09 Mar 2018
JewH265 Radical Islam and the War on Terror have been vaporized

Let’s give Trump details of a Case Study where the Silent Majority has been hammering the most powerful Establishment elements in America and Europe … so that he understands the ongoing game. What was going on, who was behind it and how it was controlled?

We are so busy with “Trump Russia, Trump Russia” propaganda that we don’t even realize that we have already defeated the bogus and bullshit concept of Radical Islam and the War on Terror. Yes, the War on Terror has been defeated and vaporized. Look around yourself and see … do we hear any politicians running policies of hate, fear and division today? Do we see politicians talk about Radical Islam, Islamic Terrorism or Muslim Fundamentalists? All of this has been vaporized … mostly.

What was going on? The bogus concept of Radical Islam
This concept was nothing but bullshit. It was created by the Jewish Establishment to maintain the West … specifically America and Europe in fear and insecurity. It was designed as a cover up for the debt crisis in the West. This debt crisis is created by the debt based systems and exploitations systems of this very Establishment. Their strategy was to deviate the people from this debt crisis and put them into an atmosphere of fear and hate. “Forget about questioning the debt, your own lives are at risk … there are dangerous people out there who want to kill you.” This was their strategy.

The “solution” for this crisis that the Establishment had was the “termination of America and Europe” via a war against Russia. Just take these wars all the way till the shore of Russia and terminate these debt laden countries for good. This was their solution that they were actively putting into place. The entire destruction would be blamed on the world war … these countries would take another 20-30 years to come back into form … the same Establishment would leech these countries again and repeat the same cycle of termination. “You build, we leech & destroy … you build, we leech & destroy … you build, we leech & destroy”. This is the cycle that they were working on.

Radical Islam was just one vehicle that was being used to transport these countries to the brink of their destruction. It was nothing but bullshit. Netanyahu said “tens of thousands of terrorists are entering Europe as refugees”. Okay fine, as per Netanyahu’s statistics … bombs should be blowing up in Europe like popcorn right now. What happened? Islam is not teaching terrorism anymore? If one terrorist kills even one person per day then, 10,000 people should be dying in Europe every day via these “refugee terrorists”. It is nothing but bogus and bullshit propaganda that suits the Establishment plan.

What was this concept of Radical Islam doing?

  • Christian Countries.
    • Deviation Strategy. It was a strategy being used to deviate the Christian West from the debt crisis in their countries.
    • Trillions in additional expenditure. Via this “War on Terror” these debt laden countries were forced into trillions of additional unnecessary expenditure … putting them even more in debt.
    • Fear and Insecurity. It was effectively creating fear, insecurity, hate and division in the West.
    • Loss of lives. Children were being sent into bullshit wars resulting in the deaths of thousands of our soldiers.
  • Muslims and Muslim Countries
    • Mass Genocide. Via the creation of rogue groups like ISIS, the Establishment only facilitated mass genocide in countries like Iraq and Syria.
    • Millions of Refugees. It created tens of millions of refugees and displaced millions of people throughout these countries.
    • Billions worth infrastructure. Several cities were reduced to rubble and billions worth infrastructure was destroyed creating terrible humanitarian conditions for people in these cities.
    • Demonization of a peaceful religion. By redirecting the crimes committed by some sponsored criminal Establishment elements over an entire religion of Islam … they were openly demonizing a peaceful religion of billions of Muslims all over the world.
    • Attacks on Islam. To worsen relations between the Christian West and the Muslim world, the Establishment also tried to create laws against Islamic culture … like the Burqa ban in France and Mosque Minaret Ban in Switzerland … when Burqas and Minarets have no connection to crime or terrorism.
    • Attacks on Muslims. Simple everyday Muslims were being targeted because of their religion in the West.
  • The Establishment
    • Enjoying the show. And while all of this was happening … trillions were being drained from Christian countries … mass genocide was being facilitated in Muslim countries … hate between Christians and Muslims was being created … these countries were being pushed to termination via a war against Russia … the Establishment was sitting back and enjoying the show. It was loving the show. It was loving how it was dominating and puppeting countries to their destruction. It was loving how it could fool countries … create debt based systems and leech out their wealth … put them into massive debt and then even terminate them … while they never realize who the main culprits were. It was crime of the largest scale that the world has ever seen.
    • Leech, redirect, destroy. They leeched out your wealth … redirected your minds into something total bullshit and then even facilitated your destruction … and they didn’t even get detected in all of the phases. It was a perfect mass crime strategy. The largest crime that the world has ever witnessed being run under multiple layers and systems. Welcome to the Establishment.

People involved in the scheme
Now, take a look at the people being used and who are involved in this scheme.

  • George W Bush. The President of the United States officially launches the War on Terror. They used the most powerful man on the planet to launch this bullshit strategy.
  • Tony Blair. The Prime Minister of Britain supports and campaigns for this strategy and its associated wars in Europe. They were using the most powerful politicians picked from their “victim countries”.
  • Nicolas Sarkozy. The President of France later joins in these wars … and officially leads the assault on Libya … when France itself is a major victim of the debt crisis.
  • Bankers. The whole thing was a banker strategy to protect and help the bankers. The major debt based systems are designed by the bankers … and this War on Terror was also a banker strategy. These guys were minting hundreds of billions as interest while putting the Christian West in massive debt. Additional expenditure on wars meant only trillions of more debt … meaning billions and billions of more income for them. Bankers are the major sharks of the Establishment empire. The entire show was designed by them.
  • Politicians, media, intelligence. They carried out “events” as and when wanted … at the right time, place and magnitude using the right person … to help in their agenda. Once the events were created … politicians, media and intelligence agencies were used to aid their agenda at every step.

The entire show got vaporized … how?
A show being run by the most powerful people on the planet … organized, financed and managed by the most vicious and powerful Establishment elements … the entire show got vaporized. How? One guy, one laptop and one website … vaporizes this entire show. If you want to know what happened and how it happened … then go through the FAQs on our website … go through the News, tips and the Lovely Jewish History sections of our website … then you will understand what happened.

And today if you see … there is no more hate, fear, division and insecurity in the West. America has a booming economy and the highest job growth till date. We have stopped talking about Radical Islam and Muslim terrorists.

How was this actually done?
Yes, we led the movement … we provided the leadership and guidance. But it was not a solo show … several elements were activated … global forces came into play and we successfully thwarted this bullshit War on Terror.

  • Silent Majority Networks. They are the number one players in the show. They can activate thousands of support points in politics, media, celebrities and intelligence in any city around the world. It is mainly because of SM that our message was able to reach the right points … reaching out to the right points led to the right decision making … the right decision making led to the change in direction. SM has managed to bring in a lot of support for our work from the fields of politics, intelligence, media and celebrities.
  • Vladimir Putin. The second major moves were played by the Russian President, Vladimir Putin. He is the most incredibly fast and spontaneous leader that has worked on these issues. He has worked at lightning speed. We cannot thank him enough. He has played a major role in world leadership in stepping forward and stopping these bullshit wars. He stood up and created a world balance in power. He provided security for countries that were under threat via unilateral American pressure. Russia standing up against unnecessary wars saved America from trillions of wasteful expenditure. It provided a major block to this bullshit War on Terror. The Establishment has no new country to bomb and this War on Terror agenda came to a screeching halt. If there is no country to bomb then what is the purpose of running the propaganda of Radical Islam, Muslim Fundamentalists and Islamic Terrorism? It becomes a meaningless propaganda with no further steps to take.
  • Barack Obama. The next most fantastic person who has played a major role in halting this bullshit concept of Radical Islam and War on Terror is the US President, Barack Obama. Yes, he initiated new wars in his first term … but that was when we were not in touch with him. But when we got in touch with him … he understood exactly what was going on. He kicks out Hillary as Secretary of State … halts all of her moves and brings in John Kerry … and plays the most fantastic diplomacy. He reverses the entire agenda and plays every step very cautiously. Had he remained on the same path and followed Netanyahu … America would have already been terminated by now via a war against Iran, Russia & China … a world war would have already taken place. Not only he never used the term “Radical Islamic Terrorism” … but he saved America from a terrible world war. Every time the Establishment placed an event … he did not go about campaigning fear and hate. He understood the game and very tactfully addressed the crime without associating a religion to it. He made major anti-Establishment moves … stood up to Netanyahu and even tried to audit the Federal Reserve. The Obama Presidency was a turning point in handling the Establishment global malice.
  • Donald Trump. The current US President, Donald Trump … huh? What is this guy doing here … right? Yes, actually significant credit goes to Trump in ending this War on Terror. Trump did not play a major role in ending the concept of Radical Islam but he played a major role in ending the War on Terror. He cut off finance routes to ISIS in Iraq and Syria. This is something that Obama had not done. Obama was supporting the rebels and the funds were being channeled to ISIS groups. Not only Trump controlled American funds but he also requested all Arab countries to stop funding in these regions. When ISIS lost its finance … it eventually lost its weapon supplies … and that led to the wiping out of ISIS within one year of Trump taking office. This cutting off funds played a major role in wiping out ISIS … otherwise these guys would be entering from one country to another and creating genocide in more and more countries. So yes, Trump definitely gets credit for ending this War on Terror.
  • God. Above all, thanks to the All Mighty God … for all of the above and choosing us to fix the problem.

Not a routine victory
This is not a routine victory. This is only an equilibrium being maintained. The Establishment exists in its fullest form even today … we did not break them down yet … their monopoly still exists. They might be trying to create an event as we speak. Events can happen again … the whole thing can be repeated again.

This is just an equilibrium where SM is hammering the Establishment. Doesn’t matter how powerful the Establishment element is … it might be any politician or banker … SM has learnt how to hammer them forcefully.  

Understanding what was done
Now, you need what was happening and understand what was done to combat it. Under the banner of terrorism these were the types of events that were being carried out.

Event Types
All of these events are created as and when required at the right time and place by the Establishment as per its agenda.

  • Direct Establishment Conducted Events. These are massive events like 911, London subway bombing, Madrid bombings and so on. The casualties in these events is on the high end … generally in the 3-4 figures. The unusual thing about these events is that the culprit is never caught, no evidence on camera, no witnesses seeing the culprit in action and only “online claims” via blogs or posts from groups like Al Qaeda or ISIS.
  • Rouge Groups created by the Establishment. And then there will be rouge groups created by the Establishment who would create occasional events … like Al Qaeda and ISIS. The events of these groups would be highly publicized in the US media, marketed by the politicians who would spend hundreds of billions of tax payer money to go after these groups. But instead of these groups being eliminated … they would only multiply and grow. Wherever US funds used to go, these groups only used to multiply … showing direct Establishment coordination with these groups with US funds and US military action.
  • Establishment sponsored events. Now and then some shootings would occur … a car would be rammed into the public or an explosion. The thing with these “sponsored events” is that … the culprit would never be caught. He would be killed on site or during action. What the Establishment was doing was … it was terminating its contacts with the culprit so that the culprit would not lead them to the command center.
  • Establishment technology events. As we kept on publishing the details of each type of event … the Establishment kept on changing and evolving its event types. First we said … why was there no evidence on cameras or any witness of the culprit actually committing these crimes? There were massive crimes committed at “crowded places” … how come no one saw the culprit? There was absolutely no witness of someone seeing the culprit in action. Once we said this … then the Establishment upgraded its tactics to put someone in broad daylight … the guy would shout “Allahuakbar” and start shooting people. And this guy would be terminated on the site itself. Then we said … why aren’t you guys catching such people alive and find out who sponsored this activity? Get to the command center. Once we exposed this gimmick of the Establishment then they upgraded the events to even higher level of using “mind control” to help and facilitate mass shootings. This is done via technology. The culprits will often complain that the US government or someone was controlling their minds and forcing them to do this. We think that such guys are mentally unstable but the Establishment has the technology to do this kind of stuff. And they were allowing such culprits to be caught alive because these culprits would never know who controlled them and they could never trace their links back to the command center.

Busting terrorism at various levels
We had to bust Establishment terrorism games at various levels. We had to analyze each and every event … and each and every move … and show how the Establishment is playing the games behind the skin. Some of the common elements that the Establishment uses in the terrorism game are:

  • Media. The Jewish Establishment owns 90% of the US mainstream media. The moment an event is carried out by “their soldier” … the media agencies would go ballistic about the event and start promoting the fear and insecurity that the Establishment had planned. We had to show how media was a major tool that was being used in this scheme. We had to emphasize SM elements to control the media … provide an alternate viewpoint to control this propaganda of insecurity. RT and CNN played major roles in managing this propaganda … and they were followed by other media outlets soon.
  • Politicians. Establishment puppet politicians were acting like the marketing executives of this bogus War on Terror. Once the media would go gaga over an event … the politicians would take the mic and fuel this divisive propaganda even more. We had to start working on knocking out Establishment puppets and supporters from key positions. We needed leaders who would favor and focus on the people instead of following the disastrous puppetry of the Establishment. Here is where SM started working on pulling Obama and many other leaders from both parties … to show how this entire agenda is plain crime and how we were being fooled.
  • Intelligence. We had to use intelligence agencies and push them to do their work. These security agencies are supposed to go out there and catch the criminals … and not just sit there because the politicians blamed the crime on a religion or on a country. Criminal investigations had to follow their due course … catching the criminals should be the objective … not just propaganda against a religion or a country. Eliminating crime should be the objective … not creating fear and division in the society. We had to work on another element that the Establishment was actively using for their agenda … and that was Intelligence Agencies. We had to push them to do their duties and come up with the actual truth with evidence and facts.

Obama not only managed all of these 3 elements in America but he also coordinated with these elements in several countries in Europe wherever this malicious Establishment head was showing up. It helped at massive scales to suppress this bogus propaganda of fear. This is one of the reasons why Obama did not bother to send any representative at the “je suis Charlie” marches in France. Because he knew that these were sponsored events designed to promote a bullshit propaganda. He did not want to support or promote this bogus propaganda.

Hammering the top Establishment cream
We had to work on different departments at several levels of how the same Establishment is carrying out this entire show. In this terrorism scheme, we are dealing with the top Establishment cream … the bankers, defense contractors, media companies, puppet politicians and terrorists. We were able to bust the entire scheme despite the most powerful and the richest Establishment elements being involved. Why? Because all of these guys are a bunch of criminals who run away with their tails between their legs once they are busted. These guys “fear” being exposed … they fear the government coming after them … they fear the people’s anger.

These are the 3 main things that scares the shit out of them … exposure, government on the hunt and angry people. It is there in their history … they know that once these 3 things happen then their time’s up. They know very well that’s where their schemes come to an end.

The Establishment is in defense mode
Its not that the problem has been solved completely. We have successfully curtailed and thwarted most of the offensive moves of the Establishment. Their wars are not working out … Russia is playing a fantastic role in balancing power in the world. Their events are not being promoted in the media … many politicians are not buying it. Intelligence agencies have been activated against such events. Most of their moves in the offense mode are being thwarted successfully.

Now, the Establishment is in the defense mode. It is clamoring to defend itself. Which is why it is crying “Russia, Russia, Trump, Trump, Collusion, Interference” … all of this is another bullshit scheme of the same Establishment hiding behind the people and protecting itself under the pretext of interference. Their global game is over. At the local level, they are hiding behind the people. “Ow Russia wants to take away your Democracy … Russia wants to interfere in our political systems … Russia is a threat to our people”. All of this is bullshit. It is the same Establishment cowardly jumping behind the people.

One guy, one laptop and one website
This status was achieved by one guy, one laptop and one website. We used this one laptop and one website to integrate with politicians, media and intelligence in several countries to end this War on Terror … to end this bullshit concept of Radical Islam. If you looked at this agenda that was being run … do you think it was possible to stop it? Kings and Presidents yelled at this bogus war in despair and they could not stop it. Jacques Chirac was the French President who openly condemned this War on Terror. The Establishment just replaced him Sarkozy. Millions of Americans poured on the streets to stop these wars. All of these calls fell on deaf ears … and the Establishment kept on moving ahead.

Silent Majority Networks
We had to look behind the skin … behind the layers and expose the main criminals running this show. We had to train SM on how to fight this crime and this Establishment. They had to activate thousands of members at several levels in several countries to combat this malice.

You are not alone
What Trump should understand is that … you are not alone. There is a very powerful and effective “medium” of tens of thousands of members that are actively working and monitoring the Establishment as we speak. The job is not yet done … which is why we brought a patriot like you in power … so that you can be a force that will fight for the people.

Just look at the massive scale of accomplishment that Obama has made by eliminating this malicious agenda. It was like a disease devouring our countries and lives. Obama was a key central figure from America who led this movement. He can be proud of the Nobel Prize that he has now. He followed us and worked with us … and became a part of a stunning and fabulous global project. And we have not even yet begun our official work … we are just warming up … rolling up our sleeves … and collecting draft information. We haven’t started any formal work yet. Look what we could do.

Eliminating Establishment offensive was just step one … step two will be overtaking all of their defense moves and then the actual work begins. You will reach unimaginable global heights and glory with us. Don’t fear a bunch of criminals whose programs are about to be terminated.