13 Mar 2018
JewH266 The Establishment is designing criminal events in Europe to “frame” Russia

The problem with these criminal Establishment elements is that … just like all criminals … they leave a pattern behind their work. Using the pattern, it becomes incredibly easy to know who was behind the crime. The Establishment is fantastic in covering up any direct links to them via evidence but they cannot cover up the “pattern of the crime” … and that points directly to the Establishment.

Don’t follow the easy clues left at the crime scene
When you are dealing with Establishment crime … don’t follow the easy clues left at the crime scene. This is a massive widespread criminal network with connections to almost all intelligence agencies in the West. They sit in their secret biotechnology labs in Israel and design the best ways of carrying out the crime without leaving any trace back to them. They know all of the moves that routine intelligence agencies can take and they design strategies not to get caught by any one of them. They are hardcore criminals who follow all steps possible to cover up their crime. The last thing we need to do is follow the easy clues left at the crime scene that are only designed to frame the target. Examples will help.

  • 911 – Saudi Passports & Quran. Saudi passports and copies of the Quran were found at the crime scene. Someone who was planning such a massive attack … that would surpass American intelligence and the Pentagon … such guys will carry their genuine passports and copies of the Quran along with them on the crime scene? These clues were deliberately left at the crime scene to frame the target.
  • Mass shootings - Allahu Akbar. The guy shouts Allahu Akbar and starts shooting people. What is this? This is deliberately leaving a “misleading clue” at the crime scene. This was done in order to frame Islam itself … as per the ongoing demonization of Islam by the Establishment at that time.
  • Chemical Attacks – Syria. The rebels openly claim that the chemical attacks are from the Syrian government. When you actually look at these rebels … who are these guys? These guys are branches and affiliates of Al Qaeda being indirectly sponsored by US funds going to the rebels. They are carrying out the attack and blaming it on the Syrian Government.
  • Malware Attacks. The season of Radical Islam is over. Now, there is a huge wave of anti-Trump and anti-Russia movement designed by the Establishment. Now, the Establishment is designing attacks that point to Russia. Yes, crimes are being committed but keep an eye on who is being framed for it.
  • Spy Poisoning. A Russian spy was poisoned. There is no proof or evidence that the Russian government or the Kremlin is behind these attacks. But since a Russian spy was killed … it is just a clue that indirectly points to the Russian government.

Rigged Intelligence
The Establishment runs its agenda successfully because of its support points at various places. A bunch of guys carry out the crime and a bunch of guys in the Intelligence pick all of the deliberately left clues at the crime scene and frame a case against the target. Russia is not the criminal … Russia is the target of these criminals. Russia is the victim here.

Understand Motives
The basics of criminal science will tell you to understand the “motive” behind the crime. Take a look and see where is the motive?

  • 911. Why will Saudi Arabia carry out 911? If Al Qaeda or Bin Laden or Saudi Arabia were able to carry out 911 then why weren’t there more similar attacks of this magnitude? If these guys actually had the capability and technology to do this then … buildings should have been falling all over America and Europe. You totally destroy many of their countries and even then they don’t do anything to you? Why on Earth would they carry out the first attack … when America is the biggest oil client that Saudi Arabia has? Does it make sense to attack your own client … a client that supports the running of your entire country? Saudi Arabia has no motive to carry out this attack.
  • Chemical Attacks. Why will Assad carry out chemical attacks when he is winning in Syria? He has a world superpower like Russia on his side … he is winning and getting huge territories under his control … why will he use chemical weapons on the leftover rebels? Assad does not have any motive or reason to use chemical weapons.
  • Malware Attacks or Spy Poisoning. Both of these attacks are based in Europe. And if you see, Russia has been making continuous and repeated attempts to restore relations with Europe and America. Russia wants to be a friend, Russia wants to help and Russia wants to restore relations. They are making repeated attempts for the same. Why on Earth will Russia design a malware that causes billions in losses to Europe and America? The motive doesn’t add up.

The next steps will point to the actual criminals
Once these events are placed … take a look at the next steps that the European or American governments are supposed to take. These next steps will point to the actual criminals behind these events and it will clearly show their agenda.

  • 911 – Afghanistan and Iraq Wars. Using the pretext of 911 and its tragedy … unnecessary and ridiculous wars against Afghanistan and Iraq were waged causing America and Europe trillions in additional expenditure. It only helped the Establishment defense companies and the bankers in hundreds of billions in revenue. 911 did not repeat again because it was “not required”. The main criminals got exactly what they wanted with one such event and they settled for it.
  • Allahu Akbar – Radical Islam. Redirecting these events and generalizing them to an entire religion was the Establishment agenda. The guy would shout Allahu Akbar and he would be terminated on the scene itself. But this clue that was left on the crime scene, it was used to run a preplanned Establishment agenda to deviate the Western minds to an entire religion … to put fear and insecurity in the society.
  • Chemical Attacks – The Establishment was losing in Syria … Assad is winning. He is bringing peace and stability to his country. The only way the Establishment could get a license to bomb the Syrian Government is via chemical attacks that can be blamed on Assad. This is exactly what they did in the next steps. They tried to pull America and Europe to attack Assad directly on this pretext. It is an entire pattern. Place the event … use intelligence and politicians to run the agenda. You need to understand how you are being misled.
  • Malware Attacks and Spy Poisoning. If you see almost all Establishment events are centered around America and Europe. In one way or the other, they are trying to pull your governments into action on these events. Why wasn’t the malware attack focused on South America or India or China or Mongolia? Because as a next step they want Europe to turn against Russia. They are placing these attacks in Europe and America … so that you guys turn against Russia. Russia is the target here not the criminal. Russia is being framed. Russia is the victim. Russia needs to be protected, it needs to be listened to and it needs cooperation and understanding. It does not need criminalization. Russia is the target in all of these attacks.

Establishment motives and goals
We told this before … the Establishment will use elements in crime, legals, intelligence, media and politicians to run their agenda. These are the current top agendas of the Establishment.

  • Anti-Trump. Which is why you are seeing so much anti-Trump material in the media. All that the media can talk about is anti-Trump. They are using any and every excuse to hammer Trump from every angle possible.
  • Anti-Russia. The second major target is Russia. The Establishment is crawling and clamoring to pull any anti-Russian gimmick that it can. Its objective is to worsen Russian relations with America and Europe. And these “events” play a major role in this agenda. This is a clear-cut “criminal motive” of the Establishment. They literally kill innocent people to run their agenda. They will leave all clues to frame the target against whom they want action to be taken. Russia is the victim of Establishment crime.
  • Anti-Islam and Anti-Muslim. The season of Radical Islam is over. But there is still some anti-Islamic activity being carried out in Europe. This was their number one propaganda with 911 during the Bush Administration. You saw its peak with ISIS. The Establishment was literally carrying out massive crimes and killing people by the thousands every day to run their agenda. These simple malware attacks and spy poisoning are peanuts for them.

How to handle this?
What the Establishment basically wants is to piss off Russia against the West. The West is supposed to be pissed off at Russia. And these events and sanctions will help create this hostile atmosphere. Once this hostility ripens … any additional events and punches against each other will only lead to a mass termination of several European countries.

  • Kill the momentum. The first and foremost thing that you should do is … kill the momentum itself. Don’t even allow the momentum to build up in that direction. If they cannot create the momentum … if the hostility does not even exist … then what war and what destruction? If they take step one then you should kill them in step two itself. How to do it? Keep reading.
  • Trump should immediately call Theresa May. Trump should immediately call Theresa May and explain to her what is going on … and who might be the culprits behind this. The Establishment has lost all of the efforts that it could make via America against Russia. Which is why they are trying to use Britain now. Since Trump understands their game very well in America … they are trying to use Britain for their anti-Russian agenda. Trump should call Britain and request them to cool down and play it very cautiously. Because further steps in this direction are very very dangerous … it’s a terribly malicious plan.
  • Don’t fall for deliberate clues. Don’t buy into the deliberate clues left at the crime scene in order to frame preplanned targets.
  • Don’t generalize the crime. The major issue with all Establishment terror events was that … they were generalized to a religion or countries. Don’t generalize crime. Don’t generalize these events to an entire country of Russia with 145 million people.
  • Go for the criminals. Be very specific and targeted … do your job of catching the criminals and the actual guys who committed the crime. It might be malware attacks or spy poisoning. Try to narrow it down to the actual person who did it and who helped him do it.
  • Rigged Intelligence. Change the investigators and intelligence officers working on the event if you have to. Rigged intelligence is one of Establishment’s control points.
  • Don’t fall into the trap. At any cost … make sure that you don’t fall into the trap. The criminal motive here is action against the Russian government … worsen relations with Russia … put sanctions on Russia … piss off Russia … and create a hostile environment ripe for war. Understand the motives of the criminals and don’t let them win.
  • Cooperate and collaborate. Shock the Establishment and reverse the game. Instead of sanctions … cooperate and collaborate with the Russian Government in investigating, getting detailed reports, getting to the actual individuals behind the crime and preventing & handling such incidents in the future. Of course, if there is a malware that originated from Russia and it caused billions of losses for other countries … the Russian intelligence will gladly cooperate in the investigation. Follow diplomatic routes, Russia is a great friend … they will help and cooperate. Understand the bigger picture and don’t fall into traps. By sanctioning Russia you lose … because you fell for the trap. The Establishment will keep on creating more and more events … how much will you sanction Russia? There is no end to it other than destruction. The smarter way would be to combine intelligence and prevent such malicious incidents.

The disadvantage of the Parasite Mode
Well, this is one of the disadvantages of the Parasite Mode. The Establishment remains in full form and strength … and it keeps on creating more events … plays more gimmicks in running its agenda. Break down Establishment monopoly to end this mess. That’s the only way.

The criminal Establishment exposes itself with each event
The fun part is that … the criminal Establishment keeps on exposing itself with each event.

  • Motives and Agenda. They keep on showing their motives and agenda with each event created.
  • Methods and Techniques. They keep on showing their methods, techniques and capabilities.
  • Control and support points. We get to know of their control and support points at various levels in several countries.
  • Worldwide agenda. We get to know how they try to run the agenda via America … if it does not work via America … then they jump to Europe and try to run it from there.

We are dealing with highly organized crime that runs its agenda in plain sight using events, intelligence, media and politicians. The only way we can win is by playing smarter and better … by understanding their techniques and motives. Don’t fall into traps … play smarter and better.