04 Mar 2018
JewH263 The White House and the Parasite Mode

The White House is essentially in a Parasite Mode right now. Trump’s mental configuration towards politics is one of the reasons why he slipped into Parasite Mode. He is a hotel owner and he is bringing hotel politics to the National stage. He is ending up being trapped in a “third world political mindset”.

Hotel Politics and Third World Politics

  • Everyone should respect me. “I am the President and everyone should respect me”. Trump thinks like this because … this is what happens in his hotel. He is the hotel owner and because of that, everyone respects him. Now, the same hotel owner is President. Since he is the most powerful man in the country, he believes that everyone should respect him. What Trump does not realize is that this is not a third world country … even in third world countries most people don’t give a damn about their politicians. The President is a public servant … he is in a public office designed to “serve” the people. You are a servant to the public. You need to show care for the public’s demands and needs. It does not work the other way around. That too, you are in an American Democracy, which is one of the most dynamic and powerful democracies in the world. If you don’t do your job then the people will kick your ass. That’s how Americans function.
  • Don’t piss me off. “If I get angry then I will kick your ass. I am the President!” This is again the mindset of a hotel owner which is leading you to act like a third world leader. The people have the upper hand and you are there to serve them. If you get pissed off at the people then you have no business being in politics or public office. If you can’t serve, then you can’t be in public office. This is how modern democracies function.
  • Make speeches and loot public funds. The main reason you directly ran for the President’s office is to make money. Make speeches and benefit from public funds is your number one criteria. You thought this is what politics is. Just make speeches and loot funds.
  • There is so much work! Now, you complain that there is actual work to do! Lol. “Ow my God, there is so much work to do.” Yes, politics is not just about speeches and making money … but there is also a lot of work to do. That too, when you the President in the current crisis … there is enormous amount of work. Being a hotel owner was easy … everyone else did the work and you just chilled most of the time. Politics is different.
  • Suck up to the Establishment. Just like a hotel owner sucks up to income tax officials, politicians and intelligence … they keep all elements of power who can harm their hotel well pleased … similarly, you are sucking up to the Establishment. The people can’t do much harm to your hotel … it is these powerful guys who can harm your business. That’s why you are trying to suck up to Establishment elements in order to save your Presidency. All of the above was fine … but this is your biggest blunder … because you have no idea of what’s going on.

The Establishment is a criminal gang that is on the verge of its termination. All we need to do is start the right termination programs and they will start falling one by one. And by trying to associate yourself with this Establishment, you are just jumping into a boat that is about to sink.

Worship the snake
Despite showing you repeatedly how the Establishment is rattling your Presidency … putting you in lawsuits, demonizing you and ridiculing you … you keep worshiping the snake. This is something that is totally mindboggling. They keep kicking you in the nuts and you keep kissing their shoes. This is the most unbelievable part of the Trump Presidency. How the hell can a person live under someone’s shoes like this … I have no idea. It’s just mindboggling.

White House coordination with the Establishment and the FBI
Here is a small list where the White House has directly coordinated with the Establishment and the FBI … in order to please the Establishment and save the Trump Presidency.

  • Advisory Committees. We show Trump that … it is this Establishment that is ridiculing you and your family in the media. This is an Establishment designed demonization campaign. What does Trump do in response? Dives and kisses their feet. He invites all major media companies and major corporations to the White House … and creates “Advisory Committees” for them. He gives them honor and respect when they are rubbing him under their shoes. Very soon the same guys that Trump gave so much respect … they themselves quit these committees and slander Trump in the media. All of these committees get eventually dissolved.
  • Radical Islam. This is a cash cow that Trump loved to chase in the early months. The moment he gets a Muslim guy doing something crappy … he goes on a tweeting spree against Islam, Muslims, Radical Terrorism and bla bla bla. Why? Only to show that he is on the same page with the Establishment and he is ready for military action to spend hundreds of billions of tax payer money on these operations. He is just chasing a cash cow and showing allegiance to the Establishment. He does not know that this concept is long busted and over. He has no idea of the state of the work done in this sphere.
  • Defense Spending. As per his key interest in blowing up public funds to benefit himself … he has blown about $1 Trillion on defense deals and the Pentagon. $700 Billion in defense deals and about $300 Billion in additional funding for the Pentagon. There is no ongoing war and the guy just blows up a $1 Trillion on defense and Pentagon. Why? Being buddies with the Establishment and benefiting himself.
  • Jerusalem. Despite given the information that these guys are criminal bankers who have killed more than 100 Million Christians in the East, destroyed Churches, killed thousands of Priests, banned the preaching of Christianity in Israel, don’t take any Christian refugees, openly promote LGBTQ, Satanism, Kabbalah and Atheism on the Holy Land … despite giving him all of this information … Trump wants to setup the US Embassy in Jerusalem … officially recognizing all of Israel’s decadent and deviant activities on the Holy Land. Why is Trump setting up an embassy in Jerusalem? To give a massive favor to the Establishment so that they can go easy on the indictments. This is Trump worshiping the snake. He does not even know that Jerusalem is planned to be his Benghazi.
  • Net Neutrality. The above were just favors. Now, here is where Trump is actually cooperating with the Establishment in blocking our work. Despite showing Trump, how the internet can be controlled by Establishment elements … how they can block sites, slow down sites and control what people can access … he still moves ahead with canceling Net Neutrality. He just sold off the internet to the Establishment and gave them maximum control to what people can access in America. This is Trump directly coordinating with the Establishment in blocking our work. He is trying to be the savior of the Establishment.
  • Stalls cooperation from Russia. Putin is ready to start the project. But we get repeated reports that Trump is holding off on the project. While he was holding off the project, he was pushing moves to cancel Net Neutrality so that the Establishment has an upper hand in controlling what people see.
  • Russian Bots and Russian Troll Farms. The Establishment starts publicizing the concept of Russian Bots and Russian Troll Farms. Do you know what this is? Someone from the White House had coordinated with the Establishment telling them that … “hey, Active Democracy is going to work with Russians and break down your monopoly in America. They are planning to use hundreds of people on social networks to get this done.” This is the information given to the Establishment from someone in the White House. And the Establishment media starts publicizing the concept of “Russian bots are coming! Russian trolls are coming!” This is direct coordination between the White House and the Establishment.
  • Social Media Detection Modules. While the White House stalls our project, it gave the Establishment networks to program and design “detection modules” in Facebook, Twitter and other social sites … to detect “Russian Disinformation”. They were preparing all major social networking sites to detect posts, campaigns and any information that might harm the Establishment in America. This is Trump playing the savior of the Establishment.
  • Russians killed in Syria. It was probably White House cooperation to show allegiance to the Establishment that it does not care about Russia or Russians. It directly coordinated in the killing of a few Russians on the site … just to please the Establishment.
  • Russian Indictments. This is a direct coordination of the White House with the FBI in indicting Russians for the simple use of social media.
  • Election Interference and Political Interference. These two terms are designed only to block any online activity by Russians or other foreign nationals. Both of them are bullshit terms and do not define crime at all. But they came up with this concept only to block our online work. Someone from the White House is trying to be a champion for the criminal Establishment.
  • Blaming Democrats for Collusion. Trump himself repeatedly tweets “the real Collusion is between the Democrats and the Russians. The FBI should investigate the Democrats.” Why is Trump moving the blame to the Democrats? Because our work started under the Obama Presidency and if Trump does not work with us … then obviously we work with the Democrats. He is just pulling himself out of the equation and putting the blame on Democrats and Russia. This is Trump literally exiting himself from the project and pushing the Democrats forward. Why? As a favor for the Establishment and to show them support and cooperation. This is Trump literally defending the criminal Establishment.
  • Savior of the Establishment. All in all if you see the above works. Trump has made zero efforts against any major Establishment element. He has only been a super supporter of this criminal Establishment and he has directly coordinated with the FBI to protect the Establishment. What’s shocking is … he has done this when the Establishment is rubbing him under their shoes and when he is humiliated and hammered upon. This is Trump worshiping the snake.

The Movement on American Soil
As per his hotel owner mindset, Trump thinks that being nice to the Establishment is the best thing to do. He does not know that these are criminal assholes who we have been hammering since the past 10 years and they are on the verge of termination. Teaming up with the Establishment is nothing but burning yourself along with them. President Trump … don’t blame me that I did not warn you about this.

The season of Radical Islam is over
Trump has no idea how the Silent Majority network functions. Lol. He thinks that it is an imaginary group that does not exist. Lol. The term is imaginary but the group is not. Let us show some proof to Trump. Okay fine, you think that I did not stop WWIII. It never happened so it never got stopped … that’s what you might think. Let’s leave WWIII aside. You know Radical Islam very well right? You yourself tried to get into the flow. We spent trillions on these terror wars. What happened to Radical Islam? How come it got over? Look around yourself … is anyone talking about Radical Islam or jihad or Islamic terror? If it was a problem in Islam … if Islam is a religion that teaches terrorism and hate … then why doesn’t it continue? Why is there such a big pause since such a long time? It has been almost one year. What happened to Radical Islam? As per Netanyahu, there were tens of thousands of terrorists entering Europe. What happened to all of them?

If you wanted to know what happened to Radical Islam then take a look at our website … then you will know what happened. Just go through the Lovely Jewish History from page one … take a look at the FAQ pages … read the tips section for America … and you will understand what happened day after day, week after week, since the past several years.

Not only we stopped WWIII but we busted a malicious Establishment designed concept that was draining trillions in wealth from Christian countries and that was creating nothing but genocide in Muslim countries … all in the name of Radical Islam. We busted this concept and eliminated it. We did that … using just one website and one laptop.

Well, thanks to the Silent Majority that helped us network into the Obama Administration, the Kremlin, into intelligence agencies, security forces, media agencies and top politicians. It is the SM network that coordinated and got it done. Look at the date of each published article and see what happened at the ground level at the same time. This will give you some real facts. Still think that SM is imaginary and non-existent? Well, here’s some more info. Not only we stopped WWIII and busted a bullshit concept of Radical Islam, a concept that was only insulting to billions of honest and innocent Muslims worldwide … but we have very clearly targeted these criminal Establishment elements.

  • Massive Multi City Marches. We have facilitated several massive multi city marches across America. If the Establishment thinks that they can do some social media bullshit and stop us … then they have no idea of what is going to happen. There is a massive network on American soil that is well aware of these criminal systems.
  • Targeted Criminal Individuals knocked out. We have very specifically targeted criminal Jews and knocked them out. Like Martin Shkreli, Roger Ailes and Harvey Weinstein. Martin Shkreli is in jail and Harvey Weinstein has filed for bankruptcy with ongoing lawsuits.
  • Corporate Targets. Now, we are moving towards corporate targets. Getting this done without a proper monopoly elimination strategy is difficult. Marches are easy, single knockouts are easy … but corporations are difficult targets. However, the movement is on. All of the above is SM activity.
  • Collusion. You are afraid of getting indicted and being sent to jail. What you don’t know is that … Mueller has nothing against you. Collusion thing is bullshit. It is nothing but criminals hiding behind the people. This is their last resort to save themselves.

The strengths of SM networks is that … they can connect anywhere in any city at any political, corporate or intelligence levels. When I write, tens of thousands of support points get activated. The only disadvantage that we have right now is the finance … that’s the only thing that is holding our work back. We are already connected to all of the right places … in politics, intelligence, media and security. Because these are regular people … SM can easily connect with them. But having a billion dollars to invest on a project … getting those guys are difficult for them. With just one website and one laptop … we stopped WWIII and eliminated a malicious worldwide concept of Radical Islam … we just vaporized it. Imagine what we can do if we have 1,500 employees with varied skillsets at hand. We can create revolutions in several countries around the world.

Disadvantages of the Parasite Mode
We have no idea if Trump will snap out of the Parasite Mode. Maybe he will, we never know. But as long as he is just going to be in Parasite Mode then these are the disadvantages.

  • Weakest Mode. This is actually the weakest mode for the Trump Presidency.
  • Least Information. Here is where you are getting the least information. The phase of wars and terrorism is over. Just one website posts are not enough to handle internal Establishment frameworks. It requires an entire team. In this mode, you remain the weakest with least information.
  • No major movement. SM can create marches but to realize actual change then a “monopoly breakdown strategy” is compulsory. Without that marches will not result in anything much.
  • No power against criminals. Since, we don’t break them down then they will continue to remain in full power and you will not have much power against these criminals.
  • Criminals get all the time they need. The Parasite Mode actually gives these criminals all of the time and liberty they need to protect themselves and prepare for the defense.
  • Hatch up new lawsuits. Since technically no action is being taken against them, they have all of the liberty to hatch up new lawsuits to rattle the Trump Presidency.
  • Hatch up new crisis. Since you were stuck in the Parasite Mode, the Establishment was at liberty to create new world crisis like the chemical attacks in Syria, North Korean missile tests and Israel’s widespread bombing of Syria. All of these gimmicks were designed while you were stalled.
  • Design of rouge groups. Since they have full liberty of time, they are sitting there hatching up new rouge groups to help in their agenda. Petya and NotPetya attacks were one of them. They want to show that Russia is the bad guy. So what they do is … setup rouge groups within Russia that will carry out these attacks. Once the attack is carried out … American and European governments target sanctions on Russia … as the attacks originated from Russian territory. This is a routine Establishment strategy to design rouge groups to aid their agenda. This is how 911 was carried out by using rouge elements and this is how ISIS was created via a rouge group from Al Qaeda.
  • Promote Agenda. The Establishment sits there and designs rouge groups to help their agenda while we do nothing. They stall us and promote their bullshit around the world.
  • Block routes and build defenses. Another major disadvantage of the Parasite Mode is that … while we are stalled … the Establishment continuously works on blocking our routes and building its defenses.

The Establishment is on the defense
The great thing about all of the above is that “we have put the Establishment in the defense”. We have very successfully busted all of their criminal techniques and strategies … and busted who these assholes are. Their gimmicks of terror events are not working anymore. Their attempts at war are being successfully thwarted. The Establishment cannot go on the offense anymore. We have put them on the defense … they are backing away and clamoring to protect themselves.

Their defense strategy is to shout “Collusion! Interference! Russians!” … which is as cheesy as they could get. They have no freaking idea of what is going to happen. We have them directly under our hammer. All we need to do is strike.