06 Mar 2018
JewH264 America First and the Collusion Trap

The Trumps are pretty darn scared of the investigations and ongoing indictments. The reports that we get is that … they are trying to redirect Mueller and the FBI to Obama and the Democrats. They are reportedly saying … “hey, hey, hey, we are not colluding. The main Collusion is with Obama and Active Democracy. It is the Democrats that are colluding to take down the political systems in America. Go after them. That’s the main collusion”.

Mueller is like … “ow really? I didn’t expect this information. So, what do you have?” They give our website information but Mueller says, “that’s not enough. What did Obama do?” Now, the Trumps want two things:

  • Find out how Obama colluded with Active Democracy
  • Pull Active Democracy in this collusion trap that they are trying to setup with the FBI.

Which is why they keep saying, “Obama did NOTHING. Obama did NOTHING.” They actually want me to say how Obama helped us and how he worked with us. Secondly, they say, “America First. America First.” Why? They want America to be the first country where I introduce my policies and focus my work there. It seems nice at the first time. But the problem with their invitation is that … we are trying to revolutionize systems to make them people centric. They don’t ask … “what are the revolutions … how they work … what is their role … what they have to do”. Nothing of that sort … the only thing they say is … America First. It is only to pull us into a readymade trap that they have setup with the FBI.

To show that … “Oh my God! Active Democracy is intruding into America … changing our systems. This is political interference!” This is why Rod Rosenstein used the term “political interference” in his indictment against the Russians on their use of social media. The whole thing was coordinated with the White House.

Obama and Active Democracy Collusion
The Trumps want all of the information on how we “colluded” with Obama. So, let’s give them all of the information. Mr.Mueller … please take a look at our website Active-Democracy.com. The complete information is online. Please read the sections “The Lovely Jewish History, Tips for America, News and the FAQs”. This is our almost complete interaction with the Obama Administration. It will clearly show you the following:

  • Stopped Wars. How we coordinated with Obama to stop wars so that American tax payer money is not blown by the trillions again and again … so that thousands of Americans don’t lose their lives for no reason … so that millions of Americans don’t come back home with PTSD.
  • Radical Islam. We showed Obama how this entire show of Radical Islam and the War on Terror is a bogus show run by a criminal Establishment. Which is why Obama never used the term “Radical Islamic Terrorism” during his tenure. He tactically moved away from this bullshit war and maintained the country in peace and stability.
  • Booming Trade and Jobs. The above works only resulted in a booming economy, trade and jobs for the American people. Obama successfully eliminated the hate, division and insecurity from the country. He took a country in tatters and made it shine again. He brought safety and security for all Americans.

This is exactly how we “colluded” with the Obama Administration. But wait … doesn’t Trump keep bragging about the jobs and economy almost every week? Doesn’t he know that this is the end result of our “collusion” with Obama? Ah right … he didn’t even know that he could brag about jobs and economy … until we told him to take credit and brag about it. Yes, Trump started bragging about jobs “after” we gave him the idea. Trump colluded with us to brag about the results of Obama’s collusion with us … as if it was his own accomplishment. He didn’t even know that he could brag about it. Which brings us to our “collusions” with the Trump Campaign and the Trump Presidency.

Trump and Active Democracy Collusion
Mr.Mueller … this is how the Trump Campaign and the Trump Presidency “colluded” with Active Democracy. All of this information is published on our website. You can crosscheck the date of publishing and how Trump and his Team followed our instructions at the ground level at the same time.

Collusion with the Trump Campaign

  • Border Wall. You remember how Trump was blaming the Mexican government for sending criminals and how he blamed Mexicans to be criminals and rapists? Yeah … we told him to change the strategy. We told him to stop making racist statements against Latinos and Mexicans and instead … just blame the flow of drugs and crime across the border. We colluded with him in changing his strategy so that he does not become a full-fledged racist and he could still have his wall. Which is why, you will find that Trump has stopped talking about the “rapists” and he focuses on the drugs and crime when he talks about the wall.
  • Muslim Ban. He was openly banning Muslims from entering the US … which is again a major racist policy. We again colluded with him in changing the strategy and instead following a strict screening and vetting system. So that he could address the issue of terrorists and at the same time he does not create a Muslim Ban. All of it is published … just check the dates and content.
  • Deportations. The same thing with deportations … remember how Trump wanted to deport 11 million illegal immigrants? Yes, we colluded with him in changing this strategy as well. We asked him to focus on the “criminal illegals” instead. Which is why you will find that in all of his speeches and action … he is focusing on criminal illegals and MS13 gangs. This is another collusion with Active Democracy.
  • Police Violence against Blacks. Remember we were getting a lot of incidents of police violence against Blacks? Yes, we colluded with Trump so that he does not make very racist statements against the Black Community … which is why toned it down to “we love our police”. We showed Trump how all of the above racist policies will create chaos in the country and he helped him control the forthcoming chaos.

Collusion with President Trump

  • Chemical Attacks in Syria. Remember how Trump went on an attacking spree against Syria? Yes, we colluded with him in preventing a conflict with Russia in Syria. We showed him how the next steps will fall and held him off.
  • North Korea Missiles. Remember how Trump was preparing for a war against North Korea? Yes, we colluded with him and changed his strategy to press “sanctions” against North Korea instead of a war. We colluded with the Trump Administration in stopping a nuclear war.
  • Venezuela Sanctions. Sanctions on Venezuela were also placed upon our advice. We colluded with the Trump Presidency in controlling this dictatorial and heinous Communist government.
  • Trade Imbalance. This entire platform of the Trump Presidency of “trade imbalance” with other countries … that is again one of the key policies from our website. The very basis of the Trump Presidency is in collusion with Active Democracy.

So, when you look at the whole show till date … the only thing we “colluded” with Obama was in stopping wars and Radical Islam. But when it comes to the Trumps … there is a long list policies and strategies where we have colluded with them. Right from his candidacy to the Presidency till date. We are constantly colluding with the Trumps.

Doing good is not a crime
But then again … the term “Collusion” requires crime or an illegal activity.

  • Stopping wars is not a crime
  • Campaigning for peace is not a crime
  • Stopping racist policies is not a crime
  • Creating a great economy with flourishing trade and jobs is not a crime
  • Saving trillions of tax payer money is not a crime
  • Saving our children from dying in unnecessary wars is not a crime
  • Saving the country from criminal and exploitation systems is not a crime
  • Showing politicians how to do great things for their people is not a crime

Whatever we did with the Obama Administration or the Trump Campaign or the Trump Presidency was not a crime and it was not collusion. It was basic simple human rights. It was doing good for the country and it was doing good for the people. We are a force for good.

Yes, we are a foreign company. But working on basic human rights is not a crime. If we give foreign donations to your politicians and bribe them to do malicious stuff. Then that might be a crime. We have no plan to give any money to any of your politicians.

So, America First?
No, it is not America First. America is only the topmost priority for us. We will be simultaneously working with other Establishment free countries and start implementing our strategies there while America copes up at its pace. If America wants to be first then it is upto your leaders and people to make it happen. For us all countries and people are the same. Given the current pace, it will take centuries to change America. We cannot afford to follow a linear strategy to go for one country after another. We will be working with as many countries as possible at a time … giving everyone the chance to reform asap. Which is why we publish all key policies online … so that everyone know what is happening and they know what needs to be done.