame Russia.” Feel free to use the media to hammer leaders for their non-cooperation. The entire West is a Democracy. Every politician has to follow due process and procedures.
  • Separate criminals and the government. It might be Russian criminals or European criminals … you should clearly show to the world that this event was not carried out by the Russian government. You have to show clear separation between these individuals and the government. This will help you avoid any sanctions on Russia. The Establishment’s gimmick is to carry out an event and blame it on Russia … so that more sanctions could be placed. So, one of the important things that you have to do is … show no connection to the Russian government.
  • Kill the momentum. Don’t wait till the sanctions are put into place. If anyone is associating any event with Russia or the Russian government … just get involved and take care of it yourself. Kill their momentum in step two itself … don’t wait and let them build their momentum against you. Act fast tactically.
  • Be careful. Lastly, if you want to take down any spy or journalist in Europe that you don’t like … then this is not a good time for that. The Establishment is eager to associate any event to the Russian government. So, don’t take such actions on US or European grounds.

In all of the above … use all legal channels and make massive use of the media. Exposing the Establishment games in the media will help you hammer them and limit them as much as possible. America is a building on fire … they need help. One Russian died in London and they are expelling Russian diplomats. If the American people expelled their politicians for every American that gets killed … then the entire American Congress will be empty on day two. Every single day about 270 Americans are killed via drugs, murder or suicide. Every month there are two 911s happening in America.

You are a key world leader. There is huge responsibility on your shoulders. The role that the Establishment is trying to use you is to terminate these countries. Yes, I know we cannot deal with them only with patience. I know that they are messing with you. But this is what a building on fire does … it throws some flames and burning objects here and there. We can’t get pissed off at it saying “who are you throwing fire at?” We have to dodge the fire while we save the people and ourselves. We have to take appropriate tactical moves to address this crisis and limit its harm over other countries, including Russia. The responsibility to do what is right has moved to the East … and you are a major world leader in the East who can manage this successfully.