28 Feb 2018
JewH261 The allegation of Election Interference is as vague as “Bank Interference”

The Special Counsel’s allegation and indictment of Russians for Election Interference and Political Interference is as vague as “Bank Interference”. Interference is an ambiguous and vague term to define a crime. Stealing, killing and bombing are well defined crimes. The term “interference” has no clear definition of what act has been carried out. If you cannot define the act properly then how can you indict someone for that act? How can you call that act to be criminal or illegal?

The FBI first needs to properly define the crime and then allege someone of that crime. When there is no definition of what has happened then how come are we having indictments for something that cannot be even defined properly?

Defining Crime
To get an idea, here are some clear definitions of some acts that are defined as crime:

  • Mugging is a crime.
  • Killing someone is a crime.
  • Looting a bank is a crime.
  • Stealing someone’s wallet is a crime.

If you see all of the above acts then they lead to a very clear definition of a crime.

Is “Bank Interference” a crime?
The first thing that you will say is … what the hell is Bank Interference? Looting a bank is a crime … bombing a bank is a crime … killing bank officials is a crime … but what the hell is Bank Interference? Let us assume that the FBI or the Special Counsel charges Russians with the crime of Bank Interference … saying, “Russians are interfering in US Banks and Russians want to change American Banking”. What will happen next?

Yes, using the term “Russia and Russians” … they will create fear in the American society against Russia and Russian citizens. And then:

  • If Russians talk to US Bank officials … it will be seen as interference.
  • If Russians create accounts and coordinate with US Banks … it will be investigated as interference.
  • Every meeting, every correspondence, emails, calls and all exchanges can be scrutinized for “interference”.

In reality if you see … none of it is a crime. It is 100% legal and legit for Russians to talk to US Bank officials. It is 100% legal for them to open US Bank accounts. It is 100% legal for them to interact and correspond with US Bank officials for anything they might need … until and unless they used that to carry out a real crime.

Interference and Radical Islam
The word “interference” does not define crime. The FBI should know this very well. It is more like the term “Radical Islam”. In reality, there is nothing like Radical Islam … there is Islam and then there is crime. If someone has committed a crime then go and kick his ass. Why are you associating it with Islam? Do your job … catch the criminal … why are you generalizing the crime on an entire religion? It was an Establishment gimmick … to create fear against Islam and Muslims.

They are using the same gimmick under the Trump Presidency. This collusion and interference is a “mind game”. To show a threat where no threat exists. This time they are trying to create fear against Trump and Russia.

Elections and Actual Crime
Election Interference is a ridiculous term that does not define any crime. Actual defined criminal activities related to elections are something like this:

  • Bribing election officials
  • Rigging voting machines
  • One person casting several votes
  • Non-citizens casting votes
  • Illegal donations

These are proper and well defined acts that can be termed as crime. Election Interference is a vague term that cannot be defined as crime. It cannot be used in allegations or indictments.

Collusion requires evidence of crime
What the Establishment is doing since the past one year is running an agenda of … “Trump met Russians and Russians interfered in elections”. Meeting Russians is not illegal. Meeting, talking and corresponding with Russians in a 100% legal activity. And their second section of “interference” is totally vague.

Collusion requires two factors in place … a private meeting to carry out an illegal activity. The meeting has to be private and the purpose of the meeting should be to carry out an illegal activity. Both of these two things make up Collusion … a private meeting & an illegal activity. Some examples of Collusion will help:

  • Trump meets Putin and they plan to rob a bank … and then Putin robs a bank. Here, the meeting’s agenda was to “rob a bank” … it is an illegal activity. In this scenario, you can say that, Trump colluded with Putin in robbing the bank.
  • Second example … Trump meets Russians to kill a person … and then Russians kill that particular person. Here … the meeting’s agenda was to “kill a person” … it is an illegal activity. Thus, you can say that Trump colluded with the Russians in killing that person.

Collusion requires a proof of two things:

  • Illegal agenda. The private meeting’s agenda was illegal. The people met and planned to do something illegal. They have to prove that Trump or his associates met with Russians to do something illegal. They have to provide documented evidence of this meeting and its illegal plans. They have to provide proof that Trump was a part of this plan.
  • Evidence of crime. Then they have to provide evidence that the crime was committed by the people who were there in the meeting. Not just a meeting … the second part is actually proving that the crime was committed by those people who planned it.

It cannot be any Russians. There are a 144 Million Russians in Russia. If some Russian goes out there and does some shit … Trump is not responsible for that. “Trump met Russians and a Russian committed a crime” … that’s again total bullshit. They have to prove that the people who were there in the meeting committed the crime … not just any Russian.

This is something that is nearly impossible for the Special Counsel to prove. They cannot provide documented evidence for the trail or if that even happened. That’s why they are just making vague assumptions and allegations. This is essentially only a frontend show. In reality, no one conspired to do anything illegal or criminal. The Establishment is making a big noise about this … why? Keep reading.

Criminals hiding behind people … criminals using the Government Machine
This entire agenda of Collusion and Russian Investigations is nothing but a bunch of criminals hiding behind the people. This is a bunch of criminals trying to use the government machine to protect themselves and their criminal systems. This is not the first time that they are hiding behind people. It is a routine strategy.

Obama Administration – Racism & Anti-Semitism
During the Obama Administration when we started exposing the Jewish Establishment’s criminal systems and their plans of massive destruction … they used the strategy of “Anti-Semitism” … “hey, this is racism, this is Anti-Semitism. This guy is a Jew hater. And bla bla bla.” Whenever you start exposing the criminal nature and works of the Jewish Establishment … one of the first cards that they use is “This is Anti-Semitism!” This is a routine strategy that these criminals use to protect themselves.

What happens with this strategy is that … they get to hide behind the Common Jewish people. They try to socialize the threat … they try to show that the threat is towards the entire Jewish population. And in order to defend the Jewish population … the entire Jewish community should come into action and stop this work. What they are openly doing here is … if you come against me … then I will show that you are coming against the entire Jewish population and I will use the entire Jewish community against you. They get to use the people by the masses, their lives and resources … in order to protect their criminal systems and themselves.

We busted this strategy during the Obama Administration itself. We clearly showed how the Common Jews themselves are victims of the exploitation systems of this Establishment and how they are planning to terminate Israel and America itself where the majority of the world’s Jewish population lives. Which is why we have a strong support from the Jewish Community itself. Their plan got busted and it did not work. Because the people clearly saw through their bullshit.

Trump Administration – Collusion and Russia Investigations
Hiding behind the common Jewish people did not work out for them. Common Jews gave them the finger. The CNN news cast, which is predominantly Jewish … they themselves hammered Israel on the Gaza War. People like Martin Shkreli were investigated and put behind bars. Martin Shkreli faced immense media ridicule despite the media being owned by the Jewish Establishment. Hiding behind common Jews is not helping them at all. So, they came up with a new strategy of Collusion and Russia.

What they are trying to do now is hide behind the American people. They are trying to use the American Government Machine to protect themselves and their criminal systems. Which is why they have activated politicians, investigators, intelligence, legals and judges … all of whom are supposed to protect this criminal Establishment and its systems.

Reverse Application – How they come up with such strategies
Now, let me give you an idea of how they design such strategies. This is their formula:

  • Step One - Threat Redirection. “What is a threat to us … show it as a threat to the people”. They simply use some politicians and their media outlets to socialize the threat … to give publicity that the people are under threat.
  • Step Two – Use the Government Machine to protect themselves. Once they publicize that the people are under threat, then they get the license to use all public services and the entire Government Machine to protect themselves and their criminal systems.

It is a simple two step formula. It is very routinely done in the Jewish Establishment. These are one of their formulas of success. They use the same strategy to benefit themselves.

  • Step One – Benefit Redirection. “What benefits them … show it as a benefit to the people”. A simple example is Global Trade. The world’s top beneficiary is China. The Western countries are going in massive debt but Global Trade is still being shown as good for you. Why?
  • Step Two – Use the Government Machine to benefit themselves. Once they show that it benefits the people … then they use politicians to create laws and regulations to facilitate or maintain the system.

This is how they design mass exploitation systems. It is simple reverse application. It is directed to control the Government Machine. Once they control what the Government is working on … then they get to run the show as they want.

What’s actually going on?
In reality this is what’s happening … this is what scares the shit out of the Establishment:

  • Exposure of criminal systems
  • Interference in their massive cash flows
  • Combat of Establishment media games
  • Revolution of all rigged systems

All of our efforts are directly targeted at the Establishment. This is how they reversed the game under Obama:

  • This is racism! This is anti-Semitism.
  • We have to protect Israel and the Jewish population.
  • All Jews must work together against the threat towards their community.
  • This is annihilation of our culture and history.

What is the above? It is nothing but a “reverse application” to show that the threat is towards the people. Now, under the Trump Presidency, this is what they are doing:

  • This is Collusion! This is Russian Interference!
  • Russia is interfering in our elections!
  • Russia is a threat to our Democracy!
  • Trump! Russia! Trump! Russia! Trump! Russia!

What is the above? It is nothing but another reverse application to show that the threat is towards the American people. This is a scared Establishment that has run out of its hiding places. It has nowhere to hide. This is what happens when you activate Global Forces. You scare the shit out of the Establishment.

Curbing Trump’s Rise to Global Power
The Establishment knows very well that the US President is immensely powerful in international relations. When Trump activates Global Powers then the Establishment becomes totally helpless, powerless and cornered. This is why they are freaking out whenever there is any kind of meeting, calls or correspondence with Russians. Because their next step is a dead end … they have nowhere to go, nowhere to hide and the revolution in systems begin. When America and Russia combines then their game is over.

Information Warfare
This is the main reason why they are blaming Russia for “information warfare”. This Information Warfare is nothing but the Jewish Establishment being scared of the exposure of Communist crimes in the East. During Communism, there was no internet and there was no easy exchange of information around the world. That’s how they could easily execute more than a 100 Million Christians, burn down Churches and kill thousands of Priests and Clergymen in the Communist East … while maintaining the entire West in a total blackout.

Using their media ownership they were easily able to control the activities on the two sides of the world. While they were promoting that Israel is an American ally and the Judeo-Christian faith in America … at the same time, Jewish leaders of the Communist East were massacring millions of Christians in the East. This is the truth that they want to hide under the banner of “Information Warfare” coming from Russia.

This is why they are coupling Information Warfare along with Election Interference and Political Interference. The criminal Establishment is cornered and they are scared that their times are near.

Trump – Collusion is a mind game
President Trump should not be afraid of the Establishment games. Collusion means that they have to show proof of some “illegal or criminal” activity. You are a world leader. You can meet with anyone you want. You can call anyone you want. You can collaborate with any government or leader that you want. It might be Russian, European, Australian, Arab or African … you can meet and collaborate with any world leader or government. In fact, as the US President and as the leader of the free world … it is your duty and primary responsibility to collaborate with world leaders to create a better world for all of us.

This “Collusion” is a mind game. You can do whatever you want, meet and organize whatever you want, unless you are not planning a major crime. They are just trying to keep you contained and curb your global powers. You are immensely powerful internationally and this is your strong suit.