02 Mar 2018
JewH262 Establishment Plan: Jerusalem is planned to be Trump's Benghazi

Establishment is yearning for a blunder from Trump
This is what President Trump needs to know. The Establishment is craving, yearning and eagerly pushing in every way so that it can get one major blunder from Trump. Why? Because it has nothing against you in the Russia investigations. No crime has been committed and the available info is not enough for an indictment or impeachment.

Objective: Their objective is to get a handful of dead Americans via Trump. It has to be “via Trump” … so that you can be put in the questioning chair and be hammered publicly.

The Need: They need this as soon as possible. They are literally craving and dying for it.

Purpose: The main purpose for the design of this blunder is to get enough evidence to impeach Trump. An appropriate blunder or catastrophe has to be created to show that Trump is not a responsible President … and that he cannot be trusted with American lives. This is the main purpose behind the design of these blunders.

Past Failed Attempts
This is not the first time that they are trying this. They have tried this several times before. Some examples:

  • Chemical Attacks in Syria. It was designed by the Establishment so that you attack a country protected by Russia. If Russia would respond by taking down the American ship … your choice would be to go in a full-fledged war against Russia or face a full investigation for the loss of American lives on that ship. Do you see here … the idea is to get a few dead Americans directly via Trump.
  • North Korean Missile Launches. You were going out there carrying out heavy military drills and planning a pre-emptive strike. What you did not know was that … it was planned to be a full-fledged nuclear war … while giving North Korea support from China or Russia. It wouldn’t be just some dead Americans but it would be a massive catastrophe. And again, this would be a fantastic “blunder” that can be used for a full investigation and impeachment … all they need is casualties on the American side.

The Jerusalem Trap
Now, understand how Jerusalem is a malicious Establishment trap.

  • The Bullshit. “Jerusalem is Israel’s eternal capital. You will be the first President to actually accomplish this. This is a historic move. Here is a train station named after you.” All of this is bullshit. Don’t fall for words and praise … look at things in real time action … look at things how they will enfold in the next steps.
  • Destroying the peace. Firstly, this is not working towards peace. This is destroying the peace in the Middle East. Several countries are saying that the US has lost its place on the table for peace negotiations. This is one of the first thing that the Establishment will point out and say, “this guy does not even understand what is going on. He just goes out there and makes some blunder … and creates chaos in the region. People were protesting and rioting … why the hell did President Trump still move the Embassy to Jerusalem? Did he not see the threat?” This is their first argument.
  • Jerusalem is in a war zone. What you should realize is that Jerusalem is “occupied territory”. This region is in conflict. This is a highly contested place. This is a war zone. People literally blow bombs to fight for this place. People go berserk for this place. This has been the situation since the past 50 years. It is one of the most crucial conflicts in the world. Now, what our lovely Establishment is doing is … pushing President Trump to place “American Diplomats” in a highly sensitive war zone. Forget about all of the pestering that they are doing … whose decision is this? President Donald J Trump’s decision. It is your decision to put American Diplomats in a highly sensitive war zone. This is their second argument.
  • American lives at risk. This is a major major blunder. Why all of the Presidents did not move the Embassy to Jerusalem? Mainly because of this reason. No President wants American Diplomats dead under their Administration. There will be two ways that American lives will be at risk. One … at the US Embassy in Jerusalem itself. Two … at any US Embassy around the world that can be an easy target. What the prosecution will say is … no American President has made the “blunder” of moving the Embassy because everyone knows that this is a war zone. It would put American lives at risk. President Trump takes no responsibility towards American lives. How can we trust this President with American lives? This is their third argument.
  • Israel is an Establishment hardcore center. Since you won the Primaries, your major opposition has been the Establishment. The Establishment has always been on the offensive. What you should realize is that Jerusalem is controlled by Israel … and Israel itself is a hardcore Establishment center. They are literally pulling you in a zone totally controlled by them. This “attack” on American lives will be organized by the Establishment itself. They will themselves plan it out. It is their intelligence, police force and military in action in that area. Who is going to give you a report of what actually happened? What are you going to do? Blame Israel for the attack? Blame the Establishment for the attack? They will carry out the malice and clearly slide away from it. It will be blamed on “Muslim anger”. And the prosecution will say … why was this decision made? Despite repeated requests from several Muslim countries about the disputed nature of this zone? This will be their fourth argument. The whole thing comes back to your decision.

Jerusalem is a “Benghazi Styled Trap”
Here is a flash back of what happened in Benghazi … just compare it with the pre-planned event for Jerusalem.

  • Unstable Zone. Libya was an unstable zone with no proper administration or control. The same applies to Jerusalem.
  • Handful of dead Americans. They got a handful of dead Americans … using that they hammered Hillary again and again with several investigations and questioning on live television … on her irresponsible decision, weak response and the way it was handled.
  • Immense Scrutiny. Committees were setup and she was questioned again and again and again. They was carried out for several years. Benghazi became the biggest anchor that Hillary had to carry.
  • Impeachable Offense. With Hillary it was only hammering … it was actually carried out by SM elements … lol. The objective was to push her out of politics and then make her lose the Presidency. Lol. (See all of the stuff we can do. Interesting, isn't it?). But Jerusalem is not SM activity, my dear friend. It has all Establishment members directly associated with it. They are just creating a Benghazi styled trap in order to pull you directly under questioning and investigation.

Mueller has nothing on you
The main reason why this is being done is … Mueller has nothing on you. He has absolutely no crime to prove. The available evidence proves nothing. What they are doing with the Russia investigation is only talk and mind games … they have nothing concrete. Which is why they are yearning for something really juicy … in something where Trump is directly involved … in something where his name can be used … something where he can be held responsible and accountable for … something which Trump has directly ordered for.

Which is why they are nicely promoting in the media that “President Trump made the Jerusalem decision”. The whole world knows that President Trump in involved. It is his decision. No investigation required here … everything is nice, clear and public. Now, when the catastrophe falls … guess whose name will be in the media again? “Ah, ah, aaahh … President Trump decided on Jerusalem. It was his decision. He put American lives at risk. This is his responsibility. Why is he making decisions on things that he does not understand? In the name of peace he is creating crisis and bringing death.” And bla bla bla … they will go on and on and on. It will turn into a total nightmare.

What to do?

  • Don’t jump into traps. Never follow or trust any Establishment element. Scrutinize everything and every possibility, especially when Establishment elements are involved.
  • Stall it. Don’t fast-track a malicious trap that is designed to take down your Presidency. Stall it.
  • End Investigations. This is how you handle the Establishment on this. Tell them that you have too much on your plate right now. You already have too much investigations and committees after you and you cannot pile up more risk to manage. Let all of these investigations and committees come to an end and then you will consider it.
  • Trap Confirmation. If they are trying to push you to do it “before” these investigations come to an end … then this is a confirmation of their trap. If they are truly honest in making you a historic President with the Jerusalem move … then they will accept and work towards ending all investigations and committees formed against you. If they push you for an immediate move on the Embassy … know that it is a confirmation of the trap. They should be honest in making you great and not put more risks on your plate.
  • Freaking out. If they are freaking out over your delay … getting angry and uneasy … then know that these are a bunch of malicious assholes who want to take you down.

A simple way to get out of this trap is … simply delay it and stall it … and seek cooperation in ending all investigations and committees formed against you.